The Family Tree Ch. 02


Jenny and I lay side by side in what I later learned to be the spoon position. We were both extremely pleased with our performance, but the exercise did leave us a little weak in the knees. I was still trying to get accustomed to the new toys I had discovered. I was fondling Jenny’s breasts, and stroking and tweaking everything else I could reach. It was apparent that she didn’t mind. Her hand was guiding mine to various parts of her exquisite body.

“Danny, you horny little shit,” she cried cheerfully, “are you hard again?” She popped to a sitting position and swung her legs off the lounger so she could examine what had suddenly started poking her in the back.

“What did I do, Jenny?” I asked. The last thing I wanted to do was make this woman unhappy,

“Look at you,” she cried. “You’re as hard as a bone.” Then she paused and smiled wickedly. “The marvels of youth,”

“I can’t help it,” he apologized.

“I certainly hope not. You can wear one of these anytime you are over here, young man.” Having said that she took hold of my rigid pecker and pumped it a couple of times. “Want to hide that in my pussy for a while?”

“You bet I do,” I cried. “Show me. Please.” I was on my knees now, and my cock was protruding from my groin like a knight’s lance.

“Don’t get upset, Danny, but my boobs and my upper lips need a rest. You’ve really gotten attached to them, haven’t you?”

When I started to apologize again Jenny raised her hand motioning for me to stop. “I enjoyed the attention as much as you did probably. It’s no fun for me to sit around and play with myself all day long, but I truly enjoy the way you do it. I can’t remember the last time someone ate my pussy as good as you did. We’ll have to do that again, and often,” she declared. “But, for now,” she said wickedly, “we have to do something about that aching hard on and my itchy pussy, right?”

“You bet. I’m ready when you are,” I said with eyes sparkling and a smile as broad as all of Texas on my face.

“Let’s try this, Danny. I’m going to get up here in front of you on the lounger, and you enter me from behind just as many times as you can before your cannon explodes.” She noticed the confused look on my face and decided to explain. “That’s your cannon,” she said pointing to my erection, “and when you start spurting out all of that white stuff is when your cannon explodes.”

“Oh, I see,” I said quite seriously. “And what do we say when you do your thing?”

“Just between you and me, lover, let’s just say my pot’s boiling over.”


Without another word Jenny climbed up on the lounger facing toward the elevated end which positioned her ass and other niceties directly in front of my face. For some mysterious and unexpected reason, I bent over and kissed her tenderly on each cheek of her ass. She looked back and smiled.

“Climb aboard, cowboy.”

I rose to my knees and duck walked around to a good vantage point. I was just the right size. My throbbing cock was pointed directly at Jenny’s soaked and swollen escort haberleri pussy. An effortless move and I commanded, “Giddy up, horsy.” I was deep into Jenny’s hot pussy and ready to ride. So was she.

I rocked forward, and with practiced timing she pushed back into my advance. That worked so well that I did it again and again getting better and more aroused with each stroke.

“You’re going to be one hell of a lover before long, honey. You’ve got good moves, and besides, that’s one of the most magnificent cocks I ever seen on a boy your age. No offense.” She was beginning to breathe more heavily as her arousal increased, and she started moaning and grunting again. I suddenly realized that her sounds turned me on significantly as well.. I pumped harder hoping she would grunt and groan more often and louder. She did.

Our coupling became more and more intense with each stroke. Jenny was grasping the upright part of the lounger in order to shove harder against my body when I thrust forward. I’m no pro, but I could tell this woman definitely enjoyed fucking, and I was elated that I was able to give her so much pleasure. I certainly hoped I was doing everything the right way because I was giving it every thing I had.

About this time her commentary changed. Replacing the soft moans and groans were much more audible almost animalistic cries of exquisite and unadulterated joy. Jenny was having an orgasm, and it was undoubtedly going to be magnificent. I slammed my body into her buttocks with such force that our bodies meeting made a loud slapping sound. I didn’t care. I went faster and harder. I didn’t even notice that Jenny was devoting as much enthusiasm and energy from her end of this fuck machine. I was also reaching a climax, and had I been more experienced at this sort of thing I would know without a doubt that it was going to be a world class orgasm.

Suddenly Jenny released the front of the lounger, sat almost erect, and eased her lovely butt down onto my lap. Once she settled in this position she commenced to grind her crotch slowly around my still stiff cock. I could not believe the sensation this maneuver created.

My climax was an entirely new experience for me. The orgasm Jenny created with her oral application to my cock earlier was excitingly fantastic, but this one came from deep within me. Maybe it originated in the center of my soul.

I squeezed her around the waist, I cupped her magnificent breasts in my hands, and I tried to crawl inside of her body so she could never leave me. This was my heaven, and I was eager to spend eternity just where I was.

Her pussy was still milking my mule even after the two earth shattering orgasms we had enjoyed. I was totally disarmed and deliriously content with my day thus far. I eased off my position as rear navigator, and gently settled on my back along side her. She looked over at me wearing one of her beautiful smiles as she leaned forward and kissed me warmly; then passionately before she looked gaziantep escort haberleri down at my limp tool.

“Had enough?” she teased. “Is that cannon out of bullets?”

“I have to admit that I am feeling a little drained,” I confessed, “but I’m ready to do this as long as you, and my cannon, are willing. You can’t imagine how much you have changed my life.”

“And we’re just getting started, young man.” She curled her legs under her butt and rose to a sitting position facing me. This sudden motion caused her lovely breasts to jiggle in response. “Tell you what, buster,” she chirped, “I’m going to get us some iced tea to cool us off, and to give your cannon time to replenish its load. Don’t move,”

Not many people have the opportunity to witness the sight I was granted as she returned to the patio with our tea. Jenny wasn’t what you would consider a tall, sleek model-like female, but she was so shapely and proportionately put together that the standards set by others never came to mind. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall with a 36 inch bust line.

“Want to drink this stuff, or do you want me to pour it on your pecker to stop it from smoking?” She handed me a glass of tea, and perched on the edge of the lounger. This woman was definitely at home in the nude.

“Thanks,” I said and could not believe that I looked down to see if my manhood was smoldering.

We sipped our tea, but it was obvious that we both were more interested in pursuing our sexual yearnings. My arm was casually draped between her legs, and my hand was toying with her pubic hair. We were lying on the lounger hip-to-hip and head-to-toe. This gave her the opportunity to fondle my balls and my rod as we lounged on the patio.

“I think I’m getting some life back into your wonderful muscle, Danny. Can you feel it?”

“I can feel you, and that’s all I need to keep my motor running,” I said quite honestly. But, realizing she was still thinking along those lines, I became more aggressive with my exploration. My hand traveled down to her slit, and I ran my fingers between the soft folds until I came to her vagina. The door was open so I entered. Her soft moan assured me that she approved. I worked two fingers into her vaginal chute and wiggled them about. More moans along with a grinding hip movement.

Jenny wasn’t about to let me have all the fun. She had my cock between two fingers now, and was working the skin back and forth in a very arousing fashion. I couldn’t seem to hold my butt still either.

“Did you like eating my pussy earlier, Danny?” Her tone was demure, but it was obvious that her intent was serious.

“It was my first time,” I admitted, “but I loved it. Why do you ask?”

“Well, it may have been your first time, buddy,” she replied, “but you rang bells and whistles in this old girl that have been fairly silent here lately.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I continued to be honest with my responses.

“Enjoyed it, my ass!” she cried. “You were escort gaziantep haberleri great, and I want you to do it again. Okay?”

“You bet,” I said instantly.

“Only this time I’m going to show you how we can both have our fun at the same time.”

“That sounds good. Let’s do it.”

Jenny rose up on one elbow, and tossing me the pillow off the lounger, she swung her leg over my body placing her pussy directly above my mouth. I put the pillow under my head, and I was ready to eat pussy. It surprised me when she lifted my legs to where she could place her upper arms behind the knee of each leg. My ass was off the lounger slightly, and my cock was standing proud like the legendary flagpole. Jenny had her arms free to do whatever came to mind especially when it came to my crotch. She turned and spoke over her shoulder.

“Bite me!” And with that command she buried my bulging shaft into her mouth. The Angels must have been happy. I could hear them singing.

Naturally, I rejoiced accordingly by burying my face in the fuzzy valley above me. She was wet enough by that time to be on the verge of an orgasm, but that didn’t influence my efforts in the least. I lashed out with my tongue as I grabbed a handful of her buttock in each hand.

Jenny was busy at her end as well bobbing up and down relentlessly on my throbbing cock. It was now clearly obvious why she had positioned her arms the way she did at the outset of our coupling. Her hands were busy with my balls and my asshole as our frenzy heightened.

I had found her clitoris by now, and my tongue was driving her deliriously crazy. She was literally pounding her pussy against my face, and I was so engulf in the passion of the moment that I was pounding my face against her crotch in return. I was vaguely aware of her tits slapping against my belly as we reveled in our joy, and I was certain now that at least one, possibly two, of her fingers were deep into my asshole. I had no idea how long I could survive this excruciatingly blissful situation, but at the moment I didn’t really care. Besides, I had two fingers exploring her pussy hole while my tongue passionately tortured her clitoris.

Outside of some muffled groans, and a lot of indistinguishable attempts at speech there was no sound coming from our erotic tussle. But all good things much come to an end. I could feel an orgasm building up in my loins while Jenny’s actions left little doubt that she was close behind me in her pursuit of sexual climax. Simultaneous combustion aptly describes what transpired next. Guttural commentary mingled with body fluids from both of us brought the curtain down on our initial endeavor of position 69.

It has been said that the trip down is never as rewarding as the climb to the top, but I’m going to disagree despite my youth and low mileage. This was truly a climax I will long remember, and one that I will secretly hope to repeat as often as fortune will allow.

Jenny had rolled off of me, and was lying next to me gasping for breath, and at the same time, praying that her recovery was not too fast. She was hard pressed to remember the last time she had enjoyed a grand finale such as the one that just took place, She was unquestionably a woman of the world, so how could this young warrior bring her to levels of passion with which she was unfamiliar. She was totally exhausted, but she could not help but to wish for more.

Jenny and I lay side by side in what I later learned to be the spoon position. We were both extremely pleased with our performance, but the exercise did leave us a little weak in the knees. I was still trying to get accustomed to the new toys I had discovered. I was fondling Jenny’s…

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