Sinning with Sister Ch. 05


Chloe had caught a lift with her Mom that morning, so I drove down to the physio department to pick her up and take her straight home to my place.

“You are totally getting lucky tonight. Plus I have a surprise for you.” She grinned at me shamelessly from the passenger seat.

Five days had passed since our last encounter, and I was saving it up for her, determined to make our first holiday break together a memorable one. We had ten whole days without classes. Technically, only four of those were for Easter and the rest was a “non-teaching study period”. As if anyone would actually study. Except Justine perhaps. I promised myself not to think about her on holiday, and began to wonder what Chloe had in store for the evening. I desperately needed to fuck.

Nonetheless, I swatted her hands away from between my legs.

“I’ll have an accident!” I protested. Chloe pouted cutely, but thankfully didn’t make any further attempts while I was driving.

I pulled into the driveway to find Dad loading boxes into the trunk of his station wagon. My folks were going away for the Easter weekend to a country bed-and-breakfast.

“Hi Mr Marshall!” Chloe chirped. “Looks heavy!”

Dad laughed and wiped his forehead, leaning on the car. “His Mom has packed the kitchen sink!”

The door only opened halfway due to another box just inside. Chloe and I squeezed in and walked through the hallway, where another stack of boxes sat waiting. I shook my head. Mom did tend to get anxious about trips, amongst other things. I guess that was where Libby and I got our slightly worrisome natures from. Mom and Libby were in the kitchen, discussing meals. Peeping over Mom’s shoulder, I raised my eyebrows at the long list of food inventoried there.

“There are just two of us Mom.” I glanced back at Chloe. “And even if Chloe ate breakfast, lunch and dinner here there would still be too much.”

Mom turned. “Hello Chloe dear.”

To me she said “We’ll be gone until Sunday week. Your father and I decided to extend our trip to do some hiking on the nature trails.”

There was probably still too much food in the house and too many boxes in the car, but it didn’t seem so ridiculously excessive now.

“The whole break?” I felt like leaping for joy. Ten days for Chloe and I to use the house together! Maybe we can do it in the master bedroom. Chloe and I shared a knowing glance, both thinking the same thing. I’m going to tear you to shreds all week, baby. Another part of me realised that Libby and I would be spending a substantial amount of time alone together too, but I tried to ignore that.


“Take care of your sister.” Mom said, glancing between me and Libby. She was presumably doubtful that we were friends again, given all the avoidance lately.

“Try not to get into too much trouble.” Dad followed meaningfully, except he was glancing between me and Chloe.

Chloe and I held hands and waved from either side. Libby stood next to Chloe as we watched their heavily laden car drive off towards the setting sun. They would be lucky to arrive before dark.

Libby had a date lined up for that night; Chloe told me she’d set it up to give us time alone together. She also assured me that the guy was cool, but that didn’t stop me from thinking he looked like a try-hard when he came to pick Libby up. No way was he good enough for my sister. She, on the other hand, was looking spectacular. I could have used all the superlatives to describe her, but it still wouldn’t be enough. Her little black dress came down to mid-thigh. When she moved, the fabric seemed to caress her and a handful of tastefully sewn sequins shimmered. She had a perfect waistline. It was something I never failed to notice, but when she wore one of those fashionable waist belts it drove me insane. Her hips were so marvelously curvy that she just radiated femininity. No man could watch her walk away without taking a second, longing look at the sashaying of those hips. Black stiletto heels with thin straps crisscrossing her dainty feet completed the look, perking her ass up and giving her legs a lightly toned look. In typical Libby fashion, she was very nervous, despite looking like a smoking hot goddess.

The moment she was out the door I attacked Chloe, thanking heaven I could take out my arousal on a legitimate and willing target. I pinned her against the inside of the front door and kissed her deeply, just the way she liked it before frantic sex. My cock strained up proudly, pressing against her midriff through the clothing. She brought one leg up to my hip, and began to grind on me as we continued tonguing.

“Master bedroom.” I said breathlessly as we broke apart.

She nodded excitedly and we started upstairs, but before we had gone three steps she said

“No, wait! I almost forgot the surprise!”

She led me down again and we sat on the bottom steps.

“The upstairs bedroom can wait another day.” I frowned slightly, but she went on. “Okay, for this to work I have gaziantep özbek escort bayan to ask you a question: do you trust me?” She looked at me playfully as she said the last part.

“Not at all, you little nympho. You almost fucked me to death last weekend.” I smirked back, joking.

She pounded me with her small fists for a few seconds while we both laughed. We ended up with her straddling my lap, cuddling. I kissed her crown.

“Seriously though, I need to know for this.” She looked up at me.

I was really curious by now, but no matter what it was, I knew she would always do right by me.

“One hundred percent.” I told her.

She beamed at me, then jumped out of my lap and delved into her nearby handbag, producing a black silk scarf.

“Turn around and do as I say.”


I felt a thrill as Chloe slipped the folded scarf over my eyes and tied it at the back. The soft material was completely opaque. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off, right there in the hall. As her hands ran over my torso, I flexed for her benefit, and she sighed at my display.

“Your body is so hard, I love it.” Her praise made me instantly resolve to start hitting the gym again.

Then she grasped the bulge in my pants. “And I haven’t even come to the hardest part yet. Let’s take these off too.”

I stepped out of my pants, completely naked in the cool air of the hallway. It felt so wantonly sexual, leaving clothes strewn about the house during foreplay. I did feel somewhat unfairly exposed, but then Chloe wrapped her hand around my cock before I could worry about that too much.

“Let’s go.”

She held it very carefully, and led me by the cock towards my room.

“I feel like a man-slave.” I pretended to complain whilst enjoying the sensation of having nothing against my skin except for the scarf around my eyes and her hand around my cock. She giggled,

“That sounds like a good idea too, but it isn’t what I had in mind.”

My legs bumped into the bed and she guided me to lie down. Her hands pulled my arms above my head, I heard her opening a drawer, and then there was more soft fabric to bind my wrists to the bedposts. I furrowed my brow in consternation; this was unexpected. She must have seen that I was about to protest, because she kissed me softly and said

“The bindings are very thin. Don’t worry.”

I tested them. Whatever she had used, I made a few strands break with ease. Chloe squeaked in alarm and pushed my arms back to stop me from accidentally ripping through before we even got started. I relaxed and let her continue.

After a minute, when she had just finished binding my ankles too, I noticed that something didn’t seem right. What was it? My bed smelt different to usual — sweeter. The scarf had Chloe’s perfume on it, but as I turned my nose into the pillow I realised this was Libby’s bed. My voice was cold as I spoke.

“Chloe, what do you think you’re playing at? Untie me right now or I’m going to tear these off myself.”

I began to get up, objecting to Chloe’s scheme, but suddenly I heard the bed creak and she sat on my chest heavily, knocking the wind out of me. She yanked the blindfold off.

“I know you want her Matt. I’m not stupid.”

I was silent, and pretended to get my breath back while I composed a denial in my head.

“And before you even think about escaping, look at the bindings.”

My eyes were just beginning to readjust to the light, and I glanced to the side. Shit.

“Those are her panties. If you break them she’ll find out.” Chloe seemed to be enjoying watching me squirm.

I gulped. Side tie panties; that explained how they reached around my wrists and the bedposts. Mmm, even better than that black bikini bottom. I told the inner monologue to shut the fuck up while I figured a way out of this confrontation about the incest fantasy.

“I suggested them to her.” She informed me whimsically. “Sexy, aren’t they?”

The pair on my left side was a simple and elegant black, but my right hand was trapped by a racy red G-string. Against my will, I felt my cock grow to almost maximum size. I prayed that she wouldn’t slide back and discover it poking her in the ass.

“Even if I hadn’t seen the bikini picture, it’s obvious from the way you look at her sometimes. Like just now when she left, you were definitely jealous of the guy taking her out.” Was it really that obvious?

“We can’t keep tiptoeing around this because I know it’s gnawing away at you Matt. You have to admit you want her. And yes, I do know that you are hard again.” She glanced back at my erection before looking at me intently, satisfied that my member was indeed sufficiently swollen to confirm my guilt.

I was ashamed, but couldn’t keep denying it. “You don’t think it’s sick?”

Her voice softened. “It’s not something I’d tell anyone about, obviously, but I think you’d have to be a robot porno videolar not to want her. Hell, I think she’s pretty fine too.”

Chloe smiled at the shock that admission gave me, before continuing, “The point is that practically all guys want her. But I think she only wants one guy: you.”

Something inside me was dancing wildly, but I suppressed it and struggled against the improbability of the whole scenario; my girlfriend tying me down and forcing me to admit my desire for my sister. Then something else struck me.

“Even if you’re right about Libby, what does this mean for us?”

She laughed. “Libby’s the one who set us up in the first place. She’s the sweetest person I know, and you two innocents would be so cute together. But it’s not like she’s going to replace me as your girlfriend or anything, and I don’t want you to have to choose between us.”

I was so grateful, so full of relief that this beautiful girl above me had put my fears to rest. Libby still didn’t know, but just talking about it and being acquitted by Chloe made me well-up with joy. Reserves of tension and guilt I hadn’t known existed evaporated and left happiness behind.

“I love you no matter what Chloe. You know that, right?”

Her response was to lean down and kiss me tenderly. “I know.”

“Now let’s enjoy this.”


She was the rarest kind of redhead; naturally fair but with flawless skin, green-eyed, and slender. I gazed longingly as she undressed for me, provocatively and piece-by-piece. First her peach-coloured tank top, then her denim shorts fell to the floor. She pirouetted gracefully in a pink bra and panties, sending her long hair shimmering through the air momentarily before falling to the middle of her back. I admired her beauty with new appreciation. Beautiful both inside and out.

Coming up alongside the bed and turning away from me, she bent right down to her toes with ease. I wanted to touch those taught, creamy cheeks so badly. She shimmied out of the pink lace, and I strained as far as I could towards her now-exposed pussy. Her sex was just starting to redden and swell, like a delicate flower about to bloom. It was so maddeningly explicit. My mind was running a continuous loop, primal instincts chanting out at me one thing: Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.

“Untie me Chloe,” I croaked, “let me take you like this, from behind.”

“Ah ah ah! You have to do as I say, remember?”

I blew a sharp breath of air onto the pink folds. She yelped in surprise and jumped away, laughing, chiding me.

“Just for that I’m going to make you wait until I’ve had mine.” — I loved how she took what she wanted in the bedroom.

She unclipped her bra and tossed it carelessly onto Libby’s chest of drawers. Kneeling down, she held her breasts in her hands and fed a rosy nipple into my waiting mouth.

“Mmmm. Suck it baby.”

In no time at all I had the skin pebbling and firm under my tongue. I grazed it very lightly with my teeth. She drew back at first, but then tossed her hair to one side and eagerly leaned down again, moaning her approval while she tweaked her other bud between finger and thumb. Chloe had fantastic breasts. They were large enough to give a guy a handful, but without being at all saggy or out of proportion. We spent several long minutes that way, me laving away with my mouth and watching her pleasure build until she needed something more.

She climbed onto the bed and swung a long leg over my chest, sitting down more carefully this time. I inspected her glistening pussy. It was close for me to smell that delicious feminine nectar. She scooted up closer and closer until I could almost reach it by straining forward. Then I realised that she wasn’t coming any closer.

“Let me eat you.” I pleaded.

“Payback’s a bitch, isn’t it?” She teased. “This is your punishment for blowing on my poor little kitty when she wasn’t ready for it.”

And then a she ran a finger down her cleavage, trailing it round and round for my benefit, until it came to rest on her clit. She let out a sigh as she lingered for several moments before delving inside herself. I saw no resistance at all from her slick channel. The finger came out glistening and she painted my lips with the juice before kissing it off.

“I taste goooood.” She cooed.

I could only nod in absolute agreement. That little sample had only enflamed my appetite for her. The scent of her permeated the room and filled my lungs. With two fingers of her left hand, she parted her pussy lips up high and pulled back gently until her clit poked out from under its hood. Her most sensitive place was laid out defenseless, so close I could almost lick it. Just a few more millimeters.

Then she bit her lip and gingerly caressed it with the pad of one finger, sending her body instantly tense. I felt her thighs grip my chest hard and heard her stifle a scream. After adjusting to the sensitivity with a few more gaziantep rus escort bayan careful touches, she began to masturbate in earnest, right there on my chest. It was insanely hot. That finger diddled up and down, left and right, and she began to pant. Her pussy began to make occasional obscene squelching noises as she jiggled in pleasure. Several times she plundered her pussy to gather extra lubrication for the dirty deed. Five minutes in, she squealed as her orgasm struck. She grabbed the headboard just in time to stop herself collapsing on top of me. Her breasts heaved overhead as she sucked in air to recover. Juices now trickled across my chest and onto the sheets. I was beyond caring about the mess at this point, though. I just needed to taste it.

“Ohhh Chloe.” I moaned. “It’s going to waste.”

To my dismay, she simply smiled and started probing herself again, apparently unsatisfied with one orgasm. She worked furiously this time, even having to change hands midway to give her dominant hand a break. Her swollen folds wobbled to and fro under the assault and the immense effort had her hot and sweaty. By the end, she was grabbing one breast and licking her own nipple as she brought herself to a powerful climax. Her whole body shook above me as she squealed yet again, screwing her eyes tight against the sensations she was producing.

“Please Chloe.” I begged.

I wished I could cum again that quickly. She still hadn’t let go of the headboard but she lifted her hips up and finally brought herself over my mouth.

“Third time’s the charm,” she whispered, “make me cum.”

I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and lapped firmly through her folds. The sweet taste exploded in my mouth, and we both moaned our appreciation. I licked her completely clean, eating my fill of her, unable to get enough of her sex. She rocked back and forth gently, riding my face and trying to get some tongue on her clit by timing my strokes. I was deliberately avoiding the little bud, however, wanting to inflict some sweet torture of my own. Driven insane after several dozen failed attempts to get me to lick her favourite place, she pinned my forehead down with one hand and demanded.

“Finish me off or I’ll just leave you here.” Her voice was ragged, and although I knew she wouldn’t actually carry through that threat, the meaning was clear: she just couldn’t take any more without cumming.

When I sucked her clit into my mouth and swirled my tongue around as fast as I could, she just broke. She screamed so loudly I was sure that she would be heard three houses down the street.

After some long and convulsive spasms she slumped, clinging to the bed frame for dear life. Her pussy was resting heavily over my mouth and nose; it was actually getting difficult to breathe. I nudged her and she lifted up as quickly as she could when she saw my predicament. She laid her tired body up against my side and held me close to rest for a while.


While the rest of me was very comfortable laid out spreadeagle on Libby’s bed and kept warm by Chloe, I was bothered by two things: my face was still covered in liquid pleasure and my balls were beginning to ache. I still hadn’t cum, whereas my greedy girlfriend had had three already.

“Chloe?” I whispered.

Thankfully, I felt her stir. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Would you wipe my face please?”

She giggled and lapped at my cheek once, but there was way too much mess for that.

“Hang on a second.” She glided out of the room and soon returned holding another pair of panties. Her next announcement startled me.

“This pair was already in the dirty laundry, so no one will notice the girl-cum.” Before I could stop her, she was wiping her cum off my face with my sister’s underwear. The panties were of the black side-tie variety, just like the ones around my left wrist, but these were used. There was a shiny mark where Libby’s pussy-slit had stained them.

“This was the cleanest-looking pair I could find. She must be touching herself almost every day.” I could smell Libby’s pussy flavour; it was pure heaven. My cock gave several involuntary throbs as her words evoked images of Libby uninhibitedly caressing herself to orgasm.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten.” With that, she dropped them on the pillow next to me and her hand brushed down my chest to wrap around my cock, jerking sensuously.

“So you like that we’re doing it in Libby’s bed?” She teased.

“It’s so wrong.” I sighed, half in pleasure and half in disbelief at what she was saying. Her hand stopped moving.

“But yes, I have to admit that makes it even better.” I said reluctantly, knowing that she wanted to hear the truth. She started stroking again, rewarding my surrender to the incest taboo.

“And do you like her teeny, tiny, panties? Do you approve of your little sister wearing those things?”

The sight of that red G-string tied around the right bedpost would be forever burned into my memory. Through gritted teeth I hissed a “Yes.”

“Pardon?” She wanted me to say it louder.

“Yes I fucking approve.” My voice cracked. “I fucking love it.”

“Mmmm you’re a bad boy.” The speed of her ministrations increased.

“Have you ever fantasised about her blowing your cock?” She asked impudently, with no shame at all at the forwardness.

Chloe had caught a lift with her Mom that morning, so I drove down to the physio department to pick her up and take her straight home to my place. “You are totally getting lucky tonight. Plus I have a surprise for you.” She grinned at me shamelessly from the passenger seat. Five days had…

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