Sister-in-law Comes to Stay Ch. 03


It was Saturday morning and I was gently woken from my slumber by the pleasurable feeling of a warm mouth engulfing the head of my fully erect dick.

My wife, Margaret, was beside me but lying top to tail, gently slurping at my rigid member. This most unusual occurrence was the result of a complete change in her attitude to sex, brought about by the visit of my sister-in-law, Jill. The younger sister, at 39, Jill’s much more uninhibited approach to sex had led to two amazing nights of action for the three of us and I was delighted that she would be around for another couple of days yet.

Any lingering thoughts that Margaret’s behaviour change was purely linked to Jill’s participation in our sessions were banished from my mind by the unexpected blow-job now being administered. This was indeed a new Margaret and I was loving it.

Thinking of Jill, I looked around for her, but she must have woken in the night and gone back to her own bed in the spare room.

“Good morning sleepy-head,” Margaret said, lifting her head from the task at hand. “I woke up to find this issue had arisen in your sleep, so I thought I’d better take care of it for you.”

With that she ran her soft tongue up from the base of my shaft to the top and around my bell-end.

I smiled and told her that I must have been dreaming about her and our rejuvenated sex-life. Margaret laughed and said she too couldn’t believe the change that had come over us so suddenly.

I took the opportunity to try and find out what had really happened that first night. “So tell me, how much did you know about what was going to happen Friday night when you went to bed early?” I asked.

“Oh, I knew something was going to happen, but Jill was in charge and wouldn’t tell me any of the detail” Margaret replied. “I had been talking to her for months about the problems we were having and that we hardly had sex at all any more. When she asked if she could come to stay for a few days, she said she had a plan to kick-start our sex-life but that I had to trust her. I agreed to give her free rein to try anything and she told me to leave the two of you alone early on, then come back downstairs after an hour or so and just go with the flow.”

Margaret’s explanation was coming in short bursts of speech, interspersed with slurping sounds as she popped my dick back into her mouth every few seconds, sucking and licking at the swollen head. She had a firm hold of my cock and while she talked she was sliding her hand up and down the shaft. My attention was being split between listening to what she was telling me and enjoying the feeling of the orgasm that was building in my balls.

“I admit I was stunned for a moment when I came in to find you with your face buried in her pussy” Margaret continued. “I couldn’t remember the last time you actually went down on me! But it made me feel so horny, I just had to be fucked and fucked hard straight away. God, it felt so good to feel my pussy filled and to have a proper cock-induced orgasm again. You have no idea how I had longed for you to give me a good fucking. I thought you had lost all interest in me.”

As she said this, my urge to come became irresistible. As Margaret’s lips surrounded my bell-end again I ejaculated, the semen spurting from the end of my cock like a fountain. Margaret took the full load in her mouth, swirling it around before swallowing it, then licking any remains from the head of my penis.

Of course, she was right. Our dead sex-life was as much my fault as hers. We were each just blaming it on the other instead of actually doing something about it. That was until Jill got involved.

Now I was feeling a little torn, learning that Jill had planned and orchestrated the action so far. I was truly grateful that Margaret and I had got our sex life back on track, in fact more than that, totally re-energised but also a little miffed about being so easily manipulated. I told Margaret we must find some way to thank Jill for the spark she had managed to put back into our relationship, while in the back of my mind I also wanted us to regain some measure of control over the situation.

Margaret readily agreed and suggested we should arrange a session focused just on the things that Jill really liked as a thank you. That sounded good to me, so we started to toss around ideas as to what that might be.

“Well she loves you eating her out” I said, but that on its own didn’t seem exciting or imaginative enough.

“She loves being fucked doggy style… and we know she likes to play with toys” Margaret mused, without any real enthusiasm.

Then a thought occurred to me. “Oh! Hold on” I said. “She likes a bit of spanking. Pete once told me that really used to get her going. How about that?”

Margaret’s eyes shot up at me. “Spanking, really?” she said with a quizzical look on her face.

“Yes, why?” I asked.

Margaret hesitated for a while, seemingly mulling over whether she was ready to break a confidence or maybe let out a secret. gaziantep yavuzeli escort bayan Then she told me about an incident that happened when they were young.

“We had been quite close as sisters for many years growing up, but Jill reached an awkward age and really became quite annoying. She would always be borrowing my things without asking, using my make-up, messing up my room. They seem small things now, but it used to drive me mad at the time. Although younger than me, she was always bigger round the bust and liked to wear my clothes because they emphasised her tits.

Anyway, it was summer and I had gone out and spent all my savings buying myself a new designer dress to wear. It was white, except for a bit of pink floral trim around the neck and sleeves. It was lovely and cost me a bloody fortune.

Jill’s eighteenth birthday had been earlier in the week and I came home from college one day to find her flouncing around in my room wearing my new dress. I was furious and shouted at her to give it back and stop treating my things like they were hers. She started screaming about it not being fair that I had stuff when she didn’t. She was going out with friends to celebrate her birthday and was going to wear my dress.

I said there was no way she was getting it so, in a real temper, she grabbed the dress and pulled it roughly off over her head. I heard one of the seams rip as the stitching came apart and she threw my lovely dress onto the floor between us and stood there in just her bra and panties staring defiantly at me.

I was absolutely furious that she’d torn my dress. I grabbed her by the arms, spun her round and threw her onto the bed. She landed face down with her body on the bed, but with her legs over the edge.

Before she could react I had pressed one hand into the small of her back to pin her down and with the other hand I slapped her really hard on the backside. She screamed out as my hand landed on her ass cheek, that was only half covered by her panties. It wasn’t a playful smack, I really hit her hard. I remember how loud the sound was.

I had really lost it and I smacked her again and again, hitting both buttocks and the tops of her thighs, time after time until the whole of her bottom was bright red. Even then, I didn’t stop, although I did slow down and gradually eased off on how hard I was hitting her.

After a few minutes, I noticed that Jill had stopped crying out and was now sort of whimpering. I thought she was crying and I was starting to feel a bit sorry for losing control and doing what I had done. I stopped smacking her altogether and started to stroke the bright red flesh of her buttocks.

That’s when I noticed that her panties had become soaking wet around the crotch. I though perhaps the pain had caused her to wee herself a little bit, but that wasn’t it.

She pushed herself up off the bed and ran out of the room. I sat for a moment and then followed her to her bedroom. I looked in and she was in her bed with the covers pulled right up to her neck. She just shouted at me to go away, only not so politely, so I left her to it.

Thinking about it, I realised later that she had actually had an orgasm while I had been smacking her. She never said anything more about it. But she did stop using my things from then on.”

All the time she had been telling her story, Margaret had my dick in her fist and was absent mindedly moving it up and down. This action, plus the thought of her young sister getting her pretty little ass spanked till she came, had brought me back to a full erection and, almost without warning, gobbets of spunk flew into the air, landing across Margaret’s face and shoulders.

Realising what she had unintentionally done, Margaret scooped up as much of it as she could with her fingers and popped them into her mouth to suck them clean. Then she jumped up and set off to the bathroom to finish cleaning herself up.

I told myself that a spanking session for Jill was definitely on the cards for tonight. One that she would not forget in a hurry.

After a leisurely morning at the house and a bite of lunch, Margaret and Jill set off to get the train into London to do some sight-seeing. I told them I had some things to do around the house, that they should get a meal in town and I would see them in the evening. I had some shopping and preparation to do.

It was nearly ten pm when Margaret and Jill arrived back home. Margaret went straight upstairs to shower and I welcomed Jill back with a glass of chilled white wine. She told me about their day, while she waited for her turn in the bathroom. I couldn’t tell her what I had been doing without spoiling the surprise.

As soon as Jill was in the shower I quickly outlined the plan for the evening to Margaret and then headed upstairs. I stopped off at out bedroom to quickly undress and put on a dressing gown. Then I took some items I had prepared from our room, put them gaziantep yeni escort bayan in Jill’s bedroom and made my way to the bathroom.

I could hear the shower running and tried the door. It was locked, but it was one of those locks you could open from the outside using a coin in a slot. I had come prepared, so I unlocked the door and slipped quietly inside.

Our shower door is clear glass with a frosted band running round it about halfway up. Jill was standing with her back to me. She was wearing a shower cap to keep her hair dry, but the water was on full power and was cascading down her body. Below the frosted band in the door, I could see the small of her back and her shapely ass.

There was a chair in the bathroom and on it were a large fluffy, white bath towel and a pretty, but fairly flimsy, nightdress. It was a lilac colour, made of a thin shiny material that shimmered slightly in the light as I picked it and the towel up.

I moved the chair a little in order to be directly in front of the shower door and sat down with the towel and nightdress on my lap to enjoy the show.

With the water still running fast, Jill heard and saw nothing. In fact she was now standing with her legs set apart and bending at the waist. I realised that she was running a razor over and around her pussy, making sure that it was perfectly smooth. With a final rinse, Jill turned off the water, opened the door and stepped out of the shower. She jumped a little seeing me sitting in the chair, with a big grin on my face.

I stood and, placing her nightdress back on the chair, unfolded the towel and wrapped it around her. “You look amazing,” I said. “Let me help you dry.”

I patted the towel all over her body to remove most of the moisture, then took it off her and stepped back a little to admire her body. Jill reached up to remove the shower cap and shook her head to allow her hair to fall back into place.

I slowly moved around her, savouring the view from various angles. I used the towel to gently stroke her body where I thought her skin could still be damp, paying special attention to the underneath of her breasts, the area between her thighs and the crack of her bum cheeks.

Once she was fully dry, I picked up her nightdress and positioned it in front of her so she could put her arms into it. Then as she lifted her arms, I placed it over her head and allowed it to drop over her naked body. It only reached down just above her knees. The delicate material clung to the contours of her breasts, her nipples creating two prominent little peaks. I took a step back and repeated how amazing she looked.

“Thanks for showing your appreciation” she purred, looking down at the head of my prick that was jutting out horizontally from the opening in the dressing gown I was wearing.

She reached out and having undone the belt of the gown, pushed it back off my shoulders so that it fell to the floor. I was now standing naked in front of her with my dick at full mast and straining.

Jill picked up the towel, dropped it on the floor and knelt down onto it in front of me. She spent a full minute just closely examining my cock. She moved forward so her lips were within an inch of the head and breathed onto it, which made it even harder. She raised her hands to it and, with feather-light touches, ran her fingers up and down the shaft.

My foreskin was half retracted over the head, due to the strength of my erection. A large globule of pre-come was forming at the slit. Jill’s tongue darted out and lifted it from me like a frog catches a fly. I swear she managed it without her tongue actually touching me.

Now, grasping my shaft, she gently pulled the foreskin all the way back and went to work. Her tongue danced around the sensitive head like some drunken firefly. The sensation was such that my whole cock stated to twitch uncontrollably, bouncing up and down in front of her face and I felt as if I was ready to ejaculate, there and then.

Jill trapped the head between her lips and ran her tongue all around it. Then she slowly began to suck my not insubstantial dick, slowly into her mouth. Inch by inch I saw the shaft disappear as she moved her head inexorably forward until her lips reached the very base and she could advance no more. The head of my cock was now pressed up against the back of her throat. I was amazed that she didn’t gag.

Jill used her tongue to press my shaft up against the top of her mouth and then started an amazing half-swallowing action with her throat that was lightly pumping at my bell-end, like a baby suckling at a teat.

I doubted that she could breathe at all at that moment, but fortunately for her I could stand no more than a few seconds of this treatment and I tensed, ready to shoot. Jill pulled back a little just as I began to pump a stream of spunk into her amazing mouth.

I let out a cry as I came and Jill continued to suck at my spurting rod. My cry gaziantep zayıf escort bayan was somewhat louder than it needed to be as it was the agreed cue for Margaret to open the door and step into the bathroom.

Margaret had a long robe wrapped tightly around her and made a good fist of looking outraged at the sight before her. Her sister was still kneeling with her hands on my hips and was just pulling her lips back over the end of my swollen dick. Jill looked genuinely shocked at Margaret’s sudden appearance and quickly swallowed her mouthful of my seed.

“Maggie, I…” she started.

But Margaret cut straight in. “Jill, how could you!” she said sharply and then a little menacingly added “Now you remember what happens when you take things that don’t belong to you, don’t you. There are consequences.”

A second or two passed before a look of recognition came over Jill’s face. Clear in our own minds that she now understood, Margaret and I took an arm each and, pulling her up off her knees, marched her across the hall into her bedroom.

We led her to the bed and made her lie face down. Earlier in the day, I had taken some old bedding and by rolling it up and securing it with tape, had fashioned a small bolster about nine inches in diameter. I positioned this under her stomach so that her bottom was now sticking up in the air.

With one of us on each side, Margaret followed my lead and we moved Jill’s knees up the bed a little and parted them so that she was in more of a crouching position. Now we were able to use some silk ties I had placed on the bed to fasten her wrists to her ankles. This meant she was unable to move, though in all honesty we had left the ties so loose that escape would have been relatively easy had she so desired.

Margaret now undid her robe and dropped in to the floor. She was wearing only black stockings and a black garter belt, which I had been out to buy, along with some other items, in a sex shop in town. I could not remember her looking sexier than she did at that moment. The stockings looked great on her shapely legs and the garter belt framed her now hairless pussy beautifully, but it was a newly found confidence in the way she held herself that really made the difference for me as I drank in the view.

Margaret approached Jill and sat down on the edge of the bed. She started to toy with the hem of the short nightdress that was only just covering Jill’s rounded buttocks. She was really getting into the part now and seemed to be in no rush at all as she softly explained to Jill that she would have to pay for making use of her husband without permission.

Jill shifted her body a little, but said nothing as Margaret slowly raised the nightdress, fully exposing her sister’s ass cheeks. The position she was in meant that her ass was quite prominent and because her thighs were parted there was a wonderful view of her pussy mound and the two labia protruding from her slit.

Margaret ran a hand all over and around Jill’s ass for a moment or two, gently stroking and kneading the fleshy cheeks. Then, dropping a hand down between Jill’s thighs, she ran her middle finger up through the slit. Jill shuddered a little at the intrusion.

Margaret lifted her finger, the end of which was coated in a thick clear liquid that was already starting to seep from Jill’s love hole. She slipped the finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. “Sweet!” was all she said.

Without warning, Margaret’s hand then descended fast and landed a slap on the buttock nearest to her. It was not such a hard blow, but the sound reverberated around the room. Jill gasped a little, more from surprise than pain.

Three more smacks landed in quick succession, all on the same buttock. The skin there began to take on a slightly pinker hue and Margaret gently stroked it as she said “Good girl.”

Now standing, Margaret reached to the bedside table and picked up something I had prepared for the occasion earlier in the day. It was a table tennis bat. On one side I had removed the rubber coating and sanded the wood smooth to remove any remaining adhesive. On the other side it still had its layers of foam and pimpled rubber.

Margaret made sure that Jill got a good view of the bat in her hand as she picked it up. I noticed Jill shift her body again, perhaps feeling just a little uneasy.

Margaret examined the bat and selected the still-covered side. Resting it on Jill’s plump bum cheek she began to slide it around so that Jill could feel the roughness of the rubber surface. Then raising it slowly she brought it down hard. I have no doubt that she meant it to be a hard blow, but the foam and rubber covering absorbed some of the impact and dulled the sound. Nevertheless, I saw the flesh of Jill’s whole ass ripple as it struck and it left a clear impression of a thousand or so pimples on the skin for a few seconds after it was raised.

The bat fell six or seven more times in quick succession. There was not a sound of complaint from Jill, but the whole area of her buttocks was now starting to take on a rosy glow. I placed my hand on the cheek that had taken the most punishment and was glowing brighter. It felt nicely warm and as I studied her pretty back-side I saw that there were trails of pussy-juice running from her hole down her pussy lips and starting to drip onto the bed. It was clear that Jill was thoroughly enjoying her punishment.

It was Saturday morning and I was gently woken from my slumber by the pleasurable feeling of a warm mouth engulfing the head of my fully erect dick. My wife, Margaret, was beside me but lying top to tail, gently slurping at my rigid member. This most unusual occurrence was the result of a complete…

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