Straight Man Strip Searched

Straight Man Strip Searched


I could see my girlfriend reflected in the mirror and I knew she was checking me out. She was lying on her bed, staring. I liked it. Being observed gave me a thrill. I’m not gay, but I can appreciate that I am a very good looking lad. I am 20 years old, in college, and I am into my sports. I have always been lucky with the girls. Apparently scally, jock lads with blonde hair, wash-board abs and a toned ass from squatting is a magnet to the girls.

We were packing for our first holiday away together as a couple. I’ve never really been known as the boy who got a girlfriend, more the boy who would fuck girls in the back of his car and take them home and then fuck their sister. I stood in front of the mirror in just my tracksuit bottoms, watching her watching me. My cock tingled and I knew, despite her brother and dad being home, I needed a shag. I lowered my tracksuit bottoms and bent over to take them off. I was wearing tight, white CKs and the sweat from the gym earlier made them stick to my ass crack. I knew she wanted it. I turned around, revealing my hard on and she giggled.

“That for me?” She asked.

“Who else?” I mocked. I crawled onto her bed and hovered over her, my penis already wet with precum rubbing against her. She would say we made love. I would say I fucked her. And hard. It wasn’t the best sex we’ve had. As I was really into it, my attention was caught by a photo of my girlfriend and her brother on the wall. He is older than us, 24 and also on the swim team. That is how I met my girlfriend. Why Escort Kartal would I have to think about him while I’m close to orgasm? Now is not the time to remember the time we were getting changed for practise and he was wearing black boxer briefs and he bent over and you could see his ball bag hanging below his ass and – shit, I cum.

I felt grossed out after that. Obviously, it was just a coincidence that I shot my load as I was thinking about my girlfriend’s brother, but it is still fucked up. So I didn’t really want to see him to wave us off. But, there he was. I was holding my girlfriends hand, ready and waiting to leave for the airport and he came over. He had just been the gym – why was he always there? Always working on his tight, muscular body? He smelt of sweat and was wearing grey joggers. Did this freak not have underwear? His cock was visible through his joggers and you could see the head. It was a big bulge and – shit. I’m getting hard. Thinking about penis must have been making me horny for my girlfriend.

I’ve always hated airports. Security is scary, even though you know you don’t have anything to hide. My girlfriend and I got to the front of security and walked through the scanner separately. Of course, mine had to buzz and I was asked to accompany the guard into a small room to the right. My girlfriend was asked to wait on the benches.

“We’re gonna have to do an additional search,” said the guard. He was aged about 43, but clearly looked after himself. He was definitely in the gym a lot and it showed. He came across as such a prick, wearing his guard uniform like a badge of honour; choosing a pair of combat pants that are too small on purpose.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Random routine check,” he said, while patting me down.

His hands were all over me, from the top of me right to my socks. He moved his hands up the in side of my leg and I jumped. Of course I did. It is gay as fuck. This man has his hands all over me.

My jump must have looked suspicious. He said: “I’m going to have to ask you to remove your clothes. I have reason to believe you could be hiding something.”

“what? Fuck off,” I said, “that’s – what? No way!”

“Son, you either remove your clothes and stand with your arms stretched, or you will be denied entry.”

I had no choice. I took my top and tracksuit bottoms off and stood with my back to the guard. Roughly, he manhandled me to stand me up straight and began his patting down again. His hands went slowly from my armpits down to my white underwear. My body was reacting very strangely, and I could see in the mirror that the guard was smiling very sinisterly.

“What’s the matter, boy?” The guard whispered in my ear, so close that it tingled.

“Nothing, why?” I replied. Why was my body doing this? I was getting hard?

The guard’s hands were both on my ass, squeezing it and his fingers pushing up my ass hole through my underwear.

“Some people hide things up their shooter, you see. Just doing my job,” he whispered slowly into my ear.

I was trembling. My cock was oozing. This isn’t right. My sister’s brother is all I was thinking. Imagining him kissing me in the shower. Imagining him fucking me while my girlfriend is in the next room. What is going on?

“Take off your boxies, boy” he said. Smiling.

I didn’t even hesitate. I took them off and he threw them into the dustbin. My rock hard cock bounced free.

“Bend over. I’m not comfortable that I’ve fully checked.”

I bent over the desk, and he shoved two fingers up my ass. It hurt at first. I asked him to stop, but he didn’t. I think he fucked me with his fingers.

“Your hole is so tight that anything could be here,” he whispered.

I felt I had no choice, I began to wank. And I wanked hard.

“Oh yeah, go on boy. Your girlfriend is on the other side of that door and here you are, bent over a table with a married man’s two fingers up your young man ass hole.”

“Stop it”, i moaned.

“You little gay fuck. I saw you a mile off in the queue. Checking the lad out in front of you, while holding your girl’s hands.”

“I’m not gay” I moaned, out of breath.

“Look at you pushing your ass out to me,” he rammed it in further, “I bet you want my cock in there.”

I cummed all over the table in front of me. The guard stood up and smirked. “Nah, you’re good. I’m confident you have nothing to hide – well, apart from the fact that you are a cock slut.”

The guard got my clothes and threw them at me, “get changed. I’m sending your girl in for you.” quickly scrambled my clothes on, confused about what has just happened.

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