The Crossing Ch. 02

The Crossing Ch. 02


After being caught bare-assed, fucking the old lady, Gerry was terribly flustered. Standing up from the old lady’s bed, he looked around for his underwear, but couldn’t find it anywhere. The dim light in the room made it nearly impossible to find anything, so he grabbed a candle and got down on his hands and knees to look under the bed.

“Goodness Gerry, be careful with that candle,” she said, “just what on earth are you looking for?”

“My underwear?” he replied.

“Now Gerry you are much too young to be this bad. Don’t you remember? I took them off you in the living room.”

“Oh yes,” he said, replacing the candle and walking out into the living room. He found Cara, the old lady’s middle-aged daughter neatly folding his underwear and pants.

“Well, granny’s just getting to old for all this. I mean leaving a mess behind her like this, I just have to keep coming in behind her to clean things up,” she said, placing his clothes on the couch.

“Can I have those?” Gerry asked, nodding at his pants and underwear.

“Why of course, but oh look there, you are about to drip on the carpet,” she said, quickly kneeling down and sliding her mouth over his flaccid cock. She sucked on it a bit, milking the last bit of cum from the tiny hole. Taking the cock out Pendik Escort of her mouth she said, “Just like I told you, I constantly have to clean up behind her.”

Gerry watched as Cara stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt. “I think we need to fold this just as neatly as your pants and underwear.” She took the shirt and began folding it, looking down at his feet saying, “And will you take off your socks and shoes? Granny is just slipping, she’d never let a man in bed with his shoes on.”

“But I need to…”

“You need to what?” the woman asked, kneeling back down and taking his cock back into her mouth. She continued sucking, feeling it slowly grow to its fully erect stature. She then moved her mouth away and said, “Now that’s something I can work with. You were saying?”

“I was saying?”

“You were saying you needed to… to what?”

“I need to… I need to…” he stopped talking and reached out to the woman’s breast. Gently squeezing both of them, he noticed they were firmer than the old woman’s and he immediately wondered what Cara’s pussy might feel like.

“Ah, now that’s a need I think I can help you with,” Cara said, pulling her blouse over her head and unfastening her bra. She then pulled off her pants and panties to Anadolu Yakası Escort stand naked in front of Gerry.

All he could do is stare, realizing the woman didn’t need to suck his cock to get it hard, all she had to do was take off her clothes. Her breasts were full and although they sagged a bit, the felt firm. Her nipples were lighter than granny’s, but they were even bigger. Cara must work out some because her stomach was tight, with no sign of paunch. Her pussy hair was light, but with no sign of gray in it.

Looking back up at her face, he noticed the same blue eyes as the old woman, but instead of the silvery white hair and eyebrows, Cara’s was a light shade of brown, with a few gray streaks. He noticed the woman smiling, enjoying him gazing at her. Before he could do anything else, he felt her grab his cock and lead him back into her bedroom.

This room was well lit with several well positioned mirrors around the bed. Cara noticed him looking at them and said, “Yeah, it’s fun to watch.”

Rather than climb into bed and spread her legs, Cara had Gerry climb onto the bed first and then she came on after him, straddling his hips and taking hold of his cock. Gerry remained motionless as she held his erection upright and slowly İstanbul Escort lowered herself over him. His cock stuck to her lips a bit as she moved down, so she slowly moved up again and worked his cock around inside her in a circular motion. This time when she lowered himself, he felt his cock slip right inside.

Cara’s pussy was tighter than granny’s and he could feel her squeezing him some with her cunt muscles. She began to move slowly, but then quickened her speed, moving herself up his long shaft and then coming down on him and grinding her pussy against him. As she moved, she watched the two of them in the mirrors, glancing from side to side, admiring the fuck from every angle. She continued this motion for a few minutes, each time grinding against him more and more until finally, she came down on him and holding him deep inside her, ground her clit against him until she climaxed.

Gerry suddenly felt the full strength of her pussy as she pulsated around him while grinding herself against him. She then sat upright, reached back and began toying with his balls and began moving up and down while staring at his face. Giving her what she wanted, he looked back at her, his face contorted in ecstasy as he came, spurting his cum into her pussy. After his cock calmed some, Cara leaned down on him, pressing her breasts to his chest.

She whispered a question to him, “Gerry, have you ever fucked a virgin?”

He whispered, “No, why?”

“Oh no reason,” she whispered back. Suddenly, there was the sound of someone coming into the apartment.

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