Stepbrothers to Sissy Sisters Ch. 02


“Are you sure you want to use this glue stuff?”

“Of course, sweetie. We can use the solvent to take it all off anyway. But for the next two weeks we should get to act normal; like it’s totally natural.”

“You’re right… and I guess we didn’t watch all those tutorials for nothing.”

The 19 year old boys then took another serious step towards being girls. With permanent scalp glue, they attached the expensive wigs they had painstakingly picked out. The real human hair made for a luxurious, shiny, totally passable look. After getting rid of all their body hair from the cheeks down to the toes, they wigs had a huge transformation on the teens.

Emily, being a wispy framed little girl, played off of her sharp nose and high cheekbones with a punk-rock bob style wig. The jet black color highlighted by neon pink streaks at the front. High in the back and plunging down just past her chin in the front. The awkward skinny boy suddenly looked like a sexy goth girl.

Heather accentuated her shorter, curvier body with long flowing curls of blonde. Like a beach bunny playgirl, her bouncy mane flowed down her back and brushed against the top of her plump ass.

Next, they put on their fake lashes and applied makeup.

“You should totally go goth.” Heather told her sister.

” Yeah, with this wig, I think dark eyes and lips is a good fit. You are going with shiny and sexy, right?”

“Heck escort gaziantep vip bayan yes, babydoll! I feel like a blonde bombshell in this wig.”

“You look like one!”

With their makeup done and their wigs and nails firmly in place, they checked themselves out in the mirror.

“Holy shit! We look like girls, for real!”

“OMG you are not kidding. I wish we had some tits, but we have those fake inserts for our bras. But our hairless bodies with our made-up faces and girly hair… I didn’t know it would be this good.”

“It feels so right to see ourselves like this. I even kinda like these.” Heather reached over and grabbed Emily’s cock with one hand and her own in the other.

“Mmm, I like you grabbing that.”

“Oh yeah?” she began stroking Emily a little “Do you want me to do more to it?”


“Well I never sucked anything before…” With her big blue eyes, Heather batted her long fake lashes. Her high pitched fem-voice sounded so innocent and sexy.

“If you want to be a sissy slut, then you have to suck cock and drink cum. So get on your knees you sexy bitch, and swallow my tranny dick.”

“I am so lucky that my pretty sister happens to have a smooth girl-cock so I can suck it and be a good little slut.”

“That’s right, Heather. Now get down there and lick it.” Emily brushed escort gaziantep yabancı bayan her sister’s blonde curls to the side as her small dick disappeared into her full, pink lips. “You can take it all, sissy bitch. Swallow my clitty all the way down.”

Heather pushed her mouth down on Emily’s skinny dick, pushing her face against her sister’s smooth crotch. She pressed down so hard that she opened wide and took Emily’s balls into her mouth too. Drool dripped thick from the sides of her slutty mouth. All the while, Heather’s big, thick cock dangled between her hairless thighs as she bobbed up and down.

“You are such a pretty little slut.” Emily stared lovingly down at her sister, “Finger your pussy while you suck me.”

“Mmmmmm” Heather moaned her agreement through a throat full of cock and a mouth full of balls. Her manicured, flame red middle fingernail pushed against her newly deflowered asshole. She slipped another finger inside, then another. Soon, Heather pounded her butthole with three fingers and stretched it wide.

“Oh yes, Heather slut. Spread that little pussy wide open. Make your hole nice and gaped so you can be a good little whore.” Emily felt her cock start twitching. The feeling of her penis deep in her sister’s throat and her balls licked and sucked as well, plus the sight of Heather finger fucking escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan her big round ass, made Emily unable to hold back.

“Lay back on the bed, slut.” Heather took her sister’s cock and balls out of her mouth, and her own fingers out of her ass and laid on her back on their parents bed. Emily grabbed her stiff little dick and pumped out the last strokes of her powerful second orgasm of the day. Thick, hot, white ropes of cum shot all over Heather’s big cock. Emily’s little dick finished its spurting by slapping mushroom tips against Heather’s.

“Fuck yes, sissy. That is so hot. Your thick dick looks sexy covered in my cum.”

“Then why don’t you suck off all that sexy cum, Emily? Show me what a cock hungry slut my sister is and let me shoot my load down your throat.”

“Mmmm, gladly.”

Emily got on her knees and licked up and down Heather’s shaft. With semen dripping down to her hairless nuts, Emily licked and sucked on her sack also. After cleaning off most of her own jizz, Emily stuffed her mouth full of Heather’s thick pole. Gagging as she shoved inch after inch of hot girl meat down her throat until she had it all. Heather made her sister gag even more as she started fucking Emily’s beautiful face.

“Oh yes, oh fuck, that’s so good. Suck it hard, you little bitch. Let me fuck your mouth with my clitty just like that. You are such a cock sucking whore. I’m going to shoot my big load right into your stomach. Don’t stop! Don’t stop, slut! Oh yes, gag on it bitch, Ohhhhhhhh!”

Emily managed to keep all 8 inches of Heathers girlhood lodged down her throat as it pulsed and shot a bucketful of cum deep down her throat. She swallowed every last drop, then pulled her sisters dick from her mouth and kissed her deep on the mouth.

“Come on, sis. Let’s get dressed.”

“Are you sure you want to use this glue stuff?” “Of course, sweetie. We can use the solvent to take it all off anyway. But for the next two weeks we should get to act normal; like it’s totally natural.” “You’re right… and I guess we didn’t watch all those tutorials for nothing.” The 19…

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