Singaporean Party Girl Ch. 03

Singaporean Party Girl Ch. 03


Having just turned 18 I was in an adventurous mood, my friends and I were nite clubbing and bar hopping on Fridays and Saturdays, I was seeing Steve once or twice a week, going to the gym twice a week and working 30 hours a week at KFC, what a boring job but it was income.

Sex had become a part of life for me and it was constantly on my mind, except for those dreary hours at KFC but even then each and every time a westerner walked to the counter my spirit lifted and my mind wondered. All I was thinking about was Friday and Saturday nites and going home so I could visit Steve.

Steve was the second guy I had ever slept with, he had little interest in going out and definitely never wanted to go clubbing, instead he preferred a very small and boring bar at Changi Village which I didn’t like at all. What he did like was sex, alot of it and buying me clothes and gifts which I was always happy to receive and model for him, almost every time I visited him we would go out and buy a new dress, shoes or lingerie. The shortest tightest dresses with the highest heels, I felt so sexy around him.

He would always get me to model my clothes for him and that inevitably led us to having sex, it was always harsh it was always frantic it was always moving from one part of the house to another, front lawn, back yard, pool, kitchen, bathroom. We would do it standing, lying down, kneeling, upside down, I don’t know that I participated much, he did all the fucking I was just there to accommodate his needs.

On Friday and Saturday nights I would go out with my friends, Friday nights we would venture of to different places, Orchard Towers, the new Boat Quay and anywhere else that might attract Foreigners. Every Saturday for about 2 years was to Brannigans where we had a circle of about 6 expat guys that were living and working in Singapore. Over time we built a web of sex and desire with this circle and at one time or the other each of us had slept with each of them. bursa eskort Whilst none of us were ever really seriously dating we all had out favourite partner and would almost always hook up and go home in some sort of combination.

A mixture of alcohol, different beds and different partners made it a bit confusing at times and on more than one occasion I found myself calling out the wrong name in embarrassing positions but I think we all understood.

My favourite Brannigans guy was Jim, a US guy who worked for Shell or Mobil or something like that, on the nights that Jim was there I would almost always go home with him and on the nights that he wasn’t there I’m sure he was told who I went home with, it was that kind of friendship that we had going on.

Between Steve, Jim, his friends and anyone that I may have met on Fridays I was living a very full life, sex was fantastic, no inhibitions at all, the guys were fun, I was staying in fine hotels, nice apartments, wearing great clothes and still working on the counter at KFC, that had to change and with the help of some friends I started to apply for jobs in hotels. With so many hotels in Singapore getting a front counter job shouldn’t be too difficult or so I thought.

It all changed by a chance meeting with Pierre a customer relations manager from the old Westin Singapore Plaza, one really fun date and one wild night of hard core sex meant that I didn’t even have to take an interview. Pierre was kinky he liked his sex hard, he was a risk taker, after all we were in a room in the hotel that he managed and he taught me that my pussy wasn’t the only place between my legs that guys wanted to be. He was so hard and had made me so wet that he just turned me over and without asking guided himself into my backside in a very ungentle way, it felt like it was going on for ages and that it was never going to stop, in the end I started masturbating just to get through it.

Two days later görükle escort I was a trainee on the front desk, I was still sore and still couldn’t walk properly, I’m sure everyone was looking at me in a funny kind of way. Pierre took every opportunity to either touch me, flirt with me or rub gently against me, from the very first day I knew work with Pierre was going to be interesting.

It wasn’t long before Steve either became bored with me or I lost interest in just going to his house, whichever, as fast as our relationship started it had finished, I went to his little bar for the very last time, went home with him for the very last time and made unbelievable sex with him for the very last time, once it was over I left his house and never returned, he was twice my age and really we just had no social interest in each other at all.

Whilst I would only see him 2 or 3 days a month Jim was my guy, he was fun to be around, lived in a spectacular apartment, liked taking me to restaurants and spoke very openly about sex. He encouraged me to sleep with his friends whenever he wasn’t around and would always ask questions about my sex life before making love. Knowing what I had done with his friends was a kind of foreplay for Jim and it would always heighten his sex drive. It was getting dirtier and dirtier and he wanted me to do more and more.

One night at Saxophones Jim asked me to go to the rest room and remove my g string so that I would be completely naked under my dress which was skin tight and very short, I returned with my g safely in my hand bag and sat down next to him at our table, in a very small restaurant at a very small table I was being fingered, I was soaking wet and felt so horny, he teased me for a while before we finished our drinks, paid the bill and moved on to catch up with our friends for a fun night of drinking and dancing.

During the evening we were all chatting, flirting and dancing, just having bursa escort bayan a few drinks and enjoying each other’s company when Jim suggested to one of the other couples that they join us back at his apartment for some more drinks and a bit of music to which they accepted and so the four of us piled out of the nite club and into a taxi headed to Marine Parade.

I swear Jim had the world’s largest collection of cd’s he was a fanatical collector of them and was always able to set the mood with his selection of music, he set the music up, opened the balcony doors and opened a new bottle of Gin. I always acted more intoxicated than I actually was, this served two purposes, one, I wasn’t so fond of having too much alcohol and two if I did happen to upset him I could always just blame the alcohol. Jim poured four huge glasses of G&T of which I was very careful just to have a few small sips whilst the others were able to drink very fast. After a couple of drinks the guys suggested that we play a game of strip poker to which I protested was highly unfair, I only had one piece of clothing on, my dress.

After playing the world’s shortest game of strip poker and revealing to everyone exactly what I had been wearing all night, Jim suggested that we grab some towels and run down stairs for a skinny dip in the pool, the complex had two pools the main and a smaller one located on top of a parking area away from the lobby and view of the apartments.

Once In the pool the two guys were all over us, both sets of hands all over both girls, the guys were having the time of their life and it was apparent that their intentions were to swap partners and try the antics of each other’s partner. After a very short while the four of us went back to the apartment arm in arm, wet and wrapped in towels to start what was the first of many orgies at Jims apartment.

These were the early days with Jim and whilst it made us more aware of each other we never lost any feelings for each other, we stayed together as a dating couple for almost two years. My husband has met Jim on two separate occasions and whilst we all know what went on the three of us have never discussed it together, maybe that will happen sometime in the future.

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