Solstice Ch. 12


Solstice – Chapter 12

The next day was their last full day with the villagers. Alex spent time with Baki in the morning. When Aphrodite realized that Gades had not been around the previous day or this morning, she went to her house to see her. Pia answered the door and led her to where Gades sat all alone. When Gades saw her, she immediately bowed her head reverently.

“Gades, please. None of that. Why haven’t you joined us?”

“I’m only allowed to join in formal get togethers.”


“My grandmother insists that since I’m special, I need to be kept separate.”

Aphrodite raised her brow. “I hate to butt in, but that sounds like a pretty boring existence. Have you always been treated that way?”

“Always. Grandmother says that it how Zanahary would wish it.”

“You’ve met her. What do you think?”

“My mother and I both disagree, but grandmother won’t discuss it.”

“Alex, Ariana, and I are special the same way you are. You have the right to enjoy your life. Do you have something to wear besides that white gown?”

“No, all my clothing is white.”

“I’ll be right back,” Aphrodite told her, as she left the room. She returned a few minutes later with Pia and carrying a colorful sarong over her arm. “Here, put this on.”

She handed the sarong to the girl. Gades grinned as she put it on. “It’s beautiful.”

“Let’s go join the others,” Aphrodite told her.

Gades grinned and the three went to join the others. The moment Baki saw her she ran to her and began chattering in Malagasy. She was obviously upset. Both Pia and Gades got right in the woman’s face. After a moment, Baki bowed and walked away. Gades turned to Aphrodite and grinned.

“I have declared my independence. Will you walk with me as I meet everyone?”

Aphrodite hugged her. “I’d love to.”

Pia led them through the village and introduced her daughter to everyone. She hugged and chatted with every person as she was introduced. When a young girl invited her to play soccer with the children, she joined them, and was soon laughing and playing. Pia started crying and turned to Aphrodite.

“Misaotra anao!” she said.

“You’re welcome, Pia,” Aphrodite replied.

When Alex and Ariana saw her playing with the children, they joined her, and soon it was the three of them against about a dozen little girls. The entire village gathered to watch the fun. Being outnumbered and outplayed, the children soon wore them out. Gades was laughing and obviously having the time of her life. When the three young adults finally accepted defeat they sat together at the large table with the adults to eat and drink. Baki still didn’t look happy but said nothing.

“My sister tells me you are responsible for this. Thank you,” Nomena told Aphrodite.

“I might have had something to do with it,” Aphrodite replied, smiling.

“I’ve never seen her so happy.”

“I’m glad. I suspect you’ll see her smiling a lot from now on.”

“I think you’re right,” Nomena replied.


Alex and Gades had been talking with everyone at the table for quite a while when the two got up and walked hand in hand toward her house. When Pia rose to follow them, Gades spoke to her. Pia returned to the table, and the two went inside alone. Gades led him to the shower and both disrobed. Alex took her in his arms and kissed her.

“Is this my raincheck?” she asked.

“It is,” he replied.

As they washed each other, their hands began exploring, and soon they went to her bedroom. Alex laid her back on the bed and began kissing his way down her naked body. The first touch of his tongue on her labia elicited a loud moan, and soon her moans were almost continuous. His tongue and lips explored everywhere between her outstretched legs and after several minutes her orgasm overtook her with loud moans followed by laughter. Alex sat up smiling at her and slid his hard cock into her wet pussy. Her legs went around him and pulled him further inside. Alex used long slow strokes and soon Gades began increasing the pace. He filled her with cum as he came. A few seconds later she followed him with another orgasm and afterward they laid there holding each other for a few minutes.

Alex rolled over onto his back and pulled Gades on top of him. She began rocking on his still hard cock as his hands cupped and massaged her breasts. Never having experienced anything but missionary position, she began experimenting with different movements and soon experienced another orgasm.

Alex let her recover before getting up behind her and starting again. He wet his thumb and began teasing her asshole as he thrust into her. As the tip of his thumb entered her, she moaned again. When he felt her relax a moment later, he pushed his thumb in farther.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she sighed, and then came again. Alex continued, and she soon came once more. His cum triggered yet another orgasm and when she pushed back on him, his thumb entered her ass to the hilt. She collapsed forward on the bed panting. gaziantep escort kız Alex rolled over beside her. Gades took his cock in her hand and stroked him. His erection returned immediately. “Now it is time for my raincheck.”

Gades laid between his legs and began exploring him. As soon as her tongue licked cum from his cock she came again. She reached up and put his hands on her head. Alex began moving her up and down on his cock. She looked up and watched him as he did. Soon, she was taking in his full length. Her fingers were teasing his balls and asshole. It didn’t take long for him to reward her efforts, and she sucked out every drop and swallowed. His cum triggered her again. When she recovered sufficiently, she crawled up beside him. Moments later, Gades was asleep. Alex got up, showered, then joined the others.

“Where’s Gades?” Ariana asked.

“Taking a nap,” he replied, smiling.

“Did you wear her out or bore her?”

“I was telling her all about my big sister, bored, I guess.”

Ariana punched his arm. “Looking forward to the ride back to town tomorrow?”

“I’m looking forward to getting home, but getting there, not so much,” he replied.

“Same here. This has been quite an experience though.”

“It sure has.” Alex looked around. “Where’s Mom?”

“She left with the twins a little while ago.”

Alex laughed. “She’ll need a nap after those two.”

“I’ll put my money on the twins needing the nap. Mom can be insatiable.”

“We’ll see,” Alex replied.

It was about an hour later when Aphrodite returned. She was alone, flushed, but looked fresh. She joined her children at the table.

“What happened to the twins?” Ariana asked.

“They’re sleeping. I wore their little asses out.”

Gades joined them. “Who did you wear out?”

“Lanja and Lanta. You should spend some time with them. They’re quite a pair,” Aphrodite replied.

“My mother has told me about them. They are on the top of my list,” Gades told her.

“You have a list now?” Alex asked.

“I want to be with everyone in the village, who is old enough. I like making sex.” The others grinned at her. “I have a lot of catching up to do,” she said, with a cheesy smile.

“The men too?” Ariana asked.

“The men too. My mother knows of a village not far from here that has more men than women. My grandmother has forbidden her to contact them. Now that she no longer rules the roost, I think we’ll look into that.”

“Be selective,” Aphrodite suggested.

“Of course, but if Alex decided to stay…,” she began, with a big grin.

“As much as I’d enjoy that, my place is at home,” Alex told her.

“I know. I was kidding. If I ever get to the states, I would like to see you again,” Gades replied.

“You can count on that.”

The rest of the day was a celebration honoring the visitors and thanking them for everything. The following morning, the entire village walked them to the spot with the dead bird on the post to wait for their driver back to the city. The goodbyes were tearful at times, especially between Alex and Gades.

The same toothless driver, in the white VW, pulled up a short time later. He was as nervous as before. Nomena tried to reassure him, but he wasn’t having it. The ride back to town was a miserable as the first trip had been. The driver, again, refused payment or a tip.

Walking into the hotel, the lobby was filled with reporters and weather experts who had come to check into the Miora miracle, as it had come to be known. The three checked in and went to their room to clean up and recover from that six-hour tortuous ride. They had another full day there tomorrow before the two-day flight home.

That evening, as they were walking to the hotel restaurant for dinner, they stopped to watch a reporter from CNN doing a live interview.

“…the counterclockwise storm, Miora B, as we’re calling it now, apparently developed in the upper atmosphere according to weather experts. Our sources tell us that there isn’t enough air or moisture in the stratosphere for that to happen. Miora B, then moved over the top of Miora A and settled onto it. The counterclockwise rotation of B cancelled out the clockwise rotation of A, and then both storms just vanished. Folks, I’ve been covering major weather events for over twenty years. Someone isn’t telling the whole story. Somewhere on this planet there’s a government with climate affecting capabilities. Every government on the planet, except for North Korea, has denied any involvement….”

The three smiled at each other and went to dinner, then retired for the night. The following day they booked a half day tour of the countryside to see some of the island. With an early flight scheduled, they went to bed early.

They were on their final leg of the journey, from Frankfurt, Germany, to Denver when Alex needed a bathroom break. As soon as he had closed and locked the door, a hand grabbed his crotch. The plane disappeared and escort kız gaziantep Alex found himself standing on thin air facing Gaia in her black Aphrodite persona.

“I’ve never seen you without your dick in someone,” she said. Alex’ cock rose to full hardness and his body moved to horizontal on its own. Gaia floated to him and settled onto his cock in cowgirl position. “Very nice. Let’s make you a little bigger.” He could feel his cock getting larger and filling her more as she moved.

“Is this permanent?” he asked.

“Sort of. You’ll look the same, but when you get inside a pussy you’ll expand in length and girth to fill the space. You’ll have the perfect cock for every pussy. Is that okay?”

“Will the women like it?”

“The women will love it. So will you. Don’t tell them. Let them figure it out on their own. Now, get on with my fucking. The flight attendant is going to think you’re in the bathroom jerking off.”

Gaia wrapped her legs around him and pulled him fully into her. Her pussy seemed so tight, with his new size, that he came quickly. When Gaia came, they began falling and tumbled through the sky.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Alex screamed. Their fall stabilized but continued. When he tried to look down, she held his face toward her. “We’re falling!” he shouted.

“If you cum just as we hit the ground, you can cum and go at the same time,” she replied, smiling.

“I’d rather not, if it’s all the same to you,” he said nervously. Their bodies turned and they fell together with Gaia on the bottom. Alex could now see the rapidly approaching earth. “Gaia, we’re getting really close.”

“Yessssss!” she screamed, as she came again.

Alex closed his eyes, knowing impact would be in a few seconds. Nothing happened. In a moment, he opened his eyes. They were stopped about six feet above the ground. Their bodies rolled again and gently settled down into soft grass. Gaia was still fucking him. With the fear of death gone, he joined her. Both came again a few minutes later. Gaia stood up, then offered her hand to help him. He took her hand and instantly they were standing in a beautiful pond.

“Where are we?” he asked.

“Does it matter?”

“I guess not.”

“Alex, my greatest creation is imagination. With your mind you can be anywhere, anytime, and doing anything. Physically, you’re in the bathroom on an airplane. In your mind, you’re standing with me in a small pond in Tennessee.”

“I see.”

“No, if you did, you could do this without my help. When you’re older you’ll see, and be able to do this without me. That’s many years from now. Demi can almost do it now. She can already project her thoughts. That’s how she’s been communicating with you while you’ve been away.”


“Alex, I sense you have some concerns. I wanted us to have some time together to talk. Tell me what’s bothering you.”

“Gaia, I have two wives, two fiancés, have made about a dozen women pregnant, and God knows how many women I’ve been having sex with.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t see the problem. Most men would give a nut to be in your position.”

“I’m not most men. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, but I want more than anything to be a good husband to Mom, my sisters, and Ally. I’m spread kind of thin, don’t you think?”

“Has anyone complained?” she asked.

“Not so far.”

“I have spread you thin. I’ll admit that. Other than going to Greece next year to impregnate Adara again, you have only your extended family to service. Most of your time will be with your fantastic four women.”

Alex chuckled, “Perfect name for them. Even with just those four I’m still spread thin.”

“Make each one of them feel special. Spend quality time with each. Not just sack time. Demi and Alexandra are in love with each other. They’ll both still love you, will become your wives, and have your babies, but in reality, they’ll be mated to each other and you’ll be a threesome. You still need to give them as much attention as you do your mother and Adriana. You and your mother are going away together for a week very soon. By the time you return, you’ll have worked out her needs and desires on your own. That leaves Adriana. She wants to be your more traditional wife. Let her. She doesn’t mind sharing you with the other women because she knows that when you come home it’s to her and your mother. You have no clue how dedicated she is to you.”

“What about when Dad comes home?”

“This is between us. Don’t repeat it. Xander has found peace in Greece. He’s happy. In about ten years, Aphrodite will step down as leader of the family and Adriana will take her place. She, your mother, will go to Greece and spend some time with Xander. Once there, she’ll realize that her place is with you. She’ll come home again and will take her place at your side for the rest of her life.”

“Will she be happy doing that?”

“She’s already happy doing that, but she’ll need the trip to remind herself. Let her go when the time gaziantep escort kızlar comes. Time for me to go.”

“When will I see you again?”

“At the summer solstice. I’ll be there when your first son is born.”

“Gaia, thanks for the talk. I feel better.”

“Glad I could help. Thanks for the fuck. You’re pretty good at that,” she said, grinning.

“I’ve been getting a lot of practice.”

“Let’s see, the spring equinox is your next big event, so until then you only have four women to deal with. Hell, that’s like a vacation for you.”

“Yeah, it is.”

She vanished as mysteriously as she had arrived, and Alex was once again in the bathroom of the plane and fully dressed. He peed, washed his hands, and returned to his seat. His mother and sister were asleep. The rest of the flight was uneventful, and he never mentioned the visit.

Demi and Alexandra were waiting on them at the gate when they entered the airport. After greetings, hugs, and kisses, they went to the car for the final leg of the trip home.

“Alex, I hope you got some rest on the flights, Demi and I are hoping to spend some time with you tonight,” Alexandra said.

“Just give me time to shower first,” he replied.

“We’ll meet you in your room after your shower,” Demi added.

The rest of the drive home they all talked about the trip and their experiences. All three went right to the shower after unpacking. Alexandra and Demi were sitting naked on his bed when Alex entered his bedroom. They moved apart so he could recline between them.

“We missed you,” Alexandra said.

“I’ve missed you too,” he told them.

The three lay there holding each other for several minutes before Alex felt a hand stroking his cock. A second hand joined the first and a moment later both girls began moving down the bed. Alex watched them as they moved down on him, and soon, both had their tongues working on his cock.

Demi milked him and expressed some pre-cum. Ally licked it off then kissed her to share it. Their kiss lasted a long time. Alex smiled watching the two kissing so passionately. Demi noticed him smiling and blushed, then swallowed most of his cock.

“So, have you two moved in together?” Alex asked.

Demi and Alexandra looked at each other then sat up to face him.

“Are we that obvious?” Ally asked.

“Pretty much,” he replied.

“We haven’t done it officially. We wanted to talk to you first,” his sister said.

“You don’t need my permission. More than anything, I want you both to be happy. You’re in love.”

Ally looked at Demi and smiled, “Yes, we are.”

“Alex, we’ve both promised ourselves to you. Next year, I become your wife and the following year Ally does. We still both want that, but we want each other too,” Demi told him.

“Officially,” Ally added. “Demi and I want to marry each other and you. We’ve been over all the books. There’s nothing saying it can’t be done.”

“How would you like to do it?” he asked.

“Demi and I would like to get married to each other now. We stay betrothed to you until our twenty-first birthdays, and then marry you too. We’ll have each other and you,” Ally replied.

“That’s what you both want?” Both nodded. “I have no problem with that. I think we need to run it past mom.”

“We talked to her while you were in the shower. She’s happy for us,” Demi said.

“When’s your wedding?” Alex asked, smiling.

“We were thinking the spring equinox celebration,” Ally replied.

“Mom would officiate. You can give me away, and Ally’s dad will give her away.”

“Honeymoon plans?”

“My dad wants to send Demi and me to Hawaii for a week.”

“I think your plan is wonderful. I’m behind you all the way.”

“Can my fiancé and I get back to fucking you now?” Demi asked, as she took hold of his cock.

“By all means,” he replied.

Both women moved back down and began sucking and teasing his cock and balls. When he came, they shared it, lovingly. Demi straddled her brother then lowered herself onto him. After a few seconds, her eyes widened, and she lifted off. She looked down at his cock, then shrugged, and got back on. A few seconds later, her eyes widened again.

“Alex, it feels like…” He put his finger to her lips to signal for her not to say anything. Demi began sliding up and down his length. “This is amazing,” she said.

“I’m glad you missed me,” Alex replied.

Ally began massaging Demi’s clit as she rode her brother. It wasn’t long before Demi came, with loud moans. As she lay on top of him recovering, Alex came inside her. A few seconds later Demi came a second time, even harder and louder than the first. Ally moved behind her and began cleaning them both with her tongue. Just seconds later, Ally came. Demi rolled off her brother, exhausted.

Alex moved behind Ally and slid his, still erect, cock into her. She smiled then a few seconds later, gasped.

“It feels like it got bigger inside me,” Ally said.

“Do you like it that way?” Alex asked.

“Holy crap, this is awesome. Did it really get bigger?”

“It did. Gaia made it so that I enlarge to fill the entire space,” he said, as he began moving in and out of her. “Don’t tell Mom or Adriana. They haven’t experienced it yet.”

“When did Gaia do this?” Demi asked.

“Earlier today, on the way home.”

“How does it feel for you?” Ally asked.

Solstice – Chapter 12 The next day was their last full day with the villagers. Alex spent time with Baki in the morning. When Aphrodite realized that Gades had not been around the previous day or this morning, she went to her house to see her. Pia answered the door and led her to where…

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