Snow on the Roof Ch. 03

Snow on the Roof Ch. 03

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It was over a week before Danny tried to contact Kath again following the visit of her daughter and grandchildren. When he did try, he was surprised to get her answerphone. He didn’t bother leaving a message but decided to try again later that day. When he did, again the answerphone message kicked in.

“Hello, this is Kath speaking. I’m sorry but I am unable to speak to you at present. Please leave your name and number after the tone and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.”

“Hi Kath,” said Danny. “It’s Danny. Give me a ring when you’ve got a minute and I’ll come along and stoke your fire again! Speak to you soon. Bye for now. Mwah!” He signed off with a kiss.

When he hadn’t heard anything by the next morning, he decided to ring again, and again all he could get through to was the answerphone.

“Hi Kath, is everything okay. I’m beginning to get a bit worried about you. Please ring me as soon as you get this message. Love you. Bye!”

By three o’clock he had still not received a reply so he decided to have a walk round and investigate. At the back of his mind was the fact that Kath was after all sixty-six years old, lived alone and could be lying injured or even unconscious. When he got to her house, he rang the bell and waited. There was no reply, so he tried the back gate which was locked. He then looked in the front room window. The curtains were partially drawn both downstairs and upstairs although one of the upstairs window vents was open. He tried the doorbell once more but still nobody came to answer it. He couldn’t understand why, if she had gone away, she hadn’t let him know beforehand.

It was obvious she wasn’t at home so he set off back home again. As he passed her friend Bernice’s house he decided to knock on her door and see if she knew anything. To his disappointment there was no reply there either. He was just crossing the road to go home when Bernice came round the corner driving her car and pulled up outside her house. Danny crossed back over and waited for her to get out. She had parked with the driver’s door kerbside.

“Hello,” she said opening the door and pulling her handbag and a shopping bag from the passenger seat. “I remember you. You’re Kath’s friend, Danny, aren’t you? Are you looking for her?”

She was wearing the same green flowery dress that she’d worn the last time. It was sleeveless and very shallow at the neck so that no cleavage showed. It was also very short as Danny had noted at the time, coming a good two inches above her knee, but a good deal of her upper legs was showing as she sat in the driver’s seat. She put her right foot out on the kerb as she spoke and inadvertently gave Danny a flash of her floral briefs, though sadly he could see no sign of a slip or underskirt. He felt his cock acknowledge the sighting and slightly stiffen. She didn’t seem aware of either event and was soon out of the car. For some reason she was also wearing a beige mackintosh, unfastened, though Danny couldn’t understand why as there was hardly a cloud in the sky. A soft breeze blew, flapping the mac open from time to time.

“Yes,” said Danny, regaining his composure. “I’ve left messages on her answerphone yesterday and today but there’s no reply. I hope she’s alright.”

“Oh yes, she’s fine,” said Bernice. “She’s gone to stay with her son for a few days. His wife has broken her wrist and Daniel can’t get time off work this week due to holidays so she’s helping to look after her and little Jessica. She had a call late last Sunday and went on Monday. She’ll be back at the weekend.”

“Oh, I see,” said Danny feeling somewhat relieved and slightly stupid for thinking that something had happened to her. “Oh, well…By the way, I hope we didn’t embarrass you too much last week when you walked in on us.”

“Last week? Oh, er yes, I remember,” said Bernice remembering how she had found Danny and Kath making love in the kitchen. “I wasn’t expecting to find the pair of you doing that there or anywhere for that matter. Kath has told me a bit about you, I mean she didn’t go into great detail you understand, but I wish my husband was as outgoing as you.”

“Why, does he never make love to you?” said Danny. “Oh sorry, I’m being too personal.”

“No it’s fine,” said Bernice with a sigh. “We only do it now and again. It’s usually just a quick fumble under the bedclothes on a Saturday morning, cock in, five minutes and done. To be honest, half the time I fake it just to get it over with. I was envious when I saw you and Kath. My Liam would never do things like that to me. In fact I don’t think anyone has ever done that to me. All I ever seem to have had is a quick fumble.”

“So you’ve never done it in the daytime?” said Danny quite taken aback at this revelation.

“Oh, I try,” said Bernice, “But he usually says he’s busy or wants to watch the racing on the TV or he falls asleep. It was different when my daughter Charlotte was at home but now she lives with her boyfriend, we have more time when he’s here, but he just rokettube porno can’t be bothered.”

“Where is he now then, at work?” said Danny.

“He’s in France. He’s a coach driver and has taken a party to Disneyland Paris. He’s back on Friday, then back out again on Monday for a six day trip to Scotland. I don’t really see that much of him, but when I do, he just doesn’t seem interested,” said Bernice, looking sad.

“Perhaps you need a few tips on how to improve your love life,” said Danny with a smile.

“Who with? You? I don’t know. I’ve never been with another man since I’ve been married,” said Bernice. “It doesn’t seem right. Even before I was married I only had one boyfriend and I only did it with him once, behind the bus shelter in Church Street. I still love Liam, despite everything, and besides, think what it would do to Charlotte.”

“The Church Street bus shelter has quite a reputation,” thought Danny to himself. He had even taken a few of his own conquests there when he was younger. Many a couple had missed the last bus home due to getting carried away at the Church Street bus stop. “Look,” he said, “Perhaps I’ve overstepped the mark. I’ll go. If you see Kath, tell her I’ll give her a ring.”

Bernice thought for a moment. “No, it’s fine. Why don’t you come in for a coffee? I’d appreciate some advice.”

The room layout of Bernice’s house was an exact replica of Kath’s, with the lounge on the front and a smaller kitchen at the back which also contained a small table and two chairs. She took off her mac and hung it in the hallway then went into the kitchen and put the kettle on. While it was boiling, she unpacked her groceries.

Danny stood in the doorway watching her. He couldn’t help thinking that she looked a little ‘old-fashioned’. She had short collar-length mousy brown hair, brown eyes and wore no make-up. Even the dress had the appearance of a time gone by. She wore no hosiery, just a pair of black flat slip-on shoes which didn’t really suit her. Being just five feet two inches in height, Danny towered over her by nearly a foot. She crouched to get some milk from the fridge and once again her dress rode up exposing her shapely thighs. She added the milk to two matching mugs and placed it back in the fridge again.

“Do you take sugar,” she asked. Danny shook his head. “I do, I can’t drink coffee without it. I’m okay with tea, though, so long as it’s not too strong.”

Everything on the kitchen worktop was arranged just so. A set of three containers labelled Tea, Coffee and Sugar, a biscuit tin and a spice rack all sat in a line. She reached for the coffee container and put a spoonful into each mug, then the sugar container. This was almost empty so she reached up and took a bag of sugar from the cupboard above, her dress once again revealing more of her thigh. Having refilled the container, she threw the empty bag in the bin, and then poured the hot water into the mugs. She handed one to Danny and they sat either side of the table.

Danny wondered how to introduce the subject of Bernice’s marital problems. Should he be direct and offer some solace or should he be subtle. However it was her who took the lead.

“Kath tells me you met at the bus stop,” Bernice said. “If you don’t mind me asking, how did you two… er, become…er…”

“Lovers?” said Danny.

“Well…er…yes, I suppose so.” Danny noticed that when she was embarrassed she was inclined to stutter slightly. It was one of her endearing qualities.

“I made a comment about her slip,” said Danny. “She was wearing a skirt with a slit at the back and the wind blew the flap open exposing it. I think I embarrassed her at first but she was on the same bus home as me and I helped her with her shopping because a bag handle had snapped. Anyway she invited me in, we talked about slips and how women these days hardly ever wore them, and before I knew it she was stripping off in front of me. We had oral sex only that afternoon as I had to go and pick my car up from the garage, then had full sex for the first time on the day when you walked in on us.”

“I remember,” said Bernice. “I was so embarrassed! You don’t expect to find your best friend bonking someone! Do you know, when we went to the wedding reception later, it was all Kath could talk about. She loved it, can’t wait until the next time. She said I should do something like that with Liam, but he’s just not bothered.”

Danny sat sipping his coffee. He was becoming more attracted to the lady sitting opposite.

“You know”, he said, “Next time your Liam is at home and you want some amorous liaisons, take control. Wear something…different. It doesn’t have to be overly sexy. Do your hair; put a bit of makeup on. How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I’m forty,” said Bernice, blushing.

“You’re forty. You’re still in your prime. What attracted me to Kath was her slip. Do you know what attracted me to you?” Danny looked across the table at her.

“Er…no…what?” rus porno she stuttered.

“Floral knickers! I saw your knickers briefly when you got out of your car.” He watched Bernice turn a deeper red.

“Oh…er…sorry…I didn’t mean to. It’s this dress; I told you it’s too short.” She sipped her coffee slowly.

“There’s nothing to apologise about,” said Danny. “It was quite a turn on.”

“You didn’t see my slip as well, did you?” She looked quite worried.

“No,” said Danny. “I didn’t know you were wearing one.” The knowledge that there was now a hidden slip jerked Danny’s cock back to life again. He pushed his chair back from the table. “Look what you’ve done, mentioning that,” he said, indicating to the bulge beneath his trousers.

Bernice leaned over the table and blushed again when she saw it.

“Sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to.”

“Come here,” said Danny gently. “Bring your chair round.”

Bernice did as instructed trying not to make eye contact with the prominence which was still evident. Danny took hold of her right hand and placed it on top.

“Have a feel,” he said. “Don’t be shy. Take it out if you wish.”

Bernice blushed again. She felt it straining at his boxer shorts ready to do battle again with the female genital area once more. She was undecided what to do next. Danny said nothing; he was imagining her minus the dress making his cock strain even more. After a few minutes, she slowly unzipped his trousers and carefully pulled his cock through the fly hole of his boxers. His cock shot upright in the air and she gasped at its size and length.

“I guess Liam isn’t as well endowed,” said Danny.

“Er…no,” said Bernice not taking her eyes off the nigh on eight inches of manhood in front of her. “More like five inches. He’s very small.”

“Touch it if you like,” said Danny encouragingly. “It won’t bite!”

Bernice hesitantly placed her right hand on its shaft. She felt it go rock hard and a speck of precum appeared at its tip.

“Taste it, lick it with your tongue. See what it’s like. Run your hand up and down it.” Danny was subtle yet persuasive.

Bernice did as instructed and leaned her head forward. Her tongue took the smallest amount of precum and licked it. It tasted sweet and as another drop had appeared she bent down and licked that too.

“Try taking all the cock in your mouth. Suck it gently and see what happens,” said Danny.

Bernice gave him a look of bewilderment. She had never sucked a man’s cock in her life, but Danny was so convincing she felt she just had to try. Leaning forward again, she did as she was told and soon had his cock full in her mouth. She sucked on it and could feel the tension in his erection until after a few minutes, Danny came full on in her mouth. Suddenly having a mouth full of cum surprised her and she sat up choking as Danny continued erupting, this time over the front of her dress. He waited until she had regained her composure.

“So how was that then,” he asked, his cock having now subsided.

“Different. Not as bad as I expected. I’ve swallowed a lot of it, but just look at my dress! It’ll need a good wash.” She looked down at the stains on her dress which were clearly visible.

Danny looked. A large damp area about six inches in diameter covered one of the flowers with another smaller one just underneath.

“Well, no time like the present,” he said standing up. “Stand up!”

He pulled Bernice towards himself, the cum on his cock making yet another stain. He reached over her right shoulder and started to unzip it, then reached round under her right arm to complete the manoeuvre. Almost in autopilot, Bernice removed each arm from the sleeve in turn, and then dropped the dress from her waist to land in a heap at her feet. She stooped and picked it up before placing it directly in the washing machine. She’d shut the washing machine door before she realised that she was now standing in front of Danny in her underwear. Her slip was pink nylon and had ridden up around her waist almost completely exposing the floral knickers. When she realised they were on show, she quickly pulled it down covering them again, but only just due to its short length. Unlike Kath’s it had a minimal amount of lace around the hem and none at all on the bust. Yet again, she went red.

“Oh…er…blimey…I’d better go and put something else on.” She stammered.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Danny. “You’ve got a beautiful body and it clings to all your curves just nicely.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Bernice. “I’ve got no curves much to speak of. My boobs are only a 24C, so I hardly ever wear a bra.” Danny had already noted that fact and that her nipples were already fairly firm and pushing through the material.

“When I was at school,” she continued, “Everybody used to call me ‘Pancake’, because I had the smallest boobs in the school. In my last year, first year girls had bigger tits than me! My daughter russian porno Charlotte is nineteen now. She was a 30C when she was fifteen. It’s no wonder my husband only wants to fumble under the sheets. He doesn’t like to see my naked body.”

Danny pulled her close and rested his chin on top of her hair and cuddled her. She looked up at him.

“I wish Liam would do that to me,” she sighed. Danny said nothing but began kissing her gently on the lips. Bernice reciprocated and soon they were kissing quite passionately, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. His cock was at half-mast and it began to rise steadily again. He sat down again and pulled her onto his knee so that she was sitting with her back to him and started to rub her breasts through the nylon material which had ridden up again exposing her knickers. Her nipples had become hard and erect when suddenly she looked embarrassed and alarmed.

“What’s the matter?” said Danny looking concerned.

“I…er…think I might have…er…had a little accident,” said Bernice, clearly embarrassed. “My…er… knickers are a bit wet.”

Danny carefully put his fingers against the front of her floral briefs, and then brought them up to his nose. He smiled.

“It’s your body reacting to all the excitement,” he said. “It’s a pleasant accident, not a serious one. Your body is anticipating what is yet to come.”

“I’ve never experienced that with Liam,” said Bernice.

“I’m not surprised, it’s because you have no build up with him,” said Danny. “It’s all Wham, Bang and Thank You Ma’am. You admitted that you usually fake it so you don’t know what to expect. You might feel more comfortable if you took them off.”

Bernice stood up. She kicked off her shoes and pulled up her slip which had fallen back to its normal position. She slipped her fingers inside the waistband of her briefs and gently pushed them away from her hips. They slid down her legs to her ankles and she kicked them off. She didn’t have much of a pussy except for a small amount of mousy brown hair guarding the entrance. She smoothed down the slip again and sat back down on Danny’s knee and put her arms around his neck.

Danny pulled her slip hem back exposing her pussy once more. Using the index and middle fingers on his right hand, he let his fingers do the walking starting at her thigh and across the front of her pussy. He carefully inserted first one then both and gently probed inside. Bernice jumped as he felt around before locating the little bump that was her clit and gave it a little rub.

“Ahhh…” She let out a little cry. Danny touched it a couple more times and each time received the same response. Each time also, the wetness inside increased. Danny surmised she was now almost ready for the ultimate finale. He stood her up and sat her on the edge of the kitchen table pushing back her slip and spreading her legs. He dropped his own trousers and boxers, his cock once again rock hard, the purple tip itching to land its prize. He pushed it into her sodden pussy and began pumping, holding her shoulders to stop her falling back. He paused for a second and wrapped her legs around his waist and began again in earnest with a steady constant thrust. She was moving in time with his thrusts, making little grunting noises gradually increasing in loudness.

“Uh…uh…yes…uh…UH…YYEEESSSSSS!” Danny ejaculated in unison with her orgasm. Cum spewed out from her pussy onto the table and some dripped down onto the floor. She was red in the face again, but this time not from embarrassment.

“I don’t think that was faked, was it?” said Danny, withdrawing his cock.

“Phew, no way,” said Bernice. She kissed him on the lips. “Thanks.”

“Try that on Friday night with Liam,” said Danny. “I’m sure you’ll get a result.”

“I hope so, but look at this mess,” said Bernice, eyeing her cum stained kitchen table, “And look at me.”

Her pussy hairs were all matted with drying cum.

“I’ll soon clean them up, said Danny. He put his face down to Bernice’s pussy and started licking the dry cum. Then he inserted his tongue inside, looking for her clit. Bernice jumped as his tongue tickled it and after a few minutes he brought her to a successful climax once more.

“Any regrets,” he said withdrawing and standing up.

The look on Bernice’s face said it all.

“None whatsoever!” She said. “But this is strictly to be a one off, you understand. As I said, I am married and I do love him.”

Danny dressed while Bernice went upstairs to freshen up and change her clothes. He quickly cleaned up the cum-stained table and floor. When she came down, she had a red floral dress on, similar to the green one. Danny couldn’t resist a little tease.

“Very nice,” he said. “Let me guess, pink slip, floral knickers perhaps?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” she said quite flirtatiously. “But not today, nor in the immediate future. I’m grateful to you for giving me a few tips but that’s it.”

“Just how grateful,” said Danny mischievously?

“This much,” said Bernice kissing him on the lips.

“Well,” said Danny teasingly heading for the door, “If ever you feel you need some revision….” He hugged her and kissed her back.

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