The Assignment

The Assignment

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At this point, I would rather just lie here and drift off to sleep post orgasm, but you gave me an assignment and I have only halfway completed it. So now I have to drift back up here and try to capture in writing what has taken place in my mind and body.

I have been thinking about what I have read of your chat all evening. I run errands, letting my mind wander along the way. When I have finished them, I go home and have something to eat finally, since I haven’t really eaten for some time. I check in briefly online, one of my people is being difficult, but nothing can break my mood.

I am making myself wait; sometimes I like to do that, letting the anticipation build. At one point I realize that my panties are quite wet, and have been that way for awhile. Finally I get ready for bed, washing carefully.

I retire to the bedroom and open the drawer where I keep my toys. Some of them tempt me, but you have told me what you wish me to do, and so I locate only the lubricant. I permit myself only a small amount. I usually don’t need much.

I slip into bed naked, and tuck my legs up. I’m right handed; the right hand is the rubbing hand, and I spread the lube between my lips and up to my clit. I like the initial feeling of cold goo, but it quickly warms and becomes slick.

I start with one finger of my left hand as you have told me to do. It is warm and moist inside, and this has nothing to do with the lube. It’s all me. I feel how slippery I am, and explore the inside curves of myself.

I start to imagine a scenario in my mind.

You bring me into a room to introduce me to two of your friends. As you make the introductions, you fondle me, touching my breasts. A frown creases across your face.

“What’s this? Are you wearing a bra? You know you aren’t to wear them unless you go out.”

I can feel my face flushing and I say nothing in response.

“Take it off.” you say. I turn to leave the room, but you stop me with a hand on my arm.

“No, take it off here. Now. Where we can see you.”

I remove my shirt. You sit Maltepe Esmer Escort in down in one of the chairs in the room and your companions also find seats.

“See? It’s not really a bra, it’s a camisole.” I say. But you say nothing and continue to look at me, waiting. I shift my attention and I see that your friends are also watching and waiting. I pull it off over my head and stand exposed.

“Happy now?” I ask.

You just lean back, shake your head no, and say simply, “All of it.”

I’m naked now and I am shaking slightly, nervous. I know that this will not be the end of it. Now that I am naked, it is too tempting for you not to continue. So I wait to see what you will have me do next.

You motion for me to sit on the arm of the chair, and I do warily. You begin to talk to your friends about things, and gradually you shift the conversation to the topic of blowjobs. And finally you get to me, as you talk, you begin touching my skin, lifting my hair off my shoulders.

“You like to suck cock don’t you?” you ask me. I look at the floor and nod. I am mortified, but at the same time, I am secretly enjoying being the focus of all your friends’ eyes.

“Well then…” You stand up, and have hold of my hair, leading me by it. I stand up following you, and you take me to one of your friends’ chairs, and pull me down gently but firmly to my knees in front of him.

“Suck him girl.”

I know you expect me to do it, so I open your friend’s pants, ease down his briefs and lick my lips so that he will slide easier. I place him in my mouth. You hold my hair away from my face so that you can watch.

I move my mouth slowly around him, taking more of him into me. I can taste and smell him now, and I salivate. I am conscious of being watched, I wonder what I look like to you with my mouth stretched and filled by this friend of yours.

You begin to tell me what to do; to kneel there with my ass in the air instead of on my haunches. You tell me where you want me to lick, and I start to relax and enjoy the feeling Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort of the cock in my mouth. You comment now.

“I think she’s really starting to get into it. Why don’t you check to see if she is enjoying herself?” You direct this to your other friend, who comes and crouches behind me. I feel him touch my ass, run his hand down between my legs.

He probes and separates my lips with fingers, and slips two of them inside me.

At this point in reality, I also slip two fingers inside myself, and stroke the moisture from my vagina upward to my clit. I put another finger in, now I have three. I spread them so that I can widen myself for another, and try more of my hand inside. I feel the tightening of my muscles against my fingers as I become more and more excited.

Your friend chuckles appreciatively as he moves his fingers inside me. I can hear the sounds of my moisture as he draws his fingers in and out of me, and I begin to moan softly around the cock in my mouth.

“She’s like oiled silk.” He says.

“She wants to fuck,” you say from behind me. I feel a question pass between your friend and you, and then I feel the head of a hard penis tracing down between my cheeks and I arch my back in response and in anticipation of feeling it inside me.

I feel the delicious sensation of it sliding into me, and tighten myself around it.

It is now that I have all four fingers inside myself, and try to get as much of my hand in as I can. I can only get to a little bit above my knuckles, but I think this is because I can’t really get my arm at the proper penetration angle. I enjoy how full I feel, and rub my hardening clit faster.

In my head I have the satisfying sensation of being entered at both ends, filled and stretched by firm insistent cocks. The rhythm of the fuck carries me along and I begin to lose touch with where I am.

There is a brief interruption and I realize that the two have traded places, the one I was sucking now has his cock in me, and I can taste myself on the new Maltepe Evi Olan Escort cock that inserts itself into my waiting mouth.

I hear your voice in my ear then, “You like the taste of yourself on his dick, don’t you?” I open my eyes and see you looking at me, enjoying watching me lose myself in this.

You are beneath me now, kissing me gently on the nipple, and you take one into your mouth, and take the other between your fingers, twisting it, as you suck the other. With your free hand you stroke my clit in small circles, urging me on.

Finally you displace your friend and he moves to the front of me, and I alternate taking first one guy then the other into my mouth and hands. I know it is you inside me now, and you are egging me on, rubbing your fingers against my clit, and saying, “Suck those cocks, cum for me, babe.”

You are thrusting hard and fast into me now, and I am meeting you with my own grinding hips, moaning between mouthfuls of cock. I move my hands and mouths faster on them, and one guy begins to gasp and spew into my face. From there it is a chain reaction, and the other one comes off. I feel hot cum spatter itself onto me and I feel frantic to cum myself, against your rubbing hand.

It starts to creep up to the point where I am almost ready to go over and my noises become high whimpers. I am so tense now I can barely move. I can feel my vagina clamping down on you, that and the hot cum on my face are all I can feel for the moment. Then the orgasm starts to wash over me like an electric shock, and I feel myself shudder and pulse around you. It’s a good, long strong one, like I haven’t experienced for awhile.

In reality too, I feel my orgasm coming, and then the force of it as I clamp tight around my own four fingers and shudder. I can feel the quivering of my walls against my fingers, and the shock of the orgasm rushes through me like a hot wave, starting at my clit and streaming out to my fingers and toes.

The contractions of my walls around you start to send you over too, and you pull out to paint me as the others have done. I quickly snake my hand down and rub myself to another orgasm while you are cumming on my back.

Now breathing hard, ears ringing, I feel you smoothing the puddles of cum into the small of my back. I know I am covered with it, a sticky mess, and that you are pleased with this.

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