Shelly’s Second Visit with Dr. Wils


Shelly had used all of her monthly supply of birth control pills and needed to make another appointment with Dr. Wilson. He again scheduled her for a Friday afternoon and she would be the last patient that day.

She was anticipating another exam and she had some more questions to ask the doctor. She had started to have sexual contact with some of the boys, but did not go all the way with any of them. She wondered if she should continue to use condoms with the pill and wanted Dr. Wilson’s opinion on this.

Wilson was also anticipating her next appointment and purposely scheduled it for the day before Shelly would ovulate so he would have a good chance of impregnating her. He abstained from sex with his wife for 2 weeks so he could blow multiple potent loads in Shelly’s fertile womb and possibly breed her. He knew the pill was not 100% with all women.

Shelly had arrived wearing tight shiny black running pants and it showed her damp camel toe just perfect. She had a red titty top with no bra that allowed her pert nipples to stick way out. She was a petite teen with long flowing blond hair that any man would want.

Dr Wilson started “Let’s get you on the scale and see how you’re doing”. “you are 94 lbs and 4’11” tall.” She was a very small girl standing next to Dr. Wilson as he was 6’3″ and 195 lbs. She had very small tits and almost looked like a prepubescent girl. Luckily she had just turned eighteen only 2 months ago. He was already growing a hardon that he knew would end up in her belly soon.

“So how are you feeling today Shelly?” asked the doc.

“I’m feeling a little naughty today and my vagina has been leaking all day. I’ve been flirting with lots of boys and even some teachers today! Is there something wrong with me?” Shelly responded.

Doc Wilson said “Oh Shelly, you’re going to ovulate tomorrow. This is just a young women’s normal response to her natural hormones”. He had her sit on the Şerifali Escort examination table with her pelvis right at the edge. He put his arm around her waist, pulled her tight to him, pushed his hips against hers and he said “Your vagina is getting wet so a man’s penis can slide in smoothly”. “Your body is in need of a pumping penis to quell the desire in your loins for a breeding”

“I thought the pill was supposed to prevent that.”

“Yes it does, but sometimes, failures happen. That’s why you should be using condoms until you’re comfortable with your partner and can trust him completely” Wilson added.

Shelly said “I don’t want you to use one with me, I trust you.”

“Shelly, I’m 60 yrs old and you’re only 18.” “Are you sure you want us to make love?”

Shelly said “I have so many questions to ask you. I want to do everything with you!”

“I’ve been masturbating for days thinking about you being bareback inside me and playing with my butthole.” “You made me cum so hard last time that I want you to do that again in me.”

Wilson quickly responded “we can do all kinds of stuff with your poophole. I can finger it, lick it, and even put my cock inside it”

Shelly was surprised and asked “we can do that? Won’t that hurt? Your penis is too big for tiny hole!”

The doc said “oh yes it will fit. It will take a lot of lube and time, but you won’t believe how good it will feel” “Let’s slide your pants off and examine your vagina and cervix.”

“Oh, my pants are soaking, I told you was pretty wet today.” Shelly helped Wilson take his pants down and they tightly embraced. Dr. Wilson had a larger than normal erection. He knew this was going to be good and wanted to make sure his first cum load went inside Shelly’s pussy. Then he was going to take Shelly’s ass and squirt another load in there.

Wilson’s cock was right against her wet hole and he kept pushing at her to make it slide İstanbul Escort in. His cock head slipped in and Shelly groaned. She just whispered “Please push inside and pump me deep. I want you to finish right inside me, too.” “I want to feel your cum splattering my insides”

They started kissing and eventually his cock was buried in her right to his balls. He couldn’t remember a tighter and wetter pussy in his life.

He started putting his finger in her butthole. She was just moaning and smiling when he stuck two fingers in her bottom. He kept rubbing his cock thru the thin membrane separating her pussy and ass.

“Oh my Dr. Wilson, I’m feeling all funny and I think we should stop so I can go pee.”

“It’s ok Shelly, just concentrate on how good it feels inside you and just let yourself pee if you have to.” She started to leak small squirts of pee and every time he pumped his fingers in her ass, she peed a small spurt. With his cock getting soaked he thought what the hell and squirted some pee inside her too.

Shelly was so small that he lifted her right off the table and held her completely on his cock. He was going to cum soon and he was going to do it deep inside of her belly. Even though she was on the pill, he still wanted his chance to impregnate her. He would love to see her belly swell and deliver their baby.

He also wanted to feel his cock inside her ass. He figured he would slide in her butt for a while, but he would make sure his semen was shot in her womb. “He whispered “Shelly, are you ready for something larger in your bottom?”

“Oh doctor, your cock is pretty big for my tiny hole. Do you think it will hurt much?”

“I’ve already got four of my fingers in there! Let me put some more lube in your hole and you can put some on my dick.” Shelly squirted the slippery gel all over his dick and Wilson pulled his fingers from her ass and squirted a big stream in Shelly’s Ümraniye Escort shithole.

“Put me inside you” Wilson moaned.

Shelly grabbed his slippery cock and started to pull it inside her sopping wet asshole. It took some time for the head to go in and she wasn’t sure if she could do it. Wilson helped a little by pushing too and finally they both groaned loudly and he was all the way in.

“How are you doing Shelly?”

“Oh shit – it’s ALL the way in!” Wilson started to slowly pump in and out. He continued to play with her swollen clitoris. Shelly was shaking slightly and Wilson knew she would be cumming soon. He kept concentrating on saving his load for her belly and not letting it explode inside her ass. He wanted to cum in her ass so bad, but he also wanted the possibility of impregnating Shelly.

They deeply kissed as they slowly rocked back and forth. “Do you want me back in your pussy?”

“Yes, yes, I so close. I want you deep inside me when you explode. I need to feel your cum exploding against my cervix.”

Wilson was really close too and knew he had to pull out of her butt. With that he popped out of her ass and slid all the way into her cunt.

Shelly exploded. “You’re so deep in me. Oh god, I’m cumming! DO IT NOW! Cum in me.”

Wilson started ejaculating at that same instant. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming inside you! He squirted about 4 streams in her belly and pulled out and slammed back inside her asshole and finished squirting a few more spurts.

He slowly slid out of her butt and pushed his cock right against her labia. Cum was still dripping from his slit when Shelly pulled him back inside her pussy. More of his semen leaked into her womb. They stayed together until he finally softened and slid out.

Shelly told him “I came while you were squirting in my tummy and I had another orgasm when you started squirting in my ass!” “I never felt anything like that before.”

“I hope you didn’t make me pregnant! I forgot to take my pill yesterday!”

Shelly went home wearing soggy clothes with a belly and ass full of Dr. Wilson’s cum.

Wilson had Shelly’s juices all over him when he greeted and kissed his wife at home.

Shelly had used all of her monthly supply of birth control pills and needed to make another appointment with Dr. Wilson. He again scheduled her for a Friday afternoon and she would be the last patient that day. She was anticipating another exam and she had some more questions to ask the doctor. She had…

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