The Deal Ch. 10


“So, how do I look,” Diana stood in her son’s doorway. As soon as he was looking she spun around.

“Well, that depends. If you are trying to pick up guys then you hit the look well. If you want to hang out with the girls, based on Mrs. Lynn’s reactions yesterday to your body, you’re in for a lot of nasty comments.”

Diana looked down at the tight white blouse and jeans, “But it’s just a blouse and jeans.”

“A coat of paint would be thicker than those.”

“Oh please, you exaggerate. What are you watching anyways?”

Matt shifted so Diana could see herself masturbating on the monitor.

“Don’t you ever get sick of watching those?” Diana shook her head.

“Ah let me think… Nope; never gonna happen.”

“So what are your plans for the night?” Diana came in and sat on his bed.

“While you are out pissing off the girls, I’m going out for pizza with Craig and Chip. You know that I hate to cook.”

“You definitely need to get married as soon as you are on your own to a good cook who doesn’t mind cleaning.” She stopped as the video panned the oily mess on the black couch in the video. “Doesn’t mind cleaning A LOT.”

“Hey you made that mess, not me.”

Diana got up and walked over to wrap her arms around her son’s shoulders kissing him on the top of his head, “And as long as you help me clean, I look forward to making many more messes.”

“I’m free tomorrow!”

Diana laughed, “We’ll see how the old lady feels after her first night of drinking in almost a decade.”

“Well in that case it’s about time you got trashed! Go get ’em girl.” Matt swatted his mother’s ass as she walked out the door.

“Ah such liberties even before I get to the bar. Maybe I should change after all. Oops. I hear the taxi. Gee too bad, I guess the paint look will have to stay. See you later Matt.”

Later Matt was pausing outside of the restaurant with his friends. “Come on, guys, can’t we go get slices at Jim’s Pizza Shack?”

Craig looked at Matt, “You hate going to that place since you left it; besides I want pasta, not pizza and that means Tony’s”

Chip pushed Matt’s shoulders. “Besides, the help is cuter here.”

After a quick scan Matt’s fears were confirmed as he spied the waitress from the other night. He quietly gulped and then sat down at a booth in the corner.

He looked intently at the menu as the girl came to their table pad and pen poised.

“Boxer boy! Where’s your girl friend?”

He looked up staring daggers while trying to wave a silencing hand without Chip or Craig noticing.

“Oops, my bad. I thought you were somebody else. So what do you boys want?”

“How about your phone number?” Chip looked puppy eyed at the girl.

“Ooooh. For such originality let me think – ah nope, not going to happen. And for your information the menu is not printed on my chest. So I suggest you look down at the paper in your hands so I can get my job done when I get back.”

Craig leaned over and punched Chip in the arm. “And you wonder why you never get a date!”

Matt jumped up and went after the waitress, “I better damage control this before she spits in our food or something.”

He caught up with the girl around the corner by the entrance to the kitchen.

“Hey thanks for the fast recovery.”

The girl frowned at Matt. “So she’s married huh? That’s a dangerous game you’re playing.”

“Huh? Married? No. The girl I was with the other day, she’s a widow.”

“Oh. Do you have a girlfriend you’re cheating on then and you don’t want them to know and tell her?”

“Me? Nah, I haven’t had a girlfriend in years.”

“What was that woman the other night, chopped liver?”

“Oh, she’s someone special but in a different way. It’s kind of complicated; but cool. She wouldn’t want them to know about it though,” Matt said while pointing towards his table.

“So, let me see if I got this right. You have a gorgeous older woman and you don’t want your teen aged friends to know. I’m impressed. All the guys I know would be bragging to anyone and everyone. Don’t worry; I’ll keep your secret.”

Chip and Craig were staring at Matt as he returned.

“What was that all about?” Craig wondered.

“Good news, bad news. I couldn’t get you her phone number; but at least she won’t do anything to your food. But you open your mouth again and I can’t make any promises on the quality of your food.”

Craig nodded “Yeah, some of us would like a date some time in the near future and mister smooth moves here is killing all hope.”

“Gee thanks for making me feel so manly guys. Friends like these…”

While the boys worked on Chip’s pick up lines Diana was busy giving her review to the third one she had received that night.

“Did you get that line off the Internet? It’s a good thing the Internet is free or else you should get your money back on that one.” Diana turned back to her friends.

“Hey, he was kind of cute,” Kim pointed out.

“Yeah, until he opened his mouth,” Diana added.

“Attitude like that won’t get escort blog you laid young lady,” Lacey stared sternly at Di.

“Who said anything about getting laid?”

“Your glow.”

Kim looked at Sue, “Speaking of glowing, what is up with you. You have the same smirk as Di.”

“Hey it’s just like the old days. It’s great to be alive,” Sue waved her arms and promptly knocked two glasses off the table.

“At this rate nobody’s getting laid or drunk,” Lacey said.

“I missed the memo that had those as tonight’s objectives.” Diana glared at Lacey.

“What is so bad about living a little?” Lacey was looking frustrated.

“Oh I love living a lot; I just don’t believe that drunk and laid is an integral part of the equation.” Diana continued.

Sue chimed in “Oh, please for the two married women with husbands and kids, so drunk isn’t an option and laid is a normal part of the equation can’t we girl talk for a while. Huh, pretty please?”

Much to Lacey’s chagrin a lot of girl talk ensued.

Boy talk was still in full swing at Tony’s with the occasional required put downs by their waitress.

Craig looked at Matt, “So what do you think she meant by ‘boxer boy’ anyway?

“”Maybe she knows a fighter or something?”

Chip laughed “Like anyone would mistake you for a fighter.”

Craig pointed to the door “Do you want to take him outside to thump him and show him who makes a better fighter?”

“Only if he threatens to use the same moves on the girls in Jamaica.”

“In that case I’ll hold him while you thump him.” Craig smirked at Chip.

“Seriously, can you believe we are going to Jamaica? Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Ouch. Shit, I was kidding.” Chip rubbed his arm where Craig had pinched him.

“I know and with the hottest of the mothers. Crap Matt. Your mom in a bikini; it doesn’t get better than that.”

“Like either of your moms would look bad.”

“Yeah it’s tough being us huh.” Craig laughed. “But seriously, how much do you think your mom’s going to let us get away with?”

“What do you mean?”

“Jamaica? Away from here? Girls in bikinis? Maybe alcohol?”

“I looked it up on the Internet. Dude, the drinking age is eighteen there!” Chip clapped his hands eagerly.

“I’m sure for the sake of the women they will make an exception with you,” Craig joked with Matt laughing.

“I have no idea what my mom is planning, but I’m sure she’ll be cool as long as we aren’t stupid or anything.”

The waitress approached, “So boys anything else tonight.”

“Still waiting for your phone number.” Chip piped in.

“Good luck with that and here, just for you, is a phone number-free bill. Have a good night boys.” The girl gave Chip the bill and walked away.

Craig, Chip and Matt pooled their meager funds, and Matt walked to the counter as Chip and Craig headed out the door. He smiled at their waitress standing by the register. He looked down at the writing on the receipt in his hand. “So, Cindy. Thanks for being so cool with things. I really appreciate it.”

Cindy smiled at him. “No problem if you are really on the up and up about things. You are, aren’t you?”

Matt smiled and raised a hand “Totally honest. You ought to see what a babbling idiot I become when I try to lie to a girl – not that I have done it many times!” Matt started to blush while Cindy cracked into a huge grin.

“I see what you mean. Not a very pretty sight.” Cindy laughed as she watched Matt squirm while she rang up the bill. She flipped the paper and, grabbing a pen, wrote on the back. She handed the change and paper to Matt smiling shyly herself.

“Look, make sure Chip, I think that is his name, doesn’t get that. But if you really don’t have a girlfriend, I would love to maybe go out with you some time if you would like.” Now it was Cindy who was blushing and looking down.

Matt looked at the phone number written on the piece of paper, a goofy grin split across his face from ear to ear, and he stumbled back into a gentleman standing behind him. “Oops, oh, sorry sir.” Matt stepped on his foot as Cindy burst into laughter, “Crap, sorry again.” And stumbled out waving to the giggling girl while trying to not look at the annoyed man. As the tinkling laughter echoed in his ears he wondered if his mother was half as lucky as he was tonight.

“What is your problem? You could have gotten laid twice and be back here for thirds by now if you weren’t being such a snobby bitch,” Lacey glared at Di.

“Bitch? What is with you Lacey?” Di glared back while Sue and Kim squirmed and looked anywhere but at the two women.

“Di, we’re single. We’re good looking. We could have the pick of the place. You are in my world now. David is gone. Live a little; you’re glowing enough,” Lacey stared at Di.

“My “glow” as you call it is because I am happy. It has nothing to do with sex. I’m sorry; I am not in your world. I want love and companionship which isn’t here. I just want to have fun with my friends without any shit gaziantep escort blogu about getting laid. BECAUSE IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!” Di slammed her hands on the table causing bystanders to stare at them.

“Alright, I am sorry. I just figured you and me could be the crazy single women of the bunch. I’m sorry for pushing. Let me buy the next round as an apology,” Lacey stood up.

Kim and Sue both raised hands, “Married women with kids to go home to – we’re done.”

Di looked at her watch. She felt a little bad for blowing up at Lacey. “Alright, one more for me and that is it. I am out of practice.”

Lacey went up to the bar, ordered and waited. When the drinks came she reached into her purse and pulled out money and a little vial. The bartender raised an eyebrow as he watched Lacey pour the white powder into one of the drinks. “Ease up Bill. It’s just Special K for me. You know me, I want to get loose and a little wild after my friends go.” Bill shook his head as he watched Lacey take the drinks back to her table. He felt sorry for lonely women like Lacey who had to use date rape drugs on themselves.

Lacey went back to the table and watched as Diana drank her drink, smiling as she raised her own glass to her lips.

Girl talk was winding down as no one really recovered from the brief outburst from before. All four drank a little quicker. Kim was the first to mention leaving. Diana polished off her drink as well, “I’m sorry ladies but I am not use to this, so it will be baby steps for me; I’m done.”

Lacey panicked “Di, the night is young; I still feel really bad about before, stay at least another half hour or so with me, please?”

Di shook her head as she grabbed her coat. “We’re good Lacey. I promise to do this again soon, but I got a lot planned this weekend. I need a clear head.”

Kim grabbed her coat as well. Sue stared at Lacey’s expression puzzled. Sue and Lacey watched as Kim and Di wove through the crowd and headed out.

“Fuck, what a waste,” Lacey smacked the table.

“What is it with you?” Sue glared at Lacey.

Lacey reached into her bag and held up the half empty vial, “I just slipped her a harmless Mickey to get her to relax. She has no idea what she is missing. I was only trying to help. Too late now. She’ll sleep through the whole damn thing. I should have used it on myself.”

Sue exploded “You fucking Bitch. Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t fuck with people like that. Don’t you ever try to take me or any of my friends down your loser road like that again. You are pathetic. Can’t you see why you are so lonely? Shit. I am out of here. Di and Kim are going to hear about this so you best stay away from us. God Lacey, what happened to you? You need help; get it before you kill yourself.” Sue stormed out of the bar. She looked around but swirling snow was all she could see. Well at least Di was going home alone. She should be okay. Sue stopped with a jerk; Di is going home to Matt and their deal! Quickly she pulled out her cell phone to warn Matt.

Matt was just hanging up the phone when he heard the keys rattle in the door. He smiled as he watched his lightly snow covered mom walk into the house.

Di’s face lit up when she saw him, “Matt, how was your night hon?”

“Mom, I have been on the phone all night with the coolest girl. You won’t believe it.” Matt paused as he watched his mother stagger a bit. “Mom, you okay? You have too much to drink or something?”

Di looked at him shaking her head, “No, I only had three. I don’t know what my problem is. I feel really strange, light headed, dizzy.”

“Did some guy try to slip you something?” Matt walked over and held onto her.

“No, they were all losers. Nothing like you. None even come close. I guess it just has been a long time for me or maybe I’m tired or something. Let me go into my room.”

Matt helped Di into her room. Di stood up straight, smiling, “Thank you my charming son, but I really am okay. I can manage by myself. I am a big girl.”

Matt sat on her bed watching her. Di looked down at him and smiled, “You look concerned. Why thank you. I really am okay. It might have been the drinking plus the cold air. I am alright now.” She spun in a circle before him without any misstep.

Matt smiled, “You look incredible mom.”

Di smiled and looked in his eyes as she unbuttoned her blouse and shook it off her shoulders onto the floor. “I appreciate your pleasure, my love.”

She took off her bra and shook her shoulders wiggling her breasts, “the girls are happy to see you as well.”

She continued to grin as she took off her jeans and panties and stood before her son naked.

Matt’s face lit up, “You are gorgeous. I will never get tired of looking at you, even when as you threaten gravity takes hold.”

Diana walked over to Matt and pushed him down climbing on top of him. She looked deeply into his eyes grinning. “And I will never get tired of showing my body to you.”

Matt loved the feel of gaziantep escort sitesi her body on top of him. His arms trembled with a desire to reach up and hold her tight.

Di could feel Matt tremble. She looked again into his eyes staring deeply, “Matt, it is okay. Look, I saw a lot of guys tonight. They were all jerks. None of them was even a speck as good as you or your father. I am the luckiest woman alive to have found two such incredible men. This is how it was meant to be.”

Diana looked down at her son and thought for a moment.

“Matt, this is stupid. Screw the deal,” and with that Diana crushed herself into Matt kissing him deeply.

Neither heard the pounding on the front door.

Matt brought his arms around his naked mother and held her tight, drinking deeply into the kiss. He could taste the alcohol on her lips. He pulled back and rolled them over with Di squealing in delight.

“God, mom I love you so much, but I can’t do this. Not now.”

Di looked up hurt, “It’s okay. I am not drunk. I want this. I need this.” Her hand was reaching into his sweats.

Matt rolled over and lay beside her feeling her hand running up and down his length. He ran a hand over her shoulder and around her breast feeling the soft flesh beneath his fingers for the first time. He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips, “let’s talk first.”

Not stopping with her hand, Di smiled into his face, “Why?”

“This is a huge step for us. Can’t we enjoy the moment? You didn’t just jump right into the sack with dad did you?”

Di’s hand paused, “No. It was a long sweet romantic time.” She smiled again, “I’ll let you in on a secret. He insisted on waiting until we got married before we finally did it.”

Matt watched as his mother’s eyes started to tear up. “Oh Matt. I miss him so much.”

And with that Matt felt his mother’s head crash into his shoulder bathing it in hot tears as her body shook with the sobs. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He looked up to see Sue standing in the doorway. She looked at Matt with concern. He shook his head, smiled and gave a thumbs up. Sue smiled, returned the thumbs up and backed out of the room shutting the door.

Before she left Sue wrote a note for Matt explaining what happened and how proud she was of him and then walked out the front door locking it behind her.

Matt stayed and held tightly onto his mother until the sobs passed, and she settled into a light sleep. Once he felt a strong rhythm to her breathing and could hear light snores, he shifted and moved out from beside her and got up and left the room, hand rubbing the huge wet spot on his shoulder from her tears, smiling wistfully.

He walked into his room never finding the note.

Matt woke the next morning to the quiet sound of some shuffling in the house. He rose up and looked out through his open door into the hall, “Mom, are you okay?” He looked carefully into her face as he watched his mother walk into the doorway.

Diana was wearing her short robe, holding a piece of paper in her hand. She ran her other hand through her hair. She stared at the look of concern on her son’s face. She smiled and entered the room. “I’m really fine this time hon. Thanks for being so concerned.”

She sat on the edge of his bed, “did you read Sue’s note?”

“No, she left a note?”

“It seems I was drugged last night.”

Matt bolted up out of this bed, “Shit, we should get you to the doctor.”

Diana put her hand on his chest, “No. Sue went back and got the details from Lacey. It was fast acting and leaves quickly with no effects if done only once or twice. I don’t even feel nauseas or have a headache. She used such a low dose that I remember everything that happened.”

“She? Mrs. Brock did this? Why?”

“She wanted to help me enjoy myself. It is sad really. I will never trust her again, but I am not mad; just disappointed.”

“I am so sorry mom.”

“You, my amazing son, have nothing to be sorry for. I truly believe that you acted far more maturely than anyone I know would have, including myself. I am so proud of you.”

Matt looked at the robe she was wearing.

“You know mom. You are right to be wearing clothes. We really shouldn’t be doing this. Look what it did to you. What it almost did to us. It was fun while it lasted but we need to stop this before we cross the line.”

Diana stood up and smiled at Matt. “I am glad you feel that way. But the truth is I am wearing the robe because I thought Sue might still be around. Since she is not…”

Diana opened the robe and threw it off onto the floor revealing her naked body to Matt before she climbed onto his bed.


Diana laughed. “You should see your face. Seriously the drug is gone within eight hours. It is almost noon, sleepyhead.”

“Alright then but Mom what the hell are you doing?”

“You are the most amazing person besides your father that I have every met. You saved me last night from incredible guilt and remorse. I couldn’t stop myself; it was all your doing. Matt, I can trust you. We don’t need a deal and rules. No matter what happens we can handle it. It is all about love, trust and taking care of each other.”

Diana looked deeply into Matt’s eyes, “Let me see, where was I, oh yeah – screw the deal.” And with that Diana threw herself onto Matt crushing her lips into his.

“So, how do I look,” Diana stood in her son’s doorway. As soon as he was looking she spun around. “Well, that depends. If you are trying to pick up guys then you hit the look well. If you want to hang out with the girls, based on Mrs. Lynn’s reactions yesterday to your body,…

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