Stuck at Home

Stuck at Home


Alexa woke up to the sounds of muffled conversation in the living room. She rolled over, stretching sleepily, and checked her clock. 6:43. That was not the time her family was usually awake, and the oddity was enough to clear her head of its drowsiness.

Who could that be? The brunette wondered. Dad doesn’t need to get up until seven, and Mom should be awake at eight. Straining her ears, she was able to gather that the voices were male. Now she sat up in alarm, but her eyes were drawn to the door of the room, where someone had put a sticky note in bright blue.

Dear Alexa,

It’s our anniversary today! I wanted to surprise him, so I told him we were going to be out all day. We’ll probably be back way past midnight, so I thought you’d be lonely when you were gone. Luckily for you, Rick and Jeff both volunteered to watch you and the house while we were gone, so you’ll have company. You know where everything in the fridge is, and we’ve pointed it out to them too. Have a good day, darling!

-Mom and Dad

The nineteen-year-old read the note, a grin blossoming on her face as she did so. Uncle Rick and Uncle Jeff were two family friends that she had taken to calling her uncles. They’d been close ever since she was a kid, but lately, she had been getting a different feeling looking at them. Rick was 42, and Jeff was 45, but you wouldn’t know their age from how they acted. Outwardly, that is.

A few weeks after she turned 19, she started looking at them in a different way. Something about Rick’s greying beard, the wise marks on Jeff’s face, began to do things to her she couldn’t explain. At dinners out with them, meeting them at gatherings, even with her parents around, her crotch always ended up wetter and needier than it should be. Their harmless teases, their hands around her shoulders, swirled up fantasies in her head that would drive her to leg-shuddering orgasms when she got home.

And so, she started teasing back. Shorter and more “comfortable” skirts, showier tops and dresses. The compliments from them grew bolder, and so did she, bending over at opportune times, or her hand lingering closer to a growing bulge than it should. Finally, the texting started. Rick had called her bluff first, and she had happily responded with a picture of herself. A group chat was made with the three of them, and slowly, though never in person, she had become theirs, sending nudes at their every command, fucking herself senseless with toys for their pleasure, and enjoying their devotion to her and her body.

And now, finally, she was alone with them. For the first time. She hadn’t even remembered that it was her parents’ anniversary, hadn’t expected them to volunteer to house sit. They had surprised her. All she knew was that she was at their mercy. And she was going to start today by surprising them back.

Quietly, Alexa walked into the bathroom in her room. Stripping off her night clothes, she brushed her teeth and washed herself carefully, trying not to make too much noise. Then, opening her closet, she laid out a few sexy sets of clothing on her bed, ones that her uncles had requested in the past. Some she had even bought, just for them. She settled on a set of lavender-colored lingerie, slightly escort bursa transparent, so that her nipples were just visible, and there was just a hint of pink through the sheer, lacy panties. She then took a pink miniskirt, just barely going past the lingerie. Finally, she took her largest T-shirt, a ragged red one she used for sleeping, and put it on over the whole thing, hiding everything she had put on, but leaving her smooth, long legs on display. That was all she needed to prepare- her pussy was already dripping wet from the moment she’d realized the situation she was in. Leaving the rest of her clothes on her bed, she opened the door (the voices had continued to talk, but died down at the creaking of the hinges), and stepped out to greet them.

“Hey, Uncle Rick. Hey, Uncle Jeff.”

Two heads turned around to behind the couch and stared at their friend’s daughter, her hair still a little frazzled from sleeping, and down at her body, her slight curves and short frame covered by the T-shirt. She shivered slightly as their eyes, almost in unison, roamed up and down her body, hidden though it was.

“Good morning, Alexa!” Rick said, seemingly the first to snap out of his trance, a smile spreading across his face. Jeff quickly followed suit, giving her a nod and a kind smile. “Have your parents told you what’s happening?”

“Yes, Uncle. I guess I’m alone with you guys… all day,” she said, trying to sound nonchalant, but unable to contain a note of excitement in her voice.

Jeff raised an eyebrow. “It seems so. You’ll behave, won’t you?”

The words, and what they seemed to imply, made her shudder even more. “Of course, Uncle Jeff. I’ll do anything you want,” she said with a cheeky smile.

Jeff’s grin grew more crooked as he met her eyes. “Then you should make yourself breakfast. We’ve already eaten,” he said, cocking his head in the direction of the kitchen.

Alexa nodded, walking past the couch to get to the kitchen. “Have you guys eaten already?”

“Yeah, we ate at our homes,” replied Rick. “We’ll be able to find something to eat if we get hungry.”

I’ll bet you will, Alexa thought, biting her lip. She could feel their eyes on her back as she walked into the kitchen. There was still a plate of toast on the dining table, along with a jar of strawberry jam, and it was still pleasantly warm. Good. No need to waste time making more. She quickly spread some on a slice and ate. Unable to wait any longer, she left the plate and walked back into the living room. The sight of Uncle Rick lying on the floor and Jeff standing beside him grinning goofily stopped her short.

“Uh… what’s going on, here?”

“Come find out,” laughed Uncle Rick from the floor. Jeff chuckled, his eyes meeting hers, making her breath hitch. God, she was horny. As calmly as she could, she walked to stand over Uncle Rick.

“So, what am I supposed to be looking a-aahh!”

Alexa gasped in shock as she felt Jeff’s hands on her arms, pulling them behind her. His back pressed up against them, and his hands wrapped back around her, cupping her breasts, as she felt his lips on her neck. That made her moan involuntarily, her back pushing against Jeff as he started playing with her C-cup bursa merkez escort tits. She glanced down as much as she could with Jeff kissing and licking her neck, and Rick was staring intently at her pale legs.

“We heard you loud and clear, babygirl,” Rick said a little threateningly, making Alexa even wetter. “You would do anything we want. I think you know how long we’ve waited to get you to ourselves, don’t you, Lex?”

“Y-yes-ugh!-yes, Rick,” the teen replied, enjoying the rough sensation of Jeff’s stubble along with his lips on her neck.

“Yes, sir,” he corrected.

“Agh-yes, sir.”

“And what’s that I see under your shirt? Jeff, bring her over here.”

Following Rick’s instructions, Jeff broke away from Alexa and lifted her leg, bringing it over Rick so she was standing across Rick’s chest as he lay on the floor. Jeff then pulled up the hem of her T-shirt, revealing the pink miniskirt, and to Rick, the purple lingerie underneath.

“What do we have here, huh? You’ve gone and dressed yourself up all nice for us already. I knew it. You didn’t look just-woken-up as you came out. What a naughty, naughty girl,” chuckled Rick, his eyes not leaving Alexa’s thighs. Jeff continued to pull up her shirt, revealing her matching bra. “Ahh… someone’s been waiting for this moment just as much as us,” Jeff whispered in her ear, as his hands came back around to squeeze her breasts. She arched her back and moaned. As Jeff continued to molest her, Rick sat up so his face was level with the skirt. His hands reached up as well, his left stroking her smooth thighs while his right started to rub the cloth. She moaned again, louder.

“So, our first command,” said Rick, eyes dark and excited, a huge tent forming in his pants. “Tell us what you want.”

Alexa didn’t need any further encouragement.

“P-please… Ahh!-please use me, sir…”

No more words were needed. As soon as the words left Alexa’s mouth, Rick leaned forward, lifting her skirt and giving the panties a good, long lick. At the same time, Jeff’s fingers found her nipples, and started squeezing and rubbing them. The stimulation started sending her senses into overdrive, and the moans came out of her mouth uncontrollably as she stood, unable to move as the two older men pleased her. She could feel Rick’s tongue getting faster and rougher, and Jeff’s dick pressing against her lower back. Already, she was close to cumming.

Suddenly, Rick raised his hand as a signal to Jeff, and grabbed Alexa’s legs, pulling her down as he laid back on the floor. She felt Jeff undo her bra as she did so. Now she was kneeling above his face, only her skirt left on her, her hands finally freed for a moment.

“Pull those down,” Rick said, and she did, exposing her bare pussy to them, nearly dripping onto Rick’s mouth. She could do nothing now but grin widely, looking down at Rick eagerly, her panties stuck barely halfway down her thighs. Rick grinned back as he grabbed her round ass, finally pulling her down onto his waiting mouth.

“F-fuuuuck…” she gasped, Rick’s mouth enveloping her tight pussy. His tongue darted this way and that, sometimes against her clit, sometimes going right bursa yabancı escort inside of her. She came nearly instantly, her mouth opening wide, overcome with bliss and relief. The relief didn’t last, though, as Rick’s tongue didn’t stop during her orgasm, continuing to lap at her pussy and take in her juices. As she stared down at the man who’d been her father’s friend for decades, the man who’d been there for her since she could remember, the man who’d just made her cum the most intensely she ever had, she could be nothing but a delighted mess. Rick was glad at the obvious pleasure on her face, and he gave her ass a few loving spanks, making her pussy grind even harder on him.

As she continued to ride Rick’s face, even as her legs shook from the orgasm, Jeff, who had been standing there watching her be pleasured, came forward, stripping his clothes off as he did. She was still staring at Rick eat her out, so she was surprised to feel hands on the back of her head, roughly thrusting her forward until her lips met Jeff’s cock. She knew what to do at this point; her mouth opened, and her tongue licked and swirled at the tip. This prompted a loud moan from Jeff, who pushed further, his whole cock now in her mouth. His hands reached down, continuing their assault on her tits. Helplessly, she orgasmed again on Rick’s tongue, which did not cease its relentless teasing. Stuck there, she could do nothing but gyrate her hips and move her tongue, as Jeff thrust sloppily in and out of her wet mouth with his hands, fucking her face as she rode Rick’s, all her senses feeling nothing but overwhelming pleasure.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity in heaven, Jeff grabbed her head and shoved his dick down her throat, feeling her throat tighten along his entirety before pulling out and cumming all over her face. The warm, hot cum coating her face sparked her third orgasm of the day, as Jeff said something to Rick and he finally let her go. Her pussy was sore, and her legs could barely move, but Jeff and Rick quickly helped her to her feet and laid her down on the couch, panties still around her knees as her skirt hid nothing. Sighing with relief, she felt another spurt of jizz, this time from Rick, who had been jacking off the entire time he was eating her pussy, land on her chest. She reached up to cup her breast, coating her finger in sperm, which she brought up to her mouth and licked off happily. Rick and Jeff collapsed onto the couch next to her, Jeff entirely naked while Rick still had a polo on. “Goddamn, Lex,” Jeff breathed. “You know how to give two old boys a good time.”

She smiled at that, the cum drying on her face. “Thank you, sir. I’ve been waiting to do that for so long.”

Rick turned to face her. “Let’s give it a rest for a moment, let you recover. But this wasn’t all of what we wanted, though you’ve been a good girl so far,” he admitted, turning on the TV.

She looked around for the wall clock. 7:34. “When are you leaving?”

“Your mom said to expect them back by midnight, so we’ll be leaving at eleven-thirty.”

She sighed contentedly, watching the football match on TV. Not five minutes after it had turned on, she felt a hand move up her skirt and another one on her still-damp breast, caressing her smoothly, and she felt herself getting wetter again.

Yep. It was going to be a long day.


Note: This is my first work, I’m not planning to make this a longer story, but I may add more chapters if there is interest. I hope you enjoyed it.

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