The Awakening of Mallory Ch. 04

The Awakening of Mallory Ch. 04

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Mallory’s big-cocked stud turned her around and pushed her onto all fours. He pulled her knees apart to maximize his access. She felt the familiar slithering sensation of his tongue on, and up, her ass, and then a pause. She felt one of his hands on her hip, and the fingers of his other hand spreading her pussy. His forceful probing felt incredible.

His voice was husky and panting: “Help me, baby, I need you to hold yourself open so I can put my cock into you.” There was breathless desperation in his voice, which was sexy considering how cool and collected he usually was. She blushed: Have I made him that hot and desperate to fuck me? She smiled inside, and her cunt moistened.

“Yes, master, your pretty slave girl will help you.” She reached back with one hand, using the other to support herself in her doggie-style position.

And she loved his forcefulness. She liked the way her pussy felt as she spread her tight little lips for his massive cock. She heard him spit, felt it land with a splash on her slit with a few stray drops lighting on her fully exposed, thoroughly licked and adored anus, which flexed and twitched at the wetness. She felt his big cock bump against her pussy and begin to push. Her excitement turned to panic as she realized it would take a miracle to get it inside her.

“Oh!” She yelped. Then in as sexy a voice as possible, “My goodness, master, your cock is so big. Can a sweet little slave like me really fuck a big stud like you? Are you SURE? Please be careful with your pretty little girl.”

He gave a quick thrust. As she cried out in a mixture of sharp pain and broad, amazing pleasure, her orgasms came fast and furious – she had two in succession, both about 5 seconds long, as the first two inches of his cock slid in. Her constant arousal and gushing cumming orgasms helped to lubricate his truncheon, which now shown slick and shiny in the half-light; but the shear size of him overwhelmed her pretty little hole. She heard and felt more saliva drop from his panting mouth, splashing her ass hole and the top of his cock where it struggled to force its way into her.

She loved to feel his spit run from her puckered hole down to her cunt.

With that he thrust suddenly into her. She cried out and came again, re-lubricating their union.

“Master, your cock is so wonderful, thank you for fucking me. I hope I can be the best little slut you’ve ever had, my sweet fuck god.”

Finally he had four inches in her and began to buck against her sweet little ass, fucking her with his massive shaft, sliding in and out of her tight little pussy again and again. He hadn’t hit home yet, but soon he’d bang against her uterus and her orgasms will take on an entirely new meaning.

The pain began Maltepe Fetiş Escort to subside, leaving her with an amazing feeling of being filled up that she found profoundly sensuous and pleasant. “He’s fucking me like I was meant to be fucked: hard and big,” she thought, smiling and closing her pretty eyes. The feeling of being entirely controlled by this man, having his massive cock rule her life for the moment, having her young innocent pussy completely filled by her lover, as if that massive phallus now held her very life in its hands – this was an incredibly arousing sensation.

She enjoyed being bent forward and used by this hot, nasty stud. She felt like such a proud and hot little whore, being fucked from behind like this, being used like a little fuck doll. She was his subservient little slave, his pliant, obedient girl. He was physically much bigger than her, with a massive, powerful phallus, and she was reveling in the feeling of being taken and possessed so completely.

“Am I a good fuck doll, master?” He grunted again.

“Keep talking, you little slut, you are so fucking hot.”

As she’d thought momentarily before, it was almost a spiritual or ritualistic feeling, being fucked by this great dark wing.

“OK, master, your little whore will keep saying naughty things to her stud.”

The rhythm of his thrusting picked up speed and pretty soon the sound of the bed creaking, and of this animal’s grunting and groaning, picked up volume. As Mallory grew more and more wet and sore from the invasion of his massive tool, she started to feel dizzy and was glad her head was stuffed into a pillow and that she wasn’t standing up.

She reached back to touch his amazing balls, marveling at their size and smoothness.

“Do you like your pretty girl to touch these? She’s shy, but she will touch them. Wow! they are so big!” He moaned as she gently clutched them with her delicate girlish hands.

“You must have shaved these magnificent eggs,” she whispered as she toyed with them gently, “they are smooth as silk.” They were also full and heavy.

She felt the thick swelling of his sack, the hot cum circling around his big heavy orbs and preparing to spill like lava into her little cunt. ? She palmed his balls and jostled them in her pretty little hand. He moaned once again, and breathed more raggedly, and clearly liked it, telling her to pull on them. She grasped them with her petite hand and gently pulled them toward her, making him grunt loudly.

“I wish I could suck on your gigantic balls right now as you fuck me, stud.”

Suddenly she had a thought. Given his fixation on her sweet, tasty little butt hole she wondered secretly if he liked to have his hole played with…. Maltepe Gecelik Escort Would a stud want his ass hole licked and kissed by a sweet little slut? She thought to herself.

The idea of licking his ass started to fill her mind. The thought of being behind him, spreading his taut, manly cheeks and licking his ass, distracted her. It aroused her, but it scared her a bit, but fear was a great turn on…

So, being the conscientious, hot little slave she was learning how to be, she decided to test the waters.

As sweetly and seductively as she could, she said, “Master, would you like me to lick here?” Reaching back with that delightful little hand, she nuzzled in between this big stud’s ass cheeks and found his warm, tight hole.

“Would you want your pretty slave girl’s hot little tongue licking you here, stud?”

She could hear his breathing change and heard him groan.

She tentatively rubbed his clean outside ring, which was warm and tight, and teased it.

She moved her finger to her own dripping pussy, right under where his massive shaft was pounding her, and ran her digit along her wet, soundly fucked cunt, scooping up pussy juice and saliva, to make her finger slippery.

She moved her hand back to his ass, pushing just the tip of her finger into his dark hole. He groaned menacingly.

“Mmm, do you like that, you big stud?”

“Yes,” was all he said, so she continued to work her delicate middle finger into this hot fucking beast’s ass.

Her palm in this position cupped his big balls, though they spilled over the side of her slender hand, such was their size. He liked the feeling of her palm on his balls, especially with her middle finger exploring him

“My hot pussy juice made my pretty little finger quite slippery, didn’t it master?”

She started to diddle and slide it in and out in the rhythm of his massive sliding cock which now stretched her completely open. His king cock left her dripping with young lady’s cum and mildly concerned about the pain she’d feel tomorrow.

Would she be able to walk? She wondered, then thought how absolutely hot it was to be so thoroughly fucked by such a big cocks-man.

“I love your big cock in my little pussy,” she cooed, sensing how much he liked to hear talk like this.

“Do you like having my pretty finger up your ass, my big stud?”

He grunted affirmatively and was clearly enjoying the talk.

She continued, “Am I fucking you properly, master? Is your pretty little fuck doll fucking you good enough?

“Please, master, please fuck me with your big cock and let your pretty girl finger your manly hole.

“In a little while, I’ll want to lick your ass and then eat Maltepe Genç Escort your hot load of tasty cum if you’ll let your pretty girl do so…”

She didn’t know WHERE this dirty talk came from – she’d never even thought of saying such things, but the moment brought out the most brazenly sexual thoughts and behavior she’d ever imagined.

She was his little slut and she was enjoying it!

“Do you like your little slut? Is she fucking like you want her too? Can you see my sweet little asshole there between my pretty ass cheeks, that you love to suck so much?”

She said this is the sexiest, most precious lilting schoolgirl voice. “Is your pretty slave’s little asshole tasty, master? She knows YOURS will be…”?

His pace picked up, his grunting grew louder. She was definitely having an effect. He sure liked the naughty talk.

He begin to fuck her so forcefully that her middle finger couldn’t continue exploring his back hole. She drew it out of him and returned to pulling on and petting his balls which swayed heavily behind her.

He picked up the pace and was thrusting rhythmically now, and she could sense his impending orgasm. ??”Are you going to cum for your pretty girl?”

His fucking intensified.

“Please fill my little pussy with your seed, master!”

He was violently thrusting, slamming her against the pillow. She was in heaven, and he was too.

He cried out loudly, and his rhythm went haywire – he bucked spasmodically 6 or 8 times, and she could feel a hot flooding deep in her cunt.

Then, to her great delight, he drew his long shaft out of her punished cunt and grabbed her by the hair, bringing her mouth forcefully to the his piss hole and feeding her the remaining jets of his thick, seemingly endless stream of cum.

“Suck my cock, you little whore,” he moaned huskily. His throbbing cock head continued to shoot jets of cum.

“Mmmm,” she muttered ecstatically. She gladly sucked the end of his cock, paying particular attention to the slit at the end, trying valiantly to catch every shooting jet of his precious gift. She ‘mm’d and ‘aaah’d as she worked her lucky mouth on him.

She loved the sensation of those hot slugs of cum hitting her tongue and slithering down her throat.

He towered over her, him on his knees, her supplicant on her side, servicing him. It was a comfortable and safe place. She licked his still-twitching dick with heartfelt joy.

“Oh, master, thank you!” She exclaimed as he drew his hands through her beautiful hair, stroking it as his massive cock came to rest on her face. She could feel his balls hanging slack down on her shoulder.

His seed clung to her beautiful lips, and she could feel it dripping from her sore but happy pussy. As she licked her lips clean, she gazed up at her master and smiled.

His look was intense, unsmiling but not menacing. He was benevolent, powerful, and the only man she would ever want. She was sure of it.

“Good girl,” he whispered. “Good girl.”

to be continued…

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