Take Me, Tom Pt. 71-72


Chapter 71

The Morning After

Chrissie slept uneasily, the ropes, whilst not tight, still restricted her, the knots digging into her flesh. I slowly untied her, the rope leaving delicious marks, and indentations on her skin.

“Em, would you take a few photos of my body…this way,” she asked, loving the look, and unembarrassed about asking for the memento.

Emily quickly grabbed her camera, opened the curtains a bit, and then ran off a dozen photos of Chrissie, seductively playing to the camera, rolling onto her stomach, lifting her ass, the rope marks clearly visible. She turned onto her back, her red hair deliciously dishevelled, and covered her pussy with her hands, the indentations of the ropes still fresh. I saw the look on Emily’s face, ideas for a future photo shoot forming. I slipped from the bed to go pee, and I heard the shutter clicking. I turned and looked at Emily, her wry smile, and a shrug of her shoulders as if to say, “What?”

I returned to the bed, Emily and Chrissie softly holding one another. I snuggled into Chrissie’s butt, my hand combing Emily’s hair as we all breathed,

“So, Chrissie. Tell us about last night. Was it good for you? We didn’t go too far?” I asked, still concerned we had pushed her too far.

“Tom…I have never been loved like that before. It was different from what I expected, though. I wasn’t sure what I’d be feeling. I absolutely loved it, though. It took a while to grasp what you were doing, and how it would end. I loved how controlled you were. God, Tom, you looked so fucking desirable! You were so focused, on me, and on what you were doing. God! Talk about intense! I loved you being in control, but not abusing or hurting me. It took a while to get used to being bound, knowing I wouldn’t be released ’til you said so. After I got used to that, God, I felt wonderful. So empowered, in a weird kind of way. You took it to a whole other level, darling. It was so much different from when you spank me, or grab me. You had me, whether I wanted that or not. I felt so calm sleeping last night. I kind of understand what it did for you, too. I want to get to that point, too. Em, you’d love it. I just know you would,” she sighed.

“I cannot wait to see the photos,” Emily smiled. “You looked so beautiful, Chrissie,” she smiled, and ran her fingers through Chrissie’s hair. “I never thought I’d like to be, well, possessed like that before. I didn’t think I’d like giving up that much of me, but after watching how you did it, Tom, well, I’d like to explore that with you both. I trust you. I trust you both,” she smiled, unashamedly.

“Well, that was our first time. As we go on, we can explore other aspects and techniques. I loved how close we all were,” I explained. “Now, Emily, I hope you didn’t feel left out? I’m glad you were here to help her, and to document this!” I chuckled. “Maybe we can teach Chrissie how to use a camera?”

“Tom, I’m happy you included me! I know it was ‘our’ date night, but also knew it was about Chrissie and you. I understand that. I…I loved it. I felt just as much a part of it as Chrissie. But yeah, We gotta teach her the basics of a camera!” she laughed.

The kids came rushing in, all arms, and smiles. As they grew older, it may be time for a lock on our door. Probably a step too far but…

“You’re making pancakes! Yay!” they both cheered at me. “And bacon!” Chloe giggled.

“Darn! You remembered!” I joked. “C’mon. Out! Let’s get things going. David? You flippin’ ’em today?” I asked.

“Sure am,” he drawled. Where he picked up that accent, God knows.

“Let’s go. We’ll let Mommy and Emily wake up, okay?” I said, and smiled at the two of them.

I leaned over and kissed Chrissie, then pulled Emily to me, and whispered, “Chrissie hasn’t had a shower yet so…” I smiled, and kissed her.

Emily’s POV

God, when Tom said that, my body shook. After the scenes I had watched last night, well, a girl has needs! I watched the door silently close, and turned to Chrissie, our mouths seeking each other.

“I think your husband wants me to take care of you, darling,” I hissed into her ear.

“I think you mean, our husband, sweetie?” she giggled.

“You looked so fucking hot last night, Chrissie. God, I’ve never seen you like that, sweetie. You’re so…amazing,|” I said and kissed her, my hands touching all the residual marks on her chest.

I loved how Tom shared this side of himself with me. He could have, so easily, saved it ’til their date night, but no, he wanted me involved, even vicariously! As it turns out, it was a bit more than vicarious! These two have completely turned my life upside down. My feelings for Chrissie have come so far in the recent weeks, and months. How this has grown, is anyone’s guess. I think I have to thank Tom. If he hadn’t come over, seduced his sister, and then me, well, goodness knows where we’d be! I feel freer now than at any time in my life. I think divorce suits me! It’s scary, don’t get me wrong, kaliteli gaziantep escort but when I’m with them both, those fears, and trepidation just fade away.

I held my Chrissie warmly. She had been put through the wringer last night by her brother! When Tom reminded me that Chrissie hadn’t showered yet, well, what’s a girl to do?

My wet mouth kissed every part of her deliciously lithe body. God, I was SO envious of her figure, but she was enamoured with my, well, fuller figure, so I guess all things equal out, don’t they? Our bodies weren’t that different though, just different proportions. Tom doesn’t seem to mind either, so…

My hands never tire of exploring her body, my fingers prodding, and touching her. I love her textures, her warmth. I slipped between her legs, Chrissie spreading them for me. I knew we didn’t have all the time we needed, or deserved, for that matter, so leaned down, and blew on her little tuft of red hair. Is cute the right word for it? Anyway, the things she does for Tom never ceases to amaze me. I had to slap her thighs as she was rushing me too much, not unusual for this little slut! I let her pull my head down onto her musky pussy. I could smell them both. God, and I thought Tom was a pervert? Well, yes he is, so it must be rubbing off!

I split her vulva, her gummy labia, fresh with her moisture, waiting for my tongue. I ran my slender finger around her vulva, her wetness adding to the sheen coating her. My tongue slid through her loose lips, another thing about Chrissie I was so jealous of! I slowly played with her gaping opening, smelling Tom’s pungent, night-old cream mixed with hers. Chrissie tried to pull my lips away, moaning, “Em…you don’t have…” and mewed.

“Mmm, behave…kitten,” I whispered, using Tom’s pet name, the one she adored hearing. “Now, be a good girl, Chrissie. We don’t have much time.”

Two fingers slid between her lips, Chrissie gasping at the welcome intrusion. I sucked her flowing juices, exaggerating the sound of swallowing, just to tease her. I moaned, unabashedly into her swollen pussy, letting Chrissie know how much I enjoyed pleasuring her. My fingers curled up inside her slick tunnel, slivering across her little bumpy ridges, my lips sucking on her vulva. My fingers slowly fucked her, sliding, and touching her. “Cum in my mouth, darling,” I whispered, and flicked her clit, Chrissie humming now, her low guttural noises in tandem with her pelvis pushing onto my lips. I rubbed my face across her gushy womanhood, as I wanted her scent on me all day.

My thumb pressed onto her hard nub, pulling the little hood back like an uncircumcised cock. I teasingly rubbed her clit, as my tongue flicked it unmercifully. I could feel her tiny tremors building as her muscles contracted around my fingers, as she gushed her juices into my mouth, and my face. Chrissie tried to push me away, but I would have none of it. I sucked and fucked this remarkable woman ’til I knew she was sated. She deserved this, from myself, and her brother.

I finally relented, and moved my face from her slippery pussy, my wet face smiling up at her. I tenderly kissed her sodden cunt, my tongue needing one more taste. I kissed my way up her nimble body, my now excited pussy leaving a trail of my excretions on her leg. I slid one leg between hers, and pulled her to me, scissoring her, for all intent and purposes. I slowly moved my hips and pussy against hers, Chrissie adjusting her position so we were connected, and I readjusted myself to get comfortable, my hands on Chrissie’s stomach and we moved with each other, sliding, and grinding with each other. Chrissie looked adorably wasted,

“Cum with me, baby,” I urged her. “Cum on my foo-foo,” I giggled, hoping I wouldn’t ruin the moment. I couldn’t help it! Ever since she told me about her faux pas with Tom, I’ve been waiting to tease her.

But, of course, I had blown it! Damn! Chrissie looked at me, and broke out laughing. I had only myself to blame. I tried to get the rhythm back, but she was in stitches, all romance, and impending orgasms vanished.

Chrissie was still giggling as I fell on top of her. I wiped the tears of laughter from her face, apologised, and kissed her.

“Sorry, darling. I don’t know where that came from…but it did. At least you had an orgasm! Humph! You owe me!” I faux moaned. “You should have never told me that!”

“I…I think it was YOUR fault, sweetie. But I’ll still do you later, okay?” she laughed.

We laid together, tenderly embracing, and covering each other with light kisses. We could smell breakfast, and knew we had spent too long in here, so clambered out, dressed in our robes and headed out to face the day, finally! Chrissie and I kissed the kids, then wrapped our arms around Tom. The kids let out a loud, “Ewww!” and went back to their pancakes. Chrissie and I just stuck our tongues out at the kids, Chloe doubling over in laughter. David just smirked at us.

We both thanked gaziantep kaliteli escort Tom for his help. [Where would we be without him, I thought.] Would Chrissie and I be here, right now, without him? I thought not. This only works because of the three of us. As much as I loved and adored Chrissie, I so needed a man in my life, too. I needed the strength that only a man could bring to me. As much as I was lost in Chrissie’s femininity, that was only part of my equation. I hadn’t realised that until a few weeks ago. It wasn’t ’til they had broached the idea of a throuple, and looking into what exactly it entailed, did I give it any rational thought. Oh sure, sexually, my God, yes! But it was the emotional side that attracted me so much. The idea that three could work together so much better, and have a rewarding life. As this developed, I asked myself the same question every day. How would I feel if I never saw them again? That was an eye-opener for me! Yeah, of course, there were the usual obstacles like jealousy, but with three, there was more support, and less likely that any one person would slack off. The other two wouldn’t allow it. We would all be responsible, but having that extra person to calm the waters, and speak sense when two had a disagreement or argument, seemed to make sense. I saw this for myself a few weeks ago. Tom and Chrissie had their first ( I think!) argument. Both overreacted, and both were unhappy. I heard most of the raised voices, so had an idea what was going on. I talked with Chrissie, and urged her to make amends and sort out the misunderstanding. Sure, I had to spank her to see sense, but it worked! I’m so happy I was able to overcome my initial reticence. I was willing to walk away from Chrissie otherwise, and let them live the life they both needed, together. Now, for whatever reason, they had chosen ME to join them. My life seemed so much more complete now.

Anyway, Tom’s pancakes were marvellous! From what I had seen so far, his repertoire wasn’t that varied, but he had time yet. Chloe asked if they could go swimming at the local pool, David seconding the fab idea. Chrissie and I balked at the idea, and were met with glares. Oops…Looks like Chrissie and I were digging out the suits!

We talked about our favorite house again. The kids loved it, as did Chrissie and me. Tom was going to call them tomorrow and put in an offer! Wow! This was happening!

“You okay with that, Chrissie?” he asked, her face ashen with shock.

“Are you…sure, Tom?” she asked.

“If you two want the house, then yes, that’ll be our home,” he said, adamantly.

“Emily?” he asked me. “Are you certain? Is this the one?” he asked me.

“Tom, it looks perfect for us, so yes, let’s get it. I still want you and Chrissie to see it, though. I know that’s a given I…I trust your decision, all right?” I answered.

Later, Chrissie pulled me aside.

“Em, I’m thinking it may be better if you go with Tom. We promised David I wouldn’t go anywhere without him. I think, with his father just passing, and everything we’re going to be putting them through, it may not be fair. Would you be willing to go?” she asked. “Even without that, I think you should go, sweetie.”

“Chrissie! This should be between you and Tom. I think you should reconsider. Really. I love the idea, but I can take care of the kids, you know that. Go with Tom, sweetie,” I said, truthfully.

“You’re wrong, Em. Remember when we had our first meeting? Tom and I talked about privilege? Well, that’s what you’re doing right now. You are just as much a part of this as we are. Leaving us to make this decision isn’t fair on you when you could so easily go, too. I’d like you to go, darling,” she explained.

“What does Tom say?” I asked. “Is he okay with me going, and not you?” I asked.

Chrissie began to laugh. It took me by surprise, actually.

“Em, believe me, he’d absolutely love to go with you! I haven’t mentioned this to him yet, but trust me, he’ll do what WE want, okay?” she laughed, and smiled. “Seriously, he’ll love your company. God, Em. The guys in love with you, with both of us. I need you to go, sweetie. Do it for me?” she said, with those puppy dog eyes. “And…you don’t have to worry about abstinence!” she giggled. “Please?” she pouted.

“I’d…I’d love to, Chrissie. Thank you…for everything,” I sighed.

“Behave, Em. You’re part of this family. We decide together. Well, except for this time. I decided!” she laughed, and we hugged.

“We’ll tell him tonight at our meeting, all right,” she said, looped her arm through mine and we went back to the kitchen.

Tom looked at us and asked, “What are you two up to? I know those faces!” he smiled.

“You’ll find out later, darling,” Chrissie said, with a smirk. Let’s keep him guessing, we thought.

She did it again. Thinking of her David over herself. I know how excited she was about seeing the house in person. We all were, but she stood back, and asked me gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan to go. God, I loved her even more at that point.

Chrissie and I cleared up Tom’s mess, shooing him from the kitchen for a while. Tom grabbed the kids as they searched for their swimsuits and towels. Chrissie and I giggled like school girls, wondering what Tom’s suit was like. Loose or speedos? We both said loose, although the speedo wouldn’t go amiss!

We made it to the crowded pool. Well, it was Sunday! We left Tom and David to change, and took Chloe’s little hand and walked to the women’s changing rooms. Chrissie and I opted for simple one-piece suits. We didn’t want the attention of all these divorced fathers today! Unfortunately, we were correct. Loose board shorts, for Tom! Damn! We would have to behave anyway, so it was probably a good call on his part. Tom was simply wonderful with Chloe, teaching her, patiently, how to learn the crawl. He had bought them both colored goggles in case there was too much chlorine. We had a wonderful couple of hours, playing tag, splashing and swimming. Tom was a strong swimmer, graceful and competent. Chrissie and I watched him from the stands for a while.

“I’d fuck him,” I giggled at Chrissie, pointing at his fit physique.

“I already have, slut,” she retorted, both of us laughing too loud.

Chrissie looked delicious in her blue, high cut suit. God, if I could just run my fingers through the material painted on her hips, I’d be a happy girl! Her snug butt was covered chastely, but still captivating. I was besotted, again.

We stopped off at a family restaurant on the way home. It was easier, after today’s activities. The conversation, and connection were something I had missed for so long. [This is what a family was really like, I thought.] I wondered if my parents would notice the change in me. Others had already commented that divorce seemed to suit me. If they only knew how much! We went over the kid’s homework before getting them sorted for a new school week. Gosh, I really enjoyed what others thought of as tedious. Maybe I WAS destined to be a housewife! My mind wandered back to our talk about babies. I got wet just thinking of that. I looked at Tom, then Chrissie. I could imagine it. The image was so clear in my head Now let’s see if the reality lives up to it! With these two, I had no doubt it would.


We had yet another wonderful family day, the rhythms of our lives were slowly intertwined with one another’s. These small steps were taking shape, and the kids, relaxed with the new dynamic in the house, seemingly unaware of the intensity of their mothers, Emily’s and my growing attachment. Small steps.

We stopped at the grocery store so I could pick up a few provisions. I let everyone know that I was cooking dinner tonight, much to Chrissie and Emily’s mocking groans. They just lost their positions as my sous chefs. [Screw ’em, I thought!] I kicked everyone from the kitchen, except for Chloe. She was the only one excited about my endeavour, so she could help. Chrissie and Emily worked on her photos of our evening. I’m not sure what I was more excited about, my dinner or her photos.

Chloe wrapped her apron around her small frame, and eagerly asked, “What’s next, daddy?” Would I ever get used to those words? More than likely. “What are we making?”

“We are making a delicious Thai green curry for everyone. Have you ever had a curry, Little One?”

She giggled at those words, and shook her head ‘no’. I pulled out all the ingredients, explaining what each was and having her smell each, asking her what they smelled like. I had her divide the seeds and spices into separate piles, her attention to weighing each was impressive, if not slow. I prepped, sliced and cut up the ingredients for the paste, and let her use the pestle and mortar, her little arms were unable to get the right consistency, so I finished it off. She did enjoy pummelling the lemongrass, though. She leaned down to the mortar, inhaling the fresh paste.

“Mmmm,” she smiled. “David’s going to like this!”

The hard part was finished, so we began cooking the chicken, adding the paste and chicken pieces to a large copper pot, with a bit of water. Chloe tore up a few kaffir lime leaves and dropped them into the stew. Chloe stirred the big pot, most of the water boiling out so I had her add the coconut cream, and stir it in.

Chrissie, Emily and David poked their noses in, but Chloe and I yelled at them to leave us alone! They scoffed at us, so would have to wait! After some energetic stirring, I had her drop some sweet basil and a touch of palm sugar into the mixture. God, it smelled gorgeous, we both agreed. I had her dip a spoon in and taste. “Is it ready?” I asked her.

“It tastes yummy, daddy,” she coyly said, still getting used to the new affectation.

“Wonderful, darling. We’ll let that sit and we’ll make some naan bread, okay?”

She shook her head wildly, but I doubted she knew what those were, but I loved her enthusiasm.

Again, I showed her all the ingredients, and went over how we were going to make them. She carefully poured the sachets of yeast into the bowl, adding a bit of sugar. She weighed out the flour, mixing in the ghee, yoghurt, and nigella seeds, and mixed it together, her tiny fingers trying to get it all mixed. I re-kneaded the mixture, showing her the consistency we were looking for.

Chapter 71 The Morning After Chrissie slept uneasily, the ropes, whilst not tight, still restricted her, the knots digging into her flesh. I slowly untied her, the rope leaving delicious marks, and indentations on her skin. “Em, would you take a few photos of my body…this way,” she asked, loving the look, and unembarrassed about…

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