Taylar’s Awakening Ch. 02

Taylar’s Awakening Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

“If you haven’t read the first part of this story, Taylar’s Awakening Ch. 01, I would highly suggest you do so, to understand this story. Please comment and rate in order for me to get an idea of what you all think of this story series. Also, check out my other fetish stories”

It’s day two at my friend Stephanie’s house. I woke up feeling very relaxed, head to toe. Angela’s treatment should be given the credit really. Not that Stephie was boring or anything. I had just never experienced that kind of feeling I had yesterday and I was hoping that today would bring the same. She promised that there would be more and I still had two days left at their lovely home.

I got out of my bed with a jump start. I slipped my black flips flops on my “sexy” feet and threw on a robe. I walked straight to the bathroom with a big smile on my face. I hopped in the shower, turning up the temperature of the water hotter than I usually do. I hummed a song while I soaked in the hot water, thinking about what possibly was in store today. I applied my soap on, caressing my body intimately, as if Angela was doing it to me. I’ve suddenly had a better appreciation for my body. My curves might not be great, and I might be way too skinny to have a figure, but it didn’t matter now. Someone thought I was beautiful and that’s all I cared about.

After I had finished getting ready, I walked downstairs to meet Stephie for breakfast. She looked up at me and smiled. “Well, you look rather chipper today Tay-tay. Wants some cereal?” Stephie asked. I told her yes and sat down with her at the table. Roswell, Stephie’s adorable dog came in and greeted me. He seemed to be just as chipper as I was and I shook his fur and petted him. I was curious though at where Angela was. “Oh, she and Dad are at work right now,” Stephie told me when I asked. “Mom was off yesterday so she could meet you and Dad just got off early. They’ll be home for dinner though.” I was disappointed, but I did my best to hide it from Stephie. After all, I was here to see her.

After breakfast, Stephie announced our plans for the day. “First, we are going shoe shopping! My mom left me a gift card and I’ve been dying to buy that pair of high heels I saw last week.” My stomach groaned. Shoe shopping? After what happened yesterday? Angela just happened to give her a gift card? Stephie looked over at me. “She also left a note and said to use the card to help buy you some shoes.” Ok, this was not a coincidence. She was already making my day, long before I get to see her. I smiled and got excited again. We got in her car and went to the shoe store, blaring our favorite Rihanna tunes the whole way there.

The shoe store wasn’t busy at all when we arrived. We walked in and immediately started looking. We first looked at the summer shoe section. I noticed out of the corner of my eye the guy working the counter. He was checking out Stephie, although not hiding it too well. Of course, Stephie always drew attention from the boys with her looks. Today, she was wearing a cute blue spaghetti strap top, Levi shorts and had her hair flowing down like a golden river. She was wearing some white flats with a cool stripe design on them. Stephie got bored looking at the section and moved on to to look for those high heels she was talking about.

I continued browsing that section, hoping to find something worth using Angela’s money for. I noticed there was a mirror close by and I could see the counter guy in it. He hadn’t looked away from the direction he was before. That meant he was looking at me, not Stephie. I was bit surprised really. I was wearing a faded pink dress with a buckle and regular straps. I was wearing my “gladiator shoes”, which was what Stephanie called them because Roman people wore something similar I guess. I had my hair down as well, but nothing special. Well, I guess I sorta looked cute today. I decided to have a little fun. I turned around and faced him. He immediately lowered his head and went back to whatever he was doing. I giggled a little and went over to Stephie. She was concentrating on finding “the perfect pair” of shoes. I whispered about urfa escort the guy and she giggled as well. “He’s kinda cute too Tay-tay, maybe you should talk to him?” she said teasingly.

I giggled along with her, “I think I’ll pass. I would rather find cute shoes than cute boys right now.” I looked at the heels with her. I usually have no interest in them, since my shoe size is so big and stores hardly ever have them that large. One pair, however, caught my eye this time. It was a pair of black 5′ heels with rhinestones along the straps. They almost seemed to glitter in my eyes. “That pair Stephie! I want it!” I exclaimed.

She gave it a look and nodded. “Those are perfect for you! You should try them on. I’m sure this place will have your size.” I took them down and examined them. They were a bit higher than I would like, but I thought I could adjust. Besides, I six foot tall, I’m used to the height. I took the shoes up to the counter boy. I asked him if they had these in size tens. Pretending to act uninterested to me (rather badly I must add), he took the shoes to the back. He came back out about a minute later….and with a pair my size! I was so happy that finally a shoe store had shoes that I loved in my size. He gave me the shoes and told me that I should try them on before making any purchases.

I went back to Stephie and showed her the shoes. “Well, let’s see how they fit,” she said excitedly. I took off my shoes and put the lovely heels on. As with all heels, it seened uncomfortable at first, so I had to get up and take up a step. However, I felt like the shoes fit perfectly. I walked around the store in them just to make sure, although I felt a little off balance. The counter guy again was watching me now, a little more obvious now. I remembered what Angela had said about being more confident and it would help with boys. So, I walked up to him.

“Well, how do they look,” I asked innocently.

The guy almost looked speechless that I had even asked him. “They look great,” he replied nervously. “I mean, they look great on you.” He seemed to be blushing. I was having fun with this and I let out a giggle.

“Well then, I guess I better buy them, shouldn’t I? How much?”

He gave me the price tag. It was a hundred dollars. Well, there went the heels. I almost felt like bursting into tears. Stephie came by and saw that I wasn’t too happy.

“What wrong dear,” she asked concerned. “Are they actually out?” I showed her the price tag. Her eyes widened at the expensive price. She looked up at the guy. “Why the hell are these so expensive? They’re cute, but this is ripoff!”

The guy looked really nervous now. “Well…they are heels and very popular…I don’t make the prices.”

“Oh, so there’s nothing you can do about it huh? Look at this poor, beautiful woman,” Stephie pointed at me. “She saw these shoes and when she found out you actually have her size, she was happier than I’ve ever seen her while shopping.”

The guy seemed sorry and I told Stephie that it was ok. I put the heels on the counter and started walking away. Stephie wasn’t done though. “You know, I saw you looking at her too when she came in. You think she’s cute, don’t you?”

I turned around in shock. I knew what was coming next. Stephie had a way of making men feel guilty. The guy’s face was flushed in red and he was acting extremely nervous. “Tell you what there boy,” Stephie said slowly. She came up closer to the counter and leaned down. She barely could have her arms on the counter with her shorter stature. Her boobs were partly showing from her top. “If you lower the price down to seventy five, I will let you touch something you’ve been spying on us for.”

The guy stood up and seemed to almost be considering it. Then Stephie go on the counter and put her legs out. Rubbed flats back and forth in front of the flabbergasted man. “You see these pretty shoes? I bought them here. I remember you even sold me them, right?” The guy only nodded, seemingly too dumbstruck for him to talk. “I also remember you were staring at my cute, little feet balıkesir escort the whole time…weren’t you, pervert? I wanted to stopped her, but she put a hand up when I proceeded to stop her teasing. “Well, you little foot freak, I wonder how your boss would feel if he found out, huh?”

“Okkkkkk!!!! I’ll pay for part of the shoe.” The guy wasn’t defeated though. “But only if I can do more than touch. You have no idea how fucking hard it is, working at a store like this.”

“Oh, I can imagine,” Stephie replied. “I guess you can play with my feet….now let’s go somewhere private huh?” The counter guy put up a closed sign on the front door. We were the only customers at that point, so he didn’t have to kick anyone out. “Wait here Taylar, I’ll only be back in a few minutes.” Stephie took the guy and went back. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Yesterday was different enough, but this was insane. I decided that I had to make sure that things were going smoothly back there, so I snuck back.

The back room wasn’t as well lit as the store was, but I could see Stephie on the middle table with the man. I put my back against the corner and stuck an eye out. I didn’t think they would notice me. Stephie sat on the table, while the guy pulled up a stool. He took Stephie’s waiting feet. He took of the flats of, revealing my best friend’s feet. Like I’ve said, Stephie’s feet are a little bit larger then the rest of her body, making her trip over them if she wasn’t paying attention. Stephie alway preferred brighter colors on her toenails, this time being a light orange color. Leave it to her to choose a very different color. Her feet are shapely like the rest of her body. The soles were wrinkled, but looked soft nonetheless. I guess Angela’s lovely feet were another thing passed down to her only daughter. The counter guy took her feet up to her face and started licking them. His tongue feverishly covering as much sole as they could. I felt sorry for Stephie, because this guy didn’t seem to know what he was doing. It was my shoes and I wanted them, so I had to earn them.

I moved out from my hiding spot. “Wait just a minute,” I exclaimed. The guy stopped in his track and Stephie gave me a look. I returned it and then looked down at the guy. “I saw you also looking at my feet. Which are better you pervert? Her feet or mine? The guy thought about it for a moment and then told me mine. Stephie looked surprised. This must have been the first time that a guy that was interested in her chose me instead. “Well, you can have them, you dirty foot boy.” I sat on the table and stuck out my feet. I was barefoot after giving back the heels and my own shoes were still out in the store. “Lick them, but lick them good, unlike what you just did to my friend.”

He took my feet and began licking my soles, this time more slowly and with respect. The sensation of having my feet licked again filled me once more. This was only the second time this had happened to me, but I was more in control this time. I felt like I was dominating the situation this round and I felt good about it. His warm tongue on my sensitive soles made my anxiety and doubts wash away. He wasn’t too bad at this after all. He started licking my toes, trying to get as many in one lick as possible. The wet feeling sent me falling back a little, making my body relax in much of the same way Angela did. It felt even better when he took my toes in his mouth, sucking on them longer and harder than I really wanted him to, but I was determined to get those shoes. The toe sucking went on for a few minutes before he finally got his fill. I looked at him and gave him a smile. “So, how do my feet tastes, or are they not good enough for you?” He shook his head in disagreement. I knew the conditions were in my favor. “Well, I expect my discount then for letting you even touch my feet.” He hurried out the door and went to is counter. I had won this battle.

Stephie took a long look at me, before finally smiling. “Taylar, I never knew you were a dominatrix girl.” She put her shoes back on and gave me a trabzon escort hug. “Thank you…honestly, the thought of him licking my feet wasn’t very attractive.” I gave her a smile and walked up to the counter. My feet were wet in saliva, but I didn’t mind. Combined with the man’s money, our gift card and our own money, we payed off my heels and the asics that Stephie decided on. We walked out of the store, waving bye to the counter guy and told him we would be back next week. We were joking of course, but the guy reeled at our comment. We got in the car and laughed our butts off. We drove through a McDonalds and went back to her home to eat.

After the regular greeting from Roswell, we settled in the kitchen. We ate and talked about our little adventure today. While I found the conversation interesting, I couldn’t help but think about how pretty Stephie’s feet actually were. I had never thought about it before, but seeing as I had just been worshipped twice in two days, that wasn’t a surprise. Her feet were really cute and the orange polish was admittedly an eye catcher. I brought it up with her and asked why she volunteered to let him lick her feet,

“Well, that wasn’t the first time I was in there,” she replied. “Last time, mom caught him staring at me and my feet. She told me he probably had a foot fetish and got the job here to satisfy it.” She paused for a second. “The funny thing is, I think he was just as interested in her feet as mine.”

“You’re feet are cute Stephie-poo, but that guy was a perv. Don’t let it get to you,” I said and gave her a hug. I was just happy that I had intervened before anything happened. If she wasn’t comfortable with it, that was ok. I was starting to like it though and I could say I enjoyed the boy’s tongue on my feet. I wiggled my toes at the thought of it.

“But you know….I’ve always been kinda curious you know?” Stephie said. “He was kinda being a bit overwhelming, but it might be fun.”

“Honestly Stephie,” I said, deciding to come out, “I love it. It feels nice to have your feet licked and sucked on.”

Stephie looked surprised. “This wasn’t your first time?!”

“Nope, not that I’m an expert or anything,” I replied.

Stephanie looked at me with disbelief. She relaxed a little and looked at me funny. “Well, I know you’ve already had your feet licked once today, but would you mind licking my feet now?”

She brought her right foot up on the table. I laughed and took the foot. “It would be my pleasure, best friend.” This was my first time doing this, but I thought I could easily do this right. I gave her foot a long lick up the sole, all the way up to her toes. She giggled a little, but didn’t ask me to stop. I did it once again and got another giggle. “Silly, you aren’t supposed to be ticklish,” I said teasingly. We both laughed and I continued licking her foot. It tasted clean and fresh in my mouth and I wanted more of the taste to come. I took the toes of her feet, crammed as many of them as I could in my mouth and started sucking on them. Stephie moaned slightly and tilted her head back. Her toes were a bit more tasty and I couldn’t resist wiggling my tongue over every single on. I sucked on her big toe, popping it out of my mouth like a sucker. The orange polish seemed to give it that impression. I beckoned for the other foot and worked my magic on her toes there too. She was loving it and much as I could. This foot was a little more sweatier than the previous one, so I took my time getting to know it, every wrinkle I could. Maybe there was sexual tension this time, but it was fun nonetheless to be sucking on a woman’s foot.

The fun came to an end with one final lick of her sole. Stephie gave me an appreciative look. “Taylar, I thought that was really hot,” she said dreamily. “If I was a lesbian, I would love you right now.” We both laughed and smiled at each other. “So, my parents aren’t home for another three hours…let’s hit the pool!” Stephie exclaimed. I agreed and we ran for our suits.

While in my guest room I started thinking about Angela. Perhaps this was what she wanted to happen in the first place, by giving us that giftcard. She was coming back later, so I would have a chance to tell her about my activities today. Her daughter’s feet tasted good and I couldn’t help wondering if perhaps hers were also just as good. I made for the back yard and the pool, just another part of any exciting day.

To Be Continued…..

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