The Cum Fountain

The Cum Fountain


A Roman orgy is a special sight to behold under any circumstances. But here, at this particular celebration, I have been given unique powers that make me the life of the party. I stand at attention, wearing a toga with a large slit that runs from the hem line up to my inner thighs. And, somehow enchanted, I am able to orgasm at will – all night long – for the personal enjoyment of the partygoers.

Nobody mocks me. Instead they all revere me for my amazing abilities, and revel in the wanton issue of my sexuality. Women come to me and I give them what they want….. time and time again. As the night draws on these wants become more and more lewd and debauched. One of them places her hand under the fabric and massages me until my throbbing erection pokes out for all to see. Smiling, she opens her mouth and sucks me in until I climax in her throat. She looks at me, swallows deeply and turns to the crowd with a huge smile. “Ahhh…. desert!”, she exclaims boldly to no one in particular.

Another woman appears, ‘complaining’ Escort bayan of dry skin on her chest. A few moments later my warm seed splashes onto her tits and she smiles at me as she rubs my cream into her glistening skin. Yet another is so kinky she asks me to provide a little something extra to her glass of wine. I’m surprised that anyone would go quite this far, but she seems drunk with lust as she sucks my cock and jerks me off into her waiting drink. Turning to her male guest and looking him strait in the eye, she deliberately, wantonly drains the entire glass in one gulp then turns back and kisses the head of my cock in thanks.

Still another woman drags her girlfriend over, turns her around and lifts the fabric of her toga. “Cum on her ass!” she commands, the words stumbling out of her drunken mouth. I comply and fulfill my role as the cum fountain for this orgy of lust and pleasure. My white, hot cream spurts again and again onto her soft, glowing skin and her girlfriend shrieks with delight Bayan escort before descending to lick it all off her mate’s beautiful, curvy backside.

The night wears on like this and I am drunk on the scene…. the smell of sex and candles everywhere…. food, wine, and cum spilled on the pillows and floors…. people fucking in every conceivable position and grouping imaginable….. the sounds of lusty moans and inflamed desire all around me…. my senses are on fire and yet even I’m starting to grow tired from the food, wine, and frequent climaxes.

I turn to leave and head to my chamber (it is about 4 in the morning already – I can tell by the slightly blue-black sky brightening in the east) when the most beautiful woman at the party approaches, pulling along a male slave. She must be in some high position because she is obviously wealthy, pampered and commands a fair bit of authority judging from the obsequious nature of her attendant. At first I don’t know if it is a punishment or a treat, but Escort she orders him to take my cock in his mouth and drink me in to his body. “Deeper… deeper!” she urges, as he struggles to take my cock down into his tight throat. She seems to be getting excited and, quite fortunately, so does he. I’m initially worried this might be too forced a thing, but his moans and groans have the distinct ring of lust and pleasure and I can see the erotic flash of a lusty glance pass between their eyes as I’m building towards my ejaculation.

Pumping my hips and closing my eyes, my orgasm builds and builds until I cannot hold back any longer. With a powerful grunt I explode in his mouth and the two of them start writhing in ecstasy, her hand rubbing the bulge between his legs. She brings her face right up to his and they begin to kiss deeply – trading the last spurts of my cum back and forth between their wet, sticky mouths. I don’t know what their actual story is, but they definitely share a very heated chemistry between them. Licking each other’s faces clean, she winks at me and they saunter off to another time and place.

Tired, I take a last gulp of wine and walk off on unsteady legs to collapse in my chambers. The silky pillows and cool, early-morning air have rarely felt so good…

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