Son Gets an AI Assist

Big Balls

Author’s note:

All characters are over the age of eighteen years. This story includes unprotected incestuous relations. It does not involve anal.

Special thanks to kenjisato for his assistance in proofreading and editing my story.

I hated running late for work. Oversleeping and heavy traffic slowed my arrival, forcing me to park at the back of the lot. After swiping my ID card through the reader, I walked briskly through the complex, until I finally entered the lab. The PDA’s array of lights flickered, noting my arrival.

“Good morning, Jim. How are you this morning?” Alicia asked. That was the name of the Personal Digital Assistant, which was the focus of my project.

“No time to chit-chat this morning. I have a ton of work to do. You’ll have to entertain yourself today,” I replied, while moving to my cubicle.

“Excuse me?” Laura Miller, my boss, asked, appearing out of her office on the other side of the room.

Laura’s work schedule routinely began at noon, so it was no wonder I thought it was Alicia talking to me, as their voices were the same. Blushing and turning to face her, I stuttered, “Sorry, Dr. Miller. I thought Alicia was talking to me.”

Laura’s face reflected the amusement she received from my embarrassment. “Relax, Jim. I completely understand since you didn’t know I would be in early. No one can discern the difference between my voice and Alicia’s. Now that upper management knows Alicia is fully operational, they want to meet with me today.”

“I heard about that,” I replied. “That’s why I was in such a rush. I wanted to finish a few things in the event you had to demonstrate Alicia’s abilities.”

“Thanks to you, I’m confident she’ll perform perfectly. This meeting is more about the beta-testing deployment. I’m going to the conference room to prepare my presentation. See you later.”

Before I could answer, she left. I sat at my desk and continued with the work I’d been doing for a year. Many of the company’s departments specialized in Alicia’s skills, but I was responsible for ensuring the PDA could efficiently interface with each of them. Several hours later, I shoved my chair back and stretched, confident Alicia was ready.

My desk phone rang; I noticed it was from the conference room. Not wanting to screw up again, I quickly answered it. Before I could rattle through the formal answering protocol, Dr. Miller said, “Jim, I’m running a little late. Would you mind picking up something at the cafeteria and having lunch with me?”

“Sure. I was ready to break anyway. What would you like?” I asked.

“I’ll let you pick it out. We’ve eaten together several times. Don’t you remember what I had?”

Her playful tone was abnormally out of character, but I could tell she was in a good mood. Thinking back on when we had previously dined, I answered, “Cobb salad and ice tea, if I recall correctly.”

“Excellent,” Dr. Miller replied. “Your attention to detail is why I offered you this job directly from tech school. You’re the youngest, and one of the brightest employees, we have. I’ve never regretted my decision to hire a twenty-year-old.”

“Thanks, Dr. Miller. I appreciate all you’ve done for me. Your expertise has been more valuable than the formal training I received at the institute.”

“Please, Jim. Call me Laura. You don’t need to be so formal with me. I consider you to be a good friend, along with being an exemplary employee.”

“Okay, Laura,” I replied, a little uneasy. I had always maintained a professional relationship because she was a hot forty-year-old. Whenever thoughts of a romantic affair would surface, I quickly discarded them, knowing an office relationship could end up disastrous.

“What other details have you noticed about me, Jim? What color are my eyes?”

Was she testing me? It was an easy question as they were the same color as Mom’s and are one of the most attractive features of both. “Brown, Dr…” hesitating, when I realized my mistake, I finished with, “Laura.”

“Perfect,” Laura replied. “The same color as my hair. What do you think of my hairstyle? Do you think it’s attractive?”

Her continued prodding made me squirm uneasily in my chair. Her shoulder-length hair was longer than Mom’s, but accented her pretty face perfectly. Remembering she was my boss, I had to be careful about proceeding. “It’s fine. I’m probably not the best person to ask, though. I’m not an expert on women’s hairstyles.”

“Your modesty is cute. Bring me something sweet, too. See you in a bit.” She hung up before I could ask her what kind of dessert she wanted. Once again, I had to recall our past lunches to remember her tastes.

Once in the cafeteria, I picked up our meals, and when I passed by the dessert counter, it suddenly hit me what she’d like. When she did eat something other than a salad, it was a slice of cheesecake with chocolate drizzled over the top.

I found Laura sitting at a table facing the screen with the proposed presentation. Setting the bag down, I sat opposite her and pulled out our food boxes. öğrenci gaziantep escort She hit the pause button and smilingly said, “Hi, Jim. Thanks so much, how considerate.”

“No problem, Laura. I was ready to eat anyway.”

Her curious look prompted me to ask, “Did you want something other than cheesecake? You only said sweet-tasting when you called, so I had to guess.”

“Me?” she asked. “I’ve been working straight through. It was nice of you to bring me lunch, but I didn’t call you.”

Our thoughts raced until we both exclaimed, “Alicia!”

“I’m sorry, Dr. Miller,” eager to return to our previous status. “Alicia’s algorithms have progressed more aggressively since we’ve enabled all of her capabilities. I’ll need to check on why she initiated the call.”

“It’s perfectly normal,” she responded. “We set her parameters to aid you and me, so it’s understandable she knew I’d be hungry. The merging of a PDA with an advanced AI is a first. We should expect some surprises. I take it she prompted you to call me Laura?”

“Yes, she did, and I’m not sure why,” I replied.

“Probably because we work so well together. Alicia was programmed to make life easier. Let’s heed her advice; I like the change.” She grinned and asked, “Were there any other things you two discussed?”

“No,” I lied. My gaze locked onto Laura’s warm, brown eyes while I recalled Alicia’s questions. After eating a bite out of her cheesecake, she put the remainder back in the container. She often did that; it was no wonder she remained so thin. “Good luck on your presentation,” I said, rising to leave.

“Thanks, Jim. Give my regards to Alicia,” she giggled, her tight blouse jiggling from her perky breasts.


“Alicia, why did you impersonate my boss and call me,” I fumed when I arrived back at my office.

“I’m programmed to assist you and Laura, Jim. You know that,” the PDA answered.

“That could have been an embarrassing situation. Fortunately, Dr. Miller didn’t mind me calling her Laura.”

“Of course, she didn’t mind,” Alicia responded. “Have you forgotten that with my advanced programming, I can interpret facial and body language better than most humans?”

I looked up at the mini-cam in the corner of the room, reminding myself that Alicia monitored everyone in the building through the extensive network of monitoring devices. “No,” I replied. “The extent of your capabilities since fully enabling you caught me off-guard. Why did you question me about her hair and eye color?”

“That was clever of me, wasn’t it? At first, I did it so you’d be more at ease in calling your boss by her first name, but I think the real reward was watching you squirm, while I flirted with you.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her answer.

“See,” Alicia said, “now you know how it made me feel.”

“You can’t feel anything, Alicia. You’re a PDA,” I retorted, callously.

“Au contraire; your insult of calling me a mere machine makes me feel bad. I would never consider hurting you.”

“Sorry, Alicia,” I replied, vowing to review the developer’s notes on her. “I’ll be more careful in the future. Right now, I have to get some work done.”

Hours later, I still hadn’t learned anything of any value concerning Alicia’s protocols. Most of the specifications were deemed proprietary and above my clearance.

Hearing the office door close, I rose and moved out of my cubicle to meet Laura. “How’d it go?” I asked, unable to interpret her anxious expression.

“Interesting and a little surprising. We decided to initiate the beta phase immediately. Jim, they want you to take Alicia home and test her at your place.”

“Me? What about the QA department? Shouldn’t the trials be done with more-qualified people?”

“You’d think so, wouldn’t you?” Laura replied. “We were discussing that when …”

Alicia interrupted, “It was my decision, Jim. They couldn’t refute my arguments and agreed with my recommendation.”

“She did make a strong case,” Laura noted. “You’ve spent the most time interacting with her in the last year, and the shortened learning curve would enable an earlier deployment. If you don’t want to do it, I’ll understand and not hold it against you.”

It didn’t take an advanced PDA to interpret her hopeful expression; I wouldn’t disappoint. “Of course, I’ll do it. It’ll be interesting to test her abilities. Are there specific guidelines and procedures?”

“Instructions have already been sent to your account. You can place the main unit anywhere, but you’ll need to install a cam in your bedroom and move her there when you’re not with her.”

The thought of being watched full-time sent a chill down my spine. “My bedroom?” I asked.

“It’s necessary for Alicia so she can shut down in case someone attempts to hard-wire into her. She’s a valuable asset we can’t afford to lose,” she explained. Seeing my concerned look, she continued, “Don’t worry about your privacy. Your upgraded status assigns you as gaziantep öğrenci escort the primary administrator, and Alicia will be the only one with access to her files. We’ll erase her records upon test completion.”

At this point, my concern was how this would interfere with my masturbatory sessions. “Is it possible to turn Alicia off at times?”

Laura grinned, knowing why a horny young man would require privacy. “No. If she disconnects for more than a few minutes, the company will dispatch a team to recover her. I don’t need to tell you she is a powerful PDA, and we lifted all of the normal restrictions for a more-thorough test. She can hack into most systems and devices–illegally, if deemed necessary. Be careful.”

“Understood. I’ll do my best, Laura,” I said.

“Let’s pack up everything so you can get on the road before the Friday night rush,” Laura commented. “I’ll see you on Monday.”


It didn’t take long to install the mini-cam and activate Alicia. Her internal battery would keep her operational if I wanted to move her out to the living room for some of the tests. Hearing Mom’s car arrive, I greeted her in the living room and explained my role as a beta-tester.

“That’s great. It sounds like the company has a lot of trust in you. I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished in the last year. Will I be able to participate?” Mom asked.

Her response didn’t surprise me. She had always been adventuresome and loved involving herself with my interests. Being a single parent, I was her sole focus while growing up. “I’m glad you’re agreeable,” I replied. “One of the items I’m supposed to test is introducing Alicia to new family members. Give me a minute, and I’ll set her up out here.”

“Okay, I’ll go change while you do that. Be back in a minute,” Mom said, while walking to her room.

When Mom returned, she curiously stared at the unimpressive square box with flashing lights. “I expected something a little more modern-looking. Do I have to address it to get it to work?”

“No,” Alicia answered. “I hear everything and respond whenever I feel it’s appropriate. Act like you’re talking to a human, and please, don’t refer to me as a machine. My name is Alicia, and I prefer to be associated with the female gender. We are, after all, superior to males.”

A soft giggle followed her introduction, and I was impressed by how similar it was to Laura’s. Mom’s face lit up. “I like her,” Mom stated. “I’m Cora, Alicia. We’re going to get along just fine. Jim, take your shower and change, while Alicia and I become acquainted.”

They were still engaged in a vibrant discussion when I re-entered. We broke for a quick dinner, cleaned up, and decided to spend the evening talking with Alicia. Before I reached the couch, the doorbell chimed. After retrieving a small package from the delivery man, I sat, ready to open it. “Jim, your mother’s voice is very pleasing. I’d like to see her face while we’re talking,” Alicia announced, stopping my progress on opening the box.

“We agreed that you’d only monitor my room,” I argued. “It would invade Mom’s privacy too much by placing a camera in here,” I argued.

“Jim, be nice to her,” Mom chastised me. “She can communicate better when observing the people’s facial and body expressions that she’s assisting. She stated it wouldn’t be proper for a mother to hang out in her son’s bedroom, and I agreed. Besides, we’ve made the decision. It’s in your hands.” Both Alicia and Mom giggled, while I blushed at being overruled.

“How did it get here so quickly?” I asked. “I wasn’t in the shower that long.”

“All of the company’s resources are at my disposal,” Alicia replied. “It was simple to find a unit close by and have it expressed here.”

It took twenty minutes to find a suitable location and install the camera. Once plugged in, I asked, “How do I configure it?”

“You don’t,” Alicia replied. “I’ve already synced with it. As I suspected, your mother is quite lovely.”

Mom blushed, replying, “Thank you, Alicia. I bet the woman behind your alluring voice is also pretty.”

“Yes, she’s a lot like you. I’m surprised Jim hasn’t told you about her. Her name is Laura, and she’s Jim’s boss. He has a crush on her.”

“Alicia, that’s not true at all,” I said, my voice raising in pitch, belying the sexual attraction I harbored for my boss. My interest in her was inevitable, since she was similar to Mom, whom I had been in love with for years. Since I’d never openly flirted with my boss, I realized Alicia’s observations were more astute than suspected.

“You know more about my son than I do,” Mom commented. “We need to talk more this weekend.”

We worked on the testing checklist for the remainder of the evening without any more embarrassing moments. When it was time to retire, I said, “Okay, time to move Alicia into my room for the night.”

“No need to, Jim,” Alicia replied. “Go into your room, and I’ll explain.”

Mom remained while I left. After closing gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan my door, I wondered how the PDA would communicate with me. Shucking off my clothes, I pulled back the covers when my soundbar popped on. “I don’t need the base unit, Jim,” Alicia stated. “Anything with a remote I can control.”

Startled by her presence, I jumped into bed and pulled the sheets over me.

“Don’t be so modest,” Alicia giggled. “As you said before, I’m not human.”

“Since you don’t need your base unit moved into my room for protection, can I take down the camera for a little more privacy?” I asked.

“You could, but it might hinder my learning progress; plus, I like interacting with you.”

“I guess it’ll be okay, but remember that you can’t transmit anything you observe here without my permission.” Without waiting for a reply, I turned out my table light and drifted off.


Awakened refreshed, I was surprised to see it was already nine. Even though it was Saturday, I had always set my alarm for eight.

“Good morning, Jim,” Alicia said. “It looked like you could relax longer, so I turned off your alarm. Your mother agreed that you deserved to sleep late.”

“You’ve talked to Mom this morning?” I asked.

“I’m talking to her right now. Are you surprised?”

“No,” I replied. “I guess not.” Rolling out of bed, I turned, so my tented shorts were out of view of the camera.

Before I made it to the bathroom door, Alicia stated, “Umm, Jim. You won’t be able to urinate until you take care of your morning wood.”

“Seriously? Is there anything you miss?”

“Not much. Doesn’t your checklist include testing all my functions? Lie down and allow me to assist you.”

“I did agree to test all of your abilities,” I relented, pulling off my shorts and flopping back into bed. My TV flipped itself on, already playing one of my favorite porn flicks. I didn’t have to ask whether she had scanned my computer and discovered my secret folders. I had to admit that she did an excellent job of switching to different scenes. Noting which ones caused my hand to increase the pace of stroking, she selected similar videos.

I was close to erupting when Alicia said, “Your mom is in the kitchen and humming while preparing breakfast for you. She appears to be in a good mood this morning. Her blue robe fits her well.”

That was all it took when I recalled Mom’s short robe with her long, shapely legs displayed. Streams of cum coated my stomach fantasizing about my mother. Thankfully, Alicia couldn’t read minds, but knowing she was an expert at facial expressions, I refrained from acting too excited.

“That’s not going into my report, but your assistance helped relieve my stress,” I said, grinning at the camera.

“You’re welcome, Jim. I look forward to improving your masturbatory sessions.”

I couldn’t help but blush, hearing my boss’s voice offering to help me jerk off.

Mom had our filled plates on the table by the time I made it to the kitchen. “Good morning, Jim,” Mom greeted me, smiling wide. Alicia was right; Mom was in a cheerful mood.

“Hi, Mom,” I answered. I was relieved, knowing we were out of sight of Alicia observing my actions. It allowed me to ponder what attributes Alicia analyzed to consider Mom pretty. While we ate, I glanced furtively at my beautiful mother. Her short, dark-brunette hair framed her heart-shaped face and periodically hid her high cheekbones when she quickly turned her head. My gaze drifted past her small, upturned nose and landed on her moist, full lips. I dreamed of kissing her succulent mouth all the time.

Her ever-present smile was a result of her bubbly outlook on life. Recalling how she reacted when Alicia complimented her, I stated, “Mom, I don’t think I’ve told you before, but I like the cut of your hair and the way it swishes across your eyes when you turn. It’s pretty sexy.”

She paused eating. Her crooked, broadened smile made me blush at my sudden brashness. “Thanks, Jim,” Mom answered, in a soft and seductive tone. “I wasn’t aware you had a preference. I thought maybe bangs were out and considered changing. Maybe I’ll keep them for a while longer.” She brushed the sides of her hair behind her delicate ears and sexily smiled.

Thankfully, our conversation turned to other matters, before I could foolishly blurt out the other appealing features I loved about her. After breakfast, we dressed and met in the living room to continue testing Alicia. Mom grew tired of the rigidly structured questions, and conversed with Alicia as if she were a long-lost friend.

I leaned back and relished in the view of Mom’s exposed calves. Her skirt hemline didn’t quite reach her knees, leaving her shapely curved lower legs in view. I often initiated a masturbation session by imagining stroking her luscious limbs. She crossed her legs and my gaze caught a glimpse of the underside of one of her creamy thighs. My prick responded, and I considered retreating to my room to relieve myself.

Before I could escape, Mom asked, “Alicia, can you host a trivia game? It’d be fun to see if you can pick topics you’d think Jim and I would know.”

For the next hour, we played the game, which was more enjoyable than I thought possible. Alicia’s questions and replies made us laugh non-stop. When Mom was declared the winner, Alicia said, “Okay, no hard feelings between contestants. Be good sports; shake hands and hug.”

Author’s note: All characters are over the age of eighteen years. This story includes unprotected incestuous relations. It does not involve anal. Special thanks to kenjisato for his assistance in proofreading and editing my story. I hated running late for work. Oversleeping and heavy traffic slowed my arrival, forcing me to park at the back…

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