The Artist’s Lair Ch. 01

The Artist’s Lair Ch. 01


I recently moved to condominium complex near the community college where I teach art and art history. It’s really difficult for me to tell people this story because it’s still evolving and when I even type Lisa’s name, I get so turned on when I remember what’s happened in just the last few months. Lets see if I can recall some of the juiciest parts for you…

I’m Stacy I’m a 5ft 8″ brunette with shoulder length hair, dark, olive brown skin and a firm body. Although I was born here, my dad was an American soldier in Vietnam and my mom was born in South Vietnam. I like the term Amer-Asian to describe my ethnicity and am proud that my beautiful mom told me all about my past, when I was a teenager. I’ve always been a creative person who enjoyed exercise and swimming and I consider myself very attractive. I have a totally natural 36C chest size and a I’m in my late thirties, that’s all I’ll say about my age. I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym during high school and like many women, discovered the intensity of another woman’s touch, especially another woman’s tongue on my pussy early on. So these days, I prefer to just be with women. Somehow, I’ve always been attracted to women who are exceptional. I have a weakness for especially big- breasted women. I’m aware that some women shun thoughts of having implanted breasts, but some like my friend Lisa, really enjoy being with others who are also well endowed with large tits. I also have been with many women who have normal breasts and love playing with women who have implants, just like many men do. I was very fortunate to be living across from this busty woman in my condo unit. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself! So here’s how it all happened…

I love my work as college instructor at a local community college. Usually I love doing the prep for my art classes at home in my kitchen. As it turns out my kitchen window looks out at the next condo’s back room, which happened to be Lisa’s unit. One afternoon, I observed this extremely voluptuous woman sketching another beautiful young model through my window. I soon found out the artist works out of her home as a physical trainer and paints and sketches in her spare time. Lisa must’ve customized the window to be larger than most to accommodate the southern exposure and let in the maximum amount of sunlight. Large shrubs blocked the view from the street, so I’m the only one who could see into her studio when she parted the curtains. Many days and some nights too, she’d leave the curtain open and I could see her manipulate these young female models as she directed them into various positions for her work. On other days, she would be helping someone work out and do fitness training and Pilates instruction. At my first glimpse of Lisa, I was hooked. I couldn’t stop wanting to watch what she was doing or more precisely, what may occur. Sometimes her window curtains were drawn all day, and open in the evening. Most weekends, when I was home the most, the curtains were open she had a model she was sketching.

Lisa was in good shape. She was about 5 ft 9 and I could tell she enjoyed working out because her thighs and back were very developed, but not overly muscular. She had shoulder length blond hair with a very smooth, clean complexion. I’d guess her bust size at around a 44 triple-D, because her breasts were quite huge. The really erotic thing was that she loved pinching and tweaking her prominent nipples. They were long and a dark brown with hefty buds, which I always fantasized about sucking on. Since I was still new arrival at the condo, I was always at a loss to come up with some way of introducing myself to her so we could meet sometime, but I guessed that my obsession with being a voyeur took over and my fear of losing the view just kept me at my window watching this beautiful woman do her thing.

Many nights I’d hide behind a plant that I have on my windowsill with my lights out and just wait to see what steamy scene would unfold with this hot neighbor.

And a wonderful thing happened one night. I was home and once again took up my spying at Lisa’s studio as I looked out my kitchen and caught her almost totally naked and drawing one of her models. The woman posing looked to be a hot young Latina with a beautiful face and a perfect body. I could only see the back of Lisa’s luscious hot body as she manipulated this gorgeous Latina around, using gestures so she could stay behind the easel. Lisa wore a thong that eve and a black lace bra, but before long, I caught her fondling her potent tits while she drew this other hot model. She took off the bra about 15 minutes into the session and I could see they were both getting turned on to one another. As I continued to spy, I noticed the Latina was fingering her pussy which soon lead to the artist leaving the room and coming back with a double sided dildo. Soon enough they both were on the carpet, fucking each other with the dildo. I couldn’t see more than the tops of their bodies as they lay there humping each other. But even though edirne escort I was blocked out by furniture, my vivid imagination smelled their hot clits rubbing up against each other, while their hot pussy juices flowed around the rubber phallus.

It seemed like I was standing there for hours. Only a few minutes had gone by while I tweaked my erect nipples. I was so turned on and desperately wanted to feel Lisa’s tongue lapping at my clit as I spied her fucking through my window. We still hadn’t met and already fawning over her luscious body!

What’s wrong with me?

I watched this obscured, hot private show until I couldn’t take it any longer and had to go back to my bedroom for my own dildo and fucked myself into a good orgasm with visions of my hot neighbor fucking and sucking her gorgeous model.

Every woman knows that special place we all have where if we stimulate it just right with the correct pressure and sensitivity, we can bring on a rush of exceptional pleasure which usually lasts for a good few minutes.

Well I must have fallen asleep, and awoke suddenly to the sound of my doorbell. It was only 10pm and my dildo was still between my warm thighs. I grabbed my long robe and went to answer it to find Lisa standing right there. She was wearing tight cut off jeans with man’s long sleeve shirt, which she left mostly unbuttoned. There she was with her huge mounds being held in by a bra covered only by the deep V-neck of the shirt, which barely held her giant knockers in place. I didn’t even notice her holding a bottle of wine in her hand.

“Hi, I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting yet, I’m Lisa and I’m your new neighbor, and I just wanted to introduce myself,” Lisa said standing there waiting for me to stop looking at her incredible chest.

“Am I dreaming or are you actually standing in front of me?” I stammered out, not believing my eyes.

“Oh, Hi, I’m Stacy. Please come in, do want to join me in some coffee or something else?” I knew I sounded stupid, but I was almost in shock that she had taken the initiative and come to my door that evening.

“Actually, I need something. I have this bottle of wine someone gave me and lost my corkscrew, I usually don’t drink much these days… trying to cut back on the extra carbs, but I ‘d love to share it if we can open it?

“Sure,” I said, as I went into my kitchen for the corkscrew. I handed it to her and she went about opening it and I supplied two wine glasses and we sat back in my living room and shared talked for a bit.

After we chatted for a few minutes, we found out we had many mutual interests in art. I also discovered how uninhibited Lisa seemed when she talked about her body. Those knockers were so nice to admire, I could hardly keep my eyes off of them! Lisa told me about her new business working out of her home doing fitness training with only women. She apparently had made enough money to be very selective on whom her clients were.

She admitted that she was having a tough time finding the right type of models to pose for her. Lisa admitted to me that

she preferred busty women who were okay with doing erotic poses.

“You know Stacy, I caught you looking out my window more than once. I’m sure, just the way you’ve been looking at me, you’ve been enjoying yourself too. So why don’t you pose for me with that hot body? We could even take turns posing tonight if you’re a bit nervous about it, I’d love you to sketch me too!”

“I, I, don’t know how I could say no that!”

“Lisa looked at me pensively and smiled. She made me wet to just to look at her hot body. I was so flattered that she wanted me to pose for her too! I was almost sure she’d just had sex, I could still smell the unmistakable scent of a woman’s pussy on her breath, which titillated me even more. It was really interesting that Lisa picked up that I was nervous. I was! I hadn’t been with a woman as voluptuous as she in my life!

“I’ve noticed you like placing your models in very alluring positions,” I stammered out, as we sipped our wine.

“Yes, I do enjoy sketching women, and I haven’t had the opportunity to do any Asian women with such beautiful features, like you have!”

“Oh Lisa!” Was all I could say, being so flattered by her remark made me blush.

“Why don’t we just take the wine back to my place, I’m all set up with charcoals and good lighting, what do you think?”

“Sure, let’s do it!” I said, and grabbed some things and followed her around the court yard to her place.

I walked in not knowing anything more than what I had seen from across the yard. We went into her artist’s lair and embarked upon an interesting evening.

Her apartment had a warm, lovely scent of cinnamon and oranges to it. There were paintings all over the walls, many landscapes, mostly nudes of men and women. Then I viewed her recent sketches and drawings. She told me to find a comfortable spot to sit and I gravitated to this padded black leather elazığ escort bench. There was dramatic lighting falling on my face and most of right side was in shadow.

Her art was intense. Her work was done in a very photo-realistic way. Her pencil and charcoal sketches of a subject were excellent and I was impressed with her abilities as well as her body. Not only was this woman a knockout, she was a gifted artist! What a combination, I thought to myself. I became even more concentrated on her art and we got past our initial sexual desires to jump one another and head to the bedroom, which for me, was very unusual.

She threw off the shirt but left her bra and panties on, while I just kept my thong on. I hadn’t posed for anyone in a long time, but this felt right and I just went with it. A few minutes in, Lisa asked me to part my thighs and play with my nipples. They’re always very sensitive. My areola’s are wide and brown with average sized nipples. As she sketched away in silence I looked at her beautiful face and thought about how I would try to capture her body on paper. Part of me wanted to just let her take me and make love to me, but I followed her lead and we enjoyed our love of the body and art together equally. I enjoyed fondling my taut nipples as she sketched away.

She’d get up and brush my brown hair away from my shoulder and the feel of her soft hand, even darkened with the carbon of the charcoal, felt so electrifying!

“You’re very beautiful Stacy,” Lisa whispered to me, as she zipped through a very initial sketch of the pose and the lighting.

“I think you’re an unbelievably talented artist, Lisa,” I got in while she took a few seconds to get some supplies from the table. “You’ve got such a hot body too, I’m very glad you asked me to pose for you!”

Lisa did a few quick sketches of me to add to her collection of other women and then after about an hour, she offered to pose for me. I was delighted to have this opportunity, so I made the most of it.

I stayed in the nude as we switched positions. I wanted Lisa to recline a bit and let those wondrous melons out of their enclosure, but I also wanted her fingers free to play with her pussy. Lisa was very accommodating, and did anything I asked her to do.

“Is this what you want me to do, Stacy?” Lisa asked, as she

tweaked those robust brown nipples at me. It was all I could do not to come over and want to lick and suck them, but I knew we’d make time for that later. I concentrated on getting the drawing the way I wanted it to be. I wasn’t looking to compete as much as make my own erotic statement on her body. I wanted to capture the shadings and the shape of her pendulant breasts. Her nipples and areola were so perfectly shaped and centered. The surgeon had really done a marvelous job on her tits and in our relationship she told me about her female surgeon.

I asked her to play with her breasts and she gladly obliged by moving them around and pinching her lovely thick nipples. She was excellent in holding one pose while I made a quick sketch of her positions and then added some details for a later drawing.

While I sketched Lisa’s firm legs and powerfully sexy torso, she threw her head back for a second to get her hair away from her face, and those lovely mounds took on another position.

“Oh, sorry, do you want me back in that original position?”

I had to leave the easel to adjust her torso and breasts to fit what I was in the middle of sketching. I could tell she enjoyed my touch as I manipulated her into the pose that we had been closest to before she moved.

I got so wet watching her fondle luscious tits and did get very distracted by her lovely presence in front of me. But my thoughts were shared. I could tell we were both very turned on to one another and when Lisa began fingering her pink folds of her moist pussy I knew I was going to have get up close and get more intimate view.

“I want to do a extreme close up sketch of your lovely pussy Lisa, why don’t you show me your lovely clit,” I asked in a raspy whisper.

“Oh yes Stacy, here it is, its ready for you tongue too, why don’t you massage it now with your tongue!” Lisa spread her dynamic thighs and pulled open her labia letting her luscious love-bud be visible.

I dropped my sketch and fell to my knees and slowly smelled her musky fragrance, her sex smelled of sweet lube oils and her own sensuous fragrance. I parted her rather large pink labia and opened her moist womanhood and tongued her clit slowly. I ran the under side of my tongue around the large protrusion. I took some extended few moments and reached up and gave her right breast a warm fondle and squeeze. Her tits were so firm and ready to be sucked.

“Unnghhhhhmmm, Yes take me Stacy,” Lisa cooed to me.

I love sucking a woman’s pussy and Lisa’s was like very few others. Her clit was exceptionally thick and long and every time I bit into it, Lisa grabbed my hair and told me to erzincan escort go deeper, bite it harder, suck her until she couldn’t take it any longer. I loved doing her so much!

“Fuck me with your fingers Stacy, lick and fuck me good babe!” She moaned.

I was waiting for this evening to happen so much! I couldn’t believe it was happening so organically!

I placed my first three fingers in her lovely pussy as her ass came off that bench. I grabbed her firm muscular ass cheeks with my other hand and went wild with my tongue. It took on a life of its own as I swabbed and suckled her lovely wet mound until I felt her abdominals tighten. Lisa thrust her sopping wet pussy into my mouth and demanded I suck her even harder. I complied willingly and soon felt an intense gush of her succulent cumjuices as they flowed sweetly into my mouth. Lisa caressed my head and hair while she cried out in bliss. It felt so good to have given her my best tongue-lashing.

I kissed her passionately afterwards, and wanted to feel her lovely nipples on my clit so I mounted her massive chest as she lay prone on the floor, resting from that volatile orgasm.

All I could think about was the sensation of her stiff nipples rubbing against my wet pussy. I gyrated my hips and pussy over her massive tits, and felt my juices lubing up her delicious nipples as I rubbed my clit on her sweet mounds. She guided me forward and then took my clit into her mouth and sucked me like I had never been taken before.

It was such a romantically sexual night, as we

we retired to her opulent bath and took a long tub together, our legs intertwined as we fondled each other’s bodies lovingly.

We made love all night long and we knew it was special, even though we both weren’t seeking any commitments.

We shared about previous relationships and kissed and held each other all night with so much passion and love. I shared about my early experiences with older women and she told me some things I never expected about doing porn.

“When I worked in porn, I really wanted to do more girl on girl scenes, but they just wouldn’t let me or other women experiment with doing erotic scenes. Everything was geared towards a climax of some sort, which is not the way things always work out in life, right?”

“Yes, Its not like art, where we can show an intimate moment, a close up image of breast or a clit being touched and the viewer has to make his or her own inferences. In porn there is nothing to think about, its all in your face or they say it doesn’t work!” I added.

“I like the way you think, Stacy. I think its time for me to fuck you already!”

Lisa found her strap on and made me go on all fours after she sucked on my horny clit first. She got me so wet once again and then fucked me hard with her huge rubber phallus! I was really turned on when she flipped me over and fucked me from the front while I was on upright on the edge of her bed. I got so aroused by seeing her huge juggs bouncing up and down as she fucked me hard. She capped that orgasm off for me by rubbing her stiff wet nipples on my wet pussy mound after I slathered her phallus with my juices.

I think it was around 3am by the time we were spent and fell into one another’s arms for a lovely night’s rest.

The next day was a Saturday and we both had the day free, so she insisted on taking me to a friend’s house on a big lake where we could swim, and go sailing on a nice boat. I grabbed my bathing suit and suntan lotion and followed her. I’d follow her anywhere!

Before we even got out of the bathroom, she surprised me.

“Stacy, my friend Sarah is a lovely woman. She’s a bit on the tough side. She has military training and enjoys really rough sex, something I’m not that fond of right now. And yes, we’ve been lovers, but I really want something special with you. I really enjoy being with you and I think its because we’re both into art and also really attracted to one another. I know we’ve just had one night together, but this just really feels like a good fit for me now. Lets see where it goes ok?”

“Definitely!” I responded lovingly.

We were still getting ready in the bathroom and

we kissed more passionately then ever before, she threw her strong arms around my neck and pulled me towards those luscious mounds that I just couldn’t get enough of the previous night!

I dropped to my knees and kissed and smelled her smooth thighs and that lovely sexy mound which I couldn’t resist. Lisa leaned against the wall of the bath and wanted me to suck on her clit once more before we departed.

First, I did something different. I kissed and caressed her long firm legs very slowly. I was still on my knees and she was expecting me to finger fuck her once more. Instead I made her so horny from my sensual ministrations, she couldn’t take it.

“Oh Stacy, Please suck me once more, I need your sweet tongue on my clit dear!”

I made believe I didn’t hear and kept kissing and caressing her lovely legs while I slowly plied open her lovely labia.

I obeyed my new lover’s desire and finger fucked her while my tongue found her swollen love bud. We didn’t have the time to take it all the way, but I knew we would get there later.

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