Sister slave


“So you’re definitely coming over?” I ask my boyfriend. I lay on my bed in my pink pajamas while talking to him on the phone. “It’s been weeks. I miss you.”

“I’m sorry Kristen,” Zach answers back. “I’ve been working late shifts a lot. But I am off tomorrow so I’ll be there.”

I squeal in excitement. “I’m so happy to hear that. I have been so horny lately.”

“I’ll be sure to fix that when I see you. You got the image I sent right? You promised you would do it.”

“I know,” i say with a sigh. “It just seems dangerous to bind myself without you there. What if there is an emergency?”

“Isn’t your brother staying with you this weekend?”


“Then you can yell for him.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“I just got done work. I am going home to shower and gather some stuff. I’ll be there in an hour. If you want a good fucking, be in that position when I get there.”

Before I can say anything, Zach hangs up. I put the phone down next to me and I stare at the ceiling. I think over what he wants me to do. Zach has been asking me to be tied up for months now. I just don’t know how I feel about not being able to do anything. Relinquishing total control like that is a bit scary. It is also exciting and thinking about it gets me wet. Zach does have a point about my brother being here

Henry is my younger brother. At twenty years old, Henry has been living on his own for a year. He moved out of state making it difficult to see him. I haven’t even talked to him in almost six months and I found that very odd. I am 26 years old and the age gap made it so we had different friends but we were always close. Then for some reason after he moved out of our parents house, I barely hear from him. Then two days ago, out of the blue, he shows up at my house and asks to stay with me for a bit. I showed him to the guest room which shares a wall with mine. I try talking with him but all the responses are short and to the point. It was really annoying.

I take another look at the picture Zach sent me. I study it hard. The photo is a woman bent over a night stand. Her ankles are held open with a steel spreader bar which is also tied to the legs of the table. Her hands tied together behind her at the wrists with the rope twisting its way up both arms up to the shoulders. A black leather collar sits tightly around her neck. The metal ring on the front of the collar has rope through it that is tied to the other side of the table. That prevents her from lifting her upper body away. There is a blindfold and a gag on her head so she couldn’t see or talk to whoever fucks her holes. To top it all off, in red lipstick there are words on her ass. ‘Slut’ on one cheek and ‘cum dump’ on the other.

I smile thinking about this for a moment. It’s getting me nice and wet thinking about being tied like this. Getting fucked by my boyfriend and filled with his cum. I fight off the urge to finger myself since I didn’t have long to get ready. I needed to shower and shave. Putting the phone down I head towards the bathroom. After stripping naked I look at myself in the mirror and smile at my beauty. At only five foot three inches and a hundred twenty pounds, my body is curvy and inviting. My small c-cups are firm and perky as is my ass. I quickly brush out some knots in my long blonde hair before stepping under the warm water.

I stand under the cascading water for what seems like forever. Snapping myself out of a daze, I start to wash my hair and body. Once I shave my body and make sure I am nice and clean, I exit the shower. I stand in front of the mirror once again as I get lost in thought. The images of my boyfriend using me as I am tied to a table flood my thoughts. My hand slowly slides down my wet body and a finger gently rubs my clit. My eyes close as pleasure takes my mind and my finger slips into my smooth pussy.

Suddenly I stop as the bathroom door flies open. I turn to see my brother standing in the doorway, naked. He has a towel in his hand as he was preparing to shower. My body frozen in shock as he just stands there looking at me. I can’t help but look at him also. His six foot frame stands almost as high as the door. The one hundred eighty pounds is now carved into muscle all over his body. My eyes widen as I see his cock starting to grow quickly. I never knew my brother was so well equipped.

“I’m sorry Kristen,” Henry says. “I heard the shower stop and waited fifteen minutes. Thought you were in your room.”

I was fingering myself for fifteen minutes? It only felt like seconds. I have to hurry. Without saying a word I push past my brothers naked body to leave the bathroom. As I do, my ass connects with his hard cock. I freeze for a few a seconds as I feel it rub between my cheeks. Henry’s hands rest on my hips and I swear he pushed against me but I couldn’t be sure. I finally make it to my room and I slam the door shut. I lean against the closed door, my breathing heavy in both embarrassment and excitement. I shouldn’t have gotten turned on by my brothers naked body. But his cock looked to be about nine inches gaziantep zenci escort bayan long. That’s almost three inches bigger than my boyfriend.

I shake my head quickly and force the thoughts away. Grabbing a towel to dry my body, I sit on the bed and dry off. After a few minutes I decide to finally get up and start getting ready. I have twenty minutes until Zach shows up and I haven’t even done my makeup yet. I sit in front of a small vanity and start applying the sluttiest makeup I could figure out. Takes me longer than wanted but I give myself really thick eyeliner and lots of eye shadow. Super red lipstick to accent my lips and a little blush.

I hurry to my closet and gather up all the things I’ll need for tonight. A few segments of long rope, a variety of gags, a blindfold, a leather strand whip and leather handcuffs. I bring it all over to an end table that I placed in front of the door. Next I grab a pillow to soften the hardness of the wood. I don’t have a spreader bar so I start by wrapping the silk rope around an ankle and fastening it to a leg of the table. Once one leg is tied to the table, I do the other. It was really difficult to do alone but I managed. It’s not pretty but will do the job.

Slowly I lower myself down onto the table. As my legs flex the ropes tighten and keep me in place. I then attach the leather collar around my neck and run the rope through the ring in the front. Carefully I tie it around another leg of the table. I leave a little slack so I can lift up a few inches but that’s about it. I then hear a door open and close. My eyes widen and my heart races. I wasn’t ready yet. I still had to put the gag in, attach the blindfold and handcuff my hands. I can hear the footsteps get closer so I decide to just drop the stuff on the floor and put my hands behind my back. I’ll let Zach do the rest. With my body facing away from the door, I can’t see him as he enters the room. I only hear the bedroom door open and close.

“I’m sorry Zach,” I say after almost five minutes of silence. “I didn’t have time to cuff my hands or put the gag in. But there are more things on the floor for you to use if you wish.” I try to turn my head but the rope holds me still.

I hear a long deep breath from my boyfriend. A few scuffling noises later I start to feel a hand gently run over my ass, up my back and to my neck. My body shivers as he gently caresses me. My vision goes black as the silk blindfold is placed over my eyes. My heart races even more.

My boyfriend grabs both my wrists in one hand and starts to tie my hands and arms together with more silk rope. Once he is happy with my arms being secured, I feel his hands rub over my body once again. He kneads my ass cheeks gently causing me to moan in pleasure. His thumbs gently rub against my asshole. Then I feel it, the tip of his cock rubbing against my soaking wet pussy. His head teasing my lips as he pushes against them then pulls away. The next time his cock touches me he pushes it in slowly. In one long and slow thrust, the cock slides fully into me.

“Fuck baby. You feel so big!” I don’t know if it’s because I am blindfolded and bound, but his cock feels so much bigger and harder than normal. I moan loudly as my pussy feels fuller than it has ever been. With his cock pushed all the way in, my boyfriend smacks both my ass cheeks at the same time.

Smack, smack. Again and again my cheeks are spanked. I groan in pain as the force increases. With each spank, I tense my body and my pussy squeezes around the large cock. Soft moans can be heard from Zach as he starts to slide out of me. Once his head escapes my wet hole, he pushes back in quick and hard. Our bodies smack against each other. Another long and hard thrust, then another and another. He is taking his time fucking me. I can feel every inch of his cock sliding deep into me.

“Fuck me baby,” I beg. “This pussy is yours. Don’t stop. Harder!”

Even with my begging, he continues to go slow. His hands spreading my cheeks wide and stretching my hole for him to admire.

“You’re cock feels so good inside of me.” The fucking then stops suddenly and he pulls his cock out of my pussy and rests his wet head between my ass cheeks. “No please don’t stop. Put it back!”

My begging works as Zach slides back inside of me in one hard thrust. He continues to fuck me with long, slow and hard strokes. I can feel his balls slapping against my clit with every push. Both of my boyfriends hands grab the rope that holds my wrists together to use as leverage to push harder into me. I moan loudly each time his cock enters my pussy.

“Fuck, Zach don’t stop! I’m going to cum!” With those words, the thrusts become quicker and harder. “Oh my god I’m cumming!”

I scream as my body shakes with orgasm. My boyfriend doesn’t slow down and my body convulses against the ropes. The feeling of being restrained increases the intensity of my orgasm. My screams of pleasure echo through the room. My breathing is heavy and quick as Zach gaziantep escort bayan slows his fucking and pulls out of me. I don’t even notice him walk around to the front of me until I feel his cock pressing against my lips. I instinctively open my mouth to allow him inside. My tastebuds are flooded with my juices as he holds his cock against my tongue. I moan with lust as his cock slides around my mouth and I clean my juices from him.

“Fuck you’re such a slut, sister,” Henry says with laughter in his voice. My body freezes when I hear my brothers voice. “Your pussy felt amazing. Does my cock taste good covered in your cum?”

I struggle to pull away from him but my bondage holds me in place. Henry is careful not to let his cock leave my mouth as he thrusts in and out of my throat. Between fighting to get away and my brothers cock pushing down my throat, I have to really fight my gag reflexes. Both my brothers hands hold my head in place as he pushes the remainder of his cock down my throat.

“I have been wanting to fuck you for years big sis,” Henry says holding his cock in my mouth. “Ever since I saw you and your ex a few years back, I have been consumed with the idea. That’s why I haven’t come over in forever.”

I can feel tears falling from the corners of my eyes as my brother talks. His cock preventing me from breathing. I make noises in my throat trying to get his attention but he continues to talk with his cock blocking my airways.

“When I came here though, I wasn’t planning on doing anything but then I saw you tied up like some cheap slut and I just needed you.”

Finally Henry pulls his cock completely out of my mouth. I take a deep breath and collect my thoughts before speaking.

“Henry! What the fuck?” I try to wiggle out of my bindings but my brother ensured the ropes were secured. “Let me go!”

“Why would I do that? Why would you want me to do that? You were enjoying it.” Henry rubs the head of his cock up and down my cheek.

“I thought you were Zach!”

“Well I’m not,” Henry laughs. He smacks his cock against my lips a few times. “Answer me a few questions and maybe I’ll set you free.”

“I’m not playing this game Henry,” I say fighting against the ropes again. “You’re my brother, this is wrong!”

“Were you enjoying getting fucked like a cheap whore?” Henry asks ignoring my protest.

“I said I’m not playing your games. Untie me.”

“Answer the question sister.”

I keep quiet for a moment. I can still taste my cum in my mouth. It brings back the feeling of my brothers cock in my pussy.


I feel Henry’s hands go to the back of my head again. I close my mouth tight to prevent his cock from entering. Instead of trying to force his dick inside my mouth, Henry takes the blindfold off. I blink a few times trying to get adjusted to the light. Once my vision is back all I can see is my brothers massive cock. I can do nothing but stare at it.

“I am almost ten inches,” Henry says noticing my gaze. “How big is your boyfriend?”

“He is only six inches. Can you let me go now?”

“Nope.” My brother says. I watch as he disappears from my view and walks around behind me. “Do you enjoy my large cock better?”

“Untie me Henry! This has gone far enough!” I plead with my brother.

“Who has the better cock Kristen?” Henry asked again. His hands massage my butt.

“You’re cock made me orgasm like he nev…” my words are cut off by a soft moan as my brother pushes two fingers into my pussy.

“You’re still wet,” Henry says with amusement. “Have you ever thought about us?”

“Never. You’re my brother!” My eyes close with pleasure as his fingers slide around inside of me.

“Don’t lie sis. I saw the way you looked at my cock in the bathroom.” Henry’s breath feels warm against my bottom. He has dropped to his knees to play with me some more. I feel the warm wetness if his tongue against my tight ass.

“I was just surpr…” my words cut off by a moan as I feel my brothers tongue licks the length of my crack. “I wasn’t thinking about you like that. We are brother and sis…” again my words cut short as Henry eats my hole. “Fuck…” I moan as my brother licks me up and down. “This is so wrong.”

Slowly, Henry’s tongue starts to push against my asshole. He wiggles it slowly trying to force its way inside. At the same time, three fingers sink all the way into my pussy forcing out a loud and deep moan.

“Those aren’t sounds of protests, sister.” Henry laughs as he finger fucks my wet hole. “Do you want me to stop?”

“I…don’t…know…” is all I can manage to say as a fourth finger is inserted. Henry just laughs again.

“What time was your boyfriend supposed to show up?”

“He should have…” I pause to moan when my brothers tongue pushes into my ass. “…been here when you walked in.”

“Are you happy that he is running late?” I moan in response. Pleasure starting to take over my body once again. “Answer me slut!” Henry yells and spanks my ass with a free hand.

“Yes brother.” I bite my lip hard as I feel Henry take his fingers from my pussy and pushes one against my ass. I yelp in pain as he quickly pushes his finger all the way in.

“Has your boyfriend ever fuck your ass?” My brother asks while sliding his finger in and out, stretching me wider.

“No one has.”

“Good,” Henry removes his finger and starts with his tongue again. “Perhaps I should stop though. Your boyfriend might be here soon. You don’t want him seeing how your brother fucks you like you deserve to be fucked.”

My moans cut short as my little brother stops touching me completely. I try to listen for him but I don’t hear anything. I start to wiggle my ass slightly to try and get him to play more, but there is nothing. I try to turn my head but the rope holds me steady. I have no idea why I am missing his touch. I should be disgusted from my brother having his way with me. But something deep inside is craving it. I need his large cock.

“Henry? Where did you go?” I ask but get no answer. “Please don’t leave me like this…” I start to beg to a possible empty room. “I don’t care about my boyfriend. I just need you. I need your huge cock. Fuck me brother! Fuck your big sister like a proper slut! Little brother?”

“Calm down big sis,” Henry says from behind me. “I didn’t go anywhere. I was just grabbing some lube.”

My ass puckers when I feel the cold wet tip of his cock pressing against my ass. He applies a little pressure but still doesn’t enter.

“No please don’t,” I beg. “Your cock is too big for my first time. Please just fuck my pussy again.”

Henry laughs at my comment. He hands pulling my cheeks apart. “I love how you beg to have my cock split your pussy wide, but I want your ass. Just relax. I promise to be gentle.” Henry then pulls his cock away from me. “Unless you want me to stop.”

“No!” I yell desperately. “No please fuck me!”

“Where do you want your little brothers big cock?” I don’t answer. I want him in my pussy but I know he wants my ass. Not happy with no response, my ass gets spanked hard. “Fucking answer me bitch! Next time you don’t answer, I am leaving you here.”

“You can put it there,” I say softly.

“Beg for it sister.”

“Please put your cock in my ass little brother. Fuck my hole! I need to feel you ins…”

I stop talking when I feel Henry push his cock against my hole once again. This time with enough force for the head to pop inside. I winch in pain but soon relax. I take a few deep breaths to ease my muscles. Henry slowly pushes his member farther into me. My brother is true to his word and is very gently working my ass open. I moan when Henry slides back out of me then pushes back in a little harder than before. He does this for a few minutes until I can feel his body press against my ass.

“How does it feel Kristen?” Henry asks. “You now have your brothers cock all the way in your virgin ass.”

“I have never felt so full,” I answer. “It hurts but also feels so good.”

I hear my little brother snicker then there is a sharp pain as he pulls my ass back into him while he thrusts forward. I scream in pain as he plunged farther into me that I thought possible. That’s when Henry starts to really fuck my ass. His strokes long and hard making me feel every inch of his cock. His balls slapping against my clit when he thrusts all the way inside. My screams turn to moans as the pain subsides and pleasure rises. I try to turn my head to watch as my brother fucks me but the rope stops me. I had almost forgotten I was tied down because my entire focus was on the feeling of my virgin ass getting pounded. My moans are deep and primal as I am overcome with lust.

Henry pulls his cock from my ass and I suddenly feel empty. Just as I am about to beg him to put it back, my little brother shoves all the way into my pussy. Back and forth, Henry alternates between my ass and pussy. Each thrust is fast and hard making me moan loudly. His hands spanking my cheeks every other stroke. I hear Henry groaning and his pace picking up. His hands grab onto my wrists and he fucks my ass hard and fast.

“Fuck, I am going to fill you up big sis,” Henry yells. “Beg for my cum you fucking slut!”

“Please little brother,” I moan loudly. My body rocking back and forth on the table as he fucks me harder. “Fill my ass with your thick cum. Fill my ass up baby. I need to feel it dripping out of me! Cum for me bro!”

“Not…your…ass…” Henry quickly pulls his large dick out of my no longer virgin ass and sinks the whole thing into my wet pussy.

“Not there! Please don’t cum there! I’m not on birth control!” I beg my brother but it’s too late.

I can feel his dick inside of me grow and then explode. Load after load of his warm fluid shoots deep into me. The feeling sends me over the edge and I start to scream in a mind blowing orgasm. My whole body tenses and shakes as my brother fills me with his juices. I can feel my pussy swell as I become filled with both of our cum. He slowly pulls out halfway and I can feel his cock pump even more cum into me. Slight panic enters my mind thinking that my brother is going to impregnate me. But that fear is quickly cut off by the pleasure of Henry sliding his cum soaked cock into my ass once again. He very slowly slides around inside me for a moment.

“So you’re definitely coming over?” I ask my boyfriend. I lay on my bed in my pink pajamas while talking to him on the phone. “It’s been weeks. I miss you.” “I’m sorry Kristen,” Zach answers back. “I’ve been working late shifts a lot. But I am off tomorrow so I’ll be there.” I squeal…

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