She Was Right All Along

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I looked at him through the bathroom mirror as I put my earring in my ear. How could he be so chipper when he knows how mad I am at him? He knows I don’t want to go to this stupid thing with his boss. He knows we had other plans, but he canceled our plans anyway, just so he could kiss up to his fucking boss.

“I’m sorry baby, but we really need to go to this thing,” he said, putting his hands on my hips from behind. He kissed my bare neck and held me tighter as his crotch pressed up against my ass.

“Don’t we need to fucking go?” I exclaimed as I tried to break free of his grip. He held me tighter and I could feel the bulge in pants bearing down on my ass. Again, I rejected his advances but to no avail.

“Stop, not now,” I said, but no sooner than the words went over my lips, I could feel her,my pussy that is, betraying me.She didn’t care that I was mad at him.She knew whatshe wanted and didn’t care about what I wanted at all.

She has an addiction, and his dick isher vice. I can feelher now, beginning to drool like a fat kid in a candy store. Opening up like a flower reaching for sunshine.She had to have him and each part of my body joined in the mutiny over my mind

From behind, he forced my thighs open with his own as I made a last ditch effort to resist his advances. I looked in the mirror and saw my engorged nipples through my silky blouse. His hands vigorously pulled my skirt up, over my hips revealing my thonged sex. He unzipped and released whatShe so desperately wanted.

“You know you want it,” he said as he rubbed the head of his cock against my saturated thong.

“Yes, fuck me, take me right now through this thong,”She shouts.

Her voice only angers me more. Her wanting him like an addicted whore pisses me off.

I try to tell my body to pull away but found my right hand spreading my ass cheek open for him. I feel a pulsing flow of warm energy course through my body as the thick head of his cock began to massageher fleshy mound with slow, languid circular motions. I surrender completely.

She opens wide and he enters smoothly and firmly as to punish me for resisting. I am entirely filled up, but he seems to have more to give.Her hydrant breaks open and I feel myself glazing his cock withher cream.

A moan escapes my mouth, giving him an invitation to take me, even more fiercely. My ass tightens and my hips begin to churn, matching his intense strokes that pull all the way out and right back in ever so deeply.

With each stroke,Sheclencheshermuscles, pulling him, sucking himin deeper intoher tight mouth. The smell of sex drifts throughout the bathroom and all over our bodies making my skin tingle. I can only hear the sounds of our sex sloshing in and out asShe works hard to satisfyher need of his cock.

My skin starts to glow asShe begins to throb with potent, luscious contractions.

He rages hard, expelling, thrusting, lunging further inside me. I feel as if I’m going to drop to my knees as the blood rages toher. My hips tilt Kartal Escort up to receive more, nipples try to break through my blouse, and the veins in my hand throb as I grip the sink. My body locks up and freezes, still like a piece of red-hot steel waiting to be pounded.

Time stands still for an eternity, and then, a fiery explosion rips through my body with abandon. I gasp for air like a drowning woman reaching for her last breath before she goes under.

My body is still trembling,She still wants more, andshe grips him tight.

His cock swells and expands even greater and I feel a wave of liquid-heat crash against the back ofher throat. The hot fluid spills out overher swollen lips and drips down my thighs. GreedilyShe slowly milks his beating cock gettingher fill of his tasty juices.

She is satisfied for now.

Dinner is just about over now and I’m still pissed at him. Not just for having to be here but also for the way he had my pussy under his spell. As I looked around the table, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves including my man. There he was sitting to the right of his boss, just grinning while I stewed in anger.

“I really want to thank everyone for coming here on such short notice,” his boss addressed the group as I tried to look like I cared about what he was saying. “I want to let you all know that I will be leaving the company. This is something that I didn’t plan on doing but I have an opportunity that I can not say no to.”

I watched the group stir with anticipation on the boss’s every word of his speech as I wondered when he would finish so I could get out of here.

“I would like to introduce Will Baxter as your new President.”

The group began to clap and my mind tried to grasp what I had just heard.

“I wanted to surprise you,” my husband whispered in my ear while he hugged me before accepting his new position.

I watched Will go and shake hands with his boss, confirming the transfer of power. I joined the applause as I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. I couldn’t hear a word of Will’s acceptance speech; my mind and heart was numb with pride. Now I couldn’t wait for this to be over so I could tell Will how proud I was of him.

“I can’t believe you knew the whole fucking time,” I shouted, hitting him on the shoulder just after the elevator doors closed.

“Well, I wanted to surprise you and I know you can’t keep a secret. Especially a secret that triples our income and gives you the opportunity to quit your job.”

“God I love you Will. You always take good care of me,” I hugged his body tight.

How could I ever have doubted him, I thought to myself.

She quickly responded, “Yes, how could you. This is our man, and I’m going to please him, as much as I can no matter if you want to or not. He treats you right and treats me ever better.”

She was right, and I couldn’t agree more. No man has ever man me feel the way Will has andShe has never wanted a man the wayshe has wanted Will. Pendik Escort I could feel that my body, heart, and mind were now in sink and I pressed my breast and hips tighter against his body.

“Where are we going? Shouldn’t we be going down?” I asked wondering why we were not leaving the hotel?

“I reserved a room for us since I knew we would be getting out of here late,” he smiled and kissed me on the forehead.

“You think of everything, but I don’t think we will get much sleep,” I said as my hand slipped down to his cock. I wanted him as bad asShe did earlier.

We couldn’t get the key in the door fast enough. My mouth was watering just as much as my girl between my legs was.

Once inside the room I forced Will up against the nearest wall and released his cock from his clothing. I could feel Will’s thick, warm, and powerful cock throbbing inside my small hand. I polished my moist lips against the smooth velvet head of his dick as I ripped off my clothes. Will moaned. I parted my lips and drew his head into the wet, warm haven of my mouth.

She again began to speak to me, telling me to take him all the way into my mouth as I removed my thong; I was more than happy to. I took him in and out with more desire on each stroke, leaving a deeper trail of moisture each time.

“Yes, suck that cock baby,” Will moaned as he placed a hand on the top of my head.

My breasts jiggled rhythmically, bouncing against his thighs, teasing my swollen nipples. I began to gently massage his large sack, and then slowly released him from my throat. I licked him like a Popsicle from balls to tip, getting him all wet. I felt Will’s knees weaken as I rubbed his rod between my tits. I slowly began to rise, pressing my body against his hot, naked body until I reached his lips. I pressed my lips to his. Parted his lips with my tongue, sliding it into his mouth and wrapping it around his, teasing the tip of his tongue then pressing it deep down inside. Will returned the kiss with even greater passion. I could hearherin my head moaning with pleasure, wanting more. I realizedshe had taken over my lower half, grindingherself on Will’s thigh into a puddle of pussy juice.

“I need you on the bed now,” I whispered into Will’s ear.

Will took no time getting his sexy ass on the bed. I climbed on top of him knowing just whatShe needed… what we both needed so badly. I reached my destination, straddling Will’s face with my pulsating pussy just an inch from his lips.

A hot chill ran through my body as I plantedher on his face. His thick, full lips kissed me softy, gently, teasing her, teasing me.

That’s not what we wanted. With both hands I pulled his head into my pussy’s mouth, grinding in hard, deep into me. My breath quickened, heavy gasps escaped my mouth as my juices glazed his face.

“You know you love to eat this fucking cunt. Will, eat my fucking pussy, baby,” I shouted aloud.

I felt his hands grip my ass, his tongue darted in even deeper, Göztepe Escort and his lips sucked my clit. My hands cupped my breasts; I squeezed them tight,and then pinched my nipples. My eyes closed tight as Will’s lips began to vibrate against my clit. Involuntarily I started to suck my own nipples as my hips moved back and forth against Will’s face. The pleasure became too much for me to handle and my legs trembled, and I immediately exploded all over his face.

My head throbbed with pleasure as I collapsed onto the bed beside Will. My racing heart began to slow and for the first time I noticed the room. Candles were lit all around, rose petals were all over, and Champaign was on ice. I thought to myself what did I do to deserve this man? I turned over to see his beautiful eyes staring as me.

“You are so sexy,” Will said too me with a pussy glazed smile on his face.

“Thank you, you are too.”

I kissed his lips, licking my own nectar from his face. I love tasting myself off of his body. I move closer to Will taking his face in my hand as my mouth worked to get every drop. From the corner of my eye I can see Will is hard as a rock. His powerful cock rose from a neatly trimmed nest of hair. It stood with arrogances, thick with a slight upwards curve, knowing its power.

“Now, isn’t that the most beautiful dick you’ve ever seen?”She spoke to me.

I whole-heartedly agreed with her.

“Fuck me with that big dick of yours, Will.”

I opened my legs wide for Will and rubbed my clit as he moved his muscular body upward along my body until he was face to face with me. I instinctively reached for his dick and lightly ran my fingers up and down the thick vein that ran the length of his shaft. I moved my hips to direct the head of his cock to my moist, effervescent pussy. Will pushed himself into my burning wet center in one smooth gliding motion. I moaned softly andShe greedily accepted him in.

“Yes Will, fuck this pussy of yours. Cum inside me,” I pleaded, wanting him harder and deeper.

He continued to fuck me with the same arrogance he had before we went to dinner. This time I responded with my own arrogance.

“Take this fucking pussy,” I yelled out as I gripped his ass, compelling him to take what was rightfully his.

She was delighted I had finally aligned withhercravings for my husband.

I gyrated my hips up and around to greet every inch of him with lustful salutations. I realized that everyday Will would make me feel this good, this sick with lust, this high with love. Beads of sweat covered my body and pussy tightened like a vice around his cock. A small spasm radiated from my center, then I felt Will’s fluid splash against the back of my pussy. I gripped his ass, digging my nails into him as I trembled with an orgasm that was even more powerful than I could ever have imagined.

The room was silent except for our deep breathing; the room smelled of sex. I was weak and satisfied and so wasShe. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Will wanted more, but we would be ready.She was right all along.She knew we had a good man and knew how to treat him, as well as herself.

Will put his arm around me and smiled like he had over heard my conversation withher.

He kissed my lips softly. “I love you.”

I looked at him through the bathroom mirror as I put my earring in my ear. How could he be so chipper when he knows how mad I am at him? He knows I don’t want to go to this stupid thing with his boss. He knows we had other plans, but he canceled our…

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