The Bleached Whale


After a long day, I needed a way to relax. I pulled out my phone and pulled up some fetish hookup app. I sent a message to a woman, a close friend of mine, whose handle was BleachedWhale but her real name was Francesca Roman. I told her I needed to mercilessly dick her down. She told me she’d be there in fifteen minutes.

Francesca was an older woman. Well, older compared to me. I was twenty-six and she forty-five. She was a dark-skinned black woman with hair like a golden chainmail. She was pretty heavyset, not enormous but no stick figure. That extra padding came in handy when you gave her a good pounding. She also loved white cock, especially big white cock. That’s why she went by the name BleachedWhale.

Francesca, true to her word, showed up in fifteen minutes. She also brought a bottle of lube. “You,” she told me, “are going to lather my whole body in this lube. I want to be slipping and sliding all over this house. Then you’re going to fuck the shit out of me.”

She tossed me the lube and slipped out of her clothes. I squeezed the lube onto her chest and used my hands to rub the berry-flavored lube all over her watermelon-sized, saggy tits. Next, I focused on her stomach, a stomach that had carried four children over the past twenty years. Then I focused on her rather muscular gaziantep escort legs that supported a large, fat ass that took many a pounding. Francesca did about 150 squats a day to sculpt her ass into something magnificent. Lastly, I focused on her arms as she lowered herself on her knees.

While on her knees, she swallowed my already hard cock. Francesca was a queen at dick sucking. She took me down to the balls and used her tongue to scoop them into her mouth. She kept at this for only a few minutes, knowing I was antsy and looking to pound the fuck out of her.

Once she was done sucking, she got on her knees and I pushed my thick cock into her tight pussy. I used to use a condom with her but two years ago, after her menopause, she’d told me she wanted me to be the only cock that could fuck her tight holes. So, she asked me to just breed her. I went as hard as I could, almost mesmerized by the black waves of her fat ass.

Her enormous tits slapped against each other as I fucked her. The sound was quite the turn on. Lubing her whole body just turned me on so much. Her whole body was for my use. I could even see my own reflection in her skin, although it was quite blurry.

If Francesca was thin, I’m pretty sure I would’ve broken her. It kind of hurt how fast and how hard my pale white thighs were slapping against her dark black ass. Francesca didn’t seemed fazed by it. Her being a heavy woman meant she had more than enough cushioning for a man to go as hard as he could. She even encouraged it. She told me to never go easy on her and to fuck her like a sex doll.

“Fuck that black pussy. Fill that damn thing up with your white cum,” she said through moans. “If I could get pregnant, I’d totally let you impregnate me. You’d ruin my black body with a white baby. Fuck, it’d be so damn hot.”

“You keep talking like that, I might start acting up.”

“Act up, then. Breed this ghetto pussy. Fill it up with your white nut.”

I started acting up and went as hard as I could until I could feel the familiar spasms of an orgasm. Francesca could feel it and begged me to cum in her. I happily obliged. Her warm, wet pussy was the most amazing thing and I say that after having nutted in it almost on a bi or triweekly basis. It was like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night. That sounds kind of ridiculous but Francesca’s pussy could make a man lose brain cells.

After cumming in her, Francesca pulled a plug out of somewhere and plugged my cum in her. She then went to my kitchen, brought me back some milk, and cleaned my cock with a warm washrag. She did it as slow and sensually as possible until it was all nice and rested.

Without warning, she used her huge tits to swallow my cock in a brown marshmallow-y paradise. I almost choked on my milk. She went as fast as possible, becoming a dark blur. The lube made it feel absolutely amazing. I could barely control myself from cumming again.

Every time her tits went down, she’d flick her tongue on the head of my cock. Eventually, she started sucking and using her tits to jerk my cock. She’d stop occasionally to tell me how much she loved my white cock.

“I love this big dick of yours. I can tell it’s not going to last long with cumming. Go ahead and nut on these fat, black watermelons. Coat them in your white cream.”

Those words make me shoot off like a rocket. I got some on her face and hair but most of it oozed out onto her brown tits. I had just cum not thirty minutes ago but this felt like I hadn’t came in weeks. She used a finger and scooped up the cum off her boobs like she was scooping up frosting off a cake. She did this slowly and sensually, looking into my eyes the whole time.

Once she was done, she took a shower and put on her clothes again, gave me a goodnight kiss, and went on her merry way. I knew I’d message her in a few days when my cock needed to fuck that creamy black pussy again. Like clockwork, I always needed it and it always needed my thick white cock.

After a long day, I needed a way to relax. I pulled out my phone and pulled up some fetish hookup app. I sent a message to a woman, a close friend of mine, whose handle was BleachedWhale but her real name was Francesca Roman. I told her I needed to mercilessly dick her down.…

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