Sydney’s Adventures Ch. 2

Sydney’s Adventures Ch. 2


I’d had a great first semester at school. My grades were pretty decent, I’d made a wonderful new friend in Cindy and I was having a great time in the tri-delta sorority house. Still, by the time Christmas break rolled around, I was pretty much exhausted and when I got home I wasn’t up for much of anything. My sister, who is a spitting image of me, only about two years younger, was especially upset that we didn’t get to go out. In high school we would go out clubbing together and had a great time dancing with each other and picking up cute boys.

The way my school’s academic calendar is laid out we have two long semesters (fall and spring) and then one short semester (winter). Since I was better rested, my parents decided to take the whole family on a ski vacation in between my winter and spring semesters. We were going to a small skiing village in the Rockies and it sounded like we were going to have a great condo right on the slopes. The unit we were staying in had two rooms, a little kitchenette and an entertaining area. Best of all, the complex shared an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna! I carefully packed a couple of ski outfits, my favorite flannel pajama bottoms, a small white cotton cut-off t-shirt (for sleeping in) a couple of swimsuits (one one-piece, one fairly conservative bikini) and other random bits of necessary clothing. I flew home for a day or so and then the whole family headed to the ski resort. We got there fairly late on Monday evening and I just threw my stuff in drawers without thinking about it and went to bed.

Our first day of skiing (actually snowboarding) dawned sunny and surprisingly warm—it looked like we might have a day or two of spring skiing in early February! I quickly slithered into my black stretch pants and a tight but warm blue-gray sweater. My sister had on similarly tight navy stretch pants with a white sweater. We got few appraising looks from the guys who rented us our boards and boots. Then the whole family piled into one of the quad chair lifts and off we went. My sister and I like to board a bit faster than my mom and dad so we took off once we hit the top, after getting directions on where and when to meet for lunch.

It had snowed a night or two before and the snow conditions were excellent. I’m not sure who it was that said there are two things that are impossible to describe to somebody who hasn’t done them: skiing and sex. Well, I figure that snowboarding is pretty much like skiing and that day it was basically as good as sex. The runs were wide open and the feeling of surfing, gliding and schussing down them with my hair flying out behind me was fantastic. Of course there were the usual falls. One time, I had come to a stop to watch my sister go down a run and she got the wild idea to spray me with snow when she caught up. She sprayed me thoroughly but, because both her feet were locked onto her board, she lost her balance and fell over on me.

“You bitch!” I screamed playful, “Look at what you’ve done now!”

“Honestly Sydney, I didn’t mean to spray you,” she replied, but she couldn’t keep a straight face and started cracking up. Laughing seems to be contagious with me and in almost no time we were both convulsed with laughter and tears were rolling down our cheeks.

“You girls ok?” My sister Mel and I looked up into the faces of two really cute ski patrol guys. “You look like you might be a little shaken up.”

“No, no Greg” my sister replied noticing the name on his nametag. “I think we’ll probably be alrig….oww!” she stopped when I elbowed her in the side.

“Actually, I think we may be a little shaken up. Is there anywhere you can take us to get a cup of hot chocolate or something?” I asked winking surreptitiously at my sister.

“Sure. There’s ski patrol shack is at the bottom of this run. I don’t see any harm in letting you girls warm up in there.”

Slightly weak in the knees from the giggling we boarded down to the shack with the ski patrol guys behind us. I made sure to sway my hips a little more than ordinary while making my turns, and I’m pretty sure my sister did too.

“This is it, ” Pete, the other ski patrol guy said. “Here, let me take your boards for you.”

Greg led the way into the shack while Pete stuck our boards in the snow outside. “I think we have some hot water here, and over in that desk are a couple of packets of hot chocolate. So, what are your names?”

“I’m Sydney and this is Melbourne, but she goes by Mel. I know, I know, to this day we still don’t know what our parents fascination with Australian cities is. So how do you guys get a sweet job like being on the ski patrol?”

“Pete and I actually live around here. In the winter we work on the ski patrol and in the summer we work on construction and other odd jobs. It’s not too glamorous, but we get to spend most of our time outdoors and ski all winter. And we earn enough to rent a pretty sweet pad down in town too. Actually, we’re having a party tonight, think you girls could come?”

“I think we probably could,” I said taking a swallow of hot chocolate. “What do you say Mel?”

“Yeah, I think Escort bayan that would be fun!” Mel replied.

“Great! We’ll see you guys at 9.”

“Yeah, and don’t forget your swimsuits too—we have a great hot tub!” Pete piped in.

Realizing that we were going to be later for lunch with our parents, Mel and I had to get their address and make a hasty departure.

“Those guys were pretty cute Sydney, but do you think we can get away from mom and dad?”

“No problem sis, just leave mom and dad to me.”

Lunch with our parents was fine and the afternoon boarding was certainly enjoyable, but Mel and I couldn’t help but think about seeing the boys latter. When we got back from boarding we rushed into our room to get ready. I put on my favorite pair of hip-hugger jeans and a white crop top (the combo showed a delicious expanse of my belly!) and my sister went for one of those long, slinky black knit skirts with a long slit up the side and a tight red sweater.

“I got my swimsuit,” she said, stuffing a blue bikini into her purse. “Don’t forget yours!”

Cursing at myself for almost forgetting (does anything feel better after a day of skiing than a long soak in a hot tub?) I went back to the dresser to get mine. After several minutes of progressively more frantic searching I discovered that I had forgotten it at our house. Which was weird because I could have sworn I remembered putting it in. I just wouldn’t forget something like that!

“I brought an extra one. You can use it if you want,” Mel said noting my growing anxiety. “Here you go.”

“You girls almost ready?” my father bellowed from the living room. Without another thought I stuffed Mel’s neon pink bikini into my purse, pulled on my winter jacket and followed my sister out the door.

Our parents took us out to dinner at one of those family-type restaurants. Pretty boring dinner really, but I didn’t notice because I was thinking about tonight’s party and how I was going to get me and my sister there. By the end of dinner I hadn’t thought of anything and was beginning to get a bit frantic. When we left the restaurant I heard loud music and noticed that there was a dance club a couple of doors down.

“Mom, Dad, would it be okay if Mel and I went dancing for a while? You know how we used to go out at home and we need to catch up on old times. You guys can go back to the condo now and Mel and I will be back in a little bit!”

“I don’t know” my mom said, “This is an unfamiliar town and all.”

“But mom, look around. The place is tiny. I bet there’s no way that we can get in trouble, and anyway we never did back home.”

“Alright then, but don’t stay out too late and keep your cell phone on.”

“Sure thing mom!” I replied.

After our parents had left for home my sister and I had a brief giggling fit and then we called Greg to come pick us up. He and Pete showed up a few minutes later driving a dirty beat up Subaru station wagon with a ski rack on top.

“Hop in, let’s go!” Pete yelled hanging out the passenger-side window.

Mel and I piled into the back seat and away we went. After just a minute or two we got to the boys’ place. It was indeed a pretty sweet place. It was a small house with a fenced in yard within walking distance of downtown. When we got inside we saw that a “party” meant my sister and I and three other people hanging out (and Greg and Pete of course!). Two of those were a couple that were making out in a corner. We never did really meet them. The other guy was a kinda dorky-looking guy named Tom who also was on the ski patrol.

“So, you girls did bring bathing suits right?” Greg asked. “Sydney, you can change in the bathroom and Mel, you can change in Pete’s room down the hall.” Without any further ado I went into the bathroom and got out the suit that Mel had given me. I peeled off my shirt and bra and took a moment to admire myself in the mirror. My breasts jutted out from my chest with the impressive firmness of youth and good genes (thanks mom!) and gave way abruptly to my flat abs and stomach, which, in turn, melted into my shaven pubes and well-conditioned thighs and legs. Pretty impressive I thought to myself. All that field hockey conditioning really pays off! Kicking off my jeans I reached into my purse for Mel’s bikini. It was one of those string bikinis where the fabric can slide on the string—the bottoms could shrink all the way down to a thong, though I wasn’t planning on being that daring! I looped the first string over my neck and tied it in place. Then I tried to pull the little patches of cloth over my boobs, which is when I realized I had a serious problem. Like I mentioned earlier, my sister is a spitting image of me two years ago. Two years ago my boobs were a C cup, whereas they are now a generous D cup. Furthermore, I decided that this must be my sister’s sunning bikini, because it was small even for a C cup. After a struggle I managed to arrange the fabric so that my nipples were covered and you couldn’t see the crease where my breasts ended, unless you were looking up from beneath. The bottoms weren’t Bayan escort quite as bad as the tops, but they were still ridiculously small. The back was cut in the rio style and I was just thankful that it wasn’t a thong. Still, it had a distinct tendency to slip into the crack of my ass and disappear. I finished tying the sides and, looking in the mirror again, I surveyed the situation. One nipple had managed to poke free while I was putting the bottoms on and I stuffed it back in. The low scoop front ended about 2 inches above the start of my pussy; the strings were tied in bows high on my hips. You could easily see the crease where my legs joined my hips; in fact the front was so narrow that you could see a fair amount of my flesh on either side of the strip of cloth. The lycra fabric the bikini was made out of didn’t help matters either. It was very thin and you could clearly see my nipples poking through the top and, if my legs weren’t together, the outline of my pussy lips wasn’t difficult to spot. I couldn’t believe that I was about to leave the bathroom in this barely covered state.

Poking my head out of the door I couldn’t see anybody. Pulling the bottoms out of my butt, I walked down the hallway to the living room. The couple was still there making out on a couch (the guy’s hand had made it up the girl’s shirt!), but nobody else was. I turned around and went out the sliding glass door onto the porch, where a cold winter breeze hit me and made my nipples harden instantly. I could hear the sounds of conversation and rounded a corner to find the hot tub. Mel was already in the hot tub as were Greg, Pete and Tom. Everybody stopped talking when I stepped into view and I could feel their eyes taking in my scantily clad body.

“If you guys are done looking, I’m freezing out here. Make some room.” I said pushing into the hot tub between Greg and Tom. Greg scooted to one side, but Tom, who appeared to be quite drunk, only shifted a little bit. When I sat down he put his arm around me, which I gently removed. I grabbed a beer and we began talking, a bunch of small talk really. Learning about the guys and what they did, some funny stories about ski patrol capers, tales of parties past. That kind of thing. While we were chatting and drinking I discovered that I should have let Tom keep his arm around my shoulders, because now he was feeling up the side of my leg. I kept trying to subtly push his hand away, but he was drunkenly insistent. Then I felt a little tugging at my hip and I realized that he had found and untied the knot holding on that side of my bikini. I definitely have an overactive sex drive and, while I was not terribly attracted to Tom, the thought of him feeling me up in front of two other guys and my sister was beginning to turn me on. The couple of beers that I had might have served to lower my concerns as well!

Meeting little resistance from me, Tom slipped his hand under the (now loose) lycra covering my pussy. I forget what the topic of conversation was, but Tom gasped when he discovered my slit was completely bald. Trying to cover for it, he pointed out that we were out of beer by the hot tub and that he would go get some more. He staggered out of the tub and into the house, returning shortly with a whole new case, which he plunged into the snow next to the hot tub to keep cold. He got back into the tub and his hand went right back to where it left off. The contrast between the hot water and his freezing cold fingers in my slit was amazing, and I almost gasped out loud as well. With Tom rubbing his fingers up and down my pussy it was getting hard to carry on a conversation, but I don’t think that anyone really noticed. I leaned back in the hot tub and spread my legs a bit, allowing Tom to have easier access to my excited mound. With that encouragement he slipped a finger up into my pussy. Before long Tom worked a second finger up into me and was carrying out a serious inspection of the inside of my pussy. He would stick his fingers up into me and swirl them around, then pull them almost all the way out before plunging them back into me. I couldn’t believe that nobody was noticing anything! Then I glanced across the tub at Mel and saw that she had a pretty dippy look on her face, and I wondered if Pete was doing the same thing to her. The feeling of being masturbated while watching a similar thing happening to my sister brought me teetering to the edge of climax when, all of a sudden, Tom stopped. I looked over at him and he had passed out, with his fingers still buried deep inside my pussy. I couldn’t believe it! Nudging Greg in the ribs I pointed out Tom’s condition to him (luckily nobody could see what was going on beneath the bubbly water!).

“I guess we should take him inside so he doesn’t drown. Can you give me a hand?” Greg asked.

“Sure” I said, grabbing Tom’s arm and pulling his fingers out of my pussy. “Wait a second, I think I’m stuck on something,” I continued, using the delay to hastily re-tie my bikini. “OK, let’s go.”

Greg grabbed Tom under the arms and hauled him out of the hot tub. I got his feet and together Escort we started carrying him into the house. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to carry somebody who is completely passed out, but it’s really difficult. We managed to get Tom halfway to the house before we had to put him down. I could feel my bottoms sliding up my butt cheeks, leaving my ass totally exposed to the cold winter air, and my nipples were rock hard and obviously bulging through the fabric of my top. Still, we had to get Tom inside.

“How ’bout you take that side, and I’ll take this side? Maybe that will work better.” Greg said.

“Sure” I replied, taking the opportunity to pull my bikini out of my butt.

We were carrying Tom through the door when I slipped. The bow on one side of my bottoms got caught on the sliding door latch. I threw out my arms for balance, dropping Tom, but that didn’t help at all and I fell on my butt. My bikini bottoms, still caught in the door at waist height, got yanked off. Greg lurched forward, tripped over Tom, and ended up with his face buried in my bald pussy. Looking down at him I noticed that my left breast had fallen out of my top in my wild flailing.

“Are you ok? Oh my god, I am so sorry” Greg said, looking up at me from between my legs.

“That’s ok, these things happen,” I giggled with a horny, drunken nervousness. “But we had better get Tom inside before he freezes.” I pushed myself up with my hands and (quite purposefully!) rubbed my extremely moist pussy up Greg’s chin, nose and forehead, leaving a glistening trail of my juices behind. I slowly extracted my bottoms from the door latch while Greg sat there in shock watching my bare, swollen pussy lips get covered again by the bottom. I grabbed my free boob and stuffed it back into my top. Noticing Greg’s stare I cupped both breasts and jiggled and squeezed them, pretending to make sure they were securely enclosed in my top.

“Sorry about Tom” Greg said nervously getting up. “He started drinking a bit before any of the rest of us did and he just can’t handle his booze. He can be a bit of a jerk sometimes. I’m really sorry he tried hitting on you Sydney.”

“Oh that’s ok” I replied as Greg as we finished dragging Tom inside. “And hey, it looks like Mel and Pete have really hit it off! As have they!” I gestured to the couple on the couch; the girl’s top was off and the boy’s hand was clearly rubbing her inside her jeans.

“Yeah, I guess that just leaves me and you” Greg said with mock shyness.

“I guess it does…if you can catch me!” I playfully pushed Greg away from me and began running for the hot tub. All he could catch of me was the string holding my top on, and he wasn’t about to let that go! When I reached the tub and climbed in he had completely ripped my top off and my boobs were bouncing vigorously in the cold winter air. I decided that he had done well enough and, having already had Tom’s fingers exploring my pussy and Greg’s head buried in it, it didn’t take long before I was making out with him. He reached underwater and undid one side of my bottoms and slipped his hand over my pussy. I sighed into his mouth as he explored my innocent, bald pussy and it didn’t take long before I felt my muscles contract hard against his fingers and I had my first orgasm of the night!

Looking around from my post orgasm haze I saw that my sister and Pete had given up all pretense of being subtle. One of Pete’s hands was in Mel’s top, squeezing, caressing and pinching at Mel’s heaving breasts. His other hand was underwater working frantically; I could only imagine what he was doing given the way Mel’s eyes were rolling into the back of her head and her breath was coming in ragged gasps.

Figuring it was about time that the boys got some compensation for their hard work, I reached over to Greg and slipped my hand into his swimsuit. His penis wasn’t terribly long, but it certainly was hard! I began long, slow strokes from the base of his penis up to the top, doing a little swirl when I reached the knob, before sliding my hand down his shaft to the base again. Greg leaned over, gently nibbling and teasing my naked breasts and nipples. With my free hand I held his head to my chest while continuing to stroke his penis with the other hand.

Pete had, by this time, managed to get Mel’s top off entirely, exposing her magnificent breasts, which were covered with sweat, water and Pete’s saliva. They looked fantastic as they bounced up and down in time to the thrusts of Pete’s fingers into her pussy. Suddenly a huge shiver seemed to pass through Mel and she sunk a little bit further into the tub. I realized that I had just seen my sister climax, and it was a huge turn on!

Needing something more in my pussy than Greg’s fingers, I untied the other side of my bottoms and let them drift free. I climbed onto his lap, facing away from him and towards Mel and Pete. Holding his dick in one hand and spreading open my pussy with the other I slowly slid my drooling pussy down onto him. When I had lowered myself all the way I stopped and contracted my pussy muscles around Greg, squeezing and caressing him without moving at all. Then, still fully impaled, I began gyrating in little circles and wiggling my ass. While looking back over my shoulder at Greg I let a mischievous grin reach my lips. The feeling of Greg’s cock swirling around inside me was awesome!

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