Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 18


We were working non-stop, balls to the wall, solving Dad’s problems with three different companies. Working with Jim, Mike and Jorge was a learning experience. They earned their degrees in the years of hard-knocks. The knowledge that they had in their heads wasn’t anything that could be found in text books.

Sylvia was very professional with me and I was the same with her. I saw her go to lunch one day with Fatima and I waved to her as they were getting in the elevator. She grinned and waved back. I took the next elevator down and went back to my office. With the special project for Dad, I was getting behind in my regular duties. Ginger had gone to lunch as had everyone else. I was alone and It was quiet. I got a lot done before returning to Mahogany Row.

After work, I would meet the twins at the car and depending on the weather, we would wait inside or out, for Dad to catch up. Mom had not made any new risky plans to get her hit of adrenaline since the shoe store. I had the feeling that her professed feelings of guilt, on the way home that night, had more of an effect than I thought. She and Dad were having loud raucous sex every night, so her sexual needs were being tended to. Mine weren’t though and I’d lay in bed jerking myself off trying to time my orgasm with theirs. I hadn’t heard from the twins either. Something was going on with them.

On Wednesday, when I met June and Julie at the car after work, they were all a twitter and they couldn’t wait to tell me that the two Police Officers, Sweet and Jenkins, had called to ask them on a double date on Friday night. As beautiful as the twins are, young guys their age are generally intimidated and they don’t get many requests for dates. I guess the kisses, bare breasts and blow jobs in the foyer had shored up their confidence. I was happy for the girls. They hadn’t been on a date all Summer. I guess the slowdown of sexual activity in the house was making them antsy too. They couldn’t wait to tell Dad when he got to the car but they left out the fact that the guys were local cops or how they had met. I wondered if the cops would show up in ‘civies’ or not. I know the twins hoped they would be in full uniform. As we rode home, I could imagine the two of them riding their cop dates cow-girl style, while wearing the officer’s hats bobbing around on their heads. My erection blossomed out of my imagination. Dad looked over a few times as I casually rubbed my cock through my slacks. He chuckled at my situation but didn’t say anything.

At the dinner table after Dad and I had changed, the conversation was primarily about the double-date. Mom was aware of the cops but didn’t let on that she knew anything. The girls never knew that Mom had watched them giving the two cops blow jobs at the front door. They did know that I had caught them.

After dinner, June motioned for me to follow them to their room. Mom and Dad cleared the table together and Dad goosed Mom on the way to the kitchen. She squealed and giggled and swatted him on the arm as she gave him a fake scowl.

I sat on June’s bed and waited while they stripped naked and dressed in casual clothes consisting of bra-less tee shirts and short-shorts. My erection bloomed again and I hoped they would notice and take care of it. I was getting tired of jerking off. If either of them noticed, they didn’t make a move. They were consumed with discussing Jerry and Max. That was the first time I had heard the cops first names used. It turns out that the red-head cop, Officer Sweet’s name was Jerry and the blonde, Officer Jenkin’s name was Max. It didn’t really matter that Jerry had invited Julie out and Max had invited June. They would never be able to tell them apart unless they asked for an ID or something. It would be up to June and Julie to decide which of them would go out with which cop, not that Max or Jerry would care either way.

The girls sat on Julie’s bed facing me. My erection was tenting my shorts big-time and Julie looked at it and giggled before saying, “We need your viewpoint on something and then we’ll take care of that monster.” June giggled and nodded. Julie licked her lips as she stared over at my hard-on. She continued, “Umm… Ummmm. Shit. I forgot what I was going to say.”

June giggled and said, “You saw what we did in the foyer with Jerry and Max. Right?” I nodded. “We’re afraid that they only asked us out because of that. That they will take us out to some parking spot expecting that we’ll do the same. We want to go out and have some fun. You know, dinner, dancing; stuff like that. What do you think? You’re a guy. What are they thinking?”

I laughed at their thought process. I concurred that Jerry and Max were probably thinking they would get the same treatment as in the foyer and my own cock hardened further as I thought about that scene. I asked the girls what they wanted. It was clear that they wanted to have sex with the guys but they didn’t want to be thought of as just sluts that they could pick up on the street in the city. The thought ran through my mind that they maybe shouldn’t have started their relationships with a blow job in the foyer. Too gaziantep suriyeli escort bayan late now. I said, “So, don’t give them what they think they are going to get. Make plans for what you want to do, except leave out the sex.” June frowned at that suggestion and I started laughing. She stood up and leaned over and swatted me on the knee. I continued, “It’s just a suggestion. Trust me they will be back. They’ll never find more beautiful women to go out with.” Julie smiled at me because I had referred to them as women and not girls. June and Julie looked at each other for several moments doing their wordless communication thing.

As if on cue, June and Julie grinned at me and slid off Julie’s bed and each grabbed a leg of my shorts and pulled on them. I sat up off the bed and they yanked my shorts to the floor. Julie got to her knees on my right and June on my left. Julie put her hand on my chest and pushed me down to my back. I didn’t resist. June cradled my balls and Julie gripped the base of my erection and pulled it up to vertical. They both leaned in and kissed each other over the top of my cock and then slid their lips down the sides as their tongues tangled together along the spongy underside. I groaned hard and the girls giggled at my reaction. It had been several days since my cock had felt anything other than my right hand and it was as hard as an iron pipe.

June nodded and Julie ran her lips up my shaft and over the crown. She rolled her lips around the ridgeline with her tongue working the ‘spot’. I groaned and muttered, “Oh Jesus.” She pushed her lips about half way down my shaft and pulled back up again. She repeated that a few times and then pushed my knob into her throat and I could have blown my load right there. I held back. June still had to have her share. Julie bobbed her head so that my knob eased in and out of her throat and the sensation was amazing. I lifted my head off the bed to look at Julie’s gorgeous face with my cock buried in her face. I just dropped my head back to the bed and pushed my hips upward gently. Julie pulled back and sucked in the huge glob of saliva that followed me out.

June pushed her lips over my crown and locked her lips on the ridge as she used both hands in counter-rotating action from my balls to her lips. I groaned again and both girls giggled. I couldn’t contain my orgasm any longer and I fired my hips upward. She rode them up and continued her hand job unabated. June took the first huge shot and started gagging as she pulled back. The second shot followed and splashed across June’s face and forehead.

Julie giggled and grabbed my cock from June and pushed her lips over the crown in just enough time to get shot number three. She started swallowing immediately. When it looked like June was ready again, Julie pulled off and shoved my cock back to June’s lips. June took the rest without issue. I couldn’t believe how many shots I gave the two of them. I mumbled, “Fuck, I really needed that.”

I laid there with chest heaving for a long time and June and Julie crawled up beside me as they both continued to stroke my softening cock. Julie lifted her head off my shoulder and giggled when I was completely soft. She looked down and said, “It’s so cute when it’s soft.” June giggled too.

June said, “What’s up with Mom? I’m surprised that she hasn’t been all over you. She’s been weird since she got home from the shoe store thing.” I nodded. I had been thinking the same thing.

“I think she’s feeling guilty like she said,” I said. “She and Dad have been giving their mattress a workout every night.”

Julie giggled and said, “Yeah, tell us about it. They don’t make any effort to be quiet. We broke out the dildo again. I guess we should have come up and got in bed with you.”

I laughed and said, “Fuck. I wish you had. I’ve been up there flogging my hog so hard I worried that I’d get it bleeding.” Both girls burst out laughing.

June said, “You can always come down here. We’d never turn the ‘hog’ away.” They both laughed harder.

After lights out, it was the same thing. Mom and Dad tuned up and my erection was back again. I didn’t even contemplate jerking myself off. I pulled back the covers and my erection proceeded me down the hall. I was going to take June up on her offer. I got halfway down the hall and I heard Dad speak, “Dex? Is that you out there?”

I thought I had been totally quiet. I said, “Yes. Just going to the bathroom.” I ran my curled fingers down my shaft.

Dad opened his bedroom door and the hall light came on. He still had a wet erection and he glanced down at mine. “Your Mom needs your help. If your going to the bathroom, make sure you come back with that hard-on ready to go.” I laughed and he stepped back into his bedroom. A night stand lamp was on. Dad held the door open and I walked past him into the bedroom. Mom’s hands and feet were tied to the four corners of the bed. Light glistened on her wet pussy.

Mom said, “You have to help me out Dex. I really need your big cock in my ass.” I looked at Dad beside gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan me. He was stroking his wet cock looking down at Mom’s pussy. “I need both of you in me.” Dad walked over to the foot of the bed and untied her feet. Then he got on the bed and untied her hands. Mom spread her arms for me to come to her and I went.

I crawled up on the bed next to Mom and said, “How do you want to do this?”

A huge grin formed on Mom’s face and in a deep guttural, demonic voice, she said, “Doggy.” She didn’t hesitate another moment. She rolled onto her hands and knees and pulled Dad down in front of her with his legs spread to either side of her and she inhaled his gooey cock. He groaned hard. I pushed my cock to her wet pussy and pushed slowly into her. She moaned around Dad’s cock and Dad groaned again. After a few full-length strokes into Mom’s pussy for lubrication, I pulled back out. I repositioned and dragged my cock around her rosebud. She whimpered and pulled back off Dad’s cock. She looked back at me. She was on fire. Her demonic voice was certainly matching the look on her face. She said, “Give it all to me. Now.” I eased my cock into her anus to get her ready but she didn’t want that. She pushed back hard on my cock and if I hadn’t braced myself in anticipation of her move, she would have pushed me right off the bed. She screamed a brief screech as she pushed her pussy back against my balls. She pulled forward again and went back down on Dad’s cock. He was up on his elbows grinning at me. I hadn’t gotten to the point that I could grin or even smile at Dad while I was fucking Mom.

I gripped Mom’s hips and pulled our bodies back together. She screeched around Dad’s cock. I didn’t think I was hurting her but I wasn’t positive so I slowed. She pulled off Dad’s cock again and yelled, “Fuck, Dex. Go. Go.” I pummeled her ass and she squealed around Dad’s cock as she moved her ass from side to side and around trying to get every possible sensation of my cock pounding her ass. Her heat and pressure were amazing. I loved fucking Mom’s ass. There was nothing else quiet like it.

Dad had collapsed to his back and was pivoting his hips up toward Mom’s face. She was taking all of him. I was getting close to my orgasm and watching her sucking Dad’s cock pulled me even closer. Then Dad groaned and fired his hips up at her as he was obviously cumming. Mom was purring around his cock and then her sphincter started pulsing quickly and then the pulses became hard clamping and I knew that she was having an anal orgasm. She had taken over the action and I had to go with her because the grip she had on my cock was incredible. I could only add to the action between her anal clenches.

She took all of Dad’s cum and then pulled off gasping for air. She reached down between her legs and began furiously fingering her pussy and clitoris. Moments later, as she was coming down off her anal orgasm she was ramping up on her vaginal orgasm. She let out a scream that would wake the dead. It would certainly bring the twins running. Two minutes later that prediction came true as we all heard the thundering elephants coming up the stairs. Dad chuckled as we waited for the bedroom door to open. Dad said, “I’ll bet they’re naked.” Mom and I laughed when the girls appeared wide-eyed at the foot of the bed. They were naked.

Dad’s cock had softened considerably and Mom and I were about done. We would be done as soon as she let me have my cock back. Her pressure on it was keeping me hard. Every time I tried to pull back, she’d apply more pressure. She was doing it manually. She didn’t want to let me go.

Mom motioned for the twins to come up on the bed and they sat down on the foot of the bed with their legs crossed. Their hands were in their laps gently fingering themselves. Mom’s face was down in Dad’s crotch with her ass high in the air still impaled on my cock. I was gently pulling back to extricate myself and eventually, Mom let me go and rolled away from the twins to her side. Her fingers were still in her sex but they weren’t moving. She just looked from June to Julie and back again as she cooed her satisfaction.

I got off the bed and said, “I need a shower.”

Mom said, “Mmmmm. Me too.” She was in a dreamy, relaxed state and didn’t move. Then she rolled onto her back as she invited the twins to her breasts. They went eagerly and suckled on her tits as Mom gently held them in place. When I was finally able to pull myself away from that scene, Dad was slowly stroking his cock back up again. I headed for the bathroom stroking my own revitalized erection.

I half expected Mom to join me in the shower but she didn’t. I finished and dried off before stepping out to the tile floor. The moment that I opened the bathroom door and stepped into the hall, I could hear muted groans and moans coming from the bedroom. I walked in to see Mom and Dad on their backs in their sleeping positions. June was on top of him in a sixty-nine position with her mouth full of Dad’s cock and her hips were grinding feverishly on Dad’s gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort bayan face. Julie was on top of Mom with her face buried in her pussy as her head rolled from side to side with her hips grinding on Mom’s face. It was an amazing scene to behold. I ran my curled fingers down my burgeoning erection a few times as I watched. I couldn’t figure how I could add to this scene to make it better. It was already perfect. I sat down in the overstuffed chair at the foot of the bed and watched as sucking and slurping noises filled the room.

One by one, the four of them groaned into their orgasms. Mom had had several. With everyone gasping for air, Mom weakly muttered, “Please Julie, no more.” Julie giggled and rolled off Mom and scrambled around to cuddle. Once June had finished off Dad, she did the same. Dad sat up and pulled the covers up over the four of them and then shut off the lamp. He didn’t even notice me sitting there at the foot of the bed. I sat there with my semi-hard-on in my hand for a while and it wasn’t long before Dad was softly snoring. I figured everyone was asleep and I pushed myself up out of the chair. I was halfway across the room on my way out when Mom whispered, “Dex? Thank you. I needed that.” I gave her an air-kiss and took another step toward the door. “Dex?” I stopped again but said nothing. “I told your father about our public escapades.”

I waited for a moment for whatever came next. I could tell there was more so I said, “Uh huh, and.”

She giggled and whispered, “He wants to join us next time. You be thinking of something we could do that’s risky but not so bad that we could be arrested or something. He’s concerned about his job.” She giggled again.

I whispered back, “He should be concerned. I’ll give it some thought. Good night Mom. I love you. I’ll see you in the morning.” She gave me a loud air-kiss in the dark and I went back to my room and crawled under my covers. I laid there a long time thinking about the wild swings Mom had gone through this summer. First, she revels in the secret sex she’s having with the twins and me when Dad is away on travel. Then she takes wild risks to continue with Dad right in the house. Then she swings wildly the other way and tells him everything while he is engaged in a wild sexual weekend with his sister and nieces. I had to admit that if she was going to tell Dad about us, it was the perfect time. Then she realizes that she missed the risky sex so she starts engaging in public sex for her adrenaline fix. I knew she was feeling a little guilty about the public sex with strangers. Now she’s told Dad about that too. She was cleansing her soul, I guess, but where was she going to go from here. Would she have sex with some strange guy with Dad there? What would Dad’s reaction be if she did? Would I still be involved with Dad there to protect her? I hoped so. I could see the headlines in the dark; ‘Family fucks their way through a bus-load of Fez capped Shriners.’ I smiled to myself as I felt my dick roll up off my hip to my stomach. I pushed my hand down to hold it there. I fell asleep in a wild mélange of sexual visions that swirled together in a dream that looped around over and over again as I subconsciously tried to make sense of it.

I woke with a soft pair of lips kissing me. At the same time, I felt a pressure on the tip of my morning woody. Julie was kissing my lips and June was kissing my glans. I didn’t resist and kissed Julie back and lifted my hips trying to push my cock into June’s mouth. June rode my hips up but didn’t take my cock into her mouth, as I had hoped.

Julie broke our embrace and said, “Dad’s up. Well his cock is, and he’s ripping off a piece before he gets ready for work. I could hear Mom groaning loudly in her bedroom. Julie pulled back my covers and looked down at June kissing my glans. She giggled and said, “Come on June. Don’t tease him. We have to shower. I stink and you do too.”

June giggled as she pulled back and said, “I love the smell of Dex’s new shower gel. It makes me horny. Do we have time for a quicky?” I did, but Julie got up and pulled June up beside her. They were still naked. June’s pussy glistened in the dull, gray illumination of pre-dawn. She ran her index finger through her sex as Julie pulled her away toward the door. June threw me an air-kiss and a grin as she was yanked into the hall. Mom groaned out a loud, “Oh gawwdddd. Cum with me.” Dad let out a long groan and then there was silence. I decided to cut Dad off at the pass by jumping into the shower before he could get there.

I was a little surprised to see the shower door slide open and Mom step in. Her hair was in tangles. She had cum all over her face and chest. She was rubbing it in like skin cream as she pressed herself up to me and stretched up for a kiss. I bent down to kiss her. I was all lathered up from shoulders to knees and Mom reached out and curled her fingers around my erection and started jerking me off. I lathered up her tits and gently ran my palms over her slippery skin. She moaned and pushed her forehead to my chest. I pulled her against me and lathered up her back as she continued to moan. When my fingers found her anus; she groaned out, “Oh fuck. That hurts a little. You really worked me over last night.” I chuckled and ran my sudsy fingers around the periphery of the rosebud. She released my cock and did the same thing on my anus. It was a stimulating sensation and when she pushed her finger inside far enough to tickle my prostate, my cock reacted and pushed hard against her body.

We were working non-stop, balls to the wall, solving Dad’s problems with three different companies. Working with Jim, Mike and Jorge was a learning experience. They earned their degrees in the years of hard-knocks. The knowledge that they had in their heads wasn’t anything that could be found in text books. Sylvia was very professional…

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