The Cabin of Dreams

The Cabin of Dreams


You return to the cabin after going in to town for a few items we are running short of. You walk in and find everything quiet, you call my name, no answer. Thinking I have gone for walk or am sitting on the back deck you put away the items you have returned with and wander over to the deck. I am not there, nor am I out on the dock overlooking the lake. Walking down the hall you notice the bedroom door is slightly ajar you hear soft giggling and wonder what I might be doing all by myself. You push the door open and to your surprise Hannah has come to join us. We are on the bed naked, kissing each other, our hands gliding softly and slowly over each others bodies. You see how erect our nipples are and stand there watching the beauty of the two women before you. You want to join, but at the same time you want to enjoy the scene before you. Removing all your clothes you take a seat in the chair and watch us, waiting for your turn to join us.

I pull away from Hannah’s luscious mouth and lean down to take one erect nipple between my lips, sucking then licking all around it, feeling it grow harder as I tease it with my tongue and lips. I move to the other side and do the same to the other nipple, Hannah moaning at the sensations; I moan at the exquisite feel of her nipple in my mouth. Pushing Hannah back against the pillows I slowly kiss down her belly and lick her soft smooth mound. My tongue covering every inch, spreading her legs, caressing her inner thighs, my tongue licking the outer edge of her lips, slowly moving inward my tongue traces her pussy lips already moist with dew. I use my fingers to part her warm secret spot, my tongue teases into her tasting her and moving straight up to tease her clitoris just slightly. I see you start to get up from your chair, I look at you and shake my head no, and your disappointed but sit back down. You watch me make love to Hannah’s woman hood with my mouth, first tonguing in and out of her, then licking and sucking her swollen sensitive pearl. I slip one then two fingers inside, stroking slowly and softly while my tongue and lips continue their soft assault on her love button. Feeling Hannah writhing under me I slide my fingers in and out faster, while sucking her so hard clitoris harder, feeling her grip in my fingers tighten I know she is close. My tongue and fingers continue to work their magic, I watch Hannah pinch and caress her nipples and see you stroking your so hard shaft as you watch. I continue to stroke and suck and lick Hannah and feel her juices running all over my fingers and hand, I don’t stop I feel her so tight around my fingers, my tongue and lips working her clitoris. Her body spasming, I feel her peak and then slowly come down from her orgasm.

I look at you and smile, then take my swollen nipples and dip them into Hannah sweet, hot juicy pussy. I sit up and you see my nipples glistening with her juices, expecting me to offer them to you, but instead I crawl up and offer them to Hannah, whom eagerly sucks them, telling me how good they taste.

Hannah pulls away from my breast, put her hands on my face and pulls me down for a long passionate kiss, tasting herself on my lips and tongue, both of us moaning in pleasure. She gently pushes me onto my back while we continue to kiss. Her hands are caressing my shoulders, down my arms where our fingers Escort bayan entwine and she pushes my hands over my head. Breaking the kiss, Hannah leans down and pulls one of my nipples into mouth, teasing with her tongue, my body writhing beneath her. Breaking away from my nipple and letting go of one of my hands, Hannah motions you over to join us. You walk over still stroking your hard cock you join us on the bed. Hannah puts her hand on your butt and pulls you toward me, my mouth opening and engulfing the mushroom head of your cock, my tongue circling around and under the sensitive head then dipping into the sensitive hole and softly licking. Hannah has started to softly suck and lick my other nipple while I am occupied. I am so aroused, feeling my juices flowing as Hannah teases and torments my nipple and I pleasure you.

Hannah moves up and pulls the two of us apart, and then settling herself behind me she motions you to make yourself comfortable between my legs. Once settle, she takes hold of my breast, one in each hand, and offers them to you. You bend forward and suck on each nipple in turn; at the same time your fingers probe my pussy lips and enter them. You remove your fingers and replace them with the head of your cock at my entrance. Hannah takes my head and places it gently on the pillows and straddles it; lowering herself over my mouth. My tongue flicks up at Hannah’s clit as you bend forward to suck on Hannah’s tits. You hear me slurping and exploring Hannah’s pussy. She pushes your head back from her breast and urges you forward into me. You slowly enter my feeling my soft warmth.

You watch my stomach as it moves with every matched stroke, you see Hannah’s breast trembling and her moving against my mouth and tongue. Soon you are moving stroking faster inside of me; Hannah’s hands are squeezing her nipples, she is looking at your face and smiling and we all match movement. I feel you’re hot cum shooting into me as my orgasm comes in waves, tasting Hannah’s juices as she cums.

We all lay down together on the bed, spooning, myself and Hannah on either side of you and sleep from the pleasures of our love making.

Aroused from my sleep by fingers caressing my breast and circling my hardening nub, turning to lay on my back but being held on my side, the teasing continues and feeling myself becoming excited by the taunting. I feel you move away from me but your fingers never leave their place, you pull me back and lay me on my back, using both hands to caress and provoke my nipples, I reach down to caress my smooth mound, but you move my hand away. Leaning down you slowly lick all around my breast, areola and then tease the tip of my nipple with your tongue, tormenting each one over and over again. You reach down and touch very lightly my smooth lips, my hips thrusting forward trying to capture your fingers inside my folds, but you just continue to caress erotically. My body is writhing wanting release, but you continue to tease me.

You stop and motion me to follow, I am confused but follow you into the washroom where you turn on the shower, helping me in and then joining me. Putting my head under the head of the shower and wetting my hair, washing it, then taking my body wash and washing every part of my body, your touch like electricity, my skin feels like current Bayan escort is running through it. I pull you towards me, kissing you deeply, passionately, lifting my knee, wanting you to enter me. Turning me around, I lean forward and you enter me, so slick from the water and the teasing. You fit inside of me so perfectly sliding in and out, I feel myself on the edge as do you, but you stop, pull away from me and shut off the water. What are you doing to me; I don’t know how much more I can take. You step out of the shower, wrap a towel around my body and help me with the one for my hair, leading me back to the bedroom. Laying down on the bed you spread my legs and push my knees to my chest, entering me so slowly, feeling your full length inside of me, but you do not move. My body moving under you wanting to feel you moving in and out of me, you hold my hips so I cannot move. With one hand you stroke my so engorged pearl, telling me how it’s so swollen, you can feel it without spreading my lips. The caressing of your finger driving me mad, making my hips moving of their own free will, you watch as you start to bring me to a peak, slowly moving your shaft in and out of me. My muscles tightening around you, stroking in and out of me faster and keeping the same time on my sensitive clitoris, my orgasm coming in so hard I cannot control my movement, you continue to ride inside of me, I can feel you spasms as you cum inside of me, but never stop stroking with your hard cock or your finger, my fingers teasing my nipples, I feel myself coming down from my peak only to start back up again. Writhing beneath you feeling like I am out of control, and then feeling my body coming down, you lean down and kiss me softly, and then we roll over together and fall asleep once more.

Waking up from a night of pleasure, my body still tingling, sitting up I see that you and Hannah are still sleeping and decided to get up and enjoy the morning with coffee out on the deck. I quietly leave the bedroom, no need for clothes we are isolated here from prying eyes and go to the kitchen where I make coffee and look out the window at the lake with the sun reflecting upon its surface. I pour myself coffee, grab a blanket off the back of the couch and head out the back door to sit in the Adirondack Chair on the deck. I must have dozed off the sun has moved and my coffee is cold. I pick up the cup and blanket and go back inside to see if Mike and Hannah are awake.

Walking into the bedroom I find Mike and Hannah kissing passionately, her hands caressing his chest and his roaming up and down her back. They have not noticed my entering the room so I sit down in the overstuffed chair and observe them so easygoing with each other. Mike slowly kisses down Hannah’s neck and across her collar bone, leaving a trail down her chest. Slowly he kisses around her breast, reaching the areola and circling it with his tongue before taking the nipple into his mouth and slowly sucking and then licking it until it’s erect. I watch him move slowly to the other breast giving it as much attention as he gave the other, Hannah laying there with her eyes closed but I can tell she is enjoying his special treatment. I watch as Mike slowly kisses his way down to Hannah’s smooth mound, licking all of it slowly, while caressing her inner thighs and running Escort his thumbs between her legs and her lips. Her hands caressing her breast, giving them a light squeeze and then pinching her erect nipples, she lets out a moan as she feels Mike’s tongue slipping between her lips and her thighs.

I realize I am caressing my own breast; the soft numbs becoming raised and find myself becoming aroused by the scene in front of me, I continue softly touching my breast, my hands and fingers light as feathers, but keeping my eyes on the bed.

I watch as Mike slowly licks each of Hannah’s lips making his way to her warm wet center, where his tongue licks from bottom to top and teases just above her clitoris. Hannah arches her back as he tantalizes her with his tongue; I see his head moving down between her legs, his tongue making another pass along her opening. Hannah sucks in her breath at Mike stops and licks her pearl softly, seeing his hand move I know he is slipping a finger or two inside of her, stroking delicately. Her hips begin to move in a rhythm, no doubt matching that of his fingers and tongue.

One of my hands has wandered down to feel my soft hairless mound, my fingers gently taunting my skin, feeling it begin to tingle, my woman hood becoming aroused at the feel of my fingers and the scene before me. My other hand continues to caress and stimulate my increasingly sensitive nipples. I hear a moan escape my lips, but Mike and Hannah do not notice they are too caught up in pleasuring each other.

Hannah sits up and reaches for Mike’s hips, bringing him to her, slowly sucking in the head of his rigid rod, then licking from base to tip all around, Mike groaning as she sucks him all the way into her mouth, her head sliding back and forth slowly at first, his fingers, fondling, and tweaking her nipples so erect.

My breathing has quickened, is it from my own stroking and pleasuring or because of the scene before or both. I don’t know but I find myself unexpectedly aroused by this, not realizing being a voyeur could be so stimulating. My fingers have slipped inside my lips, feeling my wetness, I slip a finger inside and stroke, but I want more than just my finger. I get up out of the chair, go into the bathroom and locate my dildo. I return to the chair, lifting one leg over the arm, one hand stimulating my nipples the other slipping the dildo into myself and stroking in and out.

Mike has moved back between Hannah’s legs, I see him slid his cock into her so slow and smooth, she reaches down and touches herself as he does, he smiles and watches for a moment before moving back and forth inside her walls. Hannah moves with Mike their rhythm becoming faster, she is lifting her hips to meet his strokes and take him deeper.

I am stroking faster, matching their rhythm, my orgasm building, and one hand leaves my breast and begins to taunt my clitoris as I continue to stroke in and out of myself with the rubber phallus. Wanting to continue to watch, but find my eyes starting to close in the pleasures that are overcoming me. I can hear Hannah and Mike as they move with each other, both have ragged breath or is it mine, both are moaning in pleasure or is it my moan? I hear a loud guttural moan, oh my god, is that them or is it me. I open my eyes to find Mike and Hannah watching me from the bed, holding each other and then beckoning me to join them. I realize I still have the dildo inside of me I remove it, take it to the washroom and join Mike and Hannah. We share kisses, hug, and lay down to catch our breath in our cabin of dreams.

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