The 3 of Us Ep. 02


My daughter, Jessica, didn’t date anyone for the rest of her senior year of high school, perhaps a little jilted by her poor experience with her first boyfriend, Tommy.

During that year, her and I grew closer and continued to have more conversations about everything. She would ask questions about sex, and how to do things, and what kind of boy to look for. While I was happy to talk about guys, I was reluctant to tell her more about how to experience sex.

She asked me about understanding what the ’69’ position was and why it seemed so enjoyable to the people in the videos. She asked what her first experience of intercourse would feel like. She even asked if anal sex might be something that she would potentially enjoy. She asked about blow jobs and cunnilingus. While I tried to keep my comments superficial, she demanded specifics. The more she asked, the more challenging those conversations became for me.

My wife, Jenny, and I love each other with all our hearts, but our sex life continued to struggle from infrequent intercourse. These conversations with Jessica were becoming more difficult, especially as she moved to the end of her senior year. While my personal sex life was struggling, it was hard to talk to this beautiful young woman about how to enjoy sex for herself.

The summer just before her 19th birthday was very busy. Jessica was preparing to leave for college in the fall, which was about an hour away from our home. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I wanted her to go. I would miss her deeply. I think Jenny was going to also.


One early summer Friday, while working from home, with Jenny at her office across town, Jessica came to me excitedly with bags in her hands.

“I went shopping for some college clothes and found an amazing swimsuit. I’m going to try it on, and I’d like to know what you think.”

“OK,” I replied, unsure what I just volunteered for.

She walked in about 10 minutes later with the most amazing thong bikini I think I’ve ever seen on a woman. While the swimsuit looked great, the reality was, it was on the most amazing body I had ever seen. Jessica had become a truly gorgeous young woman. I think she could tell by my stare that her suit had achieved its goal on me.

“You look stunning, Jessica,” was all I could muster.

“Thanks Dad, I knew you would like it. I’m going to go sunbathe in the backyard. Let me know when you decide to take a break for lunch and I’ll join you.”

“I sure will baby.” I just couldn’t stop staring as her perfect ass swayed like a bell on her way to the backyard. She headed out with her sunglasses, headphones, lotion, and her favorite magazine. I watched as she spread her towel on the lounge chair, laid on her stomach, and untied her top in an effort to avoid tan lines.

I tried not to be a peeping Tom, but I couldn’t help but look at the most beautiful, 95% naked young woman lying on the lounger rus escort in my backyard that I had ever seen. I did everything I could to fight a losing battle to a hardon as I watched her skin glisten in the sun.

I tried to turn my attention back to my work, but to no avail; I just couldn’t concentrate. About 30 minutes later, I came out to check on her again, and by this time she had rolled over onto her back. To my utter amazement she had not put her top back on and was tanning topless with her very skimpy bottoms, barely covering her obviously hairless cameltoe. Her perfect youthful breasts stood tall as she reclined on the lounger.

It had become too much for me. I went upstairs to my bedroom, lowered my shorts, and began stroking my cock as I looked out the window above her, trusting I could not be seen from this angle. As I slid my well lubricated hand up and down my prick from an abundance of pre-cum, I watched as she began moving her hands around on her body. She would touch a nipple, then slide her hand down to her belly button, and then down between her slightly spread legs. Once or twice, she even slipped her finger inside her swimsuit bottom and touched herself before sliding her fingers back up to touch her tits again. Watching her do this repeatedly, I knew it would cause me to blow my load quickly. I tried to slow my strokes, but the sight of her touching herself was too much for my eyes to handle. I began to stroke faster and harder as she teased. After another minute I knew I was moving beyond my limit.

“Oh fuck,” I cursed, as I shot my large load of cum all over the windowpane. I didn’t care about the mess or where it landed. I just imagined hitting Jessica across her chest, rather than the window, with my juices. As my euphoria began to subside, I grabbed some tissues and cleaned up the mess and headed back downstairs trying to act as if nothing had happened.

I went to the back door to let Jessica know I was ready to eat lunch. She was still topless when she acknowledged my invitation. I couldn’t understand why she hadn’t put her top back on, especially when I called out to her.

A minute later she walked in the door from the backyard and to my surprise was still topless.

“Jessica, don’t you think you should cover those?” I said as I made a half-hearted attempt to avert my eyes while pointing at her perfect mounds. “While I am your father, I’m still a man. That’s a little much for me to handle.” I confessed with a voice of mild shock.

She smiled at my feeble attempt at modesty but took no action to cover herself. She knew exactly what it was doing to me.

“Come on dad, after everything we’ve talked about over the last year? This really causes you problems? I know you love my mom, but I’ve also been able to figure out that I don’t think your sex life is what you want it to be.”

“Maybe I can help you a little bit with escort rus that.” She said as if throwing a verbal grenade into our kitchen.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked mildly perturbed by her observation about my marriage, still attempting not to stare.

“Well, is it safe to assume when you saw me through the window upstairs that you masturbated while watching me?” It was more of a rhetorical question. I think she already knew the answer.

“Yes, Jessica, I did. I’m not sure I should have, but you were too beautiful to resist.” I confessed. We had always been very honest with each other, and I felt lying to her at this moment would have hurt her deeply.

“I was hoping you did. I started touching myself because of what I thought you were doing inside the house. It really turned me on thinking you were jacking off to the sight of my body. I’m incredibly horny right now, Dad, so before I eat I’m going to up my room and give myself some relief as I masturbate at the thought of you before I eat lunch,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Can you do me one favor?” She asked.

After picking my jaw up from the ground, I replied “Well, that depends on what it is, but I will try.” I said this nervously, honestly wanting to please her as much as she had just pleased me.

“Would you mind laying naked on the lounger in the backyard while I masturbate as I look out the window at you?”

It was certainly a bold request. I never imagined my daughter asking such a thing. But knowing our backyard is very private from the neighbors, I surprised myself by agreeing to her request. I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to do it, but I loved Jessica and I wanted to make her happy and in some way I felt like I owed her after what I just did looking down on her.

She headed upstairs and about a minute later, I headed out to the backyard. I nervously stripped off my shorts and t-shirt and laid on the lounger. My cock quickly hardened at the thought of where I was and what was happening in the house. With my imagination running in high gear, I closed my eyes and began to rub my cock. Slowly at first but picking up the pace as I thought about my beautiful daughter doing the same thing to her pussy just a few feet away. After a few minutes, I realized I wasn’t going to last long, even though I had recently cum.

After a few more minutes of steady stroking, I opened my eyes to see her standing in the same upstairs window I had used to watch her. I could see her tits bouncing as she stood watching me. I could not see below her waist due to the windowsill, but her hand was obviously moving frantically below that hidden line. By the looks of her ample bouncing tits, it was obvious she was rubbing her clit furiously. We made eye contact for a minute or two longer as I started stroking my cock vigorously. I quickly began to reach the point of no return and nodded to her, rus escort bayan letting her know I was ready. She nodded back and was immediately in the throes of her own orgasm as I spewed cum all over my chest. Looking into her eyes while we both came at the same time was the most powerful sexual thing I’d ever done. She was absolutely beautiful, and I knew I absolutely loved her.

After I calmed down, and my erection subsided, I grabbed my t-shirt to wipe the cum off my chest. I put my shorts back on and walked into the house to meet Jessica in the kitchen. She had her skimpy bikini back on and a smile a mile wide.

With rosy cheeks, she looked at me and said, “that was fucking amazing. Thank you for making me feel like you did. It looked like you enjoyed it too” she said as she gazed at my shorts.

I replied, “Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like that before. You’re an amazing young woman, Jessica. Some man is going to be very lucky to have you someday.” After all the conversations over the last year between the two of us, it didn’t feel as awkward as I thought it would to do what we had done together just now.

She smiled and walked over to give me a very tight hug. Her hands slid down my naked back inside my loose shorts and grabbed my bare ass. My hands instinctively slid and cupped her exposed perfect ass as well. I never imagined, in all my life, I would ever touch Jessica in this way. Her cheeks felt amazing in my fingers. I’m not sure how, but my cock began to harden again.

After a minute I reluctantly pulled away from our hug, and said, “if we don’t stop, there may be no turning back from where this would take us.” She just smiled at me, knowing I was correct, and turned her attention to making lunch.

The entire time I could not stop looking at her amazing body. She knew exactly what she was doing to me, and she didn’t seem to care. I think she enjoyed the arousal it was creating in both of us. When lunch was over, she went to her room, and I did my best to go back to work wondering how the afternoon had ever happened.


That same night, Jenny came home from work and after dinner was feeling unusually horny. It was rare for her to get this way. She wanted to make love, and while I had already cum twice earlier in the day, I still wanted to have sex with my wife. I was happy to lick her pussy while she sucked on my cock. We fucked in multiple positions that night before she sat on top of me and ground her clit into my cock and came. The loud groans from deep within let me know that her orgasm was particularly intense. It always makes me happy when she cums hard like that.

Then I flipped her over onto her back and moaned loudly as I pumped hard into her until I shot my load deep into her beautifully trimmed pussy. After getting cleaned up and reading for a few minutes, she turned her light out and went to sleep. While I tremendously enjoyed sex with my wonderful wife, I also knew this would probably be our last time for weeks as was her habit. Sex with my wife created mixed emotions; I was so happy to make love to her, but I also knew in my heart it would be a while before it happened again.

To be continued…

My daughter, Jessica, didn’t date anyone for the rest of her senior year of high school, perhaps a little jilted by her poor experience with her first boyfriend, Tommy. During that year, her and I grew closer and continued to have more conversations about everything. She would ask questions about sex, and how to do…

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