Suzy’s Socks Ch. 02

Suzy’s Socks Ch. 02

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After Suzy had left the room I lay on my on my bed in a daze, it all felt unreal, had my sister really just made me jerk of for her, the taste of her panties and my own cum which she had made me suck through her dirty sock told me without a doubt it had happened all right.

Bloody hell! was she really in her room right now masturbating? What would she do if I went down to her? She had said she was locking her door, a clear sign she did not want any company but maybe…

Wait a minute! what was I thinking, Suzy was my little sister, I must be losing my head. I had better think all this over very carefully.

I didn’t leave my room the rest of the day. Mum sent Suzy to ask why I wasn’t coming down for supper. I mumbled to her that I wasn’t hungry. Suzy stood looking at me with a grin on her face.

“Maybe it’s all the protein you had earlier,” she whispered.

I felt my face burn and knew I was bright red. Suzy gave a little laugh and ran of shouting to mum,

“Phil’s not hungry mum, he’s already ate.”

What a bitch I thought to myself, I was going to find out just how bad a bitch Suzy really was over the next few weeks.

Next morning I got up to find Suzy had already left with one of her friends. Mum was out back hanging out some laundry. I saw her peg out a pair of Suzy’s panties, I knew every pair she owned. It reminded me of what Suzy had said about not changing her panties till they were REALLY dirty, did that mean she was still wearing them today while out with her friend? I felt movement in my pants, and what about the sock, the one I had cum in and she had put back on her foot? surely it was in the laundry, I couldn’t check as it was to risky with mum about, the last thing I needed was for her to catch me jerking off while examining Suzy’s panties and socks.

That evening I was laying on the couch watching television when I heard the front door open.

In came Suzy and her friend Sara.

Sara went to the same school as Suzy and was on the netball team with her.

I had jerked of often with the vision of Sara’s cute ass in my head, she was hot in every way, long blond hair tied in a pony tail, blue eyes, full lips that always seemed to be smiling, great tit’s about 32c slim waist and long legs that lead all the way up to that perfect ass.

The two girls had shopping bag’s and were chatting away not having noticed me yet, then Sara caught sight of me.

The way her eye’s widened, then the burst of laughter from her lovely lips sent ice cold horror straight to my heart.

Suzy had TOLD her! Fuck!

Suzy was laughing now as well, they held each other up as their laughter made them double over. I felt naked before them even though I was fully clothed. I sprang from the couch and ran past them and up the stairs, their laughter ringing in my ears.

As I sat on my bed I actually felt tears well up in my eyes so deep was my humiliation. About ten minutes later my door opened.

“Don’t you ever knock?” I asked Suzy.

She stood in the doorway, I could see Sara standing behind her a bit, looking over Suzy’s shoulder into my room.

“Now you already know the answer to that big brother, so where’s mum?”

I felt like telling her to fuck off and find out herself but i knew better.

“she went over to aunt Anne’s, said she would be home late and if you hadn’t eaten there was plenty in.” I answered sulkily.

I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise as Suzy came further into the room so great was my fear of her now.

“Come in Sara, Phil won’t mind, sure you won’t Phil?”

My tongue was stuck to the inside of my mouth so there was no way I could answer, even though Suzy had said it more like a statement than a real question anyway. I noticed how Sara’s face reddened as she came in, but she was able to meet my eyes and it was me who looked away first, my own face burning.

“so Phil, how was your day? Sara and I went shopping.” adana escort she held up some shopping bag’s as if to confirm it. “My poor feet are killing me.”

She came over and dropped herself down on the bed beside me and kicked off her shoes.

“ohhhh! my feet are so sweaty my socks are sticking to them”

My eyes were drawn to her feet, I caught my breath as i saw Suzy was still wearing the stripey socks she had made me cum in yesterday.

When I looked up Suzy met my eyes, the look on her face told me she knew i had recognized the socks.

“Would you like to see what we bought for you today Phil?” Suzy asked, “I’m a really good sister to you, out buying you things.”

The one thing I was sure of, I wasn’t going to like what she had got, a feeling of dread came over me.

“come and sit on the other side of Phil Sara, take your shoes of and make yourself comfortable.”

As Sara stepped out of her shoes and joined us on the bed Suzy reached into her bag and brought out a Lycra sports top, I was confused, even more so when next she pulled out a very short blue Lycra skirt pair of navy blue panties and a pair of white sockettes. What the fuck? I just couldn’t understand, why was she saying she had bought me what looked like the netball uniform she wore at school, why would she buy a new uniform in her last few months of high school? Suzy read the confusion on my face.

“Don’t you understand little Phil? this is for you.”

The look of horror on my face must have been really funny to Suzy and Sara for they both burst out laughing.

“Oh Phil, you should see the look on your face, now come on, don’t be rude, try it on for size, Sara and I can’t wait to see how it looks on you.”

“Please Suzy” I begged, “Don’t do this, please”

Suzy narrowed her eyes.

“Don’t fucking make me ask you again, are you trying to make a fool of me in front of my friend,? stand up and get your fucking cloths off right now.”

My hands were shaking as I stood and started to undress. Suzy and Sara sat on my bed with their arms round each other watching my every move.

“Come on Phil, strip for us, should I put on some music?”

I really didn’t want that it was humiliating enough, so I quickly pulled my top off and pushed my jeans to the floor. I stood looking at my tormentors, unsure of what to do.

“For fuck sake Phil, off with the boxers and socks.”

Suzy was getting pissed again, so I pulled my socks off and stepped out of my boxers, nearly falling on top of Sara as I caught my foot in the leg hole.

“Fuck! I think he wants to screw you Sara.” Suzy laughed.

I stood in front of them once more, my hands trying to cover my privates.

“Move the hands away Phil, we can’t see, ah that’s better, now, a bit of exercise, you won’t get a place on the first seven if you are not fit.”

I opened my mouth to protest but the look I got from Suzy made me keep quite.

“OK a few star-jumps to start with, lets say twenty, come on hurry up we haven’t all day, mum will be home soon.”

I tried to shut my mind of as I began the twenty star jumps, but the slapping of my cock against my legs and tummy was so load I couldn’t ignore it, my poor balls were bouncing all over the place. I had got to about eight when Suzy suddenly said,

“Stop, Phil, I have changed my mind, put the top and skirt on now, the sockettes as well but not the panties.”

She threw the items over to me. Of course I didn’t want to dress like a girl, definitely not in front of my sister and her friend but what could I do and besides, at least I would be covered up.

I pulled on the tiny blue pleated netball skirt first, not because I wanted to wear a skirt but it hid my cock and balls…just.

Next I put the top on, it was of a lighter blue than the skirt, but a pretty good fit.

lastly I sat down and put on the adana escort bayan small white sockettes, any other time I would have found them cute and very sexy, I do have a bit of a fetish for socks remember?

Sara giggled and said to Suzy.

“She will be great on the team.”

Suzy laughed with her, “yes, but she needs to get fit still, come on Philis hunny, back to the star jumps.”

Philis! I thought, very fucking funny. of course the little skirt offered no hiding place for my poor cock, every time i jumped it flew up showing my flying cock and swinging balls.

The two girls were now crying with laughter now;(bitches).

After loads of star jumps, running on the spot and push ups, Suzy told me to come to the bed and kneel in front of her, then she lifted her feet and wiggled her sock covered toes at me

“Smell my sweaty feet Philis, they are really stinky.”

She pushed them against my nose and mouth.

“Take a good whiff of them, mmmm that’s right, now your learning”

They smelt bloody awful, really cheesy and sort of fishy, no doubt my stale spunk from yesterday, yuk.

“Good boy, er, girl I mean, now take them off with your teeth and then do the same with Sara’s, after that I want you to wash our feet with your tongue.”

Carefully I did as I was asked, when both Suzy’s socks lay on the floor, I turned to Sara, I felt a twitch in my cock as she held out her small feet with their cute little white cotton socks. Fuck no! I must try and think of something else, I didn’t want a hard on in this skirt.

When finally I had both girls feet uncovered I started licking their sweaty feet, sucking each delicate little toe in turn into my mouth, cleaning between each with the tip of my tongue.

Suzy’s and sara’s giggles brought me to my senses, I looked down at my erection, my little skirt was so short my hard on had lifted it right up, leaving my hairy balls in full view.

“OK Phil, enough of the feet washing, I want you to stand and turn your back to us.” Suzy ordered. “And no peeking.”

I could hear someone undressing, there was no mistaking it, were they going to let me fuck them? fuck I could live with the shame of all this if I was going to get screwing Sara, I didn’t even overly mind that my cock was holding the front of my skirt up like a bloody tent in front of me, mmmm that ass of hers….

” OK Phil, put these in your mouth. ” I turned to see what Suzy was talking about, to my disappointment both girls looked fully dressed, then I recognised what Suzy was holding out to me, her dirty panties from yesterday, fuck I swear I could smell them from where I was standing , five feet away.

Suzy didn’t wait for me to come for them, she walked over to me and roughly stuffed them into my mouth.

“These will keep you quite” she whispered “We don’t want the neighbours to think someone is being murdered.”

I wasn’t really listening to what she was saying, even though the smell was over powering, the taste of her panties made my cock painfully hard, they were marinaded in Suzy’s pussy juices, ha! if she thought this was torture she had the wrong victim. Neighbours? what the…? ”

“Right Phil, I don’t want to waste any more time, Mum could be home anytime, turn and touch your toes,…..NOW.”

As I did as Suzy asked I felt the back of my skirt raise up and I knew my ass was exposed.

“Now Phil, Sara and I are going to help you lose your virginity, every girl has to sometime you know.” This was followed by loads more giggling from the two of them.

“We bought a hair brush with a nice fat handle on it today and,,,, well we are going to fuck your arse with it.”

I started to straighten.

“No Phil, keep touching your toes, or I will tell mum and everyone we know what you were doing with my panties and sock yesterday. oh and how you like to dress like a girl.”

A escort adana flash lit the room up.

“See, Sara has a pic on her digicam to prove it.”

I touched my toes again.

“keep my panties in your mouth the whole time, do NOT spit them out.”

With out another word from her I felt the cold hard tip of the brush against my anus. Suzy applied pressure and slowly I felt myself open up, my eyes watered and I thought my ass was going to tear open.

“Fuck but you are tight Philis, this might help.”

Suzy lent forward and spat onto my stretched asshole. She worked the thick handle back and forth until all of a sudden I felt it push through and in-bed deep inside me.

“ohh Philis, do you like that?” Suzy coaxed.

Sara said, “fuck his ass Suzy, I can’t wait to see this.”

Suzy sure didn’t want to disappoint her friend for she started to fuck my ass in ernest, I felt as if I was going to shit, but the feeling passed and I was surprised when soon, I found myself pushing back to meet each thrust that Suzy delivered. I didn’t want to, but my hole had got greedy and my body had taking on a mind of it’s own.

“let me have a go.” Sara begged.

“OK, Sara, you can take over, fuck my big bro…sister real good now.”

Sara went to it like a woman possessed. So hard was the fucking that I could no longer stand but the two girls didn’t seem to mind when I fell onto my hands and knees.

“mmm dogie style” was the only comment Sara uttered.

They both took turns until my hole was burning and the hairbrush handle could be pulled right out of me and in again without any resistance, my hole gaping open.

“OK, Phil,”

It was Sara who gave the order this time.

“lay on your back with your legs open, then fuck yourself with the handle and jerk off at the same time.”

“nice one Sara.” Suzy laughed.

As I lay fucking my abused hole and stroking my hard cock the girls sat on the side of my bed and encouraged me.

“Come on Philis, harder and suck those panties.” This from Sara.

“Make yourself cum, you fucking slut bitch.” My sweet little sister urged.

Well she got her wish, I could take no more, I let fly my load. I never came like it before, as I frigged my ass and pulled on my cock my spunk flew from me in great arc’s, some even landed on my face, it felt burning hot. My moans were stifled because of Suzy’s wet panties muffling the sound. I was covered, my little blue pleated skirt now had long trails of white cum criss crossing it and still I came.

I had lost control. I was fucking my ass, my hand a blur as I pumped the brush handle as deep and as hard as I could. I sucked on Suzy’s panties, trying to get every drop of her sweet pussy juice from them. My cock and hand were coated in my cum but I pumped on..

When eventually I was spent, I lay out of breath in the middle of my bedroom, the brush was still up my hole, it felt like it belonged there now and to remove it was going to be uncomfortable.

Suzy and Sara stood one at each side of me, they gave me a slow hand clap as they looking down at me as if I was an interesting science experiment.

Suzy reached down and pulled her dirty panties from my mouth.

“Yuk! you have made a real mess of these.”

When she roughly pulled the brush from my ass. She only raised her eyebrows at my loud groan.

“You can’t keep it you fucking slut.” said Sara looking as if she thought I really wanted to.

Then just like that the two girls started for the door,

Suzy turned and said,

“For goodness sake get yourself cleaned up Phil, oh and you are coming to our netball practice tomorrow night in the school gym, the whole team are looking forward to meeting the new girl. mmm and don’t clean your skirt, I quite like the pattern you have made on it.”

Sara waved as she left the room. “bye Phil, see you tomorrow.”

I don’t know how long I lay on the floor in my new netball uniform, long enough for the cum on my skirt to dry, the white lines and dots looking like nothing other than what they were. I had other things on my mind though, the team? what was I going to do? there were twelve girls on the team if you counted the reserve players, oh god…

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