Short Story 01: Party Crashing

Short Story 01: Party Crashing


Jon and his friends sneak out and crash a business party. They’ve been doing this a few times for about a year now, and each night is always a night to remember.

All Characters in this story are 18 years old or older.


Jon finished buttoning up the top button of his navy-blue dress shirt. Reaching down, he finished off the remaining buttons on the cuffs of his sleeves. Usually, he hated dressing up to this extent however tonight was going to be worth it. His cock stiffened a little as he thought about the possibilities to come.

Once dressed, he quietly slipped out of the house. He left his parents and his little sister sleeping peacefully and unaware of his nighttime escapades. He followed the sidewalk until he was several houses away and waited. As if on cue, Tom and boys pulled up and he jumped into the SUV.


Half an hour after leaving his house, Jon and his friends entered the backdoor of the rented-out assembly hall. The company was known for throwing some pretty heavy parties for its employees if they met or exceeded their projected goals. Tom leaned over and whispered, “Man, I can’t wait…..all these hot-to-trot mature women waiting for the right young stud. I can’t believe Mike’s brother was right about these things.” They approached the young man at the swinging service doors and slipped him a $100 bill. He handed them three nametags, a sharpie, and masquerade masks before walking off quickly. This was new.

Jon and his friends had started crashing business parties a year ago when Mike’s older brother Tim had gone off to college. Tim was known as a Ladies’ man and left his younger brother with an amazing secret. Drunk businesswomen love to fuck. Not only do they love to fuck, but they love it when it is a young virile stranger. Since the friends had just finished high school, they had nothing else to do now except search for eager pussy like every hormone-driven young adult does.

Placing their nametags on their shirts, the boys begin to mingle and scope out potential pussy for the night. Mike had already located a woman he wanted. A mature brunette in her late 40’s was giggling and downing massive amounts of punch next to the bowl with a few other ladies. Jon took one look and knew immediately why Mike picked her. Her chest was massive, like two over-ripe watermelons waiting for a face to be jammed into them.

Tom had already moved köle escort into the crowd to the dance floor and was grinding lightly against the very full ass of a light skinned Caribbean woman. She never even turned around once he touched her. Instead, her back arched and ass began to bounce up and down against his hips and his hands went straight to hers. The music was loud, little talking took place, but so much was said through body language.

With a smirk, Jon approached the punch bowl. He extended his hand towards the young man serving drinks and just as he was about to grasp the cup, he felt it. The warm embrace of a soft breath being exhaled on his neck. As he started to turn his hand was grasped tightly and tugged. In a hushed voice she said, “Come with me stud, I think we have the same idea in mind.” before guiding him down the hall. Her head was darting about like a hawk, almost looking for something as she pulled him along. The woman glanced around briefly once more before shrugging and tugging open the janitor’s closet, stepping in quickly. So far Jon had not seen much of her other than her back, dressed in a tight slim-fit black dress with her deep brown hair draped over her shoulders. He did enjoy the view of her ass as she dashed inside.

Jon followed and pulled the door shut. It was pitch black but that was alright. She had not turned around after entering and his hands immediately went under her arms and up onto her chest, grasping her tits firmly. She stiffened lightly, “I wasn’t expecting you to be so forward. That’s a nice change.” He leaned in close to her and whispered, “Stop talking and put your hands on the wall.” She obeyed immediately, a soft whimper escaping her lips. Jon had been worried she would resist since she had been the initiator of this all but was happily surprised when she fell in line.

With a quick motion he unzipped his trousers and dropped them and his boxers to his knees. Both of his hands grasped the sides of her slender dress and hiked it up high over her ass sharply. He reached for her panties only to find she wasn’t wearing any. This slut knew she was going to get fucked and his cock ached to give her what she wanted.

Grasping his cock in hand he lined up behind her, pressing the fleshy head between her surprisingly wet pussy lips. Jon had expected her to be aroused, but this woman’s box was a steaming sauna dripping for him. His eyes slammed shut and he groaned in pleasure as his shaft köle escort bayan sunk rapidly into her. For how easily he slid in, she was amazingly tight. His right hand slipped up her front and tugged her top down, grasping the heavy orb in his hand and pinching the nipple between his fingers.

His little vixen mewled as he mauled her body and begin to thrust hard into her from behind. After a handful of thrusts, he had managed to sink all 7 inches of his meat into her and felt her ass press firmly against him. He could tell she had her head down, hair in face, and was panting heavily as he began to hammer her pussy quickly. Sloshing sounds could be heard every time he slammed back into her, followed by her mewling “So good….oh god…oh….oh…please.”

They continued this quiet dance for another ten minutes before Jon reached forward with his left hand and pressed her face against the wall. She gave in to his control easily and kept whispering, “Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes….I needed this” He released her tit, pulling her hips back hard against him. With his new leverage, he pistoned his cock in and out of her glorious pussy for another few minutes before she stiffened and bit into her fist. Her body quivered softly at first, before it began to convulse and spasm between him and the wall. To his credit, Jon just kept fucking her right through her orgasm as best as he could. Her pussy was a like a lubricated vice that he kept thrusting his cock into.

He wanted to keep going, but like all good things he felt the end approaching quickly. Without a care in the world, he thrust hard and deep into her, holding it there as his cock exploded. He had made sure not to jerk off for a few days and boy was he glad he waited. He felt every single eruption within her, pulse after pulse, depositing seven heavy ropes of his young seed.

The woman started to slide down the wall but jerked suddenly as Jon grunted, her right earring catching on his sleeve. She did not reach up for it, instead she slumped onto her knees groaning with her forehead against the cool wall. Jon quickly pulled his trousers up and reached for the door. As he cracked it open, he peered out making sure no one was nearby. He pushed the door open wider and stepped out, glancing back for a last look at the woman within. She was almost straddling the floor and Jon could clearly see her puffy red pussy with her dressed hiked up high. He grinned as large white globs dripped escort köle out of her and closed the door satisfied.

The boys remained at the party for another hour, meeting up near the exit at their prearranged time. They slipped out before most of the others did to avoid being obvious. The ride home was quiet, Mike was grinning like an idiot with large lipstick marks all over his face while Tom seemed frustrated. It turns out Tom was the only one to not get any pussy and Jon grinned to himself, knowing that Tom would want a repeat of the night very soon.

He watched as his friends drove off in the night as he made his way up his driveway. The house was dark, the streets quiet. He snuck in and up to his room, changing into a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top. While changing, he found the earring stuck firmly into his sleeve. He made his way downstairs and plopped onto the couch and began channel surfing while absent-mindedly playing with the earring in his hand.

Half an hour later, Jon heard a noise in the driveway. He heard keys at the door and panicked for a moment. Suddenly the front door was open, and his parents tried to enter quietly. His father had a slight stagger to him, his mother was giggling softly but stopped as she looked up and saw him on the couch. She started to speak, “Oh Jon, what are you….oh” but went quiet as his dad spoke over her, “Jon my boy you should be sleeping!! Sorry for the noise, the neighbors invited us to a work thing and we stayed out a little late. I’m just glad your mom is feeling better, she was in the bathroom with tummy pains for quite a while.”

Jon glanced from his father to his mother and noticed her eyes were locked on his hand. Her jaw was obviously clenched, and she was holding her breath. It took a moment for him to understand, and he quickly looked at her ears. In her left ear was a beautiful golden rose earring with large petals, her right ear was bare. His eyes locked on hers and they stared at each other in silence, his father spoke up, “Well son, we need to head to bed. You should too. We will see you for breakfast!” Quickly his mother blurted out, “Oh!! You found my earring! I knew I lost it here before we left.”

She stepped forward and grasp the earring from his hand, her fingers lingering a moment before she jerked her hand back and moved to the stairs. From the couch, Jon watched stupefied as his father led his mother up the stairs. An all-to-familiar ass, covered in a familiar slender black dress swayed up the stairs and down the hall.


Thank you all who read this, I appreciate you taking the time to view my writing. It has been many years since I last authored a story and felt it was time to try to reconnect with that side of me. I hope you enjoyed this short story.

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