The Enchanted Boy Ch. 09

The Enchanted Boy Ch. 09


This is a fantasy story set in a fictitious land and in a time of medieval sorcery. All characters depicted are 18+. Although this story is in a time where safe sex is not heard of I would always recommend the practise of safe sex.

CHAPTER 9 – Not everything on sale is a bargain.

The sun has been up for a couple of hours now and even though the trees offer some shelter Vernon can still feel it burning his skin.

“We need to find some form of clothing before we get sunstroke,” he says.

Kian is in front of Vernon and is lying against the horses mane fast asleep having cried for most of the journey, Vernon has his arm round his waist to stop him from falling and has proved rather testing for him as the boy’s bare ass is rubbing up against his cock from the movement of the horse as it canters. Vernon is trying his best to ignore it but it’s extremely erotic, he looks down and see his cock slipping up and down the crack of the boy’s ass. Bain has noticed his fathers predicament and is watching closely, Vernon is breathing heavily now and his cock suddenly gets a little bigger.

“Father are you ok you look your about to…” Suddenly Vernon let’s out a long groan and his cock erupts shooting a volley of cum over Kian’s back, “..cum.”

Bains cock is instantly hard as he watches his father blow his load, Rafael claps his hands applauding the show.

“Oh wow!” Bain says.

“Ah fuck! Damn it!” Vernon curses, “we could do with more horses too if this is going to keep happening.”

Kian opens his eyes and yawns, “what can I feel on my back?” he asks.

Bain laughs, “you just made my father cum all over you.”

“Aww, and I missed it?” He looks at Bain’s hard bouncing cock, “I can make you cum too if you want?” He says smiling.

“Ha ha, maybe later little fella,” Bain chuckles. Rafael looks over Bain’s shoulder to see then gives Bain’s cock a playful tug.

Kian sits up.

“No Kian don’t,” Vernon says but it’s too late, Kian’s back presses against Vernon’s chest and stomach and smears the cum between them.

“Oops, sorry,” he says blushing.

“Looks like someone else needs to unload,” Bain laughs pointing at Kian’s erection.

Kian blushes again

“Bain look up ahead,” Vernon says. A few hundred yards down the trail is a clearing and in it is a wagon covered in all sorts of trinkets and goods and a pair of large horses shackled to the front. “This looks hopeful.”

They pull next to the wagon, “Hello is anyone Pendik Escort home?” Vernon calls out.

Suddenly a head pops out the back.

“Oh my goodness, have I just died and gone to heaven?” a middle aged man steps down from the back of the wagon wearing a bright blue silk shirt and white silk pants. “Why I have never seen such an apparition as this, three naked men all come to visit little old me, and I must say boys brandishing gifts like that are welcome anytime,” he says walking up in between the horses and stroking both Bain’s and Kian’s thighs.

Bain and Kian both quickly try cover up their erections. Bain then realises he said three men yet he can still feel Rafaels arms wrapped around him, he looks behind and sees nothing.

He stands with his hand on his hips, a balding man with a fat nose and crooked teeth. He has a pot belly that hangs over the waist of his pants and he acts extremely effeminate.

“Lucent at your service gentlemen,” and he holds out his hand.

Vernon shakes it, “Can you help us, we was attacked and in the process lost our clothing, do you have any we can have?” Vernon asks.

“Have?” Lucent says sounding surprised, “why I don’t normally give things away.”

“We don’t have any means of paying you I’m afraid,” Vernon adds.

“Well I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement.” he says with a smirk on his face.

Vernon is cringing certain Lucent means sex.

“What do you have in mind?” Vernon asks.

Lucent starts stroking the boy’s legs again, “Well I haven’t had my breakfast yet this morning.”

“You want us to cook for you?” Kian asks naively.

“Oh no sweetheart, but I do want you to feed me,” he says wryly moving his hand right up to the top of Kian’s thigh. Despite the creepiness of the man Kian quite likes the touch of his hand.

“He want’s to suck your cock,” Bain explains.

“Oh that’s such a crude way of putting it, and not just his sweety,” he says moving his hand higher up Bain’s thigh.

“Ok, if it means we get some clothes I’ll let you suck me off,” Bain says.

“Bain no,” Vernon complains.

“It’s ok father, it’s like you say we need clothes.”

“Oh not just you sweety but your little friend too,”

Kian swallows hard, “Ok, if Bain is prepared to do it, I will too.”

“Are you sure? You don’t have to do this you know,” Vernon says.

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

They all dismount and Lucent immediately gets on his knees Anadolu Yakası Escort in front of Kian and licks his cock. Kian closes his eyes not wanting to watch. Lucent then sucks in the boy’s cock and slides straight down to his pubes, Kian can feel his cock slip down the mans throat. It only takes 5 strokes and Kian is shaking as his orgasm races through his body.

“Arrrghh I’m cumming!” he shouts and he promptly explodes in the mans mouth.

Lucent swallows hungrily, drinking every drop.

He then pulls off, “Aww so soon?”

“Sorry,” Kian blushes, “It’s only my second blow job.”

“Are you still a virgin sweety?” he asks. Kian nods his head, “oh that’s so precious.”

Lucent turns to Bain, “Your turn my dear, the best for last.”

Lucent looks at Bain’s huge cock, “my that is a work of art,” he says, then licks it’s head.

He then proceeds to swallow Bain’s monster, but he can’t get it quite all the way in, no matter how hard he tries. However Bain is quite surprised at how good it feels, and knows that this man will definitely bring him to orgasm. Lucent takes long deep strokes and Vernon pops another boner just watching his sons massive cock slip down this mans throat. He notices that Lucent has now taken his own cock out and is pumping it vigorously, he smiles at it’s pathetic 4 inches.

Before long Bain’s legs are shaking and his orgasm is fast approaching.

“Arrgh fuck! I’m gonna cum. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Lucent starts pumping his own cock harder. “URRRGHH! HERE I CUUUUMMMMMMM!”

Bain’s legs almost collapse as he blasts a huge amount of cum into the mans mouth, there is so much that some is dribbling out the corners. Lucent grunts and his own little cock spits out a small glob of cum. Soon they are spent and Lucent pulls off.

“Mmmmm, best breakfast I ever had,” he says licking his lips.

He get’s up and adjusts his clothing.

“Why don’t you gentlemen follow me I’m sure I have something in the back of my wagon that will suit you nicely,” he says as he walks up to the back of the wagon.

They all climb in, it is indeed filled with various goods, some of it clothing. They start to look through the garments when they hear a loud clang. Looking back they see steel bars covering the door. Lucent cackles loudly.

“Aww Fuck!” Vernon shouts, “Hey what are you doing?”

“You won’t believe what I can get for your two boys, especially the virgin, Soltan is paying handsomely for boy’s İstanbul Escort like that,” he says as he ties their horses to the back of his wagon, “These fine steeds should get a pretty penny too, as for you, well, we’ll have to see.”

“You piece of shit, wait till I get hold of you!” Vernon shouts. He looks back at the boy’s, Kian is trembling with fear, Bain sees this and immediately wraps his arms around him to comfort him.

“Where’s Rafael?” Vernon whispers. Bain shrugs his shoulders.

As the wagon starts to move Vernon says, “I can see why Sheerkan said don’t trust anyone now.”

Suddenly they hear screams coming from up front.

Bain smiles, “Good old Rafael.”

They look out the window and see Lucent running away from the wagon and various items off the wagon being flung at him.

“You’re cursed, all of you, you’ve cursed my wagon!” he screams running down the trail like a scared little girl.

They hear scrambling on the roof then the steel doors open, Vernon climbs out and looks at Lucent down the trail, he’s stopped and is out of breath. Vernon then smiles.

“Rafael, grab a pan and stay invisible, I’m going to give that little shit a taste of his own medicine,” he says.

Vernon grabs some rope off the wagon and he and Rafael, well a pan flying magically through the air chase after Lucent. Lucent tries to run but Vernon soon catches him, he drops to the ground cowering from the pan that is hovering over his head threatening to smash him. Vernon pulls him to his feet and leads him back to the wagon.

“Ok now strip!” Vernon orders.

“What! No!” Lucent cries. The pan starts to come down and he cowers, “Ok, ok!”

Soon the pathetic man is naked and Vernon is tying him to a tree. They boy’s laugh at his pathetic 2″ nugget of a cock.

“Please don’t leave me here like this!” He begs.

“No father wait, if the soldiers discover him, he’ll tell them everything. Is it not best to have him with us?” Bain suggests.

Vernon thinks for a moment, “You’re right, help me get him on the horse.”

They tie Lucent to the horse and gag him with some silk ties.

Lucent is suddenly puzzled by the appearance of another boy, he wonders where on earth he could have come from.

They all dig out some clothes and with the exception of Rafael are soon dressed.

Kian comes out the back of the wagon holding a pot and a brush, “body paint,” he says.

Vernon gets a wicked grin across his face.

“Father?” Bain looks at him puzzled.

The sun is burning hot now as the wagon pulls away down the trail, the boys in the back, Vernon up front driving. Lucent is on one of the horses behind, tied up stark naked and on his front and back written in body paint is the words “CHEAT”.

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