Something’s Aren’t Taught in School

Something’s Aren’t Taught in School

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By day, Ginny was the prim and proper first grade teacher at the local elementary school. By night, she was his nasty whore.

Maybe it was because no other man in town could bring himself to defile their child’s teacher. Or maybe she was just sick of dealing with a daily grind punctuated by innocence and Sesame Street.

He didn’t care. As long as she kept his balls empty, and did what she was told, he was happy to give her what she wanted.

Several times a week, she would remove her skirt and flouncy blouse uniform for him, and he would make her beg him to do really bad things to her. No matter what his mind conured, she always eventually did it, as her need to be dirty won out over her sensibilities.

Tonight, he was planning on breaking new ground.

“Take off your clothes, Ginny.”

“Can’t you do it, please? ” she asked, giving him the smile that probably made the kiddies all go running to their seats for her.

“Why should I be the one to do it?” he snickered. “You’re the one at my house asking to be fucked.”

He watched as she stripped out of her knee length, white cotton skirt (which had an ink stain), and her rose-speckled top.

“Get down on your knees,” he commanded her, and watched as she dropped.

Walking up to her, he reached behind her head and removed her hair clip, allowing her honey brown tresses to spill down over her shoulders.

He cleared his throat, letting her know that he wasn’t going to be patient with her. In response, she did as she had been trained. In no time, she had his erect cock pulled from his fly.

He never took his clothes off when they were together.

“You know how I like it,” he gave her a crooked smile.

She licked her lips to wet them, and then slid his cock all the way to the back off her mouth, holding it there, and swirling her tongue, round and round.

“All the way,” he told her, voice low. “Don’t you make me do it for you…”

Ginny looked up at him as she pushed herself all the way down on his cock. He sighed as he felt it pop into the back of her throat. With a hand on each of her ears, he held her there, until she began fidgeting with need for air, and tears began welling in her pretty blue eyes.

He pulled out to let her catch her breath, and then grabbed her hair and pushed her face lower, onto his balls. “Clean them.”

Her sweet little tongue flicking all over his nuts felt like heaven.

“What would the parents say if they saw you now?” he asked, voice ripe with condescension. Ümraniye Escort “Would they go to the principle, and clamor to have you removed, because you are a bad influence on their children? Or, how many fathers do you think would have you bent over your desk taking their turn, at next parent-teacher conference?”

He pulled her head back by her hair, and waited for a reply.

“All of them?” She answered the last of his questions in her quiet, inside voice.

“And you’d deserve it, too.” He lifted her by her hair, and led her over to the dining room table. “They’d bend you over just like this…” He pushed the small of her back forward, until her body rested over the wood surface.

He watched in amusement as her hips began to wiggle, anticipating a fucking. “What’s this, Miss Ginny?”

He tried her cunt with his index finger, and found it sopping. “What kind of woman are you, already wet thinking about a line of daddys waiting to pump their cocks into you?”

He stared at her glistening pussy, and found himself wondering if all dirty little teachers shaved themselves bare.

Laid out in front of him, she moaned, and pushed back against his hand.

He worked a second finger in beside the first, and began slowly fucking her with them. “Tell me, Miss Ginny…you’d want to take all their cocks, wouldn’t you?”

When there was no reply, he reached between her legs with his free hand and pinched her clit until she yelped. “Answer me, Ginny. You’d want them all to use you, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes. Oh, yes,” she groaned, moving her hips in time with his fingers.

“I’ll tell you what,” he said, slipping in a third digit into her tight little box, “I don’t think you deserve any of those good men’s cocks. They don’t know it, but you’re a fucking whore.”

Her cunt was making sloppy, sucking noises as though it was trying to eat his fingers. Slime trails of cunt juice spanned between the entrance of her pussy and his hand. “In fact, I’m not sure that a disgraceful woman like you deserves any cock at all.”

She whined loud, as a fourth finger joined the others. Was her protest due to the intrusion, or a complaint at the thought of not getting cock?

“Of course…I’m not a good man. So maybe mine would be okay.” He turned his fingers back and forth, like a screwdriver in her cunt. “Do you want my cock, Ginny?” he asked. “Do you want cock tonight?”

She turned her head to look at him, and he could see that her pupils were dilated wide.

He Anadolu Yakası Escort pulled his fingers out, and waited for an answer.

“Yes. Please yes…” she mewled at him.

“Then, if you want cock tonight, you’re going to have to earn it.” He moved his fingers back to her cunt and began working it again. “I get what I want first…”

Her eyes begged the question.

“Ask me to fist you, Ginny.” He grinned, real wide and evil. “No, on second thought, BEG me to fist you.”

She looked horrified. “It will ruin my pussy!” she exclaimed. “Then no one will want to fuck it.”

“Yes,” he agreed, nodding, “it will certainly ruin your pussy. But, you’re so fucking wet, that I’ll bet that all you care about right now is getting stuffed with my meat.” He let her watch as he stroked his hard cock a few times for emphasis. “So, let’s just save us both the time… Beg for it. Beg for my fist. Beg me to ruin you.”

She began to cry lightly. Perhaps he had pushed her too far? He began to pull his fingers out of her, when he felt her cunt clench around them.

“Don’t want to let them go?” he asked her.

She shook her head.

“Then what do you want, Ginny? Tell me what is it that you want me to do?”

“I want your cock.”

He watched as she chewed nervously on her lip. “Then you know what is coming first. Say it…”

She hesitated for a moment, looking more like a little girl, then the dirty, nasty slut that he was about to bring out in her.

“Please fist me,” she said in her smallest voice.

“Not good enough.” He shook his head, and curled his fingers just a bit, knowing how it would massage the inside of her cunt.

She closed her eyes and began to tremble. “Please fist me,” she found a louder voice. “Please ruin me,” he voice grew louder still.

“Miss Ginny, why are you getting my fist right now, and not my cock?” He rubbed her clit back and forth slowly with his thumb.

“Because that is all that whores like me deserve, until I earn it?” Her hips gyrated against his hand.

“Mmm hmm,” he flexed his fingers inside of her to stretch her out, and then moved the tip of his thumb beside them, and began to push. “You’re still too tight. Be a good girl, and bring your hands back and spread your cunt for me, ” he instructed.

She moved a hand to each side of her ass cheeks and spread them, opening her pussy wider for him.

“That’s right, now be a proper whore, and take it all for me.” He continued to İstanbul Escort work his hand to the knuckles, loosening the resistance.

On the table, Ginny started to groan. Her mouth twisted in discomfort, but she never asked him to stop. She looked so dirty-sweet…this little school teacher. She was about as sexy as he’d ever seen her.

“Oh, that’s right, Ginny.” His voice went hoarse, and his cock turned to stone, as his hand passed her pubic bone and was fully engulfed by her cunt. “Good whores take it all. “

He moved his hand deeper into her cunt, and then pulled back when it hit bottom. His kept his thrusts slow at first, continuing to work her clit at the same time. Only when he felt her give into him completely, did he pick up speed and begin pistoning her with his arm.

On the table, the pretty Miss Ginny began to writhe, held in place by the fist that impaled her. “Oh God,oh God. ..” she began to chant.

He matched the rhythm of her words with his hand, increasing to a violent staccato, that rose with her need.

She was almost there…when he pulled out with a sudden “pop,” leaving her pussy empty and gaping before him.

He needed his release. That was what whores were for…even sweet little teacher ones.

He pointed his raging cock at her cunt, and then frowned.

“You’ve ruined it, haven’t you?” Her voice was ragged.

He spit on her from above and watched the saliva drip between her ass cheeks. “Not everything, Ginny. I haven’t ruined everything. Not yet, anyway.”

He grunted like a caveman, as he pushed into her ass. She kicked her feet, but didn’t try to get away.

He had taught her to be a good ass-whore well before this evening. Now one hole was nearly as good as the next for getting her off.

Her hands grabbed the edges of the table and she grit her teeth, as she adjusted to the girth of his cock.

He probably should have given her time.

But he didn’t.

He plunged hard into her ass, as though his cock was on fire and he needed to extinguish it.

He heard her begin to moan, and held off long enough to let her cum. “That’s a good whore. Get off on my cock. You’ve earned it.”

He pushed a couple fingers back into her cunt to tighten the feel of him in her ass and help her along. “Are you picturing all those daddys in a line behind your desk? Are you giving up your ass to them all? “

Her sphincter began to spasm around him, squeezing his cock. Even inside her ruined cunt, he could feel her muscles trying to flex against his fingers.

He held her hips firm and shot his load into her bowels, as her orgasm began to descend. “None of those daddys are getting your ass. It’s fucking mine!” he growled. “Do you understand that, Miss Ginny?”

“Yes, Principle Daniels. Oh God, yes.”

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