Sibling Erotica



My name is Tom. I’m 21 years old and live in my parents house in Worcester, Massachusetts along with my 20 year old sister, Ann.

Our parents had taken a vacation on a cruise ship on the Caribbean a month ago, to escape the cold winter for ten days.

My sister and I were left in charge of the house.

On the first night they were gone, we ate dinner together and conversed about our college lives, our part-time jobs, and my ’94 Oldsmobile Cutlass which is rapidly breaking down but since I can’t afford a better car, am stuck with.

My sister and I drive to classes together on some days. On others, when she has a class and I don’t, she drives it. Others, when I have a class and she doesn’t, I drive alone.

She wanted to know if I wanted to rent a movie to watch on this night. I told her OK. I went out after dinner and bought some beer and rented “I Robot” with Will Smith for us to watch. I also rented “Anal Angels

2″ for me to watch on my computer DVD drive alone in my bedroom later that night.

We watched the movie and drank some beers. After the movie ended I went to the bathroom. When I returned, I saw my sister with the DVD for “I Robot” in one hand and the DVD case for “Anal Angels

2″ in the other. She had reached for the “I Robot” case and grabbed the wrong one.

“What’s this?” she asked with a grin.

“Oh, nothing you’d be interested in.” I replied, reaching for my porn movie.

Ann pulled her arm away from my reach.

“Not so fast, I’m looking at it.” she laughed. “I didn’t know you were such a big fan of ass fucking.” she giggled.

“C’mon, give me a break.” I said sheepishly.

“Do you rent those movies all the time? When do you watch them? When were you going to watch this one?” she battered me with questions.

“I don’t know. Yeah, I rent ’em once in a while. I usually watch them on my PC when no one is around.” I said.

“You want to watch this one now?” she said.

“Don’t you think that’s kind of weird, watching porn with your own brother?” I countered.

“Oh who’s weird? I meant do you want to go upstairs and watch it now, not watch it with me down here in the living room.”

“Oh, sorry, Ann.” I responded with embarrassment. “Yeah, let me see it. I’m going to go to bed. I might watch it.”

“Here you go, big brother. Just do me a favor? If you watch your porn tonight please shut your door and wear the headphones, OK?”

I said OK and grabbed a couple more beers and went upstairs. I couldn’t believe the conversation I’d just had with my sister. Ann and I are pretty close, as siblings go. We are good friends gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan as well being brother and sister, though the subject of sex never comes up between us. Neither of us have a boyfried or girlfriend right now, though she just broke up with a guy last month that she’d dated off-and-on for about a year.

I entered my bedroom, shut the door, and sat down at the computer. I inserted the DVD and placed my headphones on. I watched the porn for a good hour, getting hornier and hornier as I watched lovely woman after lovely woman have their anal cavaties invaded by the largest, thickest cocks imaginable. One scene was rather odd. A beautiful blond woman who had shaved her head to be completely bald was double-penetrated by two well-muscled and well-hung studs. When they pulled their cocks from the bald girl’s pussy and ass, they jerked off on top of her head and smeared the cum into her scalp.

By now, my own cock was straining to escape from the confines of my blue jeans, which I had intentionally left on so that I wouldn’t be tempted to masturbate before the movie ended.

I shut off the PC’s DVD player and removed my headphones. I stood up and unbuckled my pants, letting them fall to the floor. I began to stroke my cock when I heard a strange noise, like something falling and breaking. Clad in my boxer shorts only, I opened my bedroom door and saw a house filled in darkness. Apparently, Ann had gone to bed. I looked down the hallway to Ann’s bedroom and thought I heard something.

I tiptoed down the hall and noticed that her door was open. She had not lowered the shades to her bedroom windows, and the moonlight streamed into illuminating the room to some degree. She seemed to be murmuring something in her sleep, as though she was having a dream.

I noticed a pair of white panties at the foot to her bed. Ann is a “neat freak” and the floor to her bedroom is always kept meticulously clean. She isn’t the type to leave dirty clothes on the floor.

Were these the panties she was just wearing before bed?

Was she naked from the waist down?

I gently pulled back the sheet and blanket from her body, risking waking her but by now unable to control myself. My cock, still rock-hard from the effects of sixty minutes of watching “Anal Angels

2″ was in control of my actions.

I saw my sister laying in bed wearing nothing more than a t-shirt, naked from the waist down. She was laying on her stomach, with one leg pulled up near her stomach and the other leg laying straight. I had a perfect moonlit-view gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan of her ass, which was absolutely perfect in appearance. It was the wonderful ass I had ever seen in my life. I could just barely see the hairs of her pussy. Her crotch glistened in the light. She was wet!!

What kind of dream was my little sister having?

I pulled my cock out of the hole in the front of my boxer shorts and began to stroke it. I tried to control my breathing as best as I could. I was desperate to find release for my swollen balls, where white hot cum begged to be allowed escape.

I was in control of myself enough not to lay a hand on my sister, but I could not remove my eyes from her nakedness, much less my body from her bedroom.

I stood no more than two feet from her sleeping body and masturbated in silence, my mind filled with thoughts of eating my sister’s pussy, fucking her pussy, fucking her asshole, making her cum.

When I climaxed my cock shot cum on my sister’s t-shirt covered back, her asscheeks and her legs.

I was tempted to clean the cum off of her, but thought better of it since this might wake her up.

I stuffed my cock back inside my boxer shorts and stealthily took my leave of Ann’s bedroom. When she woke up in the morning, I assumed, she’d shower and clean the then-dried cum off of herself anyway.

I felt guilty about what I’d just done in my sister’s bedroom and promised myself never to do anything so utterly disgusting again.

Imagine my surprise when Ann came downstairs for breakfast in the morning wearing the same white t-shirt with my cum stains clearly showing on the back!


I wasn’t surprised that Tom rented the porno DVD that night 11 weeks ago. I knew he rented them all the time. When he had a class and our parents were at work, I would sometimes sneak into his bedroom and watch them on his PC.

I also found other stuff on his PC, like incest-themed websites and pictures. Especialy sibling incest. Tom had lots of other kinds of porn besides this, but he obviously had a thing for brother-sister incest.

For the last year, since I discovered his interest in the subject of sibling fucking, I’ve looked at him differently than in the past. I found that I was turned on by own brother and soon started masturbating while thinking of him.

I never, ever planned on acting upon these fantasies. That would be too weird. And what if he rejected me?

So 11 weeks ago, Tom went upstairs to watch his porno while I remained downstairs. Our parents called oğuzeli escort bayan from the ship as it was leaving port in Miami. I told them that Tom was already asleep.

I drank a couple more beers and watched TV some, but I was just way too horny after seeing the cover to Tom’s DVD, which featured very graphic pictures of men and women performing the act of anal love.

I went upstairs and watched Tom through the keyhole in his door. It was a perfect view of him sitting in front of his PC with his back to me. I could see the video images of couples having sex on his 17-inch PC screen while big brother Tom rubbed his crotch. He was wearing headphones, but the volume was so loud that I could make out the sounds on his movie.

The sounds of people having sex was actually more enticing to me than the video images. I guess that’s a “girl thing”.

I retreated to my bedroom and undressed and got into bed.

I decided I’d masturbate and removed my panties.

I created mental images of my brother Tom fucking me up the ass the way those porn actors were doing on the DVD, rubbing my clit and pussy and making myself horribly wet.

Just then, my elbow hit my clock radio on my dresser and it crashed to the floor.

I ignored it, continuing to play with myself. I’d get the damn clock radio later, my lust-crazed mind reasoned.

Then I heard Tom walking in the hallway. Shit! I hadn’t shut my bedroom door all the way!

He moved closer to my bedroom door.

I pulled the covers up over my nude body quickly.

He opened the door and walked in.

I pretended to be asleep, mewing noises as though I was dreaming.


I lay there silently when suddenly I felt the blanket and sheet being gently pulled off of me, revealing my nakedness.


But I fought back the raging impules to either fuck myself or fuck my brother and just lay there.

Within a few moments, I could hear Tom moving slightly and begin to breath heavier.


I lay there still as a statue, trying to control my breathing, as my very own brother masturbated beside my bed.

It took unbelievable amounts of self-control to remain motionless as my brother splashed what felt like a quart of hot, wet cum on my body.

Being a sweet brother, he covered me up and then went back to his own room.

I waited for a minute or two after he left, then brought myself to the most blinding orgasm I had experienced in my life. As my fingers ravaged myself, waves of undescribable pleasure washed over my body which shook uncontrollably for minute after minute. I very nearly passed out from the extreme fury of orgasmic rapture that I had subjected my body to.

I then retrieved my panties and had the best nights sleep of my life.

Our parents would be returning home nine days later, which left nine days for my brother and I to play.

What would be his or my next move?

…to be continued….

TOM’S STORY My name is Tom. I’m 21 years old and live in my parents house in Worcester, Massachusetts along with my 20 year old sister, Ann. Our parents had taken a vacation on a cruise ship on the Caribbean a month ago, to escape the cold winter for ten days. My sister and I…

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