Steve , Kit Ch. 02


Since this is Chapter 2, it stands to reason you should go back and read Chapter 1 first. Don’t worry, Chapter 2 will still be here when you get back.


If you’re adamant about jumping right in, I was writing about the summer my cousin Kit and I were 18. It was the summer of 1967 and we were living in East Texas at the time (which was, socially, pretty much the mid-50s anywhere else). Staying with our grandmother for a few days, well, one thing led to another (this is why you should read Chapter 1) and we ended up in her bed discovering the joys of fucking.

Two days before the end of our stay, we’d already plowed through the 12-pack of condoms she’d managed to pick up on an errand into town. Buying more was problematic — Gran lived fifteen miles from the nearest half-a-horse town, and Kit was lucky that when she stepped into the pharmacy, a girl just a few years older than us was behind the counter — and the possibility of pregnancy was unthinkable, so Kit offered me oral sex.

“Offered” is the operative word. Remember, there was no Internet in 1967, and we’d never seen any magazines that might have given us a clue. “Blowjobs” were something we’d only heard about.

Suffice to say that Kit’s first attempt was not only unsuccessful, but made me almost scream out in pain. The thought flashed through my head of having to drive 15 miles into town to ask Doc Darrell — the doctor who’d given me a tetanus shot during an earlier visit ten years earlier and who must be over 100 by now — to put my penis in a splint.

The following night, our last night there, I turned down her half-hearted offer to try again. She stripped off my briefs and began stroking my cock. I responded by pulling off her panties and sinking my fingers into my first-ever pussy. She grabbed my hand and pressed my thumb against her clit, an organ I’d only known by reputation, but I figured out what to do.

I actually made her cum first, but I followed seconds later. Then she turned her body around and brought her mouth near my cock. I stiffened — out of apprehension, not in the good way — and she said “Don’t worry, I only want to taste.”

She licked the cum off the shaft of my cock, then brought her mouth to the head, and lightly sucked off the cum there.

Gradually, she extended her lips over the head, licking the tip with her tongue.

My cock, already sensitive from being jerked off and cumming, was almost hard again.

She sucked it gently.

I started lifting my pelvis, trying to get her to take more of my cock, and she did, very slowly. “Please,” I whimpered.

“Please what?” she said, somehow comprehensible with two inches of cock in her mouth.

“Suck… my… cock.”

She grinned, and took a little more of my cock into her mouth. But slowly, very slowly.

“Suck harder,” I said. “Please!”

Part of me was still apprehensive, after what happened yesterday, but this was torture: wonderful, incredible torture, but torture all the same.

She started sucking harder, really pulling my cock inside of her, and then without any warning, I came. It felt as if I came just as hard as I had a few minutes earlier, though I know that probably wasn’t so.

Kit started choking, coughing out my cum onto my body, and laughing.

And the next thing I knew, she was waking me up. According to the old clock on the dresser, it was a quarter to 5. “You fell asleep,” Kit said. “I must have drained you. And then I wanted to fall asleep next to you. Good thing I woke up before Gran woke up.”

“Yeah,” I said, pulling on my briefs and pajama bottoms and dashing out the door to my own room. Part of me thought I should kiss her before I left — but we knew we weren’t boyfriend-and-girlfriend: we were cousins, who were just wrestling around like we always did. Even though we’d clearly gone well beyond wrestling.


Back home, I could drive a town or two over and screw up the courage to buy condoms — even if somebody recognized me, nobody would suspect I’d be using them with my cousin — but we seemed unlikely to ever get to use them: my mother and her mother were both home during the day. And it’s not as if we could go out on actual dates, parking a car someplace secluded.

I’d somehow believed that once I started having sex, my jerking-off days would be over. I certainly learned better.

And it certainly didn’t help that there was very little to do in our town in the summer but go to the municipal pool, where I’d see Kit in her bikini almost every day.

And she usually hung out with her best friend Theresa, a gorgeous Italian girl on whom I’d had a crush all through high school. Her family was from southern Italy, and her olive-brown skin was as exotic as anybody got in our town in 1967.

At least this meant I could stare at Kit and Theresa and people would only figure I was staring at Theresa. I had a feeling my crush was hardly a secret to anybody in town.

(I’d also believed that once I started having sex, I’d get over my natural shyness with girls)

The escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli closest Kit and I got to anything sexual the first week back was when I stopped by her house to pick her up — she lived between my house and the pool, so we usually walked over together — and she called down to her mother “I’m all ready, but I want to show Steve something. Can you send him up?”

I got upstairs, opened the door to her room, and found her standing there wearing nothing but bikini bottoms, her hands on her hips. “This is what I wanted to show you. Do you like it?”

Did I ever. “You also told your mom you were ready,” I pointed out.

“Whoops. Lied about that one,” she said,” reach for her bikini top.

“Wait,” I said, and walked over to her and gave each nipple a long, sucking kiss, feeling them get swollen and hard.

“Hey!” she said in half-hearted protest.

“Fair’s fair,” I said, stepping back and watching her tie her bikini top in place, enjoying the sight of her nipples poking at the nylon. Hey, if she’s going to leave me horny, I can leave her horny.


We were both decent enough by the time we got to the pool, fortunately. Which was pretty surprising, since we finally discussed what had been on our minds: the fact that we both missed “wrestling” together.

“I do have an idea,” she said. “But it probably won’t work.” And that was all she’d say about it.


Once, at the pool, when I looked over at Kit and Theresa, I saw them looking back at me. Kit said something to Theresa, and they both laughed.

That can’t be good, I thought.


But actually, it was: on the walk back she told me that Theresa’s 19-year-old cousin Paulie who lived outside of Austin, was coming to visit that weekend. He’d met Kit the last time he was visiting, and wanted to know if she’d go out with him Saturday night. He’d have called her himself, but back in 1967 intra-state phone calls cost a small fortune.

(I later figured out the real reason was, he was too shy to call; takes one to know one)

Kit told Theresa her parents might not let go out with an older guy they’d never met; “but if you want to go with Steve, and we make it a double-date, I’m sure they’d be fine with it.”

Best cousin in the world, I thought. “And?” I asked anxiously.

“She thought it was a great idea.


As it turned out, my first date with Theresa took place (sort of) on Friday rather than Saturday: Sammi, a girl Kit had been friendly with in high school, was having an 18th-birthday pool party in the late afternoon, and both Kit and Theresa had been invited. Paulie had already been dropped off at Theresa’s house for the weekend, so Sammi told her she could bring her along. And Kit said something like “Can I bring my cousin too?” and the next thing I knew, I invited as well.

I’d never met Sammi before, but I liked her: she was the youngest in her circle of friends, but seemed a lot younger because she was so short and thin. She reminded me of the Flying Nun, actually. She had what you’d call a bubbly personality and if I wasn’t already “wrestling” with Kit and hopefully starting to date the most beautiful girl in our high school…

And been horribly shy…

Anyway, Theresa’s cousin had her dark coloring and the sort of bad-boy swagger girls seem to fall for –though I could tell from watching him that he was probably as shy as I was, and covering it up; maybe I should affect the bad-boy look.

Yeah, right.

Anyway, Kit certainly seemed entranced by it.

And speaking of “entranced”…

The town pool has a rule against “improper” swimsuits: it’s not completely spelled out anywhere what that means, but every year the pool monitor ends up sending a few girls home to change. And this year one boy who, from what I heard, was wearing a brief-style swimsuit so tight, it looked as if it had been painted on.

A few of the girls here at the party were wearing suits that probably wouldn’t have passed inspection at the town pool: Sammi’s friends Zoe and Beth, definitely. I mean they weren’t obscene obviously — this was a pool party, after all, and Sammi’s parents were around — but they certainly showed off the fact that they were proud of their breasts.

For that matter, I think Kit was displaying a bit more skin than I’d ever seen before our visit to Gran.

I ended up sharing a large beach blanket with Theresa, I guess because this was a pre-date, which was fine by me: even though she wasn’t exposing as much skin as some of her friends, her bright-yellow bikini contrasted with her olive-brown skin in a very sexy way, and clearly held a pair of large, beautiful breasts.

Around 7, Sammi’s dad grilled up a ton of burgers, dogs, corn and whatnot, then he and Sammi’s mom too off for an evening out with friends, making Sammi and her brother Tony promise to clean up the patio before they went to bed, so raccoons wouldn’t come after the leftover escort gaziantep yeni bayan food tonight.

Theresa made a point of stealing as many of my potato chips as she could, as if we were already a couple. I kind of liked that. But when she got to the last chip, I grabbed at it first. She gave me a very fake pout, then said “I’ll trade you a kiss for the potato chip.”

“She must be desperate for that potato chip,” Tony catcalled.

Hell yeah, I’d make that deal. And it wasn’t until halfway through the kiss that I realized this was my first-ever kiss from a girlfriend.

Kevin and Tia, who’d been dating for a few weeks, took a potato chip and placed one end in each of their mouths, intending to do the “Lady and the Tramp sharing a strand of spaghetti and ending in a kiss” thing — but the chip broke and crumbled to the floor, while the rest of us laughed and applauded.

Then Kit pulled Paulie’s face close to hers and gave him a kiss.

I really didn’t want to watch Kit kissing another guy, so I kissed Theresa again. From the corner of my eye, I could see Kevin and Tia locking lips as well. I decided it didn’t get much better than this: warm summer night, the sun just starting to set, making out with your date…

Of course, for Tony and the four girls who were here without dates, it must not have been much fun, and I had a feeling the party was going to break up soon. Then Keera said “Who wants to go back into the pool?”

“I don’t know,” Beth said. “Putting back on a wet, clammy suit…”

“I’ve got a one-piece,” Tia said, “and I don’t know if I can even wrestle it on when it’s damp.”

“I vote yeah,” Sammi said.

“Sure,” Kit said, “you can just go inside and get a dry suit.”

“I’d lend you girls suits,” Sammi said, “but I don’t think any of you would fit into them. Lucky for you.”

“If everybody goes along with it,” Zoe said, “we can swim in our underwear. Just nobody tell anybody afterward, okay?”

“I’m out,” Theresa said. “I didn’t wear a bra coming over here, just my bikini top under my shirt.” Which means I was right about what I’d thought when we kissed: she wasn’t wearing anything under her t-shirt right now.

“Me neither,” Tia said

“Me neither,” Sammi said with a grin, “but that’s because why would I need a bra? So us girls can just leave our t-shirts on. I’m not going to go in to change: I’ll do whatever you do.”

“Sorry guys,” Tia said, “not for me.”

I thought her boyfriend Kevin looked a bit disappointed, missing out on the chance to see all these girls in their wet underwear — he might not have seen Tia in her underwear yet either — but he said “Okay, we’ll go.”

“I’ll ride with you guys,” Beth said.

Nobody was wondering how us guys felt about all this: Tony seemed fine, but Paulie for all his outward bravado seemed as conflicted as I was: not only had no girl other than Kit ever seen me undressed, but I was afraid of embarrassing myself.

The eight of us all stood and looked at one another. It was one thing for the bunch of us to talk about stripping down to our underwear in front of everybody, and another to actually do it. Finally Sammi said “I’ll go first,” took off her sneakers and socks, then slipped her shorts down her legs. Her panties were pink and a little frilly, probably more little-girlie than she’d have worn if she’d known she’d be showing them off.

Kit went next, stripping off her shorts and then her shirt. Her bra covered more skin than her bikini top had, but I was in the room when she’d put it on, so I knew it was much sheerer. So I knew Paulie could see her nipples through the fabric.

Theresa seemed nervous, so I took off my shirt, then my cut-off jeans. And of course, I already had the beginning of a boner, which she immediately noticed.

Theresa made it as easy for me as possible: she pulled off her shorts, then took my hand and jumped into the pool with me. The cool water “settled me down” a bit — but only for a moment because when we jumped in, her shirt billowed out and rose up almost high enough to uncover her breasts.

I put both arms around her, slipping them under her shirt to hold the small of her back, and brought our bodies together for a kiss. This was certainly more assertive and impulsive than normal for me, but I guess I figured the rules are different when you’re chest-deep in the water and almost naked.

She kissed me back, enthusiastically. I ran my hands a little higher up her back, pushing up her shirt enough to expose some of her belly, but nowhere near enough that she had to worry about her breasts showing. I wondered, though, if we’d been alone, whether she’d have let me push up her shirt all the way up and off.

By the time we came up for air (as it were), everybody else was in the pool: Sammy wearing a t-shirt that clung to her slim body, and Kit, Keera and Zoe in their bras. I had no idea whether Keera and Zoe’s bras were as sheer as Kit’s, but Kit probably wished escort gaziantep zayıf bayan she’d kept her t-shirt on.

I could see Kit and Paulie at the other side of the pool, kissing as if they’d been dating for weeks rather than just hours. I pulled Theresa to me for another round, this time slipping my hands down the back of her panties, holding her bare ass. Not only didn’t she seem to mind, she ground against me as we kissed, rubbing her pussy against my cock with just a thin layer of panties and a pair of pretty flimsy briefs separating us.. I suddenly realized that another few seconds of this, and a stream of cum would be floating in the water between us.

Just as I was trying to think of a way out of this situation — a situation I really didn’t want to get out of — Keera said “Listen, guys, Zoe and I are feeling seriously left out here. And since we’re not going to turn lesbian, how about we play King of the Hill?”

Theresa drew a complete blank on that one, and it looked like Paulie did, too.

“Let Zoe and me go first,” Keera said, approaching me while Zoe went over to Kit and Paulie, “and you’ll see how it’s done.”

I knew the game, so I ducked underwater, Keera settled onto my shoulders, and then I stood up again. Across the pool, Zoe was explaining to Paulie what to do, and on the second try she got properly onto his shoulders. Paulie and I both walked to the center of the pool.

“Basically,” Keera explained, “if I can knock Zoe off Paulie’s shoulders and into the pool, we win. In the unlikely event she knocks me down, they win.”

And then we started, Paulie and I maneuvering as best we could, mostly trying to keep supporting our fighters, while the girls tried to dislodge one another.

It was pretty hard to ignore the fact that an almost-naked girl was on my shoulders, her pussy rubbing against the back of my neck. And that Zoe’s bra, now that it was wet, was close to transparent.

In the end, the round ended when Zoe twisted wildly to avoid Keera’s grasp, which made Paulie stumble and drop her.

Now Theresa climbed onto my back, and Kit onto Paulie’s. Kit’s bra was as transparent now as Zoe’s, and when she saw me looking, she smiled and thrust out her chest.

And then before anybody said “go,” Theresa reached forward and gave Kit a shove. Kit and Paulie managed to keep their balance, and Kit grabbed Theresa’s t-shirt, as if trying to throw the t-shirt, if not Theresa herself, in to the water.

Theresa smacked Kit’s hands away, then swung her hand if she were trying to slap her (and might have succeeded, if I hadn’t stumbled backward). Paulie and I were too startled to do the obvious thing, back away from one another so our girlfriends and cousins would stop fighting one another. These girls had been best friends for years; what the fuck…?

Regaining my balance, I got close enough to Paulie for Theresa to reach across and grab Kit’s bra, hard enough to break the snap and pull it right off her. Almost naked in front of her friends, Kit was less embarrassed than angry, lunging forward at Theresa so violently, Paulie fell forward, face-first into the water.

I tried to catch Kit, which of course ended with me and Theresa getting knocked down as well, the four of us hitting the water together in a series of bone-on-bone contacts that would leave us all with bruises by the following morning. By the time I’d de-tangled myself from Paulie (not a position I’d particularly wanted to be in), Kit had lunged at Theresa, grabbing the neckline of her t-shirt with both hands and ripping it off her, at the same time smacking Theresa’s head against the surface of the water.

You know, two girls getting into a catfight and pulling one another’s clothing off looks sexy as hell in a movie or something; but when it’s happening in front of you in real life, it’s scary as shit.

I stepped over to Kit and wrapped my arms around her, to keep her from going after Theresa again. It looked like Paulie was doing the same with his own cousin. “Maybe we should go home. Come on, I’ll go with you.” Not that I particular wanted to go, when I could stay in the pool with the most beautiful girl in our school, who was almost naked to boot, but I thought Kit would be better off out of here.

She pushed herself away from me. “You’re not my boss,” she said hotly, then grabbed Paulie’s arm and led him back to the other side of the pool.

Theresa came back to me and put her arms around me. I barely had time to notice her naked breasts before they were pressed against my own chest. She was kissing me wildly, her tongue deep inside my mouth (a new experience for me), grinding her crotch against mine.

Dizzy with excitement (and I suppose the rush of blood leaving my brain for lower regions), I decided to push my luck by pushing my hand between our bodies and cupping her naked breast. She moaned, still not breaking the kiss, and slipped a hand inside the waistband of my briefs, grabbing my cock.

That lasted for maybe five seconds before I shot my load all over her hand. My knees grew weak for a moment, and I had to stop kissing her. Two small clouds of cum floated up to the water’s surface. Theresa smiled at me, took my hand, and told me to come with her. We left the pool, and I followed her into the house and upstairs to Sammi’s bedroom. Both of us dripping water in our wake, and each of us wearing nothing but a single piece of wet, almost-transparent underwear.

Since this is Chapter 2, it stands to reason you should go back and read Chapter 1 first. Don’t worry, Chapter 2 will still be here when you get back. * If you’re adamant about jumping right in, I was writing about the summer my cousin Kit and I were 18. It was the summer…

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