Sneaking in to an Army Barracks

Sneaking in to an Army Barracks


Living in Korea for the past 4 years, Lily had grown to love the country. With a stable job and a promising career, she had no intention of leaving any time soon. She could live freely in Seoul, no worrying about what family and friends back home might think, something that enabled her to indulge in many liaisons with cute Korean men.

At 27, she had gone through a string of boyfriends, it was easy for her to attract men. She was fair skinned in a country that valued it, long light brown hair, D cup breasts and green eyes. She never had to wait long for another man to be interested in her, but she was never willing to settle down with any of them despite their confessions. She turned down a few marriage proposals. As soon as the man became serious about her, she backed off. Distancing herself from them, a break up was inevitable. She liked the first intense three months of a relationship, finding out about each other and, generally, spending a lot of time in bed.

Another reason she tended to break off relationships was because many of her boyfriends were called to serve in the army. Every man in Korea had to serve in the military for up to 2 years before he was 32. Her boyfriends would suggest she wait for them to come back, but she wasn’t a waiting type of girl. She saw them off and promptly began looking for her next conquest. Lily had a voracious sexual appetite, she knew she wouldn’t be able to deny her desires for long.

Having so many of her lovers leave to go off to the army led her to an idea which she pondered over for awhile. Should she go to the army barracks and visit? Many of her lovers had asked her to visit, but she sent them off with vague promises and had no intention to follow through. Travelling for hours into the countryside to have an hour or so with one man seemed like a lot of effort for little reward. She was thinking of doing something else… visiting a lot of men.

New recruits were all housed together, 10 or more depending on the room. If she could sneak in, she could have fun with them all. He latest boyfriend, Chul Soo, had left for basic training last week. With another 5 weeks to go, he would be a perfect excuse to visit. Chul Soo would likely be a willing participant. He liked hearing her talk of her sexual conquests, it turned him on. The idea of sharing her with his squadron would likely be something he would be game for.

Lily quickly put her plans into motion, if she delayed she would probably talk herself out of it. She had weeks of vacation time accrued, and with a simple creation of a fake trip back to England, she was free for the next 4 weeks. It took 2 days to get a reply email from Chul Soo, but he was eager to meet her the next day. Playing the girlfriend, she packed up a lunch for him as well as a few pieces of clothing and headed to the army base a few hours away.

Chul Soo was waiting for her in the visiting area when she arrived. He hugged her and ignored the whistles from the rest of the soldiers. He brought her to a table far away from anyone else where they could talk in privacy.

“I didn’t think you were going to come.” He confessed. He looked different in his army uniform, more grown up, more manly. It had only been a week since she had seen him off, but he had spent the time in the sun and was darker than she remembered seeing him before.

“Well, I just couldn’t stay away.” She teased

“You said there was something you needed my help with. What can I do to help you when I’m locked up here?”

“Actually, you can help me because you are locked up here.” She said mysteriously. He looked puzzled. “Remember when you used to ask me about me being with other men.” He nodded. “It turned you on, didn’t it?”

He looked around and whispered, “Yeah….but what does that have to do with you being here?”

“I’ve been thinking I would like to see inside your barracks.” She seemed to change topics, confusing him even more.

“My barracks?” His eyes opened in shock. “They’re off limits to non military personnel, and there’s definitely a no-women policy.”

“You’re crafty. I’m sure you can think of a way to sneak me in.” She winked at him.

He thought for a minute. “Well…I guess if you hid inside the visitor’s area until the gates closed and then I brought you over to the barracks, that could work.” Chul Soo leaned closer to her, “Now, want to tell me why you want me to sneak you into the barracks?”

“I think we could have a little fun together in your barracks.”

He nearly choked on the water he had been drinking. “It’s not a private room, you know! I share it with 11 other soldiers.”

“What’s your point?”

“Finding the room empty is impossible. Someone is always in there. What if someone walks in when we’re having sex?”

Lily shrugged and had a devilish smile. “Let them watch.” He locked eyes with her. “Maybe let them join in”

“Are you serious?” He asked. “You want to have sex with them all?”

“That’s why I came to visit you. I knew bursa escort you would be likely to help me out. Hearing about me being with other men turns you on, seeing me with them will be even better. We both get something out of it.” She met his eyes. “So, are you in?”

Chul Soo sat still for a minute but then Lily saw a smile break out on his face. “I’m in. I could never say no to you. Plus, I can’t wait to see you with my friends, they’re going to love you.”

Lily and Chul Soo worked out a plan to sneak her into the barracks. She had to stay hidden in a small storage area until the gates closed for the night and the last rounds were made. When it was all clear, Chul Soo would come and collect her. He had a spare pair of fatigues she could dress in. If she tied her hair up under a cap and kept her head down, as long as no one looked too closely, she should be able to sneak into the building.

When the time came, Chul Soo hurried Lily into the barracks. Everyone was in the common room watching a variety show with a popular idol girl group so for once his shared room was empty. He quickly closed the door behind them after taking one last glance into the hallway, making sure no one was coming.

The room was rectangular with platforms running along each side for sleeping on. Each side had six cubbys filled with each soldier’s uniform and gear. Everything was in perfect alignment, everything in its place where it belonged as per military standards. Everything, or course, except for Lily.

Lily took off her cap and her hair swung down around her shoulders, the ends curling just below her breasts. She tossed the cap onto one of the platforms “So, this is where you spend your time, huh?”

Chul Soo stepped closer to her “We are rarely here during the day. We come back for a few hours after drills and then to sleep. Having 12 men in here makes it cramped, most nights we spend watching TV in the common room.”

“I see.” Lily sidestepped him, teasing him. “Where is your spot?” She sat down when he pointed to an section of the platform. It’s kind of hard, don’t you think?”

“Soldiers are supposed to be able to sleep anywhere. Wooden platforms or frozen ground, we should be able to rest and be ready for battle the next day.” He sat down next to her and rested his hand on her thigh, slowly running it from her knee upwards.

“It’s sad that all you do is sleep here. Have you thought about me while you’ve been here?”

He nodded, “I’ve had to hide a few hard-ons when you crossed my mind late at night. The rest of my body might be exhausted, but you give that part of me energy.” His hand was now rising from her hip to her waist. “I never imagined I would see you sitting here…wearing my uniform no less.”

“You don’t like seeing me in your uniform?” She started to unbutton it until her cleavage showed.

When he saw her breasts appear, he took a deep breath, “I think it looks better on you than on me.” He reached up to open the shirt even more, slipping his hand between coarse fabric to feel her silky smooth skin. He cupped her breast through her thin lace bra. “It would look even better off you though.”

Lily stood in front of him and slowly stripped off the top. She let it fall to the floor and let him see her clothed in a small black lace bra and his uniform pants, belted tightly at the waist to fit her slim hips. Her tiny feet were encased in a spare pair of his combat boots. “So, what do you think. Is it better with the shirt off?”

“Definitely.” He put his hands behind him and leaned back onto the platform. “But I’m pretty sure that lacy thing isn’t regulation issue.”

She pointedly looked at his groin where his combat pants were forming their own little camo tent. “I think you like it though.” She reached for her belt and slowly undid it. “I wonder if you think I look better without the pants too?” With a small kick, she managed to free herself from the oversized boots and pushed the pants down her hips.

Chul Soo watched every movement, his eyes following the pants as they fell to the floor. She was wearing a barely-there lace thong, the black lace cupping her bare mound and disappearing between her legs. She started to move towards him and lifted one knee at a time onto the platform, straddling him. He wrapped his arms around her before burying his face between her soft breasts. Lily pressed herself against his crotch, feeling his hard member even through his pants.

“Damn, Lily. You feel good.” He gripped her hips and starting moving her rhythmically against him. He caught her lips and kissed her before kissing her neck. He knew exactly where to kiss to make her shudder against him, there was a nerve that went straight to her pussy and he always found it. “Are you sure that you want to do this? Someone will walk in soon and there’s no going back after they see your sexy body.”

“I know what I’m doing. Being a plaything for a bunch of young men is a fantasy for a lot of women, I’m just going to be bursa türbanlı escort the lucky one who actually gets to do it.” She leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Now how about you take off those pants before you burst through them?”

Chul Soo didn’t hesitate, he undid his belt and managed to shimmy out of his pants without Lily leaving his lap. He didn’t even bother to unbutton his shirt and just ripped it off over his head. Lily laughed as she realized he couldn’t get his pants off without taking off his lace-up boots, so they were just pooled around his ankles. She swung herself off his lap and watched as he fumbled with the laces, sweat breaking out on his forehead as a knot didn’t want to come undone.

Finally freeing himself, Chul Soo took off his pants and even his underwear before settling back down on the sleeping platform. He was completely naked, and completely erect. He surprised her and pulled her onto his lap, she let out a little shout, but he quickly muffled it with his hand. “Shhh. We don’t want to get caught just yet.” He took off her bra and threw it towards the door. “This will give the guys a bit of warning when they come in.” He started massaging her breasts and tugging on her nipples.

“What are they like?”

“Average, I guess.” He slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit slowly through her underwear. “There are a couple of guys who came in right out of high school and a few who are in university. The oldest guy is actually a celebrity. His agency managed to delay his enlistment until he was 29.”

Lily was finding it harder to concentrate as Chul Soo’s fingers slipped inside her. “A celebrity? Anyone I know?”

“Yeah. He’s a famous idol. We all just call him Kim. You’ll recognize him when you see him. We all have to shower together, and I can tell you that idols aren’t built differently than us regular guys down there.” He moved his hips so his erection poked her thigh. “But one guy you’ll definitely like. He’s really chubby, and his cock is huge.”

She parted her legs more so he could reach deeper inside her, his finger massaging her G spot. “Really? I can’t wait to meet them.” He laid her down on the bench and moved between her parted legs, his cock in his hand. “Wait! Put on a condom.”

He hesitated. “You’ve never wanted me to wear one before.”

“Yes, but let’s at least start with everyone wearing condoms. Everyone will lose them as we get more comfortable with the idea of sharing me.”

He grabbed a foil packet from his locker and rolled it down, “That won’t take long. People get close when they’re naked with eachother, plus, each soldier is only issued 3 condoms in their kit. We aren’t able to leave the base yet either, so no restocks.”

Chul Soo lined himself up with her moist folds and began to push his way inside her. Even through the condom she could feel him hot and hard inside her. She felt her tunnel accommodate him as he moved deeper into her until she felt deliciously full. He was so aroused that she could feel his cock jerking slightly with every heartbeat.

He moved inside of her a tiny bit before stopping, teasing her. “You’re wetter than usual. I bet you can’t wait to have a bunch of cocks inside you.” He started moving a bit faster, her breasts began to bounce with his thrusts. He bent her legs so he could hold them and plunge even deeper into her tight pussy. He reached between them and found her hard clit, massaging it between his fingers, rolling it until she nearly screamed in pleasure. “You can fuck them, but I’m going to be the first to make you cum.”

His hips ground down on her, so powerfully she began to slide up the bench until she had to use her hands to push back against the wall to keep from moving. Pleasure was coursing through her, causing her to shudder. She could hear the dull clank of his dog tags echo through the room as he fucked her.

Lily covered her mouth to hold back a moan, she was close to cumming. Chul Soo was unrelenting in his fucking, constantly driving her towards orgasm. Her legs were pushed as wide open as they could go, leaving her completely exposed and vulnerable. She could hear his breathing getting more labored, he was close to cumming too.

Through the door, they could hear laughter and footsteps. The soldiers were making their way back to the rooms. At any moment, Chul Soo’s roommates would enter and see him fucking her. What would they do when they walked in on such an intimate scene?

The door creaked and she watched three men enter. They were laughing and didn’t notice them until the door closed. Lily knew the exact moment the first soldier saw them, he stopped in mid sentence, mouth open and eyes wide. His friends bumped into him since he stopped dead in his tracks. The others followed his gaze and were equally shocked, dropping their hats and papers to the floor.

Without breaking rhythm, Chul Soo introduced her, “Say hi, guys. This is Lily. She’s a close friend of kestel escort mine who came to pay us all a visit.” Lily waved her fingers at them and a couple of them shyly turned away, trying to not look, but she could see them watching her with their peripheral vision. “Lily wants to cheer us all up, give us some Fighting spirit.”

Not believing what was happening in front of them, the three soldiers continued to stand in the aisle mutely watching as Lily received thrust after thrust from Chul Soo. As they watched their friend’s cock repeatedly disappear into her pink pussy, she could see them adjusting their pants. One of them began to stroke his cock through his uniform as he watched, mesmerized by the couple in front of him.

Lily began to put on a show for them, she needed to drive them past the point of reason if she was going to get them to join in. She began to fondle her breasts, pulling on her nipples and moaning. Each time Chul Soo thrust into her, she rose up to meet him, eager to feel his cock stretching her pussy.

Lily heard the sound of a zipper and saw one of the men had reached inside his pants and pulled out his full erection. The other two were now fondling themselves too, Lily knew they were hooked. She made eye contact with the one whose cock was on full display. It was incredibly erotic to be locking eyes with one man while another one was pounding his cock into you. The soldier jerked his cock for her and she could see the shine of precum collecting at its slit. She cocked a finger and motioned for him to come closer. He seemed surprised but was caught in her siren’s call. His booted footsteps filled the near silent room as he joined the couple on the bench.

Without giving him time to think, Lily wrapped her fingers around his warm, pulsing organ. She could feel shock run through him at her touch, but he didn’t back away. He was probably just over 18, Lily thought, an age where men are led by their dicks and not their heads. It was perfect for what she wanted. She slowly stroked his cock and without him knowing it, sneakily moved him closer to her head. He was surprised when he felt the first tentative lick of her tongue. She swiped away the salty precum on the tip of his cock as he watched in shock. By the time she popped his cock into her mouth, he had thrown his head back in pleasure.

Chul Soo’s thrust were getting faster and more erratic as he watched Lily giving another man a blow job in front of him. He worked doubly hard on making her cum as he was close to orgasm himself. His pressure on her clit increased and he rolled it in circular motions extracting gasps from her. She couldn’t hold out anymore and felt herself clamping down on Chul Soo’s cock as she reached the height of pleasure. As she came, she unconsciously sucked harder on the soldier’s cock until he was nearly ready to blow his load in her mouth.

Lily felt Chul Soo pull her pelvis tight against his and thrust as deep as possible in her, holding her down with his weight. His body jerked against hers as he came. Lily missed the feeling of his semen flooding inside her, but she knew that would come later.

Chul Soo lifted himself off her and sat down cross-legged beside her. His cock was still rock hard and sticking straight out, his condom drooped at the tip where it was filled with milky white cum, swaying as his body jerked with aftershocks.

The soldier looked at Lily still sucking his cock and then at Chul Soo.

“Ask her if she wants you to fuck her. She makes the decisions, not me.” Chul Soo pulled off his condom, “Only make sure to wear a condom.” He threw it in the direction of the trash bin, not caring if it actually went in or not.

The young soldier gathered up his courage and in a slightly shaky voice asked “Can I fuck you, Miss?” He seemed scared she would say no, even though she was sucking on his cock the whole time.

The moment she nodded her head, he leapt up in haste to get a condom from his kit. He didn’t bother to fully undress, he took of his pants and boots but that was it. He rolled the condom down his penis, it took him 3 tries, he was so nervous he kept putting it on inside out. Just as he lined up to sink into her, she stopped him.

She looked at the other two soldiers still standing by the door, they had both taken their dicks out of their pants and were stroking them as they watched their friend about to have sex with her. “You two should come over here too. Don’t just watch from over there.” Lily hooked her legs around the soldier between her thighs and surprised him by pulling him into her.

His cock was slightly shorter than Chul Soo’s, but it was wider. His inexperience with women showed as he quickly began thrusting into her over and over like a rabbit, his own pleasure foremost on his mind. His two friends had joined them and she could feel them tentatively touching her bouncing breasts. She reached out and grabbed a cock in each hand.

Turning her head from side to side, she drew each of their dicks into her mouth, alternating between them. She could taste their precum already, perfect beads of it gathering at the tips of their cocks as soon as she stopped licking them. She cupped their balls and felt how heavy they were, they had lots of cum stored away.

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