Summer Valentine – Day 03.5 – Eve


Was this a dream? I now had a face to place with the storybook siren. Following our adventure, Maria could enter Tel’aran’rhiod, the World of Dreams.

Losing track of time trying to shake off blue funk, I fell asleep in my car, engine idling while playing favorite songs. Even the upbeat soulful TobyMac Gumbo filling the space could not keep me awake. Slumber was a temporary retreat from the feeling of defeat. The next thing I knew Maria scooted in next to me, almost sitting on my lap, pressing her body against mine. We were at a party with people dancing around us. Was it my birthday? Some of the guests were close friends. My mind was grappling whether to reveal my secret crush. I only knew it for dream when I was abruptly awakened.

My head shot up and I grabbed the steering wheel when the car phone rang out. Disoriented in the dark, my first thought was I must have dosed off while driving. I struggled to recover control of the vehicle. By the time I regained my senses I had missed the call. If the number were ‘restricted’ there would be no caller ID, maybe I had been roused by another spam call.

The thought occurred to redial my own number to see if I had received a voicemail. Pressing the talk button, I heard there was one “old” message. It was garbled but I could almost make out the familiar, “hello, ” at a slightly lower timbre.

Another voice then boomed into a microphone, “Eva here,… flight… tomorrow… another 24… don’t ‘waste… dress up… Coronado Bar,” maybe ” Ball.” Shit! I somehow erased the message in disorientation and could not retrieve it.

Decisions, decisions, a dream, a broken call, or a hoax? If I blew it off, I would never know. The sun waned below the horizon and appeared to draw in the colorful hues of gold, pink and purple. Nightfall quickly swallowed the clouds. By the time I made the decision the sky was completely dark. Pushing the transmission into gear, the car made a three-point K turn and I headed out to Coronado Bay. What did I have to lose?

Dress up? I could hardly go home for my tuxedo. A dark blue tailored LA Fashion District suit, hung inside a travel bag for last minute business meetings would have to do. Pulling off the road I changed in a coffee house bathroom. From the familiar shape, the restaurant had once been a Denny’s. As I put on the white shirt discarded in the trunk earlier, my senses were beset by traces of Maria from when she wore it on the beach, only skin beneath. A medley of aromas hit me, from fragrant perfume wafting around the neck to musky woman smell saturating the tail. They say olfactory stimulation etches permanent memories on the memory slate in the brain.

A black tie with Windsor Knot completed my attire. Shoes, what about them? I polished the Navy Rockport’s with a rag in the glove box. That would have to suffice. I held off using cologne preferring the essence of Maria.

Trying to contain my excitement I drove evenly past the usual freeway speed trap, over the long-arched Coronado Bridge, and pulled into the Hotel’s driveway. Not knowing where this night was leading, my route avoided valet parking as my car coasted into a spot reserved for employees. My friend Jim was well acquainted with the owners. It was conceivable he could have planned the arrangements. A faint memory of glasses tinkling, an indistinguishable roar of voices as background noise tinkled my brain but I was not sure if this was my original dream. If the call may have been placed at the swanky hotel they would already be there. Why had the message been labeled old?

My watch denoted the dinner hour had passed. How long had I snoozed? Walking up lighted concrete steps, I passed through a side door and proceeded to the bar away from the entrance housed in a repurposed sign-in nook. The space was jammed and I did not recognize anyone. Circling the barroom twice, pushing and excusing myself, a keen eye searched for a familiar face. I had no luck.

My attention was drawn to a beautiful woman in a red dress with curves that could put Jessica Rabbit to shame, one thigh exposed above the knee. Her dark hair was gathered into a messy bun, a few strands cascading along her face, copper cheeks rosy with blush. As she slid off a stool, her height juxtaposed with other standing patrons gave her away. I could scarcely believe my eyes. The stunning lady waivered, having difficulty with her balance and turned to steady herself. I watched her profile seeking answers. Could this heavenly creature be my soulful playmate? “Wow, Maria! Is that you?”

Love bites I had given her that day would prove her identity. The test was inconclusive as red fabric mesh covered the neckline, shoulders, and arms. The effect was slimming. Aphrodite did not see me yet. Strolling up her from behind, I touched her hand and felt the pinky ring, Eureka, Maria in the flesh, real, yet not real.

Recognition sparkled in cobalt eyes as we embraced. As held her my eyes watered, for a second escort bayan time today, this tear for joy. Taking her hand to pull away from the throng caused her to stumble. “I’m not used to these heels,” she giggled, “pardon me but I’m so high, not sure if it’s the gummies or pure excitement. I feel like the prom queen.”

My arms swooped her up, carrying my companion to a sofa away from the bustle to sit on a couch in a far corner. An echo of my dream, Maria sat against my legs, only now gravity tipped her over. We both fell on the carpet in a fit a laughter.

Maria on top, I smoothed away loose locks, and she smiled as I pulled her down. Eyes wide open, we each instinctively turned our heads to the right, puckered and met, moving slowly, my tongue sliding, gliding, along her smooth warm lips, waiting for submission, permission to enter. Her lipstick moistened my chapped, rough, dry surface. Lost in the moment, surrounding distractions faded and blurred.

“I see you found each other,” came Jim’s familiar voice. As Maria sat up bashfully a string of saliva stretched and fell. Eva blotted smeared lipstick as Jim put out his hand to me to help hoist us to our feet. The girls put their heads together as though they were sharing a conspiracy. Among whispers and head nods I could clearly see Maria mouth, ‘OK,’ before they hugged like old friends.

Extending her arm to me as if to shake hands with, “hello, hello stranger,” Maria drew me close to whisper in my ear, “you will have to be our conscience, my brain is cloudy,please be gentle and respectful. And maybe tonight I will be yours.” Maria without inhibitions, almost certain temptation!

Surprisingly, Eva pulled her off me with a reprimand, “save it you two, right now having fun is on the agenda. We are crashing the ball tonight.” The ladies went to the powder room to freshen up.

Jim handed me a scotch on the rocks and explained. “The beautician here at the Hotel Del is my niece. She gave the girls their makeovers and ‘borrowed’ the gowns from the dress shop. They excluded me until the reveal. Don’t be mad when I say Eva looks hot, but Maria is drop dead gorgeous, her dress is practically sculpted around her.”

“That’s OK, keep your attention on Eva. I would be jealous if you paired Maria with someone else.” As I said this, I realized that I would need to temper my spirits. Maria would still go back to her real life tomorrow. Cinderella was a fairy tale.

The cousins were gone five minutes, ten, twenty, I knew it is never a good move to rush a lady who is gussying up. When they did return the first thing Maria did was kick off her pumps, “damn shoes. I would like to see you guys trying to walk in stilettos.” That set off a round of snickers, growing to uninhibited laughter.

“We cannot sneak in unnoticed like this. Why don’t you take Maria outside for fresh air?” Jim offered.

“What have you done to her?” I beginning to wonder about her condition. Stoned, yes, but Maria lacked the proprioception to stay on her feet.

Eva defended, “two drinks, alright maybe four and a few edibles. Maria ate them like candy. I stopped her before she consumed the product, this is expensive shit.”

I spit back sarcastically, “well thank you for protecting your stash.” What to do next?

Jim had the right idea separating the giddy duo. Maria’s bright smile did not mask the glassy look in her eyes. Removing my suit coat to place over her shoulders, we strode down the corridor, turning to the right toward an exit. Thankfully, the hall was empty as we resembled two contestants in a three-legged race.

Outside in the fresh air I led Mary across a grass lawn that would cushion any fall. We headed diagonally to a bench facing a wide view of the sand and surf in the distance. When we reached area, the patio furniture appeared to have seen its better days. There was a new oversized lawn that would do. I sat first and then pulled Maria down beside me in my lap. The position was more comfortable than I would have thought.

More than content she shifted as I held her close, enveloped in my arms. The distant rise and fall of the tide played a lullaby. I could have dwelt there until morning. Watching the stars climb the sky, the peaceful serenity of the night offered solitude. Her body was warm as a distinct aroma layered with the smell of the sea filled my nose. Hands stroked my hair and side on my face. The caress fell into a rhythm before stopping. No movement suggested indecision. Maria was weighing her options when a distant clock clanged the 21st hour in military time. Chilled air forced me to bring her indoors.

We tested her land legs and pleasantly found Maria could walk unaided. Nevertheless, I held her hand to keep her steady. A gentle squeeze affirmed I had done well. The stroll around the green elevated our circulation. We stopped and listened for a distant foghorn. Maybe it was traffic noise from the bridge.

Stepping out of the dark as bright lights from altıparmak escort bayan the hotel fell on us like a spotlight, the bustle of activity from within confirmed the evening was still young. The corridor felt like a hearth fire to warm our bones. Activity at the bar tapered to a few regulars. Not yet ready to close out their tab.

Maria gave me back my jacket as we crept surreptitiously to the ballroom double doors, opened, and joined the party. I removed my Oxfords, as the rubber soles could catch or drag on the flooring. Ruby red slippers were stowed next to them, partially hidden under the tablecloth at a bussing station. We downed two glasses of water each for hydration.

We reached the dancefloor and set out to find our friends. Maria was remarkedly light on her feet. Her head only came to my chest without shoes as we slow danced to the romantic ballads of Cole Porter.

“I feel better now,” voiced Maria as I twirled my princess, pulling her around into me and sweeping her lithe body into me and setting her down, “I’m having fun,” she said, “forget hunting for Eva and Jim.” We fell into a rhythm waltzing around the room.

After bopping to a big band set, sweat soaked my suit. Perspiration had smeared her eyeshadow, running down her face. Exhausted form the constant movement I was pleasantly surprised by Maria’s subtle invitation as “I have my own room. Let’s go up and take a break.”

After a bathroom break, Maria led me to her room on the second floor. The awkward silence in the elevator was masked by audible pants as we caught our breath. The elevator dinged and we set out shoes in hand toward uncertainty. Without hesitation she inserted the electronic room key, opened the door wide, and summoned me to follow.

The room was illuminated through partially open shutters. There was no need to turn on a light. Maria walked towards the closet and turned her back, “unzip me. The dress must be returned in the morning and frankly is weighing me down.” Pulling down the arms I carefully removed her evening dress and hung it up.

Turning toward her, I witnessed a sight to behold. A snowy lace lingerie thong framed her heart shaped booty, well rounded glutes, shaping butt cleavage. Shaking out the last hold from the hairdo, a wild dark mane escaped and spilled over her shoulders. She tilted back to let her full mass lean against me. Preventing me from nuzzling her ear, Maria whirled to sit on a bench placed in front of the bed.

Making eye contact was not easy as I fought against white bustier extended bra top ended well above the belly button. Garters fastening thigh-high stockings, her hairless camel toe barely hidden by sheer pale triangle panties enticed me. Sitting close beside her with legs melded as one reminded me of my now distant dream.

I sat her in a provocative pose in a stuffed chair backlit by the window, “I want a picture to commit to memory, my sexy Boudreau Model.” Twinkling outdoor lights appeared as stars in the viewfinder. I snapped several flash pictures on my phone before she could protest. Anticipating her worries, “I’m only keeping one and in a safe place.”

Pulling up a step stool, I kneeled and began to give her a foot rub. Palms on either side of the right foot, my hands worked from the ankle to the toes in a twisting motion. After less than the count of three her leg pulled away almost kicking me in the face, “I’m ticklish, you made me wet myself.” She stood up, wiggled out of her panties and kicked them aside before taking a seat, “your touch is too light, I’m not made of porcelain.”

My hands went back to work, pulling the right side of the foot forward while pushing the left side back, then pushing the left side of the foot back while pulling the right side forward, ” aah, much better, those tight pumps were painful,” followed by a sigh.

Encouraged by her words, my attention shifted to the other foot, holding the top in one hand, rubbing the length of the arch with fingers of the other. Now I bent the toes back and forth, gently increasing pressure and flexing each piggy. As I repeated this movement, Maria jested, “I have a new weakness, better than sex.”

Finishing off each foot, I placed my thumbs on the toe pads, stroking down while applying moderate pressure to the ball of the foot, all the time pulsing and squeezing along the underside. “You’re hired, maybe I will bring you home, now the legs please.”

More pressure this time I worked on each leg, pressing the tips of my fingers into firm calf muscles. She scooted down in the chair trying to bring her legs closer. My first words during the massage were, “patience, please sit up straight or you will feel this in your back tomorrow.” We shuffled over to the bed, where I laid her back flat against the mattress. I had all night and was thoroughly enjoying the contact.

Both hands massaged calf muscles with long upward strokes. Thumbs, forearms, and heels of my hand applied more compression nilüfer eskort in spots where the muscle felt tight or when I found a knot. The process continued as I moved up the thigh to the hip making sure to include all the muscles in the upper leg.

My senses became alert with almost sweet pungent vapor between her legs. For longer than I could remember, cunnilingus had been one of my favorites. Now I was going to fulfill my fantasy with my favorite woman. Fresh pussy hot out of the oven. Lifting her legs over my shoulders, I grabbed her ass with my hands with the intention of burying my face into her mincemeat pie without abandon, soaking my beard and face in juices.

Knowing her penchant for sexy talk I began “I’m going to eat that pussy like a starving man devouring a meal. Clean the plate, every morsel,” My last words, “I’m going to hog heaven, munching that slop right out of the trough like a dirty little pig,” were cut off in bewilderment by two hands crossed over like a train gates, covering the entrance.

“Stop! My pussy belongs to my husband, to him alone,” she proclaimed.

My brain shouted, ‘for fuck sake,’ while my mouth spoke the words, “OK, let’s take it slow, we have all the time we need.”

Maria jumped up, ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Water running in the sink told me she was masking her activities, especially when I could hear her tiny voice. Who was she talking to? With her phone sticking out from her purse on the lamp table, it must have been herself.

Feeling ashamed to snoop, I tried to extract the iPhone, only to tip over the handbag and spill the contents. A compact, lipstick, eyeshadow and brush comprised the usual make-up kit. Breath mints were joined by a cluster of gummies stuck together, a tampon, and surprisingly, two condoms in wrappers and a tube of lube. Where did those come from? Did Eva slip a few extra supplies for the evening? Deciding to let it be, I announced when she came out, “your purse fell over.”

Wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe, Maria opened the closet to push a pile of lingerie into a mesh bag. Obviously not wearing a stitch underneath, she sat on her feet, gold and silver glinting on her fingers as she gathered her belongings. She abandoned modesty by letting go of her hold on the robe as breasts fell out to reveal their glory.

“Take off your clothes and come sit by me,” she announced while dropping the bathrobe altogether to take a seat on the bench. “All these years when we couldn’t touch each other, what did we do?”

“We touched ourselves,’ I replied while stripping down. Figuring out the lube in her grasp I asked, “why the condom.?”

“Listen and I will explain,” she said as Maria began her story.

“My special girlfriend while growing up taught me a few tricks. Not the girl-girl affair that is probably in your head right now. I will call her Ginger for her red hair, I looked up to her like a big sister. Three years older than me, Ginger was new to the neighborhood. While other girls played with dolls, we played with boys.”

“A shortcut to school passed through a walnut grove on the way to school. Ginger would lead boys off the path to the trees. Using one cloth scarf as a blindfold and another to tie their hands, Ginger would signal me to come out and play. She taught me how to give the perfect hand job, how to squeeze the balls with the left hand while stroking with the right., how to vary the pace, slow to fast depending on his reaction.”

“The only lubricants at the time were Vaseline and Crisco which she carried in her ‘kit.” I learned all about dicks, small, big, skinny, thick, cut, uncut. Their equipment often did not match, short ones with big heads, enormous balls with a tiny cock. The color and texture varied too. My favorite was white and thick, like custard. Prepared for boys who would only last a few seconds, she brought condoms to reduce sensitivity. Ginger taught me to edge, bring him close to orgasm, then back off. We would measure the how far the boys would shoot and how quickly they could get it up again.

“My thrills were anonymous. She saved my reputation while ruining hers. Alas Ginger moved away. My interests changed as reading entered my life, grand adventures, romantic stories, whole new worlds outside my closed community. An English teacher sparked my interests. Bear with me, there is a connection. Mr. Twain, not his real name obviously, would sit back in his chair and read erotic literature, D.H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, while my hands would perform amazing feats on him.”

“I was very young, old enough for school to separate into subjects, but young enough for my classmates to wear braces. I will say no more. We were careful not to make a mess although sometimes I could see from the front row dried remains on his desktop. The summer break ended our tryst, I moved on and afterward we would only nod to each other in the hallway. He refused to make eye contact. I never understood why.”

“Two important loves came into my life, reading and my life partner. You know how important these are to me. My handiwork was retired for better pursuits. Hubby was never satisfied with less than the real deal. Tonight, will be another intimate act for only you. I may be a little rusty, let me know how I’m doing.”

EVENING OF DAY THREE – ANOTHER CHANCE Was this a dream? I now had a face to place with the storybook siren. Following our adventure, Maria could enter Tel’aran’rhiod, the World of Dreams. Losing track of time trying to shake off blue funk, I fell asleep in my car, engine idling while playing favorite songs.…

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