She’d Never Been with another Woman

She’d Never Been with another Woman

She’d never been with another woman, and although she had on occasion been attracted to the fairer gender she’d never thought herself so attracted to ever make anything of it. She had been married for a number of years now and occasionally wondered what she may have gotten up to had she not partnered herself so young. Right now her husband was away for the weekend and she was meant to be going to a dinner party on the Saturday night but unfortunately on that afternoon she received a text message that cancelled her plans, the host of the party had gotten very sick and called off the event. Another friend who was also meant to be attending messaged her soon afterwards to see if they could still meet. The wife replied saying that they could meet at her house and have dinner together. Her house was small but cozy, an Edwardian villa laden with character and although a little chilly over the winter months it was a lovely cool sanctuary during the current summer heat.

The wife finished her summer afternoon’s gardening and took a slow lukewarm shower before her guest arrived. Washing in the shower she stroked soapy hands over her beautifully pale skin missing the touch of her partner from the evening before her body yearned a little for caress. She took a little longer than usual thoroughly washing the garden’s dirt from every part of her voluptuous body and dark blonde hair. She stood in front of the bathroom mirror whilst drying off and noticed how the recent exercise regime had shaped her body to the point where even she was starting to admire it. She smiled as she applied her daily regimen of skin creams and on a whim thought to treat herself to a little perfume, thinking tonight’s dinner date a worthy enough excuse to pamper herself a little. She moved through to the bedroom and dressed in some cute little cotton panties and her nice ‘going out’ jeans she’d bought not six weeks ago that were now only annoyingly a little baggy, a testament to her exercise routine which lessened the annoyance factor somewhat. She slid into a new loose t-shirt, colourful and bright, which covered her somewhat lacey underwire bra that not just supported but accentuated her hidden porcelain breasts under her shirt. She checked herself in the mirror for a second and smiled, she’d caught a little sun out on the garden that day that had left her face with a rosy glow and she concluded that she looked great.

An hour or so later there was a knock at the door and she opened the front door of the house to their friend, she was also a mutual friend of her husband. She stood there holding a dish she’d made for the party, a desert in a white porcelain dish with foil covering it.

“Hi!” the friend said, flashing her big smile “I brought something to eat!” And she smiled again holding the dish towards her host. The friend was welcomed inside and led down the hall which at the end flowed one way into the living room and the other into the kitchen. The friend moved into the living room and took a seat on the couch in front of the television as while her host put the dish in the kitchen. The host then joined her friend, sitting on a couch opposite and they chatted, catching up on news and goss.

The friend was also beautifully pale and blonde, but with much shorter hair. She was slim and petite with an air of tomboy about her in a friendly and playful way. She was dressed fairly casual also, wearing leg hugging blue jeans, a small red and white striped t-shirt which pressed against chest just enough to tease and her usual black sneakers. Her host had prepared a simple pasta dish, a favourite of her husband’s, and before long they were enjoying it along with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir. They finished the wine as fast as they’d finished the meal and the host apologised she didn’t have anymore but her friend said that she didn’t feel like more wine anyway and asked her host if she’d prefer to smoke some weed while they waited for the dessert, an apple crumble, to cook. Needless to say, within minutes the two of them were standing just outside the back door enjoying a casual smoke as the oven heated the next course.

Lightly buzzed and happy they ate the apple crumble now, covered in ice cream, next to each other on the same couch watching vintage music videos out of the corner of their vision and making snide remarks about the video’s styling and dancing. They laughed and ate. The friend mentioned she found a certain 90’s pop star really attractive admitting she had quite the crush on her when she was younger.

“Yeah, she’s hot. But it’s not like you’d fap off to her or anything.” Exclaimed the host.

“Oh but I sooo did, heaps!” Replied her friend.

The host looked at her friend laughed a little cute but slightly awkward laugh and blushed. The friend was openly bisexual escort bayan but very rarely made it noticed.

“I almost rubbed my bits off because of her.” The friend added only now realising her host was blushing but also realising she wasn’t uncomfortable. The host felt a small stirring in her and she shifted on the couch, kicked her shoes off and curled her feet up next to her.

“No? I mean, surely you must’ve rubbed one out to one at least chick once?” The friend asked.

“Ahhh, no. I mean I find the female form attractive and all but I don’t really feel it like that.” The host replied.

“Fair enough, I guess I just couldn’t stop myself when I was younger. Would see some sweet looking babe and get all hot and horny, and you know, I’d have to find myself somewhere to have some ‘me’ time.” As soon as the friend ended her sentence the host felt another stirring inside her, this time stronger and this time realising she herself was becoming rather aroused. The friend continued looking back to the TV, “Seriously, this babe here got me going so bad, shit I’m kinda horny now…” – “Same…” Added her host, her speech not filtering as it normally would due to the weed and wine. Her friend snorted a laugh and looked at the host in amused shock.

“Haha really! Told you she was hot!”

“No! No! It’s not her.” the backpedaling began “it’s just when you were talking about getting horny and stuff and I…” She blushed. “I dunno, thinking about you… I mean… Uhh, it just kinda got me a bit…” She stopped before saying anything further incriminating.

“Hey it’s alright mate,” her friend comforted her seeing now her host was quite embarrassed “it’s ok to get a girl boner once in awhile, haha!” She laughed and put a comforting hand on her host’s curled thigh, this touch send waves of sensation through the host’s whole body and she shuddered.

“Woah…” Said the friend and the host looked her in the eyes, her face flushed and her eyes bright. The friend’s hand lingered on her thigh and her host now looked down and it. The friend considered removing it but instead slowly slid it back and forth across the side of her host’s thigh and they resumed their eye contact.

The host was awash with sensation, not knowing how to react but also not wanting to do anything for fear that would stop what was currently happening. She could feel herself becoming even more aroused the stirring now a raging blaze inside her. The host let out a soft moan and stretched her legs out longer along the couch until her toes touched her friend. The friend now under no illusion that this was really happening, having considered her host rather attractive upon meeting her years ago had written her off due to her married status, now had this beautiful vixen in her hands. Her host now was stroking the hand that was stroking her thighs and shivering with anticipation. Their eyes locked and sent silent invitations to each other to come closer and their lips opening slightly and quivering a little, lustfully wanting to press against the others.

They sat up and shuffled next to each other and embraced kneeling a little uncomfortably as their mouths met in a passionate kiss. Their hands all over each other and their tongues and mouths playing with each other, the host on occasion shuddering and shivering the sensation almost too much to take. One of the friend’s hands gingerly slid down to her host’s chest and tested a breast to see if she would recoil. The host didn’t, she pressed her body harder into her friend harder with even more fervour. The hand now squeezed the breast through the host’s top and bra and her other hand slid down the host’s back and slid under her trousers and underwear to begin squeezing her naked bum.

The host becoming aware of this escalating situation begins to pull out of the embrace in a moment of apprehension and nervously sits back against the edge of the couch. The friend left hanging looks down at her host thinking she should have removed her hand earlier and not started all this, worried she may have ruined the evening, or even their friendship. Before the friend has a chance to apologise the host reaches out to her, inviting her back into an embrace, the host thinking now she’s gone too far on a slippery slope for this not to happen and her body is telling her she wants this stronger than her reasoning brain can say not to do it. The friend now climbs over and on top as the host slides herself down so she’s lying along the length of the couch and they resume their kiss, grinding each other’s bodies into each other. The host reaches up and slides her hands under her guest’s t-shirt touching the warm skin if her back moving up further and then dragging her fingernails slowly back down along her spine, causing the friend altıparmak escort bayan to moan and writhe a little.

The friend begins kissing the host’s neck and collarbones as the host slides the friend’s t-shirt up and reaches for the bra hooks, the friend sits up strips her top off and reaches behind her to unclasp herself. No sooner are the friend’s breasts exposed the host herself sits up and almost instinctively takes one in each of her hands and kisses and sucks between each nipple whilst squeezing them softly. Her friend’s breasts are soft and feel like silk to her lips, the nipples taste like a lightly salted treat to her tongue as she licks and sucks them into her mouth. The thrill of having her friend’s chest in front of her so wantonly offered makes her feel as if she’d just discovered a new part of her soul, like a sexual playground of new awakenings. She is lost in the moment and wants nothing less than for this to be forever.

The guest caresses her friend’s head as her chest is delicately kissed and she quietly reassures her, “That feels so good.” The host is feeling like her crotch is melting with passion and slowly shifts from underneath her friend and stands up alongside the couch, alarming her friend into thinking she might be having more reservations but the host looks her friend in the eye and gracefully lifts off her top, unclips her bra and slowly undoes her jeans, letting them drop off her hips, the friend looking on lustfully from her topless kneeling position on the couch. The host climbs back onto the couch and her friend pushes her back so she’s reclining with her thighs dangling off the edge. The guest now nuzzles into her hosts breasts and squeezes them pinching the nipples until hard and pointed all the while kissing her host’s soft belly. The host now runs her fingers through the short blond hair of her friend and pushes the top of her head down to encourage her to help sate her burning parts. She knows what’s coming, the thought of it drives her wild and she shivers and writhes as her friend all too slowly migrates her kisses south.

The kissing has moved over the belly and onto the top of the host’s left thigh then slowly descending towards the sensitive inner thigh. Slowly the guest moves towards her friend’s crotch, the cotton underwear now showing a tiny wet patch giving away how passionately excited she is. The host feels her friend gently nuzzle into her sex through the moist panties, “God, you smell so good…” exclaims the friend as she keeps massaging her face into her crotch. Two fingers reach up and carefully pull the underwear to one side, exposing the host’s wet labia; soft, pink and tidy. Slowly a tongue gets dragged from the bottom of her pussy up and over her clitorus, causing the host to buckle as the touch of tongue against her clit sends waves through her body. Again the tongue gets dragged across her sex and against she shakes upon contact with her clit. The guest grabs the top of her friends underwear and tugs it down over the thighs and then over the knees and off.

In front of her now is a soft, pale pussy throwing out heat as if it were a fire and the guest’s mouth descends wholly upon it. The guest kisses her host’s mound as if it were a mouth, tongue diving in and out of the host’s vagina and occasionally sliding up and over her swollen clit, sending the host into a spasm of pleasure along with a choked squeal and the guest’s tongue more frequently laps back and forth across her friend’s clit causing little jumps from her host’s inner muscles. She tasted sweet and fruity to her guest and her labia were soft and inviting as if the host’s pussy was kissing the guest’s mouth back. She licked and licked until her host was buckling at the hips and pushing her guest’s face away. “Oh, too intense!” The guest kissed the inner thighs now while she waited for her friend’s sensitivity to pass. Slowly she staring fingering the outside of the host’s vagina, now sodden with saliva and her own wetness.

One finger slid in smoothly followed by another and they slowly pulsed in and out of her friend. Her host now fully reclined on the couch rubs her pussy into her friend’s buried fingers, gyrating slowly trying to experience them even deeper than their length will give. The guest’s mouth now gently returned to her friend’s clit, slowly dragging her tongue all over it making sure not to cause too much pressure. The host’s hips were now rocking in time to the thrusting fingers and her guest was doing her best to keep tonguing her friends clitorus but it was becoming harder to do so as the bucking of hips became more violent. The guest now taking control pushes her mouth with all it’s power onto her friend’s sex and pinned the hips back down she forcefully licked her nilüfer eskort friend’s pussy and pulsed her fingers over her g-spot until the host was in the throes of full orgasm.

Screaming out she spasmed as her friend didn’t stop licking and fingering, legs flailing until the host reached down with her hands and pushed away the guest’s head signalling she was done. The guest rose and crawled back onto her friend and they kissed again in the afterglow of the host’s climax. After a minute or so lying spent on her back kissing her friend in comfortable silence the host found the strength to get to her feet and offer a hand to her friend to stand with her. “Let’s go through to the bedroom.” the guest suggested and the two walked hand in hand into the next room.

The bed was a modest size and they fell onto it next to each other face to face. “I think I want to eat you now.” the host mentioned wondering, maybe even a little scared, if she’d enjoy it as much as her guest seemed to enjoy her. “I think that would be very nice” replied her friend cheekily as she slowly undoes her trousers, pushes both them and her underwear from her legs and kicks off her sneakers but leaving her knee high socks on. The guest’s sex is already visibly wet and glistens slightly under the bedroom light. The guest lies back on the bed and the host positions herself between her friend’s thighs and slowly brings her face down onto the other’s pussy. She delicately kisses around the inner thighs and lower tummy before closing her eyes and opening her mouth as she takes the whole crotch in her mouth and massages it’s entirety with her tongue. Her friend moans loudly and lies back reaching forward to caress her host’s hair as the host passionately kisses her guest’s wetness.

The host’s flushed cheeks rub gently against the guests thighs as she rocks her head back and forth across her friend’s wetness, her tongue delicately lapping at the guest’s clit. She likes the taste, it’s not unfamiliar and she remembers all the times she’s tasted herself either from her husband’s cock, and sometimes even her own fingers, except this tastes fresh and sinful, far more erotic and sexual, driving her wild with passion. “Lick it harder.” the guest exclaims and she pulls the host’s face harder into her crotch. The host obliges and takes to the act with more fervour her saliva making her friend’s sex even wetter. “Finger me.” comes another command and two of the hosts fingers push and then slide into the guest’s vagina. Slowly she pulses them in and out rubbing softly over the guest’s g-spot, whilst still lapping away at the engorged clit. “Oh fuck yes haha.” moans the guest with a little laugh in her voice as she smiles uncontrollably “Mmmm, you can rub it a bit harder.” The commands now sounding more like soft guidance as the host once again obliges and presses harder and faster with each pulse of her fingers.

The host stops licking for a second and looks up at the writhing creature on her bed, two fingers still working away inside her. She is beautiful and the host feels in full control of her, her fingers working her like a toy that reacts to touch. The guest then lifts her legs up and holds her thighs with her hands exposing her delectable bum and the guest watches wetness from the guest’s sex run down over her asshole which is pulsing and quivering slightly as she drives her fingers inside her friend. Struck by the moment the host starts gently playing with her friend’s ass, “Oh yeah…” moans the guest loudly and reaches down to rub herself in the absence of a tongue on her clit. The anus is soft and inviting to the finger, feeling like it’s almost wanting to suck it inside as it clenches and releases.

The finger slides delicately inside up to the first joint and then feels the pressure squeeze around it followed by a moan, a second later it slides in another joint further as the guest’s hips buck against the host’s hands and the guest issues another deeper moan, one more second and that finger is buried inside the guests butt and both hands now work their lust on each opening as the guest comes close to her first climax. “Oh fuck! Yeah… Don’t stop! Ahhhh!” The host is furiously plunging her fingers inside as the pressure around her fingers becomes intense and then relaxed, and then crushing and again relaxed as the next contraction comes the host’s fingers are forced from her friend’s pussy as she is met with a gush of warm liquid spilling over her hands, her friend’s ass almost chewing at her finger as she carefully removes it.

The guest is puffing and flushed, lying motionless on the bed in front of her host who lies down next to her on the bed pondering the fact she’s just had sex with her, a friend, a woman… The guest rolls over before the host has a chance to start feeling awkward and passionately kisses her host and they embrace naked side by side tasting each other on their lips and feeling each other’s warmth through every piece of their touching bodies. They don’t speak, just smile at each other and kiss and eventually fall asleep still embracing each other…

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