The Education of Emily Rose Ch. 01

The Education of Emily Rose Ch. 01


I closed the front door behind me and leaned back with a sigh. Another date with another loser. Sean had seemed promising at first — a handsome student assistant from the university bookstore with warm, caring eyes. He had been the one to ask me out (as I never could quite seem to get the guts to make the first move with anyone) and I’d been looking forward to the date all week.

The night had started out well as we caught an early movie. If we had parted ways after that, perhaps I would have agreed to a second date. But instead, we made the fateful decision to go to dinner. Big mistake.

It was at dinner that I realized that the only reason the movie was the best part of the date was because he didn’t have a chance to open his mouth. Over appetizers he went over his entire high school football career as a varsity quarterback, the salad course conversation covered his famed debate team (he was captain of course), and the entrées were accompanied by a large side dish of “I was prom king and was banging the head cheerleader.”

By dessert, it was obvious that the jerk was never going to ask a thing about me and that he was pathetically stuck in high school. I couldn’t wait to get out. Worst of all, when I politely offered to pay for my part, he agreed and held his hand out for the money. What a turn off. I knew that I was still young and had many years ahead of me, but man, was I getting tired of dating.

I threw my keys on the tiny entry table next to the door and sighed again deeply as I headed into the living room. I was more than a little tipsy as during the course of the “date” I had polished off at least 5 glasses of wine. I didn’t drink very often but tonight it had been a necessary survival mechanism just to get through the evening.

I wondered if my roommate Jessica had fared any better. She was like me in that she had no serious relationship to speak of but, unlike me, she managed to have a full date schedule practically every night of the week. She was much more outgoing and had no problem with asking a guy out who caught her eye. In the year and a half that we had lived together, she rarely brought anyone home (at least that I knew of) but it wasn’t uncommon for her to be out all night and come in nonchalantly around noon the next day.

Since it was rather rare that I had a date tonight and I was a little nervous, we had discussed possibly making it a double so that I would feel a bit more comfortable. At the end we decided it would be awkward – good thing since it was bad enough that I had to deal with Mr. Me, Me, Me without subjecting someone else to the boring blabber as well. I was also more than a little embarrassed that my first date in over a month turned out to be such a dud. Jess was probably still out enjoying her date and her “dessert” course was probably a lot sexier than mine….

As I turned the corner into the living room, I was startled to see Jess sitting on the couch with her back to me. I could see the TV screen and it looked like she was watching a movie. She was alone on the couch in her fluffy robe and I could see a big bowl of popcorn sitting on her lap. Wow, her date must have been even worse than mine? I thought. I came up behind her and squeezed her shoulder. She screamed and jumped about 5 inches off the sofa as popcorn flew everywhere.

“Oh my God, you scared me!” she shouted as she swatted at me.

“Whatcha watchin?” I flopped down on the sofa next to her, propping my feet up on the table, and soon recognized snippets of The Exorcist on the screen.

“Well no wonder you’re scared! Why are you watching this when you’re all alone? That’s not very smart y’know?”

“There was nothing else on,” she replied, “besides, I knew you’d be home early.” With this last comment Jess looked sideways at me and smiled. I wanted a good comeback but unfortunately she was right.

“The question is, why are YOU home so early?” I asked.

“Eh” she shrugged, “this one was a throwback — not worth my time.”

“And what, may I ask, is a throwback?”

“You know, like a fish that you catch but he’s too scrawny to eat so you just throw him back,” Jess took a handful of some popcorn that had spilled on the couch, “guess I’m getting picky in my old age.” With that she giggled and then snuggled into the sofa to watch the movie.

I’m not a huge fan of horror movies, but I’ll watch them occasionally for the good scare. It was weird that both Jess and I were home on a Saturday night and I had nothing else to do so I decided to finish the movie with her. It hadn’t been on for long and I had never seen The Exorcist so I was able to finally experience firsthand the vomiting and headspinning in all its glory. We both jumped more than once when we’d hear noises in the apartment or coming from outside.

As the movie neared the end, I started to wonder if I was ever going to find Mr. Right. Hell, I would even settle for a really good night of passion. It had been a long time and I was really getting tekirdağ escort to the point where I would have sex with just about any guy who was willing, if I could just get past all the small talk and the “date” part without being so enormously annoyed that I couldn’t wait to get away from him.

As I was musing about my lackluster sex life, I suddenly realized that between my “jumping” and Jess’ “jumping” we were sitting very close together on the couch. In fact, our hands were almost touching. I suddenly became very aware of her sitting next to me, although she was still completely engrossed in the movie. I glanced over at her and noticed that the top of her robe was gaping open and in the shadows I could see the outline of her full breast and nipple.

To my surprise, my eyes lingered on her breast and I felt a tingling in my thighs. “What the heck is going on?” I thought to myself. I’d lived with Jess for a year and a half and never had it occurred to me to see her naked or try to be close to her or even to look at her in that way. I’d had lots of girlfriends in high school and we used to strip together to try on clothes or change into pajamas and I had never found myself aroused in the least by any of them. Why now? Was I just tired? Depressed? Isolated?

Whatever the reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the shadowy outline of her breast. It sloped perfectly into her nipple and rounded out at the bottom. Hers looked to be much larger than mine and perhaps that was part of the intrigue. I had always had a fetish with breasts — although up until this point it had been my own. In my previous sexual encounters I loved for my partners to suck on my breasts — sometimes soft and slow and sometimes hard depending on the levels of my passion. I’d even been known to ask a lover to bite my nipples when I was in a particularly aggressive mood and the pain felt delicious.

Given my particular fondness for “breast play” perhaps it wasn’t surprising that I found Jess’ breast to be so captivating in that moment. What was surprising was that I found myself actually considering doing something about it.

I finally pulled my eyes away from her breast and stared back blindly at the TV screen. Inside I was shaking and my head was spinning — partly from the wine and partly from what I was wanting to do. My mind raced through the possible reactions from Jess should I try to touch her breast — first and foremost was the most likely possibility that she would freak out and run upstairs and never talk to me again. That would end a friendship and a roommateship that worked well. I would hate to lose her and wouldn’t be able to even look her in the eye again. She had never indicated that she looked at me in any way other than a friend so to try anything would probably be suicide.

But what if? My mind kept returning to that possibility. What if it was ok? What if she responded? What if she wasn’t freaked out? I decided to make a list of my excuses in the event that I did try something and she did freak out and I did have to explain myself. This was my list: 1) I was drunk; 2) I was depressed; 3) I was lonely. The entire list was not only true, but convincing, I thought, and I would probably forgive a friend for making a pass at me if she was one or all of the above listed items. Just as I had finished my list and talked myself into the possibility of moving on my instincts, another scary part of the movie passed. At this point, I was really too aroused to be scared and I didn’t really have a clue what was going on in the movie anyway. Maybe it was the alcohol that prompted me to act but I jumped in response to the scare in the movie and teasingly hid my eyes by burying them into Jess’ fuzzy shoulder as I threw my arm across her waist and let it linger.

After a few seconds, I dared to peek out from her shoulder and tried to see her face without looking too obvious. She had her head turned towards me and she did look a bit surprised, but she didn’t move away. I sat there, tense, for at least a minute waiting for her to shift a little further down the couch.

After what seemed to be an eternity, I felt her body relax under my arm and I realized that she wasn’t planning to move. I took a deep breath and melted my head into her shoulder as I turned to “watch” the movie. From my new perch I had an even closer view of her breast and she hadn’t moved to close her robe. The smell of her skin and shampoo made me even more dizzy.

Having accomplished the initial contact, I decided to keep going. I inched my hand a small bit higher on her robe. I was enticingly close to the bottom of her breast but I stopped short to wait for her reaction. Her gaze fixed intently on the television and she pretended not to notice. It reminded me of my first date with a boy in 10th grade. You know, where you’re at the movies and your hands slowly inch together but you both pretend nothing’s happening? And then, suddenly, your pinkies touch and you feel an electric jolt trabzon escort go through your body but you still don’t let on? And before you know it you are holding hands and thinking “I can’t believe this is happening!” while still watching the movie with a straight face?

Anyway, I hoped that was what was happening as she wasn’t letting on that she noticed my hand was practically on top of her breast. I decided to take the plunge. In one swift move I brought my hand up to brush the lower edge of her breast through her robe while simultaneously lifting my chin up to rest my lips on her neck. I felt an almost indiscernable intake of breath on Jess’ part but she still didn’t lean away.

Emboldened, I lifted my hand and slid it into the opening of her robe and gently cupped it around her lusciously round tit. This was the moment of truth — if Jess didn’t move away after this bold move, she was going to be ok and there was no turning back. I let my hand mold to the warmth of her breast and a small sigh inadvertently escaped from my lips still pressed against her neck.

She shifted her body towards me so that it was easier to touch her and, in doing so, her robe fell completely open. I pulled away to look and my mouth must have dropped open slightly as I gazed in awe at what I can only describe as the most beautiful pair of breasts I had ever seen. They were perfectly round like melons and yet so soft and smooth. Her nipples stood completely erect and that’s when I knew for sure that she wanted this too.

I finally tore my eyes away and moved my gaze up to her face. That’s when I felt awkward and started to stammer, “Jess, um, I’m sorry, uh, I don’t know what’s gotten into me but all of the sudden I just feel something…”

Suddenly Jess sat straight up and pulled her robe closed around her chest. She stood up and walked quickly towards the stairs. She practically ran up them as I struggled to find my voice. I heard her door close softly and turned around, leaning back against the couch with a sigh. I hadn’t had a chance to tell Jess I was sorry. Why did I think that she was responding? Was I imagining things? I slumped to the side and lay curled in a ball on the sofa. After awhile the alcohol finally took effect and I closed my eyes.

The next morning, my head was pounding. I opened my eyes and squinted in the bright light streaming through the window. I hadn’t realized that I had drank so much. Wine always made me drunk faster than any other liquor though. I felt like I should be worried about something but it took several seconds to drag it up from my memory. Oh. There it was. Oh. Oh no. What the hell had I done? As the memories came flooding back to me, I dropped my head into my hands. Guess I would start looking for a new apartment. Damn, I had a good thing and I’d screwed it up.

I stood up and staggered into the kitchen. I started the coffee to brew and sat down at the table, staring ahead miserably. It was amazing how screwed up things could get in the course of just one night. I must’ve been sitting there for at least a half an hour when all of the sudden Jess walked into the kitchen. Seeing me at the table, she smiled brightly. I blushed and looked down.

“Good morning,” she sang and headed toward the coffee pot, “thanks for making coffee!”

When I didn’t respond, she looked over her shoulder at me.

“What’s the matter?”

I stared at her, confused. “You’re not, I mean, you’re . . .” I searched for the words, “okay?”

Jess made a face. “Of course I’m okay silly, why wouldn’t I be?”

I gulped back the words, not wanting to say them and shrugged, “no reason I guess.”

“OK then, what should we have for breakfast? I’m cooking.” Jess declared as she opened the door to the refrigerator.

What the heck is going on? I thought. How could she be fine? She left last night in such a hurry. She must have been offended by my feelings. I had thought she felt the same but I was wrong. Well, whatever the reason, I was so relieved that she was fine today. Maybe I wouldn’t have to look for another apartment. I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that our friendship had been salvaged. Whatever had taken over me last night was safely buried and would never surface again.

“What should I make,” Jess mused slowly to herself as she clicked her tongue against her teeth. She leaned against the refrigerator as she reviewed its contents.

“I’ve got it,” she clapped her hands together, “French toast.”

She looked back at me to judge my reaction. I just looked at her and nodded, still confused. She turned back around and grabbed two eggs out of the side of the door. Then, she leaned in further to grab the milk. As she stretched further, her thin silk robe inched up the backs of her thighs. She leaned in farther. “Can’t…reach…” she breathed as I watched the fabric slip higher until I saw soft pink lips and light hairs peek out from underneath.

A jolt went through my body as I realized sivas escort that she wasn’t wearing panties. She stayed that way for a few more seconds and swayed her ass from one side to the other. I felt the same stirring I’d had the night before when I looked at her beautiful breasts.

So it wasn’t just because I was drunk. Here I was, morning, stone sober, and I still found the look of her to be irresistible. I coughed and looked out the window.

Jess straightened up, pulled down her robe, and began assembling the ingredients on the counter. She pulled out a loaf of bread and one by one started soaking the bread slices. As she did this, I went over and poured myself a cup of coffee, being careful not to look in her direction. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.

She hummed contentedly as she cooked, not seeming uncomfortable in the least. When she was done, she plopped two slices of French toast on a plate and slid it in front of me at the table. I looked up at her to say thank you, only to look down as I saw her nipples pressing against the silk of her robe. I blushed.

“Oh, you need syrup” Jess turned around seeming not to notice my embarrassment. She grabbed a plastic jug and placed it on the table next to me, dangerously close to the edge.

“Hope you like it,” she said and leaned across the table until her face was just a few inches from mine, her hand still resting on the syrup bottle.

“Uh, thanks, I’m sure I will,” I looked up as I reached for the bottle.

Suddenly, she pushed the bottle the extra inch it took to make it fall to the ground. I looked down helplessly as brown stickiness rushed out onto the floor.

“Oh, I’m such a clutz,” she moaned, slapping her forehead before picking up the quickly emptying bottle. “Now how are you going to eat your breakfast?”

“That’s fine, I can eat them without syrup,” I said, picking up my fork.

“No way,” she interrupted, grabbing the plate away. “That’s not the same.”

She pretended to think for a minute. “Hey, I know we have another bottle around here, I just have to find it… Why don’t you go upstairs and get dressed and I’ll look for it.” “Really, Jess, it’s no biggie, I can just eat it this . . .” she raised a hand.

“I didn’t go the trouble of making breakfast for us to eat with no syrup. Now go get ready and I’ll find it.”

She looked at me sternly until I finally agreed. I headed up the stairs, stopping at my room to gather my things for a shower. I always took my showers in the morning. At this point, I actually welcomed the thought of a shower, it would give me time to collect my feelings and figure out what the heck was going on. I turned the hot water on full blast and saw the steam billow over the top of the shower curtain. The mirror quickly fogged, obscuring my image from view. I stepped into the tub and felt the warm water cascade over my full breasts. My nipples quickly responded and stood erect as they were pummeled. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the wall, enjoying the feeling. I tried not to think about the embarrassment of last night, but it had all made me so incredibly horny. My hand drifted down to my pussy as I rubbed it with soap and softly caressed my clit.

I was right in the middle and started to moan when suddenly, I thought I heard a noise just outside the curtain.

“Hello?” I called, not sure if I had heard correctly.


“Hello?” I called again, thinking I must have been imagining things.

I still didn’t hear anything but I was too jumpy now to finish up. I turned off the water and pulled the curtain to the side, stepping out of the tub and searching for a towel. I was stark naked and dripping wet when I suddenly found myself face to face with Jessica. My eyes widened in shock as I turned to grab the towel, only to find that it wasn’t where I had left it.

“Uh, what’s going on?” I stuttered.

Jess held up a small bottle triumphantly and giggled softly. “I found the syrup!”

“Yeah, Jess, that’s great,” I started, wondering within me if maybe she was losing her mind. Her behavior was definitely odd today.

“I’ll be down in a minute, ok?”

Instead of leaving, she stayed rooted to the ground, her eyes drinking in the sight of my naked body.

“No,” she said and continued staring.

“Ok Jess, I really don’t know what’s going on here…” I started.

“You wanted syrup,” she said, plainly, still staring.


“You wanted syrup.” She said again, as if I hadn’t heard.

“Yeah, ok, thanks?” I was becoming painfully aware of the fact that I was standing naked in front of my roommate who had rejected me just hours earlier.

I stared back at her and after what must have been several minutes, she finally took a step towards me. Her gaze went down to my breasts and she held up the bottle and began to pour. She drizzled the syrup slowly over my right breast, watching as it slid lazily down, mixing with the water, to form little droplets that hung on the edge of my nipple before dripping onto my abdomen. She then moved the bottle over to my left breast, watching the same trail. I stood dumbfounded, watching with her as the syrup clung to my breasts.

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