The Beginning

The Beginning


As he is standing outside her door he can feel his heart in his throat. She opens the door and looks him over. Walking around him she orders him to strip and as he does she takes in what stands before her. “Follow me” she leads him to her play room. he is placed on a table which has been lowered. his arms and legs tied tightly so he can not move. She tests his ties to make sure he is secure.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” she smiles as her crop runs over his body. Knowing he can not answer her “WELL???!!” her crop finds its mark “CRACK” the first whelp has been made and he knows there are many more to follow. Again and again her crop lays into his skin. The pain showing on his face, the tension showing in his body. She smiles and runs her hand over the marks. Enjoying the heat and the feel of his skin.

Removing the gag from his mouth she leans down and whispers “And now we will see how well you can service Me.” his eyes wide as she lowers herself down over his waiting mouth. The crop runs up and down his body and his tongue slides in and out of her lips. Flicking his tongue repeatedly over her clit and in and out of her hole. She begins to shudder and bears down her weight on him as an orgasm rips through her body. Sucking and pulling at her clit and then sliding his tongue back to taste her sweet juices he smiles in his mind. Knowing that if he shows otherwise there will be so much more pain.

Once she has subsided she lifts herself off of him “Now little one you will rest for this is just the beginning.” Smiling in his mind knowing he has done well She turns and looks at him and the peaceful look that has come across his face. Smiling to Herself while grabbing a hood off the table of tricks. She silently slips her boots off so there is no sound as she walks back to the table where he is laying. Suddenly he is plunged into darkness as the crop finds its mark on his legs and thighs.

Tension takes over his body as he tries not to cry out. Biting his lower lips as the pain rips through him again and again. Maltepe Olgun Escort She smiles watching him jump with each sting of the crop. Watching his body she sees that he is slowly becoming hard through all of this pain. Her eyes open wide as she grabs his semi hard dick. Pulling at it gentle at first she feels it harden in her hand. Straddling his waist she starts to move her hands up and down his dick very slowly. Allowing him to enjoy the feeling. Soon his hips move to match her strokes.

Smiling to herself she tightens her grip and increases her speed. A small moan escapes his lips “enjoying yourself little one?” She turns and looks at his hooded face never slowing down her hands. Shaking his head yes she increases her speed. “Tell Me when little one.”

Feeling his dick start to jump and twitch in her hand “Please Mistress now.” As the words leave his lips she lets go. Watching his dick jump and twitch, his body tense, his hips buck wildly. Locking her legs around his for fear she may fall as wildly as he is moving he cries out. Knowing that his body is screaming to be touched. She climbs down off of him removing the hood. She kisses him on the top of his head. Good night little one. Hearing the door close he smiles through the pain in his body knowing that he is owned.

As the sun starts to show itself in the sky she wakes. Laying in her bed she thinks fondly of the little one she has tied in her playroom. Stretching she starts her day, dressing in a robe she heads down to the room where he is sleeping. Opening the door slightly she sees him sleeping peacefully. Entering the room she slips a larger hook between his bound wrists. Pulling his arms above his head she sees the look of shock come across his face as his body leaves the table.

Once in the air she looks him over. “Morning little one did you sleep well?” a look of fear enters his eyes “yes Mistress” smiling at him she drops her robe exposing her body to him. Picking up the whip that is on the table. “So little Maltepe Sarışın Escort one let us start the day off right shall we?” switching the whip from left to right she walks around her little one letting her whip trail lightly across his body she watches him become tense. “Relax for I did not say how we would start the day.”

Leaving him to hang there she head out of the room. After her shower and a light breakfast she returns to him. Laying her whip across his hanging body and watching his face with ever hit she smiles. “But isn’t this what you wanted?” she stops and waits for him to answer. Waiting to hear his safe word. “yes Mistress” she lays into him again and again. Letting him down she unties him leaving him to nurse his wounds. “When I return we will see how you act outside of these 4 walls.” Returning to him an hour later after a short rest, walking in she eyes him waiting to see if there is any sign of defiance with him. Smiling at him she takes his leash and attaches it to his collar. Allowing him to stand she sees he towers over her.

Leading him out of the room she takes him to her living space she pulls on his leash and he drops to his knees. Walking over to her chair he kneels before her. Looking him over she sees a look in his eyes she hasn’t seen before. She knows he is broken and will remain and serve without any incident. Placing her hand on his head and feeling him lean into her touch she smiles as she pushes his head to the floor and places her feet on his back. For now he will spend sometime as a foot rest. She sits with her feet on his back occasionally digging her heel into him.

Never moving or flinching she smiles. “Ah my little one you will work out so nicely. Now go and draw a bath for me.” Crawling out into the hall way she can hear his leash dragging on the floor. She slowly moves towards the hallway and watches him as he crawls towards the bathroom. Walking slowly behind him she can see his face in the mirror and the smile that crosses his lips as he sees Maltepe Şişman Escort her in the mirror watching him. Shaking her head she follows him to the bathroom smiling at the sight of him crawling around. Standing in the doorway with her arms crossed she watches. Once the bath is drawn she steps into the water, sitting slowly with her eyes on him the whole time. “Sit little one.” he sits close to the tub watching her as she lowers herself into the water and lays back.

Watching as her hands roam over her body she can see the lust in his eyes, grabbing his leash she pulls him close and lets her lips drag over his. Feeling him return her kiss she pulls away from him. Her eyes lock with his as she pulls him into the bath with her. Sitting him on the other side of the tub she places her feet in his lap and can feel him getting hard. Placing one foot on either side of his growing dick she begins to move them up and down.

Watching the look on his face she lets him enjoy this for a few moments. Letting go of him she moves closer to him. Placing a leg on either side of him she smiles at him and kisses him deeply. She can feel him jump wanting to put his arms around her and pull her close but knowing he cant.

She pulls back and smiles feeling his heart race she leans in closer and whispers in his ear “And now your reward for being such a good little one.” Reaching down she takes his hard dick and slowly slides it into her. Pushing down slowly so he can feel himself going all the way into her. Placing her hands on his shoulders she moves slowly sliding him in and out of her.

Feeling his body tense she knows he will not last long. Stopping she looks at him, as their eyes lock she can see his submission to her in his eyes. Seeing this in him she knows she will not last long either, moving again with a quicker pace she feels herself start to build and him with her. Taking them both over the edge she feels his hands on her body even knowing that he cant she can not see reason for punishing him in the throws of passion. Breaking there embrace she pushes back away from him and smiles. “From now on little one you are mine and your freedom is gone.”

Getting out of the tub she leaves him there. Walking away she looks over her shoulder “Clean up and go back to your room for you are done for today.”

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