The Curse and Blessing of Skype Ch. 02


June always enjoyed Friday evenings. A long week at work at the dental surgery, followed by good food, and then time to unwind in front of the television. There was always plenty to do on Saturdays and Sundays, but Friday evenings were different. Friday evening was her time, and nothing could change that. Truth was, she reflected, that over the last 4 weeks everything had changed.

For the next couple of days she was going to visit her daughter Briony and boyfriend Steve. She wasn’t sure about Steve. He was friendly, kind to her, but she knew there was another part to him. The truth was — over the last few weeks she had seen it. All caused by Skype, and the problems on her daughter’s computer. Apparently there were times when there was some loose connection or something, in their monitor, such that June could see and hear them, but they couldn’t hear or see her. There was just something in June’s mind that said there was something wrong with the story, but she couldn’t see what. It was what she DID see on the computer when their connection wasn’t working that had stunned June. It had happened three times.

First time she had seen her daughter Briony giving oral sex to Steve. June knew she should have shut Skype immediately — but she didn’t. She had watched. Afterwards she had remembered, and remembered, and pictured and pictured. Up to that moment June had had nothing to do with men for a long time — after her disastrous early marriage she hadn’t wanted anything to do with men. She had put all her energy into her work as a dental nurse, and to being a good mother to Briony. Of course a woman has “needs”, but her fingers fulfilled the role — adequately. She always knew there should be something more, but she wasn’t going to get involved again…

For days after that first moment she would picture Steve’s cock, and was fascinated by how good it looked. She would imagine it was her, not Briony, giving oral sex. There was even a bit of her that felt jealous of her daughter having that fabulous cock to play with. She even pictured Steve’s cum trickling down her own chin. She also found her fingers much busier — instead of masturbating once or twice a week, she found herself needing to masturbate once a day, sometimes twice — once four times. She was horrified at what was happening to her — she wasn’t “that sort of person!”

Then there was the second time. All she had seen was her daughter’s face, close-up on Skype. It was clear Briony was lying over her desk. It was clear there were things happening behind her. And she was shocked at her daughter. Or perhaps she shouldn’t have been. Over the years she had heard rumours about her, or June’s friends would make the odd comment about who Briony was hanging around with. June couldn’t and wouldn’t believe her daughter was a slut. And the rumours suggested she was a kinky slut. She couldn’t imagine any cruder language than her daughter used that day on skype. And she was stunned at what her daughter was asking for. And she was stunned at the orgasm her daughter had, and the moaning and screaming that went with it. It was clear Briony was enjoying it!!!!! A tiny bit of June felt jealous.

June had been fascinated by the words Briony had used. She kept saying the phrases to herself. Somehow the ultra-crude language was working on June herself. She remembered some of the phrases. “Fuck my Cunt.” “Finger-fuck my asshole.” “Fill my cunt with your cock.” At times she hadn’t been able to get the phrases out of her mind. It certainly hadn’t reduced her need for masturbation. And more — she had started reading stories on the internet, and looking at pictures. Sometimes she would look at pictures of cocks for ages while masturbating. And somehow her language inside her head was changing — Briony hadn’t performed oral sex on Steve, she had given him a blow job…

Then there was the third time. Somehow it had felt set-up, and she wondered whether Steve was “up to something.” It was the crudest and worst of them all. Or should she say the best of them all? Steve and Briony on the bed, having sex, talking about their fantasies. And June had been the fantasy. She had never thought of making love to another woman. But Steve and Briony’s conversation had triggered something in June. And the biggest thing? AFTER the sex, they were still saying they wanted her. Okay, during, people say the crudest and most way out things. But after? It means they mean it… for real.

And now they had invited her over for the weekend. June knew Briony went shopping on a Saturday morning, so she knew it was a bit odd to be invited over so she would have an hour and half alone with Steve. It was Steve doing the inviting as well. He was definitely up to something. She would go along and join in! At least, on the Friday evening, she felt she would join in if anything happened. She knew she may well chicken out when she got there.

Somehow she had been changed over the previous three of four weeks, with the Skype, escort bayan gaziantep and the antics of Steve and Briony. She wasn’t the prude people thought she was — it was just that her experience of sex had been so bad in her first marriage. Now, Steve and Briony had awoken the slut element in her. Somehow. Whatever she meant. Had other people noticed? Briony remembered the conversation earlier at work, the strange incident, and the subsequent E.mail she had received.

She had worked at the dental practice for 26 years. There were three dentists, plus nurses and receptionists. It was a friendly place to work. Two of the dentists — the two male partners – had worked there longer than she had, and the female partner Lucy had been there 20 years. June was often seen as the “mother figure” at the practice, so wasn’t surprised when George, the senior partner asked to have a word with her. George was in his mid fifties, married, with grown-up children. He was friendly, cheerful, a nice guy to talk to, and was generous towards his staff. Then it went wrong. So why did it happen after 26 years? Not until this moment?

When she had sat in his office George was quite nervous, and after a few pleasantries, started on the reason for the chatting. He was hesitant, but slowly it came out. Apparently his wife was away visiting her sister for the week, going away on the Saturday. He wondered whether June would come and help him. At first June thought he meant to cook a few meals, do some cleaning. It took George a few more minutes to say what he wanted to say. “Um… not just that…um…I would love you to, um…share…um…share my bed, and do all the things…um…a wife would do.”

June was stunned. She hesitated before replying: “You mean you want me to sleep with you?”

George was instantly apologetic, saying to forget the conversation. Please not to tell his wife. June was puzzled — why had it had taken him 26 years to make a pass on her? Why wait that long? Had she changed in some way? June left his office and made herself a coffee. It was odd — she felt it was a compliment! Later she received an E.mail from George apologising, saying he had been trying to stoke up the courage for a few weeks to ask her, that he dreamt of making love to her, that she was a very beautiful woman, but hoped she hadn’t been offended and would carry on working at the practice.

On the Friday evening as she supped her coffee after eating, June reflected. Had George seen something different in her over the last few weeks, perhaps at a subconscious level? June also thought that yes, she would now sleep with George, but she couldn’t out of loyalty to George’s wife Margaret. The two of them — June and Margaret – were good friends and there was no way she would betray her friend. Or any other husband and wife. She would talk to George on the Monday and clear the air, and then back to normal work.

The next morning June travelled over to Steve and Briony’s house. Steve welcomed her, hugged her and was utterly charming, and she was soon sat chatting drinking a cup of coffee. After a bit Steve mentioned that he had a film he wanted her to see, and had led her to the computer in their bedroom. June noticed quite clearly that this was the room the Skype was working in. Where everything had happened. Steve fiddled with the computer for a few moments and then windows media opened. Seconds later the video started.

June was stunned. It was her. It was her watching the screen. In the corner of the screen was a smaller picture of Briony giving Steve a blow job. (It was oral sex, her sensible mind shouted, but June stuck with “blow-job.”). The room was electric with silence. Then Steve telling her he had three videos — obviously each time she had watched on skype.

At first June thought she was about to be blackmailed. But Steve didn’t seem to be like that, but June was surprised at what Steve said next. He gave her a choice. She could say something, anything, to initiate sex with him and Briony in the evening. He told her she should. He would leave the choice of words to her. Or she could say nothing and nothing would happen. She also knew now that if she didn’t he wouldn’t do anything.

“Hi, Mum!” June heard her daughter’s voice as she returned from shopping. June breathed a sigh of relief — she could get away from this moment. She could think, reflect…

June was a good actor. She acted through lunch, and through an afternoon shopping trip with Briony, and through their evening meal as if nothing had happened. Inside she was in turmoil. What should she do? What should she say? Should she say anything? 4 weeks before she would simply have made an excuse and gone home. Now she was different. Now, something primal had been awoken in her by watching Steve and Briony, and searching the internet, and by George making a pass at her. In her mind she knew that if it hadn’t been for his bayan gaziantep escort wife she would have said yes.

The more turmoil she felt, the more she debated in her mind, the more she stayed with Briony and Steve, the more she knew she would stay, and she’d find some words to say. And then simply see what would happen.

June and Briony had produced a wonderful tea — it was their hobby, and together they produced great food. Beef in a juniper sauce! With dauphinoise potatoes! And roast vegetables. They had all chatted, and in the end loaded the dish washer and made coffee. It was in the lounge that June fought hard to say something. The words that came out weren’t what she had wanted to say. But words came out.

“It’s great to be here with you. Love sharing food and chatting with you, and sharing your coffee.” She had paused. “You’re both so wonderful. I sometimes dream of us all sharing a bed as well.”

Immediately she regretted saying it, but the words couldn’t be taken back. Steve had smiled and said something to Briony. Briony herself had taken charge, and said they should all go upstairs together. Now. And they did.

June was surprised that Briony took charge, but maybe it was her fantasy. Maybe she was best in the awkward silence with the three of them standing in the bedroom beside the double bed wondering what next.

“Okay Steve, take off your clothes, show her the goods she’s going to get.”

June noticed Steve wasn’t embarrassed and within a minute was standing naked in the bedroom, his cock already pointing out hard. For June it had looked good on skype. For real it looked amazing. She was transfixed by the seven inches standing proud in front of Steve.

Again there was a moment of awkwardness. Then June was stunned — Briony moved to her, pulled June hard to her and kissed her passionately on the lips, thrusting her tongue into June’s mouth. One of Briony’s hands was around her back, the other hand clasped her ass. For a moment June’s mind said — use nice words. But it wouldn’t — it was her ass. It took June a few moments to relax, a few moments more to start responding, her tongue responding to Briony’s. She had never kissed another woman before, but this felt so nice.

As they kissed she felt Steve take her hands and place them on Briony’s ass, and instinctively she clasped Briony’s ass hard and pulled Briony hard to her. It was a moment in time. Everything seemed to stop for June as they kissed. The most amazing kiss she had ever known. And with her own daughter. June’s mind said — thank goodness Briony is such a slut, to make it feel this good.

At last they relaxed, their mouths parted. June was shocked by what Briony said at that moment, but Briony was in charge. Somehow. Everyone heard Briony’s words. “Mum, that was amazing. Now get on your knees and worship Steve’s cock. And his balls. Worship it with your mouth, and your face, and your hair. Get down, now.”

June hesitated — not because she didn’t want to, but simply to process what Briony had said. Then she slowly dropped to her knees, Steve stepped close to her and rubbed his cock on her face. June was so nervous. When she was married she had hated oral sex — it had felt she was being forced to do something she didn’t want. But this was different — she was so frightened, but she so wanted to do it. Tentatively she put out her tongue and let it touch Steve’s cock. It tasted okay. Tentatively she let her tongue move down the column, then up again. She went up and down two or three times. She knew she had to take the next step. She moved slightly, and kissed the tip of his cock, tasting the droplet of pre-cum there. It was okay…

She moved back to the column, running her tongue up and down, then instinctively moved her hand to his balls. She caressed them, and held them gently. Everytime she did something new she felt Steve was appreciating it. He would moan softly, or mutter “nice” under his breath. Then she knew she had to do it. She had seen Briony do it in Skype. She kissed the tip of Steve’s cock again, then slowly let it enter her mouth, slowly moving further and further into her. She knew Steve was doing nothing to move it in, they were letting her take it in herself. And she did, and she wanted to.

At last it seemed the cock was in her mouth as far as she could manage. Then she felt Steve move gently, in and out. In and out. He was fucking her mouth. Suddenly she was troubled. What if he came in her mouth? Could she let him? Should she let him? She felt Steve moving in and out faster, and let her tongue play on his column as it slid between her lips. She wanted to make him moan — and she was succeeding. But could she…

Somehow the decision was made for her — this time with Steve’s instincts. He held her head as he fucked her faster and faster, and she knew she had no choice. She was glad. Suddenly she heard him moaning, sliding gaziantep bayan escort his cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster, fucking her mouth hard. He was holding her there as he fucked her. Suddenly he thrust hard, and she felt warm liquid pumping into her throat. It tasted okay. Salty. Strange. Pleasant… She swallowed — she had no choice. He kept pumping, she kept swallowing. And then sucking, wanting to empty his balls. At last there was no more, and Steve slowly took his cock from her mouth.

Steve looked down at her and smiled. “You are a fantastic cock sucker.” Why did June feel it was such a good compliment? Before she would have thought of it as an insult. Now, it was different.

June didn’t have long to think. She felt Briony lifting her to her feet, and she noticed Briony was naked — she had undressed while she was sucking cock. June stood still as Briony stripped her, removing her t-shirt, skirt, then bra and panties. June “looked at” Briony as she was stripping her, thinking it was no wonder men wanted her — she was sensational.

It only took a few seconds for June to find herself lying on her back on the bed, naked. To find Briony lying on top of her, lying between her legs and kissing her on the mouth. It seemed like seconds before she felt Briony’s hands on her tits. (Again — nice word or bad? Breast or tits? She decided it was all too late — tits it would be!) And then her nipples being squeezed, nipples which seems to have a direct connection to her pussy. June returned the kisses, put her arms around Briony and held her tight.

At last Briony released the kiss, then smiled at June. “I think it’s time we started kissing on our lips, properly! Tell me where we should kiss each other.”

June’s anxiety came back to her a little — could she do it? Could she do it well enough? Could she pleasure Briony? Briony’s voice broke into her anxiety. “Tell me where we should kiss!”

June paused, then whispered: “On our pussies.”

Briony didn’t move, but spoke again. “Say it out loud. Use the proper word.”

June knew instantly what Briony meant, and found the strength to say it. “On our cunts.”

Briony lifted herself, turned, and within seconds had her pussy next to June’s mouth, her own mouth and tongue clamped to June’s pussy. It felt amazing. June loved whatever Briony was doing. Briony’s tongue pushing between her lips. Nibbling on the lips themselves, flicking June’s clitoris. June couldn’t help it — her mouth responded, her own tongue was on Briony’s pussy, her own tongue thrusting into her, tongue fucking her. June knew she was wet. June felt Briony’s juices on her mouth, loving the taste. She mixed between Briony’s pussy and clit, and knew Briony was enjoying it — her body squirming in response to June’s tongue. June also knew that she herself was responding, her own hips thrusting up to meet the probing of Briony’s tongue.

Both seemed to be getting more aroused, their bodies squirming on each other. Suddenly Briony cried out, her body seemed to go into spasm. June’s body followed her own orgasm triggered by Briony’s. To Steve they both seemed to be wrestling to stay together, both crying, moaning, both bodies shaking. It was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. It had all been worthwhile for this very moment…

June had never experienced anything like it. In her marriage she barely ever came, and over many years her fingers had been adequate. But this was something else. Her body writhed and shook seemingly forever, until at last they calmed and settled. She felt Briony climb off her, and lie beside her. June whispered very gently : “Thankyou, that was the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Briony only smiled in return, as they hugged each other.

After a few moments, Briony slipped off the bed. “Tell you what, mum. I’ll leave you to Steve for a few minutes. I know he really wants to fuck you. I’ll go and make some drinks for us for when he’s finished. You’ll need one after he’s finished fucking you — second time round he lasts forever and goes like a jackhammer.” She gave a wry smile. “Enjoy!”

As Briony left the room Steve moved over to the bed. June quickly found herself on her back, with Steve on top of her. Steve liked to talk crude to women as he took them and he had so much he wanted to say to June. He had seen her respond on the videos, so perhaps he could put so much “filth” in her mind she might rape him!

June was nervous as she felt Steve lying between her legs, his cock resting against her pussy. Nervous, but excited like she had never been excited before. She knew her pussy was moist as it tingled, yearning to be filled. She realised it was going to be moments before it happened…

“I think you are the most gorgeous milf I have ever seen!” June warmed and squirmed slightly, feeling it was a compliment, but not sure.

“What’s a milf?” she asked quietly.

Steve smiled at her naivety. “You are! A mother I’d like to fuck.”

Even at that moment the crude word was a blow. A blow she liked. Steve continued. “And you are the mother I’d like to fuck. You’ve got fabulous tits. Your ass is to die for, and next time I’m going to take your asshole and bugger you and pump my spunk into your guts. I’ll probably make you lick my asshole before I do you. They call it rimming, you know.”

June always enjoyed Friday evenings. A long week at work at the dental surgery, followed by good food, and then time to unwind in front of the television. There was always plenty to do on Saturdays and Sundays, but Friday evenings were different. Friday evening was her time, and nothing could change that. Truth was,…

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