SOAR University Ch. 01

SOAR University Ch. 01


Izanagi dropped his backpack next to a desk in the back row. Low profile, he thought to himself. That’s how he got through secondary school, and as his first day at university, why should that be any different?

But, it would be different. Different for Izanagi and, he had to keep reminding himself, for everyone else, too. This was university, and not just any university. This was SOAR, the most lauded and prestigious university in the world. If you took the Forbes 500 list and did a reverse ANOVA statistical test to find the single greatest predictor of their success, it was attendance at SOAR.

Izanagi was no stranger to high pressure situations. He had graduated top of his class, from the most rigorous secondary school in all of Kyoto. He practically had his pick of universities to attend. Naturally, his mother had immediately suggested SOAR. And yeah, he got in. But, well, it was different here. At most universities, Izanagi would still be exceptional. But here? Even Izanagi only tested in the 30th percentile on the entrance exams. He knew that fact without a doubt; he had hacked SOAR’s records just to check.

It was with these thoughts that Izanagi slumped into his chair in the back of the classroom. The classroom was small, 25 desks lined up in five neat rows of five. There were no big lecture halls at SOAR; one of many illustrious promises you would see on any given advertisement for the school. Izanagi could recite most of them by heart, and would groan when we got to the catch phrase at the end, “Soar to the top at SOAR University”.

Class was set to start in the next five minutes. Most of the desks had been filled, and Izanagi was comforted by the fact that most students seemed as uncomfortable as him; awkwardly shuffling books around, mindlessly scrolling on their phones, and making every effort to avoid eye contact with any other student. Where was the teacher though?

SOAR employed less than thirty instructors, many of them leaders in their field and possessing degrees from multiple disciplines. SOAR also boasted having administrators, Principal Felix and Headmistress Roxanne, that were also instructors.

Moments before the clock struck 10:00 a.m. Izanagi heard the click of heels, perfectly synced strides, in the hallway outside the classroom. On the hour exactly the instructor for Literary Interpretation walked into the room.

Silence blanketed the room. The shuffling, clicking and murmuring from before evacuated, leaving nothing but awe in the air. Izanagi’s instructor was Headmistress Roxanne. He recognized her from the commercials, but only barely. On television the Headmistress wore a woman’s dress suit, her blond hair straight around her stern but friendly face. The picture of professionalism, nothing less than what Izanagi would expect from one half of the masterminds behind the greatest university in the world. The woman before him, although technically the same, could not have carried herself any more differently.

Izanagi was correct in his guess that the clicking he heard were high heels, and they belonged to the Headmistress. Her legs were covered in tights that slipped up her thick thighs, thighs that supported generous hips. A black skirt gripped her sides tightly, covering only what was absolutely necessary and nothing more. Izanagi was stunned by just how much was hidden behind modest clothing and prudish camera angles.

The Headmistress strode to her desk, turned around to face the whiteboard, and wrote “HEADMISTRESS” across it in all capital letters. Izanagi took a glance around the room, and took note that every student, the men and women, were staring at the same thing he was: The Headmistress’ round, voluptuous behind. Her skirt seemed to get caught on it, and was just inches from revealing so much more.

In a flash the Headmistress turned around. She wore a coy smile, as if she knew what she was doing. It took at least a full second for the class to realize she had even turned around; she relished their awe.

“Good morning class. I am your Literary Interpretation instructor. I am also the Headmistress of this university, and as such you will address me in that way.”

She spoke with a confidence gained from experience being the center of attention in any room. Her words broke Izanagi out of his daze, but her eyes pulled him back. Hazel in color, they seemed warm and inviting at first glance, but a voice in the back of Izanagi’s head told him there was poison behind her eyes. That her warmth was calculated. Her hair, dyed purple with streaks of blond and silver in it, was pulled back in a bun, giving her students the feeling her eyes could see them anywhere, that this classroom was her kingdom and they were merely her subjects. The idea scared Izanagi, but it made him feel something else, too. Something akin to excitement.

The Headmistress put her hands on her hip and scowled, “I said GOOD MORNING.”

The shock was audible through the classroom. Some students coughed, others murmured good morning, but all of them took note of the Headmistress’ stance. bursa eskort With her hands on her hips her back was arched, and she had on display her impressive bust. Izanagi felt a rising in his jeans as he saw the buttons on the Headmistress’ blouse struggle against the strain her chest put on them. My god he thought to himself, they let people teach here dressed like that? How does anyone concentrate! Izanagi was not the first to notice the light pink hues of a brassiere beneath the Headmistress’ white blouse, imposed with fruitless task of containment.

Izanagi was overwhelmed. His experience with the opposite sex, and the verb sex, was limited to lewd manga series his friends from high school had impressed on him. He had vocabulary to memorize, tests to study for, languages to comprehend. He had never even kissed a girl, let alone been in the company of a girl, a woman more accurately, like Headmistress Roxanne. Izanagi only pleasured himself when the lust distracted him from his studies. Izanagi found himself significantly distracted.

“Very quiet. I can understand that, being your first day and all. But here at SOAR,” the Headmistress smirked, “We are tasked with not just cultivating your intelligence. SOAR graduates are known to be well-rounded individuals, not just intellectually, but emotionally, socially, and physically.” Izanagi felt the Headmistress’ eyes on his lap at her last statement, where his hands were lumped together doing their best to contain his erection. “I expect a bit more camaraderie, between yours peers, and with me, in the future.” The Headmistress held a smile and scanned the classroom. And with that, Izanagi’s first lesson at SOAR University began.

“Take a seat, Izanagi.” a disembodied voice commanded. He recognized it as the Headmistress’ voice, and it seemed to be coming from a chair facing a window behind her desk.

“Thank you, Headmistress,” Izanagi murmured as he took his seat. From here, the office looked pretty typical for an administrator’s office. Papers were scattered around the Headmistress’ desk. Her degrees, doctorates in English, Creative Writing, Children’s Literature, Education, and Instructional Design hung on placards above her desk. A photo of her standing alongside the Principal, appearing much more the commercial version of herself, hung on the wall.

“Top of your class. Most elite high school in Kyoto,” the Headmistress announced.

“Yes, ma’am,” Izanagi stammered. It was true; why was he so nervous?

“Do you remember what I said this morning, Izanagi?”, she demanded as she swiveled around in her chair and stood. She was dressed in the same clothes from class that morning, loose pieces of hair had escaped her bun, and Izanagi noticed immediately her blouse had the top two buttons undone.

“I’ll take your silence as a no,” Shit, had she asked a question? Izanagi thought. “This morning I said that here at SOAR university, we educate, we produce well rounded graduates. People that will be successful in many, in any, walk of life they so choose to follow.” The Headmistress strode around to the front of her desk with a folder in her hand. My file, Izanagi thought. What is going on?

The Headmistress leaned against her desk, facing Izanagi. “This, right here,” she waved the folder, “Is our file on you, Izanagi. Very impressive. Intellectually speaking, you’ll do very well here at SOAR.”

Izanagi smiled nervously. Although her words were kind, he did not feel like it was a compliment.

“But, as I explained earlier, intellect is not the only thing we instruct our students in.” The Headmistress snapped his folder shut and set it down on her desk. “Based on our exchange today, Izanagi, and your conduct in class, I’m worried that there are, how do I put this… deficiencies in your previous education.”

Deficiencies? “Headmistress, I-“

“Izanagi, please, let me finish. You are not the first student we have accepted with this problem, and I doubt you will be the last.” The Headmistress’ voice tilted upward as she spoke. What did she have in mind?

“These areas that are lacking, Izanagi, they will be challenging for you at first, I imagine. But, with enough practice and study, I think you will find them to be some of the most satisfying parts of your life.”

The Headmistress stopped and looked at Izanagi, smiling, as if goading him on. Izanagi didn’t know what else to do.

“Well, thank you Headmistress. What do I need to do? Is there extra tutoring hours I need to attend, an extra section of class-“

The Headmistress put her finger on Izanagi’s mouth. Her perfume washed over him as she drew near. She moved like a ghost, her finger on his mouth, her face inches from his, and in his peripherals her breasts heaved against her shirt after the movement.

With a whisper, the Headmistress said, “You will receive special lessons. I will provide them. They start immediately.”

The Headmistress stood and began to unbutton her blouse. Izanagi pressed back against his chair, acting as if he wanted to escape but bursa escort bayan was unable. “Headmistess, wha-“

“Quiet. Every other word you speak after this one without my permission is a percentage off your grade. As the Headmistress of this academy you will trust my professional judgement.”

The Headmistress slid one arm out of her blouse, then the other, dropping the garment onto her office floor. Izanagi looked around him, glancing at the door behind him, the door he had come through.

“Nervous, dear? Scared someone will catch us? All this,” Headmistress Roxanne gestured to her body, sliding her hands up her hips, around her chest and up to her hair, “is a part of your education. This is standard curriculum at SOAR.”

Izanagi was speechless. He had heard rumors of the “progressive” and “non-traditional” approaches of instructors at SOAR, but this was far beyond anything he had imagined.

Izanagi, as nervous as he was, felt an immediate pressure in his jeans. As his hands moved cover up his growing erection, the Headmistress stopped him.

“Oh, mhm. What, exactly, is this, Izanagi?”

Izanagi swallowed, hard, in shock from the electricity of the Headmistress’s hand rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“I asked you a question. You will respond,” The Headmistress said firmly.

“That’s, my, uhh…” Izanagi stammered.

“You’ve never said it, have you?” The Headmistress smiled. “Nobody’s ever touched it but you. Nobody’s ever begged for it? Begged for your cock?”

Izanagi shook his head.

“Say it. Say it’s your cock.”

“It’s, um…it’s my cock…”

“And why is it getting so hard, Izanagi?”

Izanagi felt his Headmistress’ hand slowly glide up and down his jeans. He did not think this was how today was going to go.

“You, Headmistress? Because of you?”

“Me?” the Headmistress asked coyly, pointing at herself. “Little old me?! What about me, Izanagi? What about me makes your cock so hard?”

The Headmistress gripped Izanagi’s cock when she said this. An impulse, to grab the Headmistress hair, or shoulders, or fuck her breasts, shot through Izanagi’s brain, through his arms and down to his fingers, but he resisted it.

“Tell me, Izanagi. I see you looking at me. I saw you looking at me in class today. What caught your eye? Just tell me…” Headmistress’ voice got smoother and quieter as she whispered in Izanagi’s ear, one hand on his cock, her breasts pressed against his chest.

“Your, uhm, just so beautiful Headmistress.”

She pulled away, frowning. “Beautiful, Izanagi?”, she said with a mocking pouting voice. “Mountain ranges are beautiful, Izanagi, sunsets. And yes, I am beautiful. But does beauty make your cock hard?”

Did she really want him to say it? To say those words, to be so filthy? To utter the things he chastised himself for even thinking about?

The Headmistress read the doubt on Izanagi’s face. “Say it. Be a good boy and say it for your Headmistress. Here, I’ll make it easier on you. What are these?”

As she said it, the Headmistress arched her back, slid her hands behind her back, and removed her bra, the straps sliding down the sun-kissed tan skin of her arms. Before Izanagi were the first pair of breasts he had seen in real life, the nipples hard and perky with small piercings in them. As the Headmistress pushed strands of hair out of her face, they bounced slightly, perfectly.

“You like them, don’t you? I see you looking at them. Lusting for them. And I can feel your cock likes them too.” The Headmistress smiled her devilish smile. All Izanagi could do was nod.

“Say you like them.”

Izanagi caved. “I like them.”

“Like what?”

Must he say it? “Those.”

“‘Those’ what? Say it.”

“Those breasts.”

“Whose breasts.”


“What’s my name Izanagi? Say it.”


“And what are you looking at right now, Izanagi? What are you lusting after, what do you want to grab, pinch, bury your face in and suck on? Say it, and be a good boy and use my title.”

“My Headmistress’ breasts. Her tits.” Tits? Where did that come from? Izanagi’s cock pressed harder against his jeans, begging to be let free, and the Headmistress’ light touch on his jeans had not let up.

“Oh my. Tits? So there is a naughty boy in you somewhere. Mhm. Good. I was right about you.”

The Headmistress stood up and leaned against her desk, giving Izanagi space while she eyed him from head to toe. She crossed her legs and smirked, drinking in Izanagi’s nervousness. What the fuck is going on!? Izanagi thought to himself.

“So, Izanagi. You’ve taken an important first step in your education at SOAR.”

The Headmistress’ tone had changed. The thick, sweet tone of seduction was gone, and she once again sounded like she was standing in the front of the classroom from this morning.

“When Principal Felix and I founded this school, it was an effort to produce well-rounded graduates. Academics education can görükle escort get you very far in life, but it is only a piece of true satisfaction. Do you think that is true, Izanagi?”

Izanagi swallowed hard, but shook his head in agreement. He wasn’t actually inclined to agree, as someone who had dedicated nearly every spare moment of his previous years of education to study, but the bulge in his jeans mandated total compliance with his Headmistress.

“So, we at SOAR aim to help our students explore all their interests. I’ve gathered, based on your file and the way you composed yourself in class, Izanagi, that we’ve been exploring some interests here that you don’t have much experience with?” The Headmistress asked in an innocent, curious way.

Izanagi nodded, “Yes, ma’am. I… don’t know what to say.”

The Headmistress nodded. “That’s okay, dear. Absolutely. Because I am here to teach you.” She slipped off her desk, inching forward towards Izanagi. “Can I teach you, Izanagi? Are you ready for your first lesson?”

Izanagi needed only a moment to mull it over. He was caught off guard by his Headmistress’ conduct, but he was 18 and had never been with a woman, let alone an older woman with breasts large enough to suffocate him. Even the most intelligent men can, at times, be ruled by base needs.

“I am ready, my Headmistress. Teach me.” The submissive tone came naturally to Izanagi.

Headmistress Roxanne moaned slightly. “Your Headmistress, huh? I like the sound of that.”

Headmistress Roxanne moved forward and straddled Izanagi. Izanagi felt her thick, voluptuous ass press down onto his cock. The pressure was overwhelming but the sensation it sent through his groin was worth it.

“As inexperienced as your are, I want to start you off slow, my Izanagi. I will teach you how to please a woman by stimulating her breasts.” The Headmistress’ voice had trailed off to a whisper by the time she finished speaking. The seduction, the suffocating sweetness of her voice had returned.

The Headmistress grabbed Izanagi’s hand and placed them on her breasts. “Take your fingers and lightly touch them. Very lightly, just drag your fingers across them.”

Izanagi obeyed. His eyes were locked on Headmistress’ breasts, but as his fingers whispered over her nipples he looked up into her eyes. The Headmistress leaned her head back slightly and bit her lip. Oh? She liked that…

Izanagi grasped a breast in each hand and started rubbing both nipples. The Headmistress’ eyes shot open. She held Izanagi’s gaze for a second, and then slapped him across the face, hard.

Izanagi was stunned, his eyes welling up from the surprise. What had he done!?

“Is that what I asked you to do!?”, Headmistress shouted. “Physical intimacy is an art, Izanagi, and while there are many different ways to create art, they all take time and patience!”

Her tone was viciously loud, and Izanagi was scared. Not for his safety though, he realized. Izanagi was scared Headmistress would stop his lessons, he realized. And as she berated him for his insolence, he felt the pressure in his jeans swell up even more. What was going on? Did he like her yelling at him, taking control?

“Again. Tease my breasts, and this time do as I say!”

Izanagi followed Headmistress’ command. His fingers traced across her breasts, back and forth, and while she watched him for the first few minutes after a while the Headmistress seemed to relax, enjoying the feeling of his fingers on her bare breasts. Her back arched, as if presenting her chest for his enjoyment, and she placed her hands on Izanagi’s knees to balance herself.

After a few minutes, Izanagi couldn’t take much more. He needed more, he wanted Headmistress Roxanne. He didn’t know how to get it or what he could do, but his cock was throbbing and it was telling him more more more.

Nervous, Izanagi took a risk. As his fingers skimmed across Headmistress’ breast, he stopped at her nipples, hard and pointed, and grasped them both between his thumb and finger, offering a tiny pinch. Headmistress Roxanne cried out, and Izanagi flinched, thinking another slap would be the result, but she remained in place, straddling Izanagi’s lap, her back arched.

Izanagi returned to grazing the Headmistress’ breasts with just his fingertips, but would spontaneously pinch her nipples. What at first sparked a violent, angry reaction in his Headmistress seemed to be now generating immense pleasure for her; her moans growing louder as she began rubbing her hips back and forth against Izanagi’s waist.

After what seemed like an eternity, Headmistress abruptly grabbed Izanagi’s hands and pulled them off of her breasts. Izanagi’s disappointment must have been written across his face; Headmistress let out a quick laugh. “Don’t worry. We’re not done here. You still have a lot to learn.”

The Headmistress stood now, taking her weight off of Izanagi. Izanagi looked down to find a wet spot on his jeans; whether it was from him or Headmistress he did not know. He looked up expectantly at Headmistress, awaiting her next lesson. He licked his lips without realizing what he was doing. The Headmistress gazed deeply into his eyes. He couldn’t be sure, but Izanagi suspected Headmistress could see the lust in his eyes, the lust that he felt coursing through his veins.

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