Siblings on Summer Vacation Ch. 01


It had been three days since Jude returned home, already having greeted his twin sister, Stella, who had also arrived home from her own university for their summer break. Their father and stepmother, Nina, were preparing for their next-day departure, and would be leave them to watch over the house while they spent five weeks in Europe to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

It had been at least two years since Jude had seen Stella — being the studious person that she was, she spent the first two years of university too busy attempting to remain at the top of her class to visit home, even for holidays. Most of his vacations were spent with Dad, Nina, and their younger sister, Gracie, as a result, who was now following suit and getting through her first year of university.

Gracie would be back home in three days’ time, leaving the twins to hang out as they saw fit, and visit old acquaintances and friends who remained in their suburban town after graduating high school. It had been equally as bittersweet as it had been boring — with the two of them spending their nights in the den and watching movies until they passed out for the sake of calling it “quality time.”

Stella had not changed much exactly, but there had been differences that Jude couldn’t help but notice. He’d recalled a moment during their joint eighteenth birthday house party, when one of his friends found one of her bras in the laundry room before proudly announcing that he knew Stella was a B cup. Jude couldn’t help but notice that she’d grown at least one cup size since then, and it complimented her form.

Her hips seemed to widen just slightly, and her ass seemed much more noticeably plump since she apparently started taking up yoga as a way to “unwind” and find whatever inner peace she’d been talking about the last time they spoke. She never grew past five-foot-three in comparison to his own height of six-foot-two, which seemed especially off for his case, given that Gracie was just an inch or so shorter than Stella, but he wasn’t about to complain.

Her chestnut hair had been dyed black, just for the hell of it, and she’d added bangs and let it grow past her shoulders to complete her change in appearance. Jude himself might not have been able to recognize her from a distance, but noted that the dark shade of her hair contrasted and complimented her otherwise pale complexion.

It was late afternoon on his third day visiting, and Dad and Nina were out for some last minute shopping while Jude remained in his room, finishing up a face time call with his girlfriend, Hannah, from college.

“I miss you already, babe,” Hannah said. Her head rested on a pillow while they talked, and he mirrored the position, smiling at her.

“Two months are gonna go by in the blink of an eye.”

“I know, I know,” she laughed. “It’s just hard not having you with me.”

As if waiting for him to catch what she meant by it, Hannah angled the phone slightly downward, where she lifted her t-shirt and revealed one perky breast, the darkened nipple already taut by the time she ran a palm over it.

Jude let out a sigh. “Trust me, I know. Can’t wait to see you again, babe.”

“Don’t miss this too much,” she giggled, moving her hand from her tit and down her flat, tanned stomach, until it disappeared beneath the hem of her cotton shorts.

“When you’re doing that, I definitely fucking will.” His cock had already been growing at the reminder of what he’d miss that summer, and the palm of his hand rested over his gym shorts to rub himself through the material.

But suddenly, his head jerked up when he heard the front door close, relaxing at the sound of Stella giggling downstairs. Based on the deep male voice that followed, Jude figured Stella decided to have company over to change up the pace of watching a movie every night.

“Babe?” Hannah asked, and Jude looked back at his phone screen.

His hand was still gripping his cock through his shorts, and he cleared his throat.

“Sorry, babe. My sister just got home.”

Hannah pouted, but continued to lightly touch herself beneath her shorts, showing him as she gyrated her hips and spread her legs. “Let me see how hard you are for me, and I’ll let you go.”

“Just like that?” He smirked, but complied, shifting his phone until it offered a view of his crotch, pulling his dick out from beneath the waistband. His palm grazed over the eight inches briefly, and Hannah sighed.

“I can’t wait to ride that again.”

“Soon, babe. I gotta go before Stella busts in and catches me.”

She laughed at that gaziantep olgun escort bayan and rolled her eyes, before blowing him a kiss as they exchanged farewells.

Jude rested his head back against his pillow on a sigh, the palm of his hand still wrapped firmly around the base of his cock, now fully erect and aching for release. He was never a huge fan of jerking off after losing his virginity, if only because he knew there was always something better, but the reminder of Hannah’s pussy wrapped around it seemed to be enough to encourage him to begin pumping its length.

He pictured himself knelt behind Hannah, gripping a fistful of her long, blonde hair while he buried the entirety of his cock into her snatch, pounding until she was shuddering from the repeated impalement. Her pussy normally couldn’t take much more than six inches or so, and while he always wished for more, he was always careful to ensure she would get off first and foremost. Jude still found satisfaction in it, of course, and being buried as far as she could take always left Hannah shuddering beneath him before he pulled out and shot his load on her ass.

But the image in his mind soon shifted, and the hair bunched in his fist shifted from the rich honey to Stella’s deep black. Instead of Hannah’s tanned skin, he pictured the rosy pallor of Stella’s, and the movement of his hand only increased, while his free hand gripped his balls and massaged them.


Jude froze, just as he had begun to climb toward his climax. That was Stella’s voice, and it was coming from her bedroom. He remained in place a moment longer, the movement of his hand slowing to a stop to listen to the subtle smacking sounds coming from that same direction.

He wasn’t sure whether he should follow the noise or let them be while he finished himself off. In a way, he envied Stella for at least having someone to fuck while Jude waited for their vacation to end in order to fuck his girlfriend.

His cock was still rock hard, and he hesitated a moment before tucking it back into his shorts and swinging his legs off the edge of his bed. Stella’s room was just a couple of doors down at the end of the hall, so it surprised him that he could hear much of anything from where he lay.

When he opened the door, he realized that Stella’s bedroom door was slightly ajar. Did she not realize Jude was home in the first place? At the very least, the absence of every car but his might have hinted at that, but Stella was always somewhat shameless when it came to certain things.

He considered heading back to his room. To turn around and pretend he forgot what he heard, but his feet carried him in the opposite direction, silently treading the hallway carpet until he was able to peek inside Stella’s room, with a full view of her bed.

The sight made his mouth run dry. Jude was able to catch a glimpse of Stella’s partner’s face to recognize that he was Darren, the former linebacker of their high school football team. They hardly spoke to the guy beyond a few words, and Jude figured they must have met up while Stella was out with friends earlier that day.

Darren had his sister bent over and kneeling on the edge of the bed. He was tall enough where it angled him perfectly with her pussy, with one foot resting on the edge of the bed, and large hands gripping Stella’s small waist.

From what Jude could gather, Darren’s cock was large, but whatever length would have been made up for in girth. He must have been at least two inches thick, and it was evident in the way Stella’s tiny pussy stretched around it. His large form towered over Stella as he slammed his cock to the hilt inside her with every thrust. Stella was shamelessly panting and begging him to fuck her harder, and her skin was flushed all over, except for her pussy lips, which were a dark pink with arousal, and it contrasted almost perfectly with Darren’s thick, black cock driving into her.

Stella had her face buried in the pillow, and Jude heard a muffled cry when Darren’s hand came down to smack one ass cheek and grip it. He used his hold to pull her back against him despite her own movements being as eager as his and slamming back to pull his dick into her completely each time. Her back was arched perfectly, and Jude was almost disappointed that he couldn’t catch a glimpse of her tits, but the sight of her sopping cunt wrapped tightly around a cock more than made up for it.

“Oh, fuck, right there!” Stella panted, gripping the sheets by her head and arching her back gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan further while one dainty hand crept between her thighs and began rubbing her swollen clit furiously. Jude spotted additional hints of her arousal lining where her body met with Darren’s, with glossy pussy juices and evidence of Darren’s pre-cum beginning to coat his cock.

“I’m gonna fucking cum,” Darren grunted.

“Cum inside me!” Stella gasped, and her hand halted to spread her pussy lips further, with a thin webbing of juices coating her fingers. The sight made Jude’s eyes roll back, and he noticed then that he’d been absentmindedly stroking his own cock.

His hand sped up, if only to reach his climax just as Darren did, while pulling Stella’s hips completely against his own hen he emptied his balls deep inside her. For just a moment, Jude pictured his own cum coating Stella’s insides, just as he held his breath and pressed his lips together with the arrival of his orgasm.

Semen coated his hand, and he quickly wiped it inside his boxers, glancing back just as Darren pulled out of Stella, and a thick glob of white cum wept from her pink, used up lips. While flaccid, Darren’s dick seemed to be just about the same length as Jude’s, despite being slightly thicker.

They were panting, and his hand was still gripping her ass, before giving it a jiggle. Stella giggled and wiggled her hips in response.

“You’re protected, right?”

“Mmmmhm,” Stella moaned, rolling onto her side and lifting her leg as she slipped two fingers into her wet pussy, pulling them out as another helping of semen dripped down her lips. “You’ve got nothing to worry about.”


Jude remained in his room for the rest of the afternoon, until way after his parents’ arrival, and after the sun had begun to set. Dad and Nina were asleep in their rooms by nine in preparation for their early morning flight.

Avoiding Stella felt strange, especially given she seemed unsuspecting of his own indiscretion. Guilt had consumed him while he showered after the ordeal, and he’d missed dinner in order to keep from looking her in the eye.

A walk downstairs wouldn’t hurt.

Jude let out a sigh while he opened his bedroom door and began his trip toward the stairwell when he noticed a light out of the corner of his eye. Stella’s bedroom door was slightly open again, and there was a light glow coming from inside — presumably from her desk lamp.

He wouldn’t have put it past her to be studying, even despite their vacation, and he figured he’d check in on her and apologize for being absent most of the evening.

When he moved closer to her room however, his ears perked at the sound of soft sighs and whimpers coming from within. He froze a moment, attempting to will himself to turn and head toward the stairwell as he intended, but his curiosity got the better of him.

Inside, he saw Stella, laying flat on her bed, and completely naked. Her back arched slightly, and her hand gripped one perky tit while she spread her legs wide and pumped a dildo continuously inside her pussy. She was clearly sopping wet, and the juices glistened beneath the light every time the flesh-colored toy was pulled from within her and reflecting the light of her desk lamp.


Jude stood there, feeling his cock harden by the second at the sight. It was clear that Stella was attempting to remain quiet, pressing her full lips together with every urge to moan.

He’d just begun to reach into his boxers when Jude heard Stella whisper something, and he stopped suddenly.

“Jude?” She breathed, her movements slowing as she pushed herself up on one elbow. She looked beautiful with the dim light shining on her features, and her long hair in a disheveled mess as it clung to the damp skin of her shoulders.

Jude didn’t reply, attempting to back away as silently as he could, but he stopped when she whispered his name again.

“Jude, come here.”

“Fuck,” he whispered, shifting his cock beneath the waistband of his boxers to keep his erection from being that obvious when he walked in.

Stella didn’t seem angry. The dildo remained buried halfway inside her pussy, and she seemed to have no qualms about being on display. In fact, he noted the smile that had begun to spread on her lips when she looked at him.

“Will you close the door behind you?”

He didn’t say anything. Instead, he did so without hesitation, and swallowed as he hovered by the threshold. It wasn’t until she patted gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan the edge of her bed that he let his legs carry him there, sitting down, but still remaining stiff as a board.

“Sorry, I—”

“You don’t have to apologize, Jude. I know you were watching me earlier.”

“Y-you do?” He felt his face flush at the confession, and he opened his mouth to apologize, but was quickly interrupted.

“Did you like what you saw, big brother?”

“Well, y-yeah…”

Stella smiled at that, letting go of the dildo, but keeping it inside her, while she reached up and slipped two fingers over his lips. When he parted them, she pushed them in his mouth, and he was met with the sweet taste of her juices. Closing his lips, he sucked and let out a soft groan.

With her other hand, Stella pulled at the waistband of his boxers until his cock sprung forth, and she wrapped her small hand around the base of it on a soft laugh.

“Wow, I figured you’d have a big dick, but I think you’re a lot bigger than I thought.”

Jude didn’t say much, and tried not to express disappointment when she pulled her fingers from his mouth. She grabbed his hand instead, and tugged it toward the base of the dildo while she began to move her palm over the length of his cock.

This must have been a fucking dream. There was no way—

“Fuck me with my toy, Jude, please. I wanna make you cum too.”

How could he resist, when she was practically purring the request and looking up at him with a doe-eyed stare through thick lashes.

“Fuck.” Jude shifted on her bed until he lay beside her. Her hand briefly lifted from his length and to her mouth, where Stella spat on her palm and lowered it again to coat his cock in her saliva. She rested her back on the mattress when Jude began to slowly pump the fake cock into her, drawing it out and pulling from within her until just the tip rested between her lips, only to slowly slide it back into her.

He met some resistance, and realized her cunt was gripping the cock tightly. It made him want so badly to just hold her hips down and ram his own cock inside her, but he withheld, instead quickening the pace of the toy while she mirrored the motion with her own hand.

“Do you like watching your sister get fucked?” Stella mewled, lifting her head until her tongue swept out from between her lips and flicked against his own. She was breathing softly with every push of the dildo, and spread her legs further for him while her free hand dipped below her abdomen to let her fingers circle over her clit.

He wanted to reply. To say ‘yes,’ but instead, he chose to focus on pumping inside her, picking up the pace when her juices squelched around the dildo and made it easier for him to bury it completely into her in short, rough movements.

“Don’t stop,” she groaned softly, as her hips began to lift to meet with each harsh thrust.

Jude began pushing his hips forward as well, letting his cock pump with a similar pace into her small hand. He lowered his head to capture her lips in his then, groaning against them as he relished in the warmth of his sister’s mouth, letting his tongue penetrate past her tiers to mimic what he wanted so badly to do with his dick.

Stella responded eagerly, letting her tongue meet his as the bed creaked silently from her own desperate movements. She must have been getting close already, and judging by the thin webbing of pussy juices connecting from the tips of his fingers with every movement of the toy as he fucked her, that only seemed to confirm it.

Her fingertips rubbed her clit furiously as she began to pant wildly against his lips, and Jude gripped her pillow by her head to keep up with his own thrusts. He wanted so badly to cum with her — to cum inside her as he’d imagined it earlier.

He lowered his head again to let his teeth gently nip at one pink nipple, groaning as he tasted her soft skin when his mouth opened and he began to suck just as he knew he’d always wanted to.

“Ffffuck,” Stella whimpered, and turned her head to bury her face into the pillow and muffle the moans that followed with the bucking of her hips. Jude pressed the dildo inside her completely, letting it remain there, and feeling the pulsating of her sweet pussy against his hand. It was enough to make him lose it, and he lifted his head from her tit to bite back a grown when a thick rope of cum shot from within his balls, and landed on her side, her hand, and her stomach.

They remained there a moment, breathing against one another. Slowly, Jude pulled the dildo from his sister’s tight cunt, and she groaned softly, moving her hand from his cock to wrap both arms around him and pull him in for another hot kiss.

“Mmm, that was so good, brother,” Stella whispered against his lips. She pressed her thighs together as she trembled again beneath him.

“You should sleep,” she continued with a smile, playfully shoving at his chest. “Before Dad and Nina wake up. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

It had been three days since Jude returned home, already having greeted his twin sister, Stella, who had also arrived home from her own university for their summer break. Their father and stepmother, Nina, were preparing for their next-day departure, and would be leave them to watch over the house while they spent five weeks…

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