The Family Business Ch. 04


This is a continuation of The Family Business by Leon22reloaded. I got in touch with him through an intermediary and he’s given me his blessing to continue where he left off. I recommend you read his first chapter which you can find here on Literotica. My thanks to Leon for allowing me to continue and I hope I do him justice.

As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and cumshots. Consider this your warning about the content so don’t bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and dicks — if that isn’t your thing, then stop reading now and leave the rest of us to enjoy ourselves.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

The next morning, Jason and Kevin met with Brad, their attorney, to find out what progress was being made.

“I’ve got some good news and some bad news, boys,” Brad said. “The good news is the FBI have agreed to you buying your mom’s house.”

“That’s great,” Kevin said. “At least we’re not going to be made homeless.”

“So what’s the bad news, Brad?” Jason asked.

Bread sighed. “Buying your mom’s house will basically wipe out everything you’ve earned from the website. You won’t be homeless, but you’ll be broke and unable to pay any bills, buy food, all the usual stuff.” He spread his hands. “I’m sorry guys, it’s not really solving the problem your dad landed you with. It’s a stop gap at best.”

“Shit,” Kevin said. “We need to get more people signing up to the website.”

Brad sighed again. “I spoke with your accountant and your website guy yesterday. The running costs of the site, I’ll admit, are something that’s beyond me. I know how to use my iPad but that’s about it. When they started talking servers and hosting — I kinda tuned out. Trouble is, it all costs money to keep running and your web guy said membership has fallen over the last couple of months.”

“Fallen?” Jason said. “Fuck, I didn’t realise that.”

“Me either,” Kevin said. “Guess we were too busy making content,” he grinned.

“The website guy said the content is part of the issue,” Brad said looking embarrassed. “The website’s called Big Tits and — err — Big Dicks or something, but he said apart from one girl called — errr, Poppy — most of the others aren’t really — errr — well, busty, apparently.”

“Yeah, we know,” Jason said. “We kinda aimed high without really wondering how we were going to get some busty girls.”

“Although we’ve got Cassie, now, and we’ve got some plans for some others real soon,” Kevin said with a smile, thinking of their plans.

“But how are you going to pay them, boys?” Brad asked. “If you don’t have much money coming in and all your savings are gone on the house — ” Brad left the sentence hanging. “You need an outside investor, boys. Either that, or you’re sort of back to square one.”

“Shit,” Kevin said.

“Where are we gonna find someone with money who’s into big tits?” Jason asked.

† † † † †

“Oh, Lisa, honey,” Alicia said. “Is it so wrong that your boys are just making the most of what you and their father gave them?”

Lisa couldn’t help but notice her friend’s grin.

“Aren’t you worried about Danny’s involvement?” Lisa asked her. “The three of them are making porn movies. They’re having sex and putting it on the net.”

Alicia shrugged, her smile never fading. “Danny’s just enjoying himself, the same way your boys are,” she said. She sipped at her coffee and leaned closer, dropping her voice. “Have you seen any of the movies on the site?”

Lisa looked around. They were sat in the city park, enjoying the sunshine, on a bench near one of the paths that were full of joggers and walkers. More than one of the male joggers glanced their way, their gaze drawn by the tight t-shirts that were stretched over Lisa’s and Alicia’s huge tits, or by their bare legs, the lycra shorts they wore leaving most of them firm, muscular thighs on show. They’d been to the gym for a gentle workout and then headed out for a coffee, deciding to sit in the park before heading back to their homes.

“I watched one of the preview clips,” Lisa said after a moment.

“What did you think?” Alicia asked.

“I’m not sure,” Lisa said. “I never thought I’d ever see my boys having sex, let alone a video of it.”

“I couldn’t get over how big the three of them are,” Alicia grinned. “You ever had any cock that big?”

“No,” Lisa said. “You?”

Alicia’s smile grew. “Not up until recently,” she said. “And I mean really recently.”

Lisa looked at her friend who was grinning fit to burst and thought back to the conversation the pair of them and Nicole had had a couple of nights before when they’d gone out for drinks. Alicia had admitted she and her son Danny had been flirting with each other for months, Alicia teasing her son more and more.

“Oh my God,” Lisa whispered. “Have you and Danny –?” She left the question unfinished, but they both knew what she was asking.

“Mm-hmm,” Alicia said, nodding. “The night we had drinks? escort gaziantep I got home and just couldn’t stop myself. I went to his room, pulled his sheets back and there was his enormous fucking cock just waiting for me.” Alicia closed her eyes as she remembered. “I knew it was wrong but I just had to suck on it, feel it grow in my mouth. By the time he woke up, he was fully hard and there was no way either of us could stop.” She looked at her friend again. “Of course, by that time, we didn’t want to stop.”

“You went down on your own son?” Lisa asked quietly, conscious of being out in public, her eyes wide.

“Not just that. He fucked me harder and better than anyone else ever has and we haven’t stopped since.”

“Jesus, Alicia,” Lisa said. “I don’t know what to say. Does Nicole know?”

“Not yet,” Alicia said. “Though from what Danny tells me, she’ll be in on it soon enough. Danny and your boys want her to film with them for the site. Me too.” She winked at her. “Not to mention you and Tiffany.”

“What? No, they talked about me doing some sort of hostess role but that was it. They don’t want me to do anything else.”

“Come on, Lisa, think about it. What’s the site called? Big Dicks Banging Big Tits. We know who’s got the big dicks so who do you think they want to supply the big tits?”

“But I’m their mother!”

“And I’m Danny’s mother and that didn’t stop me getting the best sex I’ve ever had!” Alicia looked at her friend. “You watched the trailer — tell me you didn’t wonder about your boys.”

Lisa blushed as she remembered the video made up of clips of her sons and Danny fucking various girls — the video she’d watched time and time again the night before, unable to get her mind off just how big her sons’ cocks were.

“Hey mom — hey Lisa,” Danny said, walking up to them and sitting on the bench beside his mother.

“There’s my big boy,” Alicia said, reaching over pulling him in for a more than motherly kiss.

“Mom!” he hissed, looking at Lisa.

“That’s okay, baby,” she said. “I’ve just been telling Lisa how — close — we’ve become recently.”

“Really?” Danny said, looking at Lisa. “And you’re cool with that?”

Lisa looked from one to the other, noting her friend’s hand resting on Danny’s thigh — and the big bulge just above it in the shorts he wore.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to think,” Lisa said, eventually.

“Well why don’t we head to our cars?” Alicia said. “I texted Danny and told him where we were to let him know I’d give him a lift home after his own session at his gym.”

Lisa followed them as they walked through the park arm in arm, looking for all the world like lovers rather than mother and son, which is what they were, she realised. Could she do what Alicia had done and so obviously enjoyed? Could she have sex with her sons?

They reached the car park and headed up to the floor where Lisa and Alicia had parked their cars next to each other. Instead of getting in, Alicia moved round to the passenger side and pushed Danny up against the car.

“You know, Lisa,” she said. “Seeing my boy’s big cock on screen is one thing, but it’s nothing compared to seeing it in the flesh.”

“What are you — Alicia!” Lisa gasped.

Her friend quickly knelt down in front of Danny, looking up at Lisa the whole time, the three of them between the cars. Danny didn’t have time to react before his mother had pulled his shorts down to his thighs with one hand, using the other to pull his big dick free of his underwear.

“Mom!” Danny cried, looking from his mother to Lisa and back.

“Look at this big fucking cock, Lisa,” Alicia said, stroking her son’s rapidly stiffening shaft. “And you, you lucky bitch, have two this size under your roof.”

Alicia turned to her son and looked up at him as she fed herself his cock, sucking in the first few inches, feeling his pulsing meat growing in her mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Danny sighed, watching his mother stuff more and more of his thickening fuck meat between her lips. He didn’t care that they could be interrupted at any minute or that his friends’ mother was watching — all he was concentrating on was the feeling of his mother giving him another fantastic, noisy, sloppy blowjob once again.

“Mmmmllppppfff — sssllllrrrrpppp — ummmmmmlllp!” came the sounds of Alicia sucking greedily on her son’s cock.

“Ahhh fuck — yeah, suck that dick, mom,” Danny moaned, moving his hips, pushing more of his now rock hard cock into her throat.

“Aackk! Guk! Gllukk!” Alicia gagged as Danny thrust forward — but she kept going, enjoying the feeling of her son shoving his cock as deep as it would go. Spit ran down the shaft and over her chin, falling in thick lines on to her T-shirt, pooling on her huge tits.

Lisa stared in amazement, watching her best friend getting face fucked by her own son who had one of the biggest cocks she’d ever seen — one that, she now knew, was as big as those belonging to her own sons.

Alicia came up gasping escort gaziantep bayan for air, her hands sliding up and down Danny’s huge, spit-soaked cock.

“Danny loves a noisy blowjob, don’t you, baby?” she asked her son who nodded. She looked over at Lisa. “Wanna try?”

Before Lisa could answer, they all heard the stairwell door open and a group of people walk in to the car park, chatting and laughing.

“Ooops, too slow,” Alicia said, stuffing Danny’s cock back into shorts and pulling them up. “Keep that nice and hard for mommy for when we get home?” she asked him as she stood up, wiping her chin.

“Always, mom,” Danny said.

“Okay, in the car,” she said. She stepped over and pecked Lisa on the lips. “Your boys want to fuck you,” she whispered as the other people drew nearer. “You should do it.”

She walked around and got in to the driver’s seat. A moment later she was pulling away, waving to a still-shocked Lisa.

† † † † †

At around the same time, Tiffany finally woke up and slipped out of bed, wincing at the slight hangover that made itself known. She headed to the bathroom to pee then cleaned her teeth before heading back to her room, stopping as she noticed the sleeping person in her bed, the previous night’s events coming back to her and making her smile.

She stepped over and pulled the cover of the bed down a little, revealing the still sleeping Cassie curled up in her bed and thought back to the night before.

† † † † †

As Tiffany left her brothers following their revelation about their website, her phone rang.

“Hey, Cass, what’s up?” she answered.

“Where to start?” Cassie replied. “I need to talk about something — can we meet up?”

“Sure. I was planning to head down to the bar and grab my wages so could meet you there if you wanted?”

“I’m already on my way to you,” Cassie said. “Kinda took the liberty of expecting you to be free after you texted me to say you and what’s his name broke up. Is that okay?”

“Sure,” Tiffany laughed. “You’re right, I wasn’t doing anything right now. How long will you be?”

“Just turning into your road now.”

“Okay, see you in a sec.”

A few minutes later, Tiffany climbed into Cassie’s car, her short skirt riding up her legs revealing the tops of her hold up stockings and her creamy white thighs.

“Thanks for this, Tiff,” Cassie said, leaning over, the pair of them giving each other a kiss on the cheek.

“Not a problem,” Tiffany said. “You sounded like you needed to talk.”

“That I do,” Cassie said. “The Dark Room?” she asked, driving off, referring to the bar where Tiffany worked. It didn’t take long to get there and while Tiffany spoke to the manager and picked up her wages, Cassie found a booth and sat down.

“So what’s up?” Tiffany asked as she sat down, sliding a vodka and coke across to her friend.

“Where to start?” Cassie said, rolling her eyes. Taking a long pull of her drink, Cassie quickly told Tiffany about returning home earlier and finding her mother and her own brother — Cassie’s uncle Wes — fucking out by the pool. She also told her about the conversation they’d had while fucking, about how both uncle Wes and Cassie’s mom wanted to fuck her as well!

“What it is to be popular,” Tiffany said.

“What do you mean?”

“I know about my brothers’ porn site,” Tiffany said with a smile, “and I know you got fucked by both of them the other day.”

“Oh God,” Cassie said, holding her head in her hands. “You must think I’m such a slut.”

“Well yeah,” Tiffany laughed. “But that makes two of us,” she said, reaching across the table and taking her hand. “Come on, Cass — how long have we known each other? You know all about the crazy, fucked up stuff I’ve done with guys and you’re still my best friend. Hell, we’re like sisters by now so there’s nothing you could do that would make me think less of you.”

“Thanks, Tiff,” Cassie said. “But if we’re sisters, then me fucking your brothers is almost as messed up as my mom fucking her brother.”

Tiffany lowered her voice. “I know it must have been a shock to find them — but was it hot?”

Cassie took her phone out and slid round, she and Tiffany meeting in the middle of the seat. She lowered the volume and played the video she’d taken of her mother and uncle fucking near the pool that afternoon.

“Oh my God,” Tiffany whispered. “Your uncle Wes’s cock is huge.”

“It’s as big as your brothers’,” Cassie whispered back.

“And you had them both at the same time?” Tiffany asked her. “You lucky bitch.”

“Hmmmm, don’t tell me you’re jealous?” Cassie asked.

Tiffany shrugged. “I’ve checked them out before now,” she admitted, still watching Cassie’s uncle Wes fucking her mom. “And after the conversation I heard this afternoon, I know they want to get into my pants.”

“Really?” Cassie asked, her eyes wide.

“Uh-huh. They’re talking about getting me and mom in their website. And that’s not all — Danny Adamson? He’s already escort gaziantep kızlar fucking his mom.”

“Wait, what?” Cassie said. “Danny’s fucking his mom? And Jason and Kevin want to get you and your mom on the site?”

“Uh-huh,” Tiffany said, watching as Cassie’s uncle Wes gave her mom a huge facial. “Fuck, that’s a big load your mom’s taking,” she whispered.

“Never mind that,” Cassie said. “How can they get you on the site? Are they planning to do a video with you? With your mom? What if someone sees it and recognises you? I mean, that’s incest.”

“Says the girl who’s got a video of her mom and her uncle fucking,” Tiffany laughed. “They’re fucking, they want to fuck you, Danny and his mom are fucking — ” Tiffany shrugged. “Looks like there’s more incest going around than people realise.” She moved in close to Cassie, her big tits pushing up against her arm as she leaned in and whispered in her ear. “And if my brothers are really as big as you say they are, I can’t wait to get my hands on them.”

“Oh God,” Cassie sighed. “That would be so fucking hot to watch.” She mentally shook herself. “But no, you can’t, it’d be wrong.”

“But it’s okay for you to have them both? At the same time?” Tiffany asked, reaching out and, under the table, stroking along Cassie’s smooth thigh. “You sure you’re not just jealous? You want to keep them for yourself?” she asked, her hand sliding up Cassie’s tight jeans even further. “I’d share them with you — if you wanted me to.”

Cassie leaned in to her friend as Tiffany gently kissed the side of her neck and nibbled her ear lobe, her mind awhirl, more than a little conscious of how hot and wet her pussy had become. A few drunken make out sessions with other girls — sometimes rubbing each other’s tits — was as far as she’d ever gone with another girl and always that had been to turn on whatever boys had been watching. And yet here she was, spreading her legs as Tiffany’s hand slid higher gasping as she rubbed at her crotch through her jeans.

“Tell me how big they are, Cassie,” Tiffany whispered. “Tell me how big my brothers’ cocks are.” She pushed herself closer, her huge tits squashing up against Cassie even more, bulging out the top of her bra, stretching the fishnet top that barely covered them. She could feel the heat of Cassie’s pussy through her jeans.

“Uhhh — oh God — they’re fucking huge,” Cassie whispered back, her eyes closed, her body trembling as she felt Tiffany’s fingers push and stroke against the plump lips of her pussy through her jeans. “They’re, like — uuhhnnn — like a foot long,” she sighed as Tiffany’s fingers found her engorged clit.

“And you had both of them,” Tiffany whispered into her ear. “Both those big, hard cocks — all to yourself,” Tiffany said as she rubbed her hot crotch, making Cassie whimper. “You want more?” she asked her.

“Please,” Cassie said.

“Then come with me, now,” Tiffany said. She took her friend’s hand and quickly led her to the bathroom, the bar’s handful of other customers not even giving them a second glance.

Tiffany pulled Cassie into a cubicle, locking the door behind them. She gently pushed her up against the wall and kissed her, thrusting her tongue deep into her friend’s mouth, Cassie purring at the feeling. The two best friends made out for the first time, Cassie giggling and moaning as Tiffany’s tongue stud bumped against her teeth every now and then. Tiffany pulled back and looked at her, her black mascara accentuating her wide eyes.

“You wanna do this?” she asked her friend breathlessly.

“God yes,” Cassie said.

Tiffany grinned and quickly began undoing the buttons of Cassie’s blouse, kissing her again as her practiced fingers made short work of them. With the last one undone, she pulled it open and grabbed both cups of her bra, pulling them down, exposing her hard, pink nipples before clamping her lips around one of them and sucking hard, biting it gently, her hand groping at the other one.

“Ooohhhh fuck,” Cassie moaned, looking down as her best friend moved from one of her tits to the other. Tiffany looked up at her and smiled as best she could round the mouthful of tit before slowly releasing it and moving down, looking at her the whole time. Cassie reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, pushing the zipper down as Tiffany knelt in front of her and took hold of her waistband. Slowly, Tiffany pulled Cassie’s jeans down, the blonde cheerleader wiggling her hips to help her friend peel off the skin tight trousers until she could step out of them.

“Mmmm, such a pretty pussy,” Tiffany sighed as she pulled Cassie’s G-string to one side, exposing the waxed, swollen lips of her twat. “That looks good enough to eat.”

Cassie had to lean forward so she could look over her own big tits and watch Tiffany stick out her tongue — the silver stud catching the light — and slide it across the top of her pussy. They both moaned as Tiffany pushed her tongue between the soaking wet lips, slurping at her juicy cunt while she pushed two fingers inside, easily slipping in up to her knuckles.

“Aaahhhhh fuck!” Cassie groaned, spreading her legs to allow Tiffany better access, her tongue and fingers working overtime on her hot, juicy pussy. “Eat me! Oohhhh fuuuuck — Tiff — so good!” Cassie murmured, her legs shaking as her best friend licked and lapped at her cunt, her tongue dancing over her clit while her fingers slipped in and out.

This is a continuation of The Family Business by Leon22reloaded. I got in touch with him through an intermediary and he’s given me his blessing to continue where he left off. I recommend you read his first chapter which you can find here on Literotica. My thanks to Leon for allowing me to continue and…

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