Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

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“Hi Mike, I was just around the corner so I—oh my God, what the fuck are you doing??”

Michael jumped, or at least came as close to jumping as one can when one is lying in a sleeping bag inside of which one is blowing up a very big balloon. The nozzle pulled out of his mouth, and for a moment he was blinded by the stream of air blowing in his face.

Mike thought of just going with complete honesty. Well, you see, baby, I’m blowing up a big balloon inside my sleeping bag, and in a few minutes I’ll blast a big load of hot cum all over it. Yeah, right. Laura got jealous if he so much as glanced at another woman. Explaining to her that blowing up balloons and fucking them turned him on as much as sex with her would go over like… well, like a lead balloon.

No matter, as Laura’s grasp of the obvious immediately kicked in: “Were you blowing up a balloon inside a sleeping bag?”

“Well, I, er…” Mike stammered.

“You were! But why would you…” Her eyes slid down the sleeping bag, and then widened.

Contrary to what most men think, having a big cock is not really advantageous, and Mike could think of at least twenty reasons why. Now he knew number twenty-one. With the balloon mostly deflated, there was no hiding the missile between his legs.

“Are you-” She rushed over to the bed. Mike was helpless, his arms trapped inside the sleeping bag. She grabbed the middle of the sleeping bag, then lifted up the open end and looked inside.

“Oh my God, you’re naked and you’re hard as a fucking rock!” she said. Mike had fantasized about her saying those exact words, but without the super-pissed-off tone now in her voice.

“Are you masturbating? With a fucking balloon? What the fuck is going on here, Mike?

“Well, um…”

“Tell me, Mike, what the fuck?”

“It’s… um… it’s like… well, it’s like, um… it’s… sort of… sort of a fetish.”

“What, sleeping bags and balloons?”

“Well, more of the balloons, the sleeping bag is just sort of for…”

But Laura’s eyes were suddenly far away.

“Wait a minute… a couple of months ago, at my mother’s birthday party, when I caught you staring at my sister… I thought it was because she was wearing that low-cut dress, but you were you getting turned on watching her blow up all those balloons, weren’t you?”


“And you kept saying I should help her blow them up, and I kept telling you I had to finish decorating the cake, and… oh, my God!”

“Laura, honey…”

“Don’t fucking ‘Laura Honey’ me! This is fucking sick!”

“Sick? Come on, it’s harmless, like how you like me to bend you over and masturbate you with a great big…”

“Don’t you fucking bring that up, you sick fuck!” she yelled. “A balloon fetish, I’ve read about that, what is it because your mommy didn’t breastfeed you? You didn’t get enough of your mommy’s giant fucking boobs, and mine aren’t fucking big enough? Is that what the fuck this is about?”

“No, sweetie, your tits are plenty big, it’s just that-“

“Shut kaynarca escort the fuck up! Is that what you’re thinking about when you’re fucking me? My sister blowing up all those big fucking balloons? Is that what gets your dick hard? What about that time at the lake my cousin was blowing up that giant beachball, huh? Oh, I bet you fucking loved that, I bet you went home and stroked your cock and blew a big fucking load thinking about her, didn’t you?”

“Well, um…”

“Oh my God, you did! Michael, this is so fucking weird, I don’t know what to do.”

“Honey, look, I love you, baby, I…”

“Just shut the fuck up! I should leave you alone with your big rubber girlfriend. My god, look at the size of that fucking balloon. I’ve never seen one that big! I bet you’d like to see my sister blow that one up nice and tight, wouldn’t you?”

Mike was silent. He actually had fantasized about just such a thing. In fact, just before Laura had walked in, he had been imagining it was her sister who was inflating the balloon. His cock, which had started to go soft in response to Laura’s tirade, began to stiffen again. No, not now, he thought… not now…

But Laura wasn’t looking at the bulge in the middle of the sleeping bag. She was looking at the balloon.

Laura spoke again. This time her voice was soft and sugary-sweet… and very, very dangerous.

“Well, if you’d rather go to bed with your big fucking balloon,” she said, “maybe that can be arranged.”

Laura climbed onto the bed and straddled Mike. She picked up the balloon and stuffed it into the open end of the sleeping bag. She gave Mike a sickly-sweet smile, then took a deep, deep breath, put the nozzle of the balloon to her mouth… and blew.

Mike had fantasized about seeing Laura blow up a balloon since the day they had met. In his dreams, she had fulfilled his wildest fantasies, blowing everything from little Q260s to giant GL1200s. He imagined her as the sexiest balloon blower in the world, getting every little nuance right, the perfect turn-on for a looner.

He had never told her about his fetish because he was sure the reality would never live up to his dreams.

How wrong he was.

Laura’s first breath into the balloon was better than anything he had imagined. Her fist clenched the balloon’s long neck. Her eyes drilled into his. Her cheeks puffed out to impossible dimensions. Her brows furrowed as she blew… and blew… and blew… one long blast of air that swelled the balloon bigger than he could manage in two, maybe three breaths. The balloon swelled against his chest inside the sleeping bag, as did his cock.

Her cheeks relaxes, and she drew in another long breath. She seemed to inhale forever, her chest swelling, her beautiful breasts pressing against the straining fabric of her t-shirt, her nipples standing out as two hard dots. She seemed to be breathing all of the air in the room, and as he wondered if that were possible, and if he would suffocate if that happened, she blew again.

She küçükyalı escort blew harder this time, her face reddening with the effort. The balloon, confined by the sleeping bag, grew rapidly down towards his cock, and before she had emptied her lungs, the two had met. My God, Mike thought, just how big were Laura’s lungs? How could she have blown the balloon so big in just two breaths?

Laura filled her lungs again, and when she could inhale no more, what she did was not so much blowing as it was blasting. He felt the rapidly expanding balloon rush down the full length of his cock. Her body lifted upwards as the balloon grew underneath her, but she never stopped blowing. The balloon squeaked uncomfortably, and he could see it starting to bulge at the top, nearest his face. He tried to pull the balloon downward, but she had blown it so big and so tight, it would hardly move.

“Okay, baby, I get the point, and I think it’s pretty full…” Laura’s eyes stayed locked to his. And her lips stayed locked around the balloon. She took another deep breath, and while he didn’t think it was possible for Laura to blow any harder, she did. The balloon squeaked and squealed in protest.

“Honey, I don’t think you can blow it much bigger with you sitting on it, otherwise it’s going to pop, and you’re going to fall, and…”

He tried again to adjust the balloon, which she had blown so big that it reached down his thighs. It was getting difficult to breathe inside the balloon-filled sleeping bag.

“Shut the fuck up, Mike,” Laura said. “I have blown it big, haven’t I? But you like your balloons blown up nice and big, don’t you, Michael? Yes, I think you do. And I think I should blow this balloon even bigger.”

“Laura, wait-“

But Laura didn’t wait. She took another deep breath, and as her chest expanded, he could see her tits bulging out against her shirt like two balloons blown tight enough to burst. And then she began to blow, and her tits disappeared from his view as what had been a small part of the balloon just outside the sleeping bag began to grow very big… and very thin.

He could feel the balloon with his hands. It was rock hard and he was afraid to move for fear of popping it. He had blown this balloon big enough to touch his cock, sure- but he had never blown it anywhere near this big. The balloon always got hard to blow when it filled the sleeping bag, and he was afraid of popping it. But clearly his lungpower was no match for his girlfriend’s… and clearly the idea of blowing it until it burst didn’t bother her one bit. He was positive that this was going to be this balloon’s last inflation.

He wanted to tell her to stop, but he couldn’t, because she had blown the balloon tight against his face. He could see her breasts pressed against the balloon, her nipples dimpling the latex through her shirt. He had to turn his head to the side so he could breathe.

He had never been so scared by the prospect of a balloon popping, but it was clear that when this one went sancaktepe escort – and he had no doubt it was a matter of when, not if – it was going to pop right in his face. He was scared shitless… and turned on beyond belief. Hundreds of hours of watching balloon porn, and here he’d been fucking the world’s hottest balloon blower for years! He felt his cock trembling on the verge of orgasm.

“Are you scared, Mike?” The balloon’s skin rang with Laura’s voice. “I can feel you shaking right through this balloon. Are you scared it’s going to pop, Mike? Are you scared that I’m going to blow a big hard breath into this balloon and it’s going to go BANG and burst right in your face? That’s what you deserve, Mike, fucking this balloon instead of me. That’s why I want to pop it, Mike. I don’t like competition. But I’ll stop if you tell me too… oh, wait, you can’t tell me, Mike, because this balloon is in the way. Well, I guess I’ll just go right on blowing it up!”

He felt the balloon press into him as she filled her impossibly big lungs. He heard the latex squeal as she stretched the neck. He imagined the way she’d looked blowing that first breath. He thought of his girlfriend, the ultimate balloon-blowing babe. He heard the air start to rush into the balloon…

KABAM!! The concussion shocked his body as she blew the balloon to oblivion. The latex stung his face, his chest, his legs and his cock as his girlfriend’s lungpower shredded it into a thousand pieces. He felt a blast in his face as all the air Laura had forced into that balloon was suddenly set free. And the noise – oh, God, the noise! The bang was deafening, and for a few seconds he could hear nothing, just a loud ringing in his ears.

Laura landed hard on his cock, which was as tight as that balloon had been just a second before and every bit as ready to explode. She didn’t look scared; she looked triumphant. She brought her face down to his, and he could feel her tits against his chest through the sleeping bag.

She bent down to his ear and whispered. “I guess you won’t be fucking that balloon again, will you, sweetie?”

Mike’s voice was hoarse.

“Tell me what you did to it,” he croaked.

She looked him right in the eye.

“I did just what you were doing,” she said, grinding her crotch against his cock to emphasize her words. “I blew up that big balloon… I blew it bigger… (grind) and bigger…(grind) and bigger… (grind) and then I blew… it… to… bits.”

Mike couldn’t take it any more. He felt a tremendous build up in his cock, bigger than he had ever felt before. And then his cock seemed to explode with all the force of the balloon Laura had just blown to bits. He blasted the biggest load of cum he’d ever felt. It shot up to his chest, and one drop made it clear up to his neck.

Laura licked it off.

“Now, are there any more of these big balloons I need to know about, you fucking perv?” Laura asked.

“There are more in my night table,” Mike stammered.

“Well so there are,” Laura said, opening the drawer. She took one out.

She lifted the top of the sleeping bag and gently draped the balloon down on his cum-soaked chest.

“I guess we’re going to be here a while,” she said, and as she began to inhale, slowly and deeply, Mike felt his cocks stiffen again.

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