Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 10

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 10


Tale of dirty old man Ch 10

After reading the previous chapters, my best friend Karen tells me, I’ve achieved my ultimate goal – I am a Dirty Old Man!

This is the tenth chapter in this series – I recommend you to read the previous chapters in order before this one.

I can’t thank Romantic1 enough for the time he spent reviewing and editing this and the previous chapters.


We stood there for a moment; I don’t think anyone really knew what to say. Angie took a jewellery box from her bag and gave it to Simone.

“It’s for you, I didn’t want to break up the pair.”

Inside was the larger of the two gold inlayed silver butt plugs. There was a space in the box for its companion, the one they had given to Simone earlier.

There wasn’t much we could say, other than thank you. We hugged and kissed and they got in the car. We waved goodbye as the car drove away, then we kissed and returned to Rosie.



We stood in the wheelhouse. Rosie was so quiet with just the two of us. I’d got used to the noise and bustle of guests. I wrapped my arm around Simone and she rested her head on my shoulder.

“It’s time for us to go home.” I said.

She looked a bit worried at my statement. “The chateau doesn’t feel like its home anymore, it’s where I grew up. Rosie and you are my home now!”

“OK then, let’s go back to the chateau and see Sarah and Gaston.”

She looked a lot happier “Oh that’s ok then.”

We busied ourselves disconnecting Rosie from the dock, leaving just one line in place. I turned the key, starting the engine, and then I used the bow and stern thrusters to hold us steady. When it was running smoothly, Simone let go of the line and hopped back on board. I manoeuvred us into mid-stream, and then spun Rosie on her axis. We headed upstream in the direction of the chateau. I reckoned that it would take us about four hours to get there.

I was sitting on the captain’s chair with a hand on the wheel. Simone was sat on my lap, resting her head on my shoulder.

She was gently caressing my arm and said, “This is nice, it’s been a long time since we were alone.”

“I know what you mean. I loved seeing all of them but it will be so nice to have a little time to ourselves. Do you want to stay on board tonight or sleep at the chateau?”

“I’d like to stay on board, but I think we need to sort things out at the chateau. Papa, Rachael and the children should be on their way here. The children will be staying with her. He will go to the chateau and I want to talk to him tonight.”

I hugged her and said, “I understand.” I pushed the throttle open a bit more and we picked up speed. Simone puttered around the boat while I steered. I could hear her rummaging around below decks and every 20 minutes or so she would appear with a fresh cup of coffee or a cold drink for me.

She had changed into her crew uniform as she described it. A pair of shorts and basically that was it. She was topless, and the whole package was topped off with her crew cap. Each time she appeared I would get a little token of her affection, a kiss or a gentle caress. I would gently stroke the side of her breast or give a brief suck on one nipple.

Finally she came and sat down on the built in bench at the back of the wheelhouse. She tucked herself in the corner. She opened my laptop and propped it on her legs and started to investigate the family page.

I could hear her typing away and she saw me looking.

She said, “I’m chatting with your daughter.”

“Give her my love will you.”

“I will. She says we have nearly thirty people including their children coming to the wedding. I asked her to add Michael and Anna to the list. Are you okay with that?”

“Of course, there are definitely going to be other children their own age. So I know they will have a lot of fun.”

She fell silent as she continued to chat with Kirsten. There was only a little traffic on the river so I was able to spend time watching Simone. She was concentrating on the screen. The tip of her tongue was just poking out of the corner of her mouth. Every now and then she would smile at something Kirsten had written.

Simone suddenly looked up at me with a shocked expression and a gasp. “She just called me mum!”

“Then she must really like you,” I said.

Simone said, “I don’t want to replace Ros in her mind. What do I do?”

“Talk to her about it, find out why she said it?”

She bent her head back down over the laptop and a few minutes later I heard Kirsten’s voice coming from the speakers.

“That’s better; I’m sorry Simone I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Oh you didn’t, well not much. I just didn’t want you to think I’m trying to replace your mother.”

“I know you’re not, but with you marrying dad, it feels a bit odd calling him dad and you Simone. Ros will always be my mother, but I’d like to think of you as my other mum.”

There were tears in Simone’s eyes as she Escort bayan replied, “I’d really like that.”

I called out, “By the way your dad likes the idea too.”

“Christ, hi Dad, I didn’t realise you were there.”

I laughed, “And just where did you think I’d be?”

“No, it’s just for some reason I’d pictured Simone lying on the bed while we were chatting. She’d already told me you were piloting Rosie, so I thought she was alone.”

“I needed my crewman with me.

Simone giggled, “Your half naked crewman you mean.”

There were two sets of giggles from the speaker.

“Hi Christina, how are you?”

“Hi Uncle Andy, I’m doing fine.”

Kirsten asked, “What’s this about half naked crewmen?”

I winked at Simone and said, “Didn’t you get the mail I sent you. All non-paying guests are expected to be crew and help out. The crew uniform as currently modelled by Simone is either shorts or a bikini bottom…..” I paused, “Oh yes you also get to wear a cute crew hat.”

There was a long period of silence from their end.

“Err Dad, are you serious?”

This was just too much fun, “Simone, can you tell them what you are wearing?”

“Oh I’m wearing the formal crew uniform of brief shorts, no panties and crew hat. And if you don’t believe me I can switch the camera on!”

Christina said, “Ok I’ll bite, what’s the informal version?”

“Just the cap,” came the swift reply.

There was another pause, and then we could hear some whispering in the background.

“Do we get hats with our names embroidered on them?”

That was enough to set Simone and I off, we burst out laughing.

“Crap Dad, you can be an evil bastard when you try.”

I said, “Hey, in my defence it’s what Simone’s wearing.”

I left Simone talking to the girls and I concentrated on not colliding with several vessels that we were approaching. To my relief it sounded like they were getting on fine. I sort of expect that Kirsten and Christina will be plotting their revenge on me and I wouldn’t be surprised if Simone is offering to help them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was about two hours later that I saw the chateau on the hill and the landing stage at the river’s edge. As I manoeuvred Rosie closer I noticed that there had been a couple of changes to the landing stage. Someone had repaired all the old wood, and strung new tyres along its length. There was a new sign attached to it.

Propriété Privée

Aucun amarrage sans la

permission du propriétaire

Private Property

No mooring without

the owner’s permission

I called to Simone, “Hey love, do I have the owner’s permission to moor here?”

She looked at me as though I was stupid, “We are the owners!”

“No, you are the owner, that why I’m asking you.”

She came and put her arms round me, “You are, what’s that word Julia calls you?”

“I d’know, wonderful maybe?”

“Dork, that’s it. A loveable dork.”

“Hey I’m insulted, since when did you believe anything that Julia told you?”

She looked at me with pity in her eyes, “You know that there is a page just for all the women in the family. Kirsten was just showing it to me. You are the main topic of conversation, after our children.”

“Why am I not surprised?”

I brought Rosie alongside the landing stage and held her in place with the bow and stern thrusters. Simone jumped down and tied off the mooring lines and I switched off the main engine. Peace and quiet descended upon Rosie. I stretched and joined Simone on the landing stage.

I put my arm around her and she looked up at me.

She said, “Welcome to our home when we are not on our beautiful Rosie.”

“Thank you love,” I said and kissed her.

I saw Gaston’s pickup pull over the rise and head in our direction.

I coughed and said, “Just how well do you know Gaston? Do you usually greet him topless?”

She shrieked and ran back to Rosie. I just lent back on the railing and burst out laughing. I was still chuckling as Gaston pulled up.

“Monsieur Andy welcome back, is Simone with you?”

“She’ll be here in a moment, she’s just getting changing.”

“Monsieur Laurent explained you needed some carpenters. What do you want them to do?”

I took him to the cabin I wanted to redo for Simone’s children and explained the alterations that were needed.

He took some measurements and used his phone to snap a couple of photos.

“I will get them to start tomorrow; they should be able to do it in a couple of days.”

“That’s perfect, Simone’s seeing Michael and Anna tomorrow, and we are meeting up with a friend the following day. You are going to need a key to get in.”

I found him a spare key and we joined Simone in the wheelhouse. She’d changed and was in a short black lacy skirt and top. She had packed a bag for us, and I dropped in the back of the pickup. She sat on my lap as there were only two seats in the cab, and Gaston drove us up to the chateau. Bayan escort

We greeted Sarah and I dropped the bag off in her room, and then I joined them in the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of wine and went and sat outside, leaving Simone and Sarah to talk.

I was still sitting on the terrace sipping the wine when I heard a car pull up. A few minutes later George came and joined me, followed by Simone.

She said, “I’ve convinced Sarah that we can eat in the kitchen tonight. The food will be ready in an hour, so we’ve got time to talk.”

George told her, “Michael and Anna are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

“What did you tell them about me…what did they say?” Simone sounded so nervous.

Her father took her hand, “Relax Simone, they are bright children. They knew that something felt wrong with the story their father was telling them, but they didn’t know what.”

Simone looked hard at him, “So what do I say to them?”

“The truth, you tell them the truth, they deserve it. You need to explain why you think their father did what he did and why you did what you did.”

He looked at me, “And you really need explain your feelings for Andrew. Michael in particular is worried that you are going to never let them see their father, and they do still love him.”

She replied, “I’d never stop them from seeing him, regardless of how I feel.”

I asked him, “What’s the plan for tomorrow?”

“We thought it best if Simone would come over after lunch.”

“That’s sounds good, I’ll drop her off at one and I can wait at the cafe on the square.”

She looked worried, “Will you be ok on your own?”

I smiled at her, “I am a big boy; I can look after myself. I have a new camera to play with, and I’ll take a book to read, I’ll be fine,”

George said to me, “I think you are being very wise to let the children decide when and how they meet you.”

“Which reminds me, thank you for arraigning the carpenters, they start work tomorrow. It’ll mean that if they do want to stay on board there’s somewhere for them to sleep.”

He waved away my thanks, and we watched the sun setting below the hills sipping our drinks.

I was hoping that I would be able to use the chateau as Rosie’s permanent winter mooring. So I asked George and Simone if it would be alright if I had a storage shed built down by the landing stage and was there any way we could get water and power connected.

Simone said to me, “You really don’t believe me do you? This as much yours as it is mine. You don’t need to ask. Come with me I want to show you something.”

She took my hand and we walked about four hundred metres to a lovely large cottage set between two vineyards. There were two smaller holiday homes behind it, about thirty meters away and there was a swimming pool set between them.

She said, “This is the holiday home I was originally thinking about for Mike and Julia, what do you think?”

“I think it would be perfect for them. It’s a lovely place.”

“I know it is, and that’s the reason I would like us to live here instead. The chateau isn’t my home anymore; it’s just a place I grew up in. This would be just the right size for us and the children and we can use the other holiday homes for any guests we have.”

As she was talking she had led me into the cottage. “The chateau is my father’s home and I don’t want him to feel obliged to move out because we are there. He’s been staying away when we are there. There is another holiday home similar to this one on the other side of the hill that we can give to Mike and Julia instead.”

I looked around the place, it was quite large. There were three bedrooms upstairs and a master bedroom on the ground floor. There was a huge open plan room that covered most of the rest of the ground floor. A kitchen that flowed into a dinning living room entered around a huge open fireplace. French doors along the southern wall opened out onto a partly covered terrace and I could see us living outside most of the year.

“I think this is perfect for us,” I said as I hugged her, then I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. “And I think we need to christen this bed!”

I dropped her on it and she squealed as she bounced, but that didn’t stop her being naked moments later. I performed a magic trick and was naked myself in only seconds. I was soon between her welcoming thighs, lapping at her inner self, as she stroked my hair. She was soon whimpering as my tongue swept up and down, probing at her inner beauty.

She gasped, and pulled my head up so she could see my face. “Sarah’s going to be expecting us to be back soon. Get that fat cock of yours in me and fuck me please.”

I’m a Gentleman; of course I’m going to do it. I love the sensation of being wrapped in her velvet-soft vagina and I wasted valuable moments enjoying it before she started bucking her hips and urging me to thrust.

She wrapped her legs round the back of my thighs and her fingers were clenched Escort on my ass cheeks. I was pounding into her urged on by her moans and her legs. God, I love the no holds barred quickie. Both of us were racing towards a climax.

She focused her eyes on mine, “I’m fucking close, cum with me pleeeeese.”

I grunted an acknowledgement and picked up the pace. I was slamming into her, our skin slapping together. Her mouth opened in a soundless scream, and her fingernails penetrated the skin of my ass as she came. One more thrust and I joined her, my cum spraying over the inside of her cunt.

“Fuck,” I managed to gasp as we lay in each other’s arms.

Simone kissed me and then said, “I love you but Sarah won’t if we are late for dinner so we need to move.”

She grabbed a handful of tissues from a box on the bedside table and held them between her legs as she scurried off to the bathroom. I gathered up our scattered clothes and joined her. We made ourselves as presentable as possible and ran back to the chateau.

We were just in time; Sarah kept looking at us suspiciously. George was struggling to keep the smile off his face through the meal. Both of us had that just-fucked inner glow plastered all over us.

We told them of our decision to turn the three holiday homes into a home for ourselves and our guests. I think George looked a bit relived that he wasn’t going to have to move. Sarah was a bit upset, but perked up when Simone told her that she would need to design a new kitchen for the our new home.

She told her, “Don’t think just because we are moving four hundred metres away, you can hide away from us and the children. We want you to carry on looking after us. The kitchen there is good enough for a holiday home but not for you.”

“I said, “If we are moving in we can’t keep calling them the holiday homes, they need a name?”

George said, “The main house hasn’t got a name, but it was always informally known as the Little House, La Petite Maison.”

“Then that has to be its name.”

By ten o’clock Simone and I were both struggling to keep our eyes open. Last night and this morning had been rather physical and we were both feeling the effects. Sarah caught us both trying to hide our yawns, and sent us off to bed like the children she thought we were.

I made a half-hearted attempt to make love to Simone but while the spirit was willing the body was not. We kissed and curled up in each other’s arms and that was all I remember.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I woke the next morning and Simone was looking down at me with her startling blue eyes. Sometime during the night she’d put on a cotton top and matching sleep pants. She must have gone down to the kitchen as there were a couple of bottles of water beside the bed.

She said, “You looked so peaceful lying there. I’ve been watching you for the past hour or so.” And she bent down and we kissed. Then she said, “I’m so nervous, what if they don’t want anything to do with me?”

“You mean Michael and Anna?”

“Yes, who else would I be talking about?”

I gathered my wits about me, thinking that Bernard had effectively screwed up not only Simone, but also the children. I gently caressed her as I spoke. “It’s not going to happen. You heard what your father said, they want to see you, and it will be alright.”

“Why won’t you be with me?”

“You know why, we’ve had this discussion and your father agrees that this is the best way. Look I’ll be close by, if you really need me you can call me and I’ll join you.”

She sighed and relaxed in my arms, “I love you, my wonderful dirty old man.”

I smiled at her and pushed her top up and kissed her nipples and licked her areole. She moaned quietly and put her hand round the back of my head, holding me in place.

“Oh good, I love morning sex,” she whispered.

“Are you going to take advantage of this old man?” I mumbled around a mouthful of breast.

“Hell yes!”

I pulled her top off and she shimmed her pants down her legs and kicked them off, flicking them across the room. I had to grin at her enthusiasm. I rolled on to my back and she pounced on my semi turgid cock with her mouth. She licked and sucked little Andy until he’d reached his full potential. I was groaning and my toes were curling with the sensations. I wanted to taste her so I pulled her over me so her kitty was poised above my mouth.

We’d fallen into the classic 69 position but who cared, we didn’t. Her mouth was still warm around the head of my cock, and her clit was a little nub under my tongue. Our moans were muffled by the flesh in our mouths. I suck and licked her kitty lips and she responded by trying to swallow me. I eased two fingers into her, curling them down and finding her G spot. I pressed hard on her clit with my thumb. She shuddered as she came, her hand tightening round the base of my cock.

She groaned in loss as I removed my fingers, a trickle of kitty juice followed and ran down onto my face. I licked my lips tasting her arousal.

“Please…cock….me….now,” she gasped, and rolled off me. She pulled me up and onto her. I kissed my way up her body, moving between her open legs. Then I was licking at her bully button, and then the underside of her breasts.

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