Society 1.5: Modernus Aperito

Society 1.5: Modernus Aperito


Jason was in a heaven that he never knew he wanted. Needed. He was tucked between two huge, gorgeous men who were subtly vying for his attention. Javier, whose cock he had fantasized about for years, and Erik, whose cock had been fucking him steadily for days. Both of those cocks were within twitching distance of his hands. Jason wrapped his arms around their waists instead, and pulled them both closer as they walked through the wide arched doorway to the kitchen.

While Jason sure as hell didn’t want to hurt Javier’s feelings, he knew that he had to make a choice in this situation. Erik was obviously in charge, and that had been made clear even by Mistress Elena. But Jason knew the high-school games that could be played. He was going to make it clear he wouldn’t be a part of that. On the other hand, he was still very open for business.

He played it perfect. Sliding his arm from around Javier’s waist, he took his hand and peeked out of the corner of his eyes flirtatiously as he turned toward Erik slowly. The action brought both of their hands closer to his ass. He pushed it out while pressing his chest against Erik’s. He maintained eye contact with Javier even as he began fondling Erik’s cock and licking one nipple out of the corner of his mouth.

“I love your cock, Javier. I want it. Over and over. Ass to mouth to ass again. For as long as Mistress Elena and my daddy allow it.”

Erik and Javier’s eyes met over Jason’s head. They both chuckled. That neatly established the pecking order, not that there had been much doubt. But it also established Jason’s personal preference for Erik. Of course Erik melted a bit as he wrapped his arms around his baby boy.

“You’re so fucking perfect, kid. Now let’s get that perfect little ass spread open for Javier. Your mouth’s writing checks again, sweetheart. Let’s see if your hole can cash them. You got five minutes to make Javier come. Climb on up me, sugar. That’s a boy.”

Erik hiked Jason up into his arms and grabbed one of the legs that twined around his waist. Javier quickly stepped into place behind Jason and pulled his straining shaft upwards to reach Jason’s hole. The natural curve of his cock aimed the other way, so the fit was tighter that it was in other positions.

“Lean back, Erik. Let me get a better aim at your bambino’s ass.”

Erik walked back, toward the over-sized kitchen table. Thankfully it was as sturdy as all of Mistress Elena’s other furniture. He laid back, Jason still in his arms, with his legs dangling off the ledge. While he spread Jason’s ass cheeks, Javier lifted Jason’s legs and set his knees on the table.

“Here, bambino. Hold on tight to Papi,” Javier advised with a grin. He knew that Erik wouldn’t be pissed if he went over by a minute. Or more.

Jason rubbed his cock against Erik’s and moaned while Javier pounded his ass. The hook of his cock drove Jason insane while it pressed the rest of the slender length hard against his prostate. He bucked and moaned, pushing his ass back against Javier’s steady thrusting.

After his earlier use, he was well into the numbness phase. He could take Javier’s cock for a long time. But Erik had said five minutes. He realized that he wasn’t being very nice to his daddy yet, either. He threw himself into his work.

Writhing on Erik’s hard body, he slipped one hand between them and gripped their cocks together. He nipped and sucked on Erik’s nipples while he began jerking them to the rhythm in his ass. Then he began to seriously work on Javier’s cock.

Jason sucked, pushed, and twirled his hole, showing off every skill he’d learned through Mistress Elena’s video tutorials, and throwing in his own twists. He knew his ass was almost perfect. Every one of the men had praised it. Javier was already shaking with the need to come after only a few minutes. But it had to be wider. He allowed himself to be fucked higher up Erik’s chest until he could whisper in his ear.

“Please fuck me, Daddy. I need to be wide. Fuck me open. Please, Daddy?”

Erik groaned. “Want some company in that hole, Jay?”

“Si. Let’s see what the little one can do.”

The men all gathered close to watch the insertion; their cocks hard as rocks. This definitely was not going to be a five-minute fuck. While the tops readjusted Jason’s shaking body, and began to slide Erik’s cock deep, the rest of the men continued to jerk one another slowly.

Jason clenched his jaw and muffled his scream at the massive invasion. He suddenly regretted inviting this, and tried to twist away frantically. But Erik and Javier held him firmly in place. Greg and Miguel grabbed his legs, forcing him to submit. Jason’s high, panicked scream made Erik halt, but he did not pull out.

Erik twisted his fingers into Jason’s hair, and forced him to look into his eyes. “Baby, we did this much yesterday. I had three fingers and my cock in that pretty hole. You took it with only a little whimper. Your ass is lubed, and you’re already stretched wide. Now, do you want this or not?”

Tears pricked Ümraniye Escort at Jason’s eyes as he shook from the pain, and from his Daddy’s slightly disappointed expression. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I’ll be a good boy for our Mistress,” he whispered; ashamed at his moment of panic and fear.

“C’mere, sugar. Hang on to Daddy. We’ll make it good. Javier gives a sweet fuck. I’ll just stay deep for you.” Erik wrapped his arms around Jason and tucked him close to his chest. He stroked his back and kissed his lips gently as Javier began a slow, sensual rhythm.

Jason’s shaking finally receded with the pain. Both were still there; a slight trembling and an aching fire. But he wasn’t overwhelmed. He nuzzled his cheek into Erik’s chest and relaxed into the tender fuck.

He was surrounded by strong, sweaty, sexy men. His ass was filled with hard, heavy cocks. It was all incredible. When Erik tilted his chin up again, he sank into the possessive kiss. God, he loved kissing Erik. And he was starting to really love taking a DP.

It hurt. Of course it hurt. But it was the kind of fiery pain that he was beginning to understand. He could predict it. Control it. Mistress Elena’s voice whispered in his ear again.

“Use the pain, little one. Use the pain to control the pleasure. Use the pleasure to control the pain. They are flip sides to the same coin. Find your zone.”

Jason obeyed her. He trembled on that knife’s edge until he hit the zone. Erik’s rumbling praise reminded him that he still wasn’t being very nice to his daddy. When he started to push and suck, both of the men buried in him groaned. Long and low. It sent a shiver down in his spine that rippled through his channel.

“Mmm… your ass is perfect, bambino. So good…” Javier whispered his admiration against Jason’s spine. Right in the place he could not scratch. More shivers echoed in his ass.

Erik could hardly believe it. Jason was fucking perfect. “That’s my baby boy. I told you…

All the guys are gonna fall in love with your pretty little hole.” He captured those sweet swollen lips again. Then swept his tongue in deep.

Jason’s legs started shaking. The pain was gone. The pleasure was overwhelming him. Fast. He writhed between hard, sweaty bodies. Panting and moaning into Erik’s mouth. He screwed his eyes shut tight as he tried desperately to hold back. Mistress Elena might be watching. Hold out. Take it longer.

But Jason knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. His fevered brain came up with a dubious solution. “More… More… Stretch my ass more. Hurt me, Daddy. Give me another cock…”

Erik exchanged worried looks with Javier. “Baby, you can’t take that…”

“Miguel. I can take Miguel. Now. Please…” Just the thought of another cock in his ass was driving him toward climax way too fast. He was sure more pain would help him push it back.

The plan worked amazingly well. Javier put one foot on the table and made room for Miguel to angle himself into place. Miguel managed to work the tip of his cock into the crevice between Javier and Erik’s thick tools. Jason took it like a champ. Even begged for more. He screamed, sobbed, and rocked between the hard bodies. Miguel shook his head in amazement as he pushed deeper.

When Jason felt Miguel’s thigh against his ass cheeks, he knew he had three cocks in his hole. Three hard, hot cocks. Mistress Elena would see this. She would be so proud. He used the glorious pain to push back against the lurking orgasm.


Elena watched in stunned amazement while her brand-new toy took a very sweet triple penetration. Admittedly, Miguel and Javier’s cocks weren’t abnormally wide. But still… It was incredible. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she never would have believed it. Her Jason was obviously a natural. And an anal pain slut. Incredible.

Her clit was twitching again already. Dammit. She wasn’t going to get any work done if she spent her entire day fucking herself with dildos. Dear, sweet Goddess, she wanted Jason. And Erik. Andre’s fat cock would make a wonderful anchor. She wanted that one deep in her ass with Erik and Jason in her pussy. That sounded like heaven. Maybe a few fists, too.

Sighing, Elena pulled out a two sets of vibrating beads, then pushed them deep into her holes. She set them on low, then tried desperately to ignore the beautiful show on her television while she balanced spreadsheets. Of course that didn’t last long.

Jason was too beautiful to be believed. Just like Iason. His main fetish was pegging. Just like Iason. And he was turning out to be an anal pain slut. Just like Iason. He was well on his way to perfect already.

Elena had always been drawn to Mistress Selena. At first, because their names were very much alike. As Elena studied her ancestor, she was especially impressed with Selena’s wisdom. Her strength. She may not have started the tradition of the Premier Domme’s House holding huge male toys. But she certainly drove it into the consciousness of The Society. Anadolu yakası Escort

Their Goddess had only gifted her family with females since far before Mistress Selena. Since Lycurgus of Sparta, there had not been another male Keeper of the Scrolls. There was an unbroken matriarchal line straight from her to Elena. Many of those women were renowned for their golden eyes. A gift from beloved submissive Iason.

Elena wondered what gifts Jason would bestow on their child. Perhaps his height. His sweet smile. Or those adorable dimples. Her eyes drifted away from the spreadsheet that she’d been staring at blindly. Up to the television screen.

Dear Goddess. Jason was still taking all three of them. Erik was obviously impressed, but starting to look worried again. Javier kissed Jason’s back, and stroked his sides. Miguel was rocking in and out slowly.

It was amazing. Almost unheard-of. Of course there were stories of such remarkable ones in their long history. But not in her lifetime, or her mother’s. Jason was an anal virgin only a few days ago. For him to take that stretch… He was wide enough already. He could take the width of her dildo. But the depth… She watched carefully, and calculated.

Elena knew the size and shape of every cock that was stuffed inside Jason. Erik was only an inch shy of the length as her dildo. With the punish sheath on, he was definitely as long. She groaned. Dammit. Jason could take her already. How could she possibly resist that perfect ass for two years?

She had no doubt in her heart, or mind, that he was sent by her Goddess. That knowledge made her want to claim him even more. How long could she hold out? Long enough to train her perfect submissive. Long enough to honor the gift her Goddess sent.

Oh, but he was already so perfect. Jason was panting. Sweat beaded up on his forehead. His entire body was shaking. But he wasn’t giving the signal. In fact, he seemed to be loving it. Elena leaned back, and turned the bead vibration to high. Then she thought very carefully, and prayed for guidance.


Jason was, indeed, loving it. He’d never thought he would be able to take this kind of stretching. He knew that it wasn’t normal to be able to do this. He’d seen veteran toys on the website who couldn’t take a DP, let alone a triple.

He felt like he could go on forever, taking these perfect cocks. His ass was stuffed so full that he could barely breathe. He took shallow breaths, and started to work his channel again. He couldn’t tell if he was doing it right. The men assured him with low groans that his ass was perfect.

Erik couldn’t believe that Jason was taking all this. Of course he’d heard of people who could naturally take a huge amount of anal stretching, but he’d never actually seen anyone like Jason.

When they hit twenty minutes of steady fucking, Erik finally realized that Jason wouldn’t put a halt to this. He would keep taking all the cock he could until he passed out. Either from pain or fatigue. Snorting softly under his breath, Erik decided to wrap it up.

“You’re being a real good boy for our Mistress, baby. But we all gotta eat sooner or later. You ready to take some serious fucking?”

Jason nodded dazedly. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Since you been such a good boy, I’m gonna give you a field commission to come bucket. Give it to him, guys.”

Miguel started pounding Jason’s ass. He watched the stretched, red sphincter swallow him over and over. Jason’s sexy squeals and panting moans drove him faster. He finally slammed in deep, and stayed. He didn’t have a lot of come left in his balls, but he gave Jason a few shots before backing off.

Javier took his turn fucking Jason hard. The gorgeous sweetheart panted and squealed just as beautifully as he had for Miguel. Peppering kisses across Jason’s back, Javier moaned against his spine. He held out for a few minutes longer. Just long enough to draw out a few more sexy cries. When he jammed his cock deep, he angled it and swirled it around as he shot off. Stepping back shakily, he wrapped his arm around Miguel’s waist to watch the rest of the show.

Erik stood up and lifted Jason off of his cock. He rolled his baby boy onto his back, split his legs wide, and fucked him hard. Jason sobbed at that exquisite pain/pleasure. Erik smiled. Yeah, this little anal pain slut was fucking perfect. Mistress Elena was right, as always.

Jason wished he had a cock to suck on while Erik ravaged his asshole. Or a bullet to bite. He couldn’t figure out how one cock could hurt worse than three. Erik was fucking him like it was a punishment. Like he was mad. Was Erik mad at him? Jason tried to focus his eyes on Erik’s face.

When his Daddy’s face came into focus, Jason relaxed again. Erik was smiling that cocky grin. He was obviously having a grand time fucking the shit out of him. Jason grinned at Erik, then clamped down on his cock hard. He bucked, rocked, and rippled. Erik threw back his head and roared.

Erik shoved İstanbul Escort his cock as deep as possible. Jason sobbed at the pain and pleasure. Erik jabbed at that deep itch, swirled around it, then backed off enough to get a few more slamming thrusts in.

Jason desperately needed to come. He wanted Edward’s mouth on his cock again. The fantasy had barely formed before it was fulfilled. Erik backed off, and Edward swooped in to clean up. Starting with sucking the come out of Jason’s balls.

Jason gripped Edward’s hair tight while he fucked the come bucket’s throat. It only took a few thrusts. He buried his cock deep, and shot streams straight down Edward’s throat. Edward’s moaning appreciation pulled a couple more twitches out of Jason’s spent cock before he collapsed.

Erik grinned when Jason went completely limp from head to toe. Chuckling, he rolled his baby boy onto his stomach. He and Javier spread Jason’s legs and ass cheeks for a deep cleaning. Edward got to work with his typical enthusiasm.

Jason shuddered. Edward’s tongue on his sensitive hole was driving him crazy already, and he had barely started. When the thick searching digit dug its way deep, tears pricked the back of Jason’s eyes. Dammit. The itch was almost gone for a minute there. But Edward’s tongue was lighting it on fire again.

It suddenly hit Jason. Anal pain slut. Mistress Elena’s words came back to him again.

“Do not be too caught up with the old world. Slut does not have the same meaning in The Society. A slut is a special category of very needy souls. They are all unique, amazing creatures. They must be fed carefully. We will explore your needs, little one.”

He needed it. He needed double and triple penetrations. He needed to be stretched. Pounded. He even wanted the punishment sheath again. It got deep, and scratched the itch. God. He really was an anal pain slut.

Jason half-laughed at that realization. He looked over his shoulder at Erik. “I want to take you and Greg next.”

Erik and Greg shot amazed looked at one another. Erik turned back to Jason and shook his head. “Baby…”

Jason’s eyes narrowed on Erik’s. “Are you going to try to tell me that Miguel and Javier’s cocks put together aren’t as thick as Greg? I just took three cocks. I can take you and Greg. I could take you both right now, but you said it’s time to make lunch. So let’s eat, then fuck. I’m feeling itchy already, and Edward’s tongue up my ass isn’t helping anything.”

Erik threw his head back and laughed. “Alright, baby boy. We’ll take care of your itch. I think we’re gonna have to plug you to give you some steady pain. Greg, you mind grabbing a number five plug?”

Greg nodded and hurried to the foyer. There was a full set of testing tools for Presentations in the antique cabinet. Grabbing a number five, he twisted his lips in consideration, then grabbed the number six, too. When he got back to the kitchen, Jason was panting and writing on the table. Edward’s face was buried in his ass. Whatever he was doing with his tongue, Jason loved it.

Erik looked over both plugs, and hummed thoughtfully. Greg was probably right. If Jason was gonna take two fat cocks, then he would need more of a stretch than a number five. Nodding, he handed the number five back to Greg.

“Alright, Edward, back off. We’ll give you some nice pain, baby boy. Just breathe deep, sweetheart. Think happy thoughts.”

Erik started pushing the plug in slowly, but raised one eyebrow when Jason pushed back on the plug hard. His ass swallowed it without so much as a grunt. Well, damn.

“Yeah, that’s not gonna do it. Greg, grab a seven and eight.”

Erik angled and swirled the plug while Greg grabbed more. He slathered the number eight with lube before popping out the number six.

The number eight plug was a very tight fit. Erik watched Jason’s bright red sphincter spread wider and wider. His well-satisfied cock got chubby at the sight. When Jason’s hole was stretched over the plug’s widest point, Erik halted the invasion. He smiled at Jason’s mewling cries and incoherent begging. Twisting the plug around and around, he jabbed and poked with the blunt end. Erik pushed and pulled on the plug until he was pulling it all the way out and plunging it all the way back in with each pass.

Greg and Javier held Jason’s legs open for the invasion. Miguel climbed onto the table and sat on his back. He spread Jason’s ass cheeks wide, and watched the beautiful torture. Jason’s sobs eventually slowed, which seemed to be the sign for Erik to let up.

Erik shoved the plug all the way into Jason’s channel. He slapped each ass cheek hard enough to leave bright red hand prints. Then stepped back.

“There ya go, baby boy. That oughtta tide you over until we’re done eating. Then we’ll fuck you raw again.”

Jason somehow managed to make his lips move. “Thank you, Daddy.”

Greg chuckled. He had to admit that Jason’s position was very tempting. He stepped between Jason’s legs and grabbed his hips. “Want a little taste?”

Jason couldn’t believe it, but the itch flared again. Greg’s cock was very long. Maybe he could get there. Maybe Erik would be tempted to join in. Jason nodded eagerly, and shoved his ass toward Greg’s growing cock. He groaned when Greg jerked the plug out fast.

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