Sister is Taken by Drunk Brother


So there I was. My first year in college, 19 years old, and horny as fuck. I had chosen to attend a college near the college my sister attended because deep inside I hoped I would be able to spend more time with her and hopefully get to fuck her. My sister is one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. She’s about 5’5” with good sized tits and a big ass. She had been the lust of my life since I could remember. She is two years older than I, and is in her senior year in an all-girls college. I got accepted to a college no more than twenty minutes from her college.

I asked her if there were any good clubs around. She told me that there were a few, but that hey were not as good as the ones in L.A. (were we live). I told her that since school had not yet started we should party. She agreed and began to get ready. This is were all the fun began. She got ready, and then we drove to my dorm do that I could get changed. I got ready quickly and we took off. First we had dinner and some drinks. It was I that insisted in having drinks. My sister did not mind. After having a couple of beers we headed to the club. By this time my sister was already buzzed, but I wasn’t because I was already used to heavy drinking.

I told my sister to get us some more gaziantep sahibe escort bayan beers at the club, and we drank for about thirty more minutes. My sister was under the influence by now, so she was acting more relaxed and was joking around allot. I asked her to dance. Most of the couples dancing were dancing very erotic and I loved dancing like that. I figured that my sister was pretty drunk by now, so it was time for me to have some fun with her. I told her that we should dance like the others because we looked silly the way we were dancing. She agreed, and I did not hesitate to pull her close to me. Our bodies begun to grind together and I was immediately aroused. I got hard very fast. Instead of hiding my erection I pressed it more against her. She seemed to want to pull away for a minute, but I held on to her strongly and did not allow her to. She gave up very soon and just kept dancing. I started to grab her ass and tits. She told me to stop because this was not right, and that it would be better if we went home, because I was obviously drunk and did not know what I was doing. I apologized and we went home.

The whole way home I acted as if I was drunk and did not know what şahinbey escort bayan I was doing or saying. Since her college was closer to the club she say that I would have to crash at her dorm. We made our way to her room. The dorms were almost completely empty, because hardly anyone had come back form summer break. She pushed me inside the room and closed the door. She told me to sleep in the floor and that the was going to go change in to her sleeping attire.

While she went into her bathroom I got naked and jumped on her bed. When she came out she saw me on her bed, but did not see that I had no clothes on because I covered myself with her sheets. She immediately told me to get off her bed. I acted as if I was asleep. She went ahead and removed her sheets form me to move me off her bed, and she gasped when she saw my ten-inch dick popping out. She was frozen for a while, and finally put the blanket on me again. She laid down on the floor and went to sleep. About and hour later, I figured she asleep, so I got up and went next to where she laid.

I began to undo her top and she suddenly woke up. She demanded to know what I was up to. I just pinned her down and began to ravage her. şahinbey bayan escort I ripped all her clothes off and laid on top of her. My dick was rock hard. I grabbed both her hands with one hand, and with the other one I guided my meat straight into her pussy. She screamed as I pounded her pussy. She fought me off, but she could not help enjoying my dick, because the was moaning loud.

She was still fighting, so I fucked her even harder. She was screaming for help but nobody was there. I turned her around. Took my dick out of her pussy and pounded her ass with it. She nearly cried. After more than five minutes I turned her around again and once again pounded her pussy. She had no strength to fight back now. I told her that I was about to cum, and she pleaded for me to not cum in her because she might get pregnant. I acted as if I was going to take my out of her pussy, but I just put it back in and came like I had never before. Suddenly she started to orgasm and cum too. I was surprised. All this time she had also been enjoying it. I got off her and went to bed.

The next morning I acted as if I did not remember the events of the night before because I was drunk. I woke up naked on her bed. She was bruised but told me that she had fallen the night before because she had gotten drunk. She saw me get off her bed naked and got close to me and began to caress my dick. I acted surprised but did not object. She took my hard dick into her mouth and began sucking it. She told me she could not resist the size of my dick and that she wanted me to fuck her. From this moment on we fucked every day, even on final days.

So there I was. My first year in college, 19 years old, and horny as fuck. I had chosen to attend a college near the college my sister attended because deep inside I hoped I would be able to spend more time with her and hopefully get to fuck her. My sister is one of…

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