Shawna Fulfills Her Fantasy Pt. 02

Shawna Fulfills Her Fantasy Pt. 02

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Ariella Ferrera


As an introduction to the below narrative, it would be best to read Shawna Fulfills Her Fantasy first. And as with the first part, the following chronicles mainly lesbian sex so if it’s not to your liking you might want to find something else to read.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


Once we were all on the bed with Shawna on her back and her arms around Brenda and I…”All you need to do is relax Shawna, so we can make love to you like you asked. And there’s no need for you to do anything except enjoy. When the time comes, you can do anything your little heart desires.”

“Sounds good to me Lacey. I’m all yours to do whatever you two want.”

It’s widely believed siblings have a sixth sense relative to each other, particularly twins. Although Brenda and I aren’t twins, quite often we know what the other is thinking, even before each other does. In this case, I sensed she couldn’t wait to get at Shawna’s lovely breasts, so I opted to kiss her so she could do so freely. Sweet little pecks at first on the lips, and all around them as she quickly joined in. Slowly our kissing became passionate with wide open mouths and lots of tongue action.

Shawna was a fabulous “kisser”, although I never kissed a woman that wasn’t. Incredible difference between kissing another woman versus a man. More so a mature woman, and Shawna ranked up there with the best of them. Delicious would be a good way to describe her kissing and it literally caused my clit to tingle. Come to find out later, she experienced the very same feelings. And it’s when I first realized how long Shawna’s tongue was; I could only imagine what it would feel like licking and tonguing my pussy.

As we continued kissing like two long lost lesbian lovers, Brenda busied herself with her breasts by taking the closest nipple in her mouth as she fondled the other breast. Eventually between the two of us, Shawna began breathing heavily and moaning ever so softly.

At that point I figured it would be best to let her breathe more easily so I stopped kissing her…”Just lie there and enjoy Brenda making love to your delectable tits Shawna, while I explore the rest of your sweet body.”

After she smiled in anticipation, I slowly started to work my way down it by kissing her neck and shoulder. When I reached her upper arm, I raised it to kiss her armpit. Something I’ve always enjoyed and thought she might. When I did, I was pleased to discover she hadn’t used a deodorant and had a more alluring and natural scent and taste, which I devoured with long licks. I would have loved it if like me she didn’t make a habit of shaving her underarms, but she did. Nothing is sexier in a kinky sort of way than a natural blonde with hairy underarms since typically like their pubic mound, it’s very fine and silky.

After I enjoyed her armpit, I worked my way down her side all while planting little butterfly kisses every inch or so until I reached her abdomen. I licked and kissed all over her smooth tummy while paying particular attention to her cute navel by tonguing it before slowly moving to her pubic mound.

By now Brenda was all but consuming Shawna’s breasts. From my view of things, she had the entire areola and nipple of one breast in her mouth, which she was sucking intently as she pulled on the nipple of her other breast while Shawna ran her fingers through her hair. She was pulling on it so hard, it was twice as long as it normally would be when fully aroused.

I didn’t spend much time kissing her pubic mound since I planned on returning to it later before I scooted down to her lovely feet. Once I reached them, I positioned myself upright on my knees before taking one in hand and massaging it. I kneaded her sole and heel first, which were incredibly soft and smooth, before gently rubbing and pulling on her beautiful staircase toes. Each one was perfectly straight and cute as could be. Nicely pedicured too with a sexy red nail polish. After massaging her foot, I took her big toe in my mouth and sucked it as I would a cock. I repeated the same process with each toe individually before taking all of them in my mouth at once to lick and suck.

Just as I finished with the first foot and was about to do the other one…”Damn Lacey, no one has ever made love to my feet like that before. It felt incredible. I think I discovered a new erogenous zone.”

“It’s the same with me Shawna, and I was hoping you’d enjoy it.”

As soon as I finished with her other foot, I began a slow journey towards her pussy by kissing and licking all along the entire length of both legs alternating between the two. When I reached her velvety inner thighs, I couldn’t help but notice arousal fluid seeping out between her long inner labia. Not just a few droplets, but nearly a steady rivulet of creamy love juice, which flowed down to her anus. When I did, I had all I could do from tasting it for the first time.

As I continued to tease her by kissing and nibbling altyazılı porno her sensitive inner thighs, she suddenly all but demanded…”If you don’t do something to my cunt soon Lacey, I’m going to start fingering myself.”

It was kind of neat hearing her use the “C” word. Something I didn’t expect from an English teacher and wondered how lewd her vocabulary would be before Brenda and I were through pleasuring her.

“Only because you insist Shawna.”…I said somewhat jokingly before I went straight for her inner labia.

About as long as Brenda’s, and after I took one in my mouth, found it just as tasty. Incredibly sweet with a slight touch of saltiness, and a wonderful scent. The aroma of what different flowers arranged in a bouquet would smell like. The pungent odor of Hawthorn tree flowers mixed with the syrupy aroma of Sweet Alyssum came to mind. Kind of how sweet and sour sauce works so well without one overpowering the other. Very exotic and erotic.

She had an incredible essence, and I told her so…”I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you Shawna, but your pussy juice tastes and smells fabulous. Very unique and I could easily become addicted to it.”

She laughed before saying…”God, I hope so Lacey.”

I continued to suck her labia one at a time until both were clean of her incredible tasting nectar and were swollen twice their normal size before parting them with my tongue and began licking between them. Long stiff tongue strokes beginning at her perineum and ending at her clitoris, which I would swirl my tongue around before repeating the process over and over. As for her anus, I was saving it for later so I could give it the undivided attention it deserved.

Gradually I spent more time stimulating her gumdrop size of a love nub by taking it in my mouth and gently sucking it while swirling my tongue around it. As I did, I inserted my middle finger in her love hole and slowly began to fuck it. By now her soft moans were louder and more frequent. Eventually I inserted two additional fingers and she still had room to spare. I was tempted to insert my whole hand as small as it is, and although it’s something I’ve never done before, it felt like she could easily accommodate it.

Slowly her ass began rising along with gyrating her hips slightly. One of her hands then found its way to my head, which she used to hold against her clit and pubic mound. And while I wasn’t wanting her to cum yet, she was obviously close to an orgasm.

As though reading my mind…”Don’t you dare think about stopping Lacey! I’m going to cum and there’s nothing I’d like to do more than in your fucking mouth.”

Since she put it so bluntly, I decided to bring her to an orgasm, albeit sooner than I wanted, and to make it the most incredible one possible.

The next thing I knew Brenda was at my side. Since Shawna announced she was about to cum she decided to leave her be temporarily so she could enjoy it uninhibited. Plus, she wanted to be close to where all the action was about to take place.

By now, Shawna’s rivulet of love juice had turned into a steady stream. She was so wet, I decided to attempt to insert my whole hand in her vagina. Slowly, and in spite of my concern it might not fit, it slipped in her love hole easily with little effort. And well beyond the opening until it was wrist deep and my fingers touched her cervix.

As soon as it was, Shawna let loose with a loud gasp before saying…”Oh my God Lacey, don’t tell me your whole hand is in my cunt. It felt fucking incredible when you slid it in. Now fuck it like the amazing cunt fucker you are.” Besides confirming she was beyond the point of no return, it also confirmed when it came to her vocabulary it most definitely could be on the slutty side.

Brenda then added…”Damn Lacey, I’ve never seen anyone do that before. Pretty incredible, and I can only imagine what it feels like from Shawna’s end.”

Since I was still sucking on Shawna’s clit I couldn’t respond. Nor could I even if I tried since Shawna now had both hands on my head and was humping it like a sex crazed lesbian. Slowly her thighs clamped around it and I could literally feel the inside of her vagina beginning to dilate. Realizing she was about to orgasm; I slowly withdrew my hand so I could focus solely on her clit by tonguing it intently as I could. As I did, it wasn’t thirty seconds later before she let loose with a loud, almost unrelenting scream, and orgasmed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…oh my God, I feel like I’m going to explode!”

And she all but did, as the floodgates opened and a stream of ejaculate burst out and straight into my mouth, which nearly gagged me at first. I can hear the naysayers proclaiming women don’t ejaculate, but you would be wrong. A surprising number of women do, but not every time they orgasm. As with squirting, it’s only when it’s very intense, of which squirting and ejaculating are two different things. And unlike fluid from when a woman squirts, female ejaculate has a sweet taste to it. amatör porno But surprisingly very little or no smell. Of which Shawna’s tasted sweet as could be. No wonder in ancient India female ejaculate was dubbed “nectar of the gods”.

After Shawna’s orgasm subsided, along with a serious amount of body contractions, she laid there almost comatose for what seemed like forever trying to catch her breath and regain her composure. I knelt patiently between her legs all while rubbing her thighs, pelvis and tummy very lovingly.

When finally somewhat clear headed…”My God Lacey…that was the most incredible orgasm I ever had and I never cummed so explosively. Never imagined anyone could.”

“It was pretty intense Shawna, which I couldn’t be happier about.”

“You’re quite the pussy eater, and weren’t kidding when you said I wouldn’t be sorry about fulfilling my fantasy. I never knew oral sex with another woman could be so incredible. Then again, you might be special.”

“While I’ve been called that before, I know a couple of women who could bring you to just as an explosive climax, and enjoy it as much as I did. You have a sweet pussy Shawna, and like I said before, I could easily become addicted to it. Now if you’ve recovered from your orgasm, it’s time for me to pleasure that pretty asshole of yours. Something I’ve been fantasizing about ever since I first saw it at Jack’s get-together.”

“I don’t know if I’ll ever recover Lacey, at least mentally, but what do you have in mind?”

“How does anilingus sound?”

“If you do it as well as you do cunnilingus, I’ll be in for a real treat.”

With that said, I put a pillow under her bum and then raised her legs up and asked her to hold them back. As soon as she did…”I’ll do my best not to disappoint you. But I’m sure this won’t be the first time you had your pretty asshole rimmed and reamed?”

“You’d be wrong Lacey. While Dan never hesitates to fuck my asshole, he rarely pleasures it orally. Occasionally he’ll rub a finger over it, but I can count the times on one hand he’s put his mouth on it. Even less as far as actually licking it. Other than Dan, no one else has ever gone down on my anus.”

“Then you’re in for a special treat.”

I leaned down to first lick and lap the full length of her anal valley as it was spread wide and not so surprisingly still wet with her vaginal fluids. I licked from the edge of her sacral crest up to her perineum and back down again. Over and over while I made it a point to be somewhat noisy with loud lapping sounds. Eventually I focused solely on her adorable rosebud by swirling the tip of my tongue over and around the tightly puckered anal ridges in small circles.”

“My God Lacey, that feels fucking heavenly.”

As I continued to lick her anus, I suddenly felt Brenda’s hands on my upraised bum, which she used to spread my ass cheeks before I felt her tongue on my own anus. When I first did, it caused me to pause from licking Shawna, but only long enough to sigh and moan slightly. I couldn’t recall ever having my own anus licked while doing someone else’s, but I was caught between enjoying it while trying to pleasure Shawna’s. Not something that’s easy to do and was tempted to ask Brenda to hold off, but didn’t.

As soon as I resumed pleasuring Shawna’s bumhole, I immediately began to probe it with my tongue and was surprised it wasn’t as tight as it looked. I was able to penetrate it easily as her external and internal sphincter muscles relaxed instinctively to my probing tongue. Something not unusual for a woman who engages in anal intercourse often. Once inserted in her anal canal, I slowly tongue fucked her sweet little hole, which it literally was. It told me a lot about her as she obviously made sure her love holes were squeaky clean in anticipation they might be orally pleasured. No doubt she had other things in mind besides her DVD when she asked if she could pick it up at my house. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have probed it with my tongue.

“I can’t tell you how fucking unreal your tongue feels doing my asshole. You are a very talented tongue fucker.” Which caused me to laugh and I had to stop.

“I’ve been called a lot of things, but never that.”

With her asshole now nicely primed and lubricated from my tongue I decided to finger it while going down on her clit. Once again I used my middle finger, which slid in easily as my finger would in a jar of Vaseline. Slowly I inserted it entirely and once it was began to finger fuck it while I attacked her clit with my mouth.

In the meantime, Brenda was now tonguing my own anus, which unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy as much as I’d have liked. Barely at all since I was too focused on pleasuring Shawna. Eventually I worked a second finger in her asshole and used a little trick I learned from my dear friend Rita. Gradually I spread my fingers into a “V” as I finger fucked it. As I did, Shawna began to moan and thrust her ass towards me.

“Between you fingering my ass, and sucking my clit, anal porno I’m going to orgasm again Lacey. So be prepared in case it’s anything like the last one.”

Wasn’t a minute or two later when her body stiffened and she began to quiver. Soon as she did, I spread my fingers wide as I could and gave her clit one last hard suck before backing away. Timing couldn’t have been more perfect as she let loose with another ungodly scream and orgasmed. And once again it was accompanied by a huge burst of ejaculate, which shot out and hit me on the face, neck and breasts. It was either that, or it would have soaked the bed.

“Mother fucker Lacey…you did it again!”

When her orgasm subsided somewhat, I slowly removed my fingers from her anus and helped her to lower her legs, which were slightly bruised on the back of the thighs where she obviously gripped them too tightly when she orgasmed. Then once again she just lied there as though in a coma until she regained her composure.

When I backed off from sucking Shawna’s clit, Brenda stopped tonguing my asshole, but I didn’t realize it at first. When I did…”Damn Brenda, now that I can enjoy your talented tongue you stopped.”

“Sorry Lacey, but I wasn’t sure what to expect when Shawna orgasmed. It was probably a good thing since it was as explosive as the first one. And while I might be wrong, you seem to have made a new friend for life.”

After Brenda got a towel so I could clean myself she asked…”Do you think she’s had enough for one day?”

Before I could answer, Shawna yelled…”No fucking way Brenda!” Then in a calmer tone…”You two don’t think I’m going to let you off so easily…do you?”

I had to laugh before saying…”Seems we opened a Pandora’s Box Brenda.”

Shawna laughed, and after sitting up…”Yes you have. But unlike the idiom of it being ‘A present which seems valuable, but which in reality is a curse.’, it’s quite the opposite. Not a curse at all, but a new awakening. I never imagined in my wildest dreams sex with another woman could be so incredible. Like you said earlier Brenda, it’s opened up a whole new world, and a very nice one. And I can’t thank you two enough.”

“No need to thank us Shawna. The pleasure was all ours. Maybe mine more than Brenda’s at this point. Truth be known, I would have been disappointed if I didn’t get to go down on your two lovely holes. Thought about nothing but when editing the photos I took of your sweet vagina and anus.”

“What a relief. I was feeling somewhat guilty you were having sex with me only because I all but insisted on it. In hindsight I’m glad I did, and once again, I can’t thank you both enough.” She then looked at the clock radio before continuing…”Damn, I didn’t realize it was getting so late. Like the old saying goes, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, but I was just getting started. You said earlier I could do anything my little heart desires when the time comes, so I’m not leaving until I go down on at least one of you. My fantasy wouldn’t be complete until I do. But before I do, I desperately need to use the bathroom.”

While she did, I informed Brenda…”I’d like Shawna to do you Brenda.”

“Are you sure Lacey?”

“Yes I’m sure, so don’t argue with me. I can’t think of a sweeter pussy than yours for her to go down on the first time. Besides, I’ve satisfied most of my desires for now by enjoying both her love holes. Plus, it’ll save Shawna from the dilemma of deciding who to go down on. I know if it was me, it would put me in an uncomfortable position as far as possibly hurting someone’s feelings.”

Just then, Shawna returned from using the bathroom…”I don’t know about you two, but I’m raring to go. I’m so excited I can’t stop flowing. My only problem is deciding who it will be with.”

“No need to fret Shawna, we decided for you. Brenda drew the short straw. Now why don’t you two get on the bed and have at each other.”

Which they quickly did by lying on their sides with one arm around each other as they lovingly kissed. Eventually it became more passionate as their free arm roamed all over one another. As for me, I decided to sit in one of the two easy chairs in the bedroom to simply watch from a discreet distance.

As I was, Shawna suddenly rolled Brenda on her back and climbed on top of her in a kneeling position with her legs on each side of her hips. Once she was, she simply admired Brenda’s voluptuous breasts. Not that I blamed her; there isn’t anything as impressive as Brenda’s 38D’s displayed as they were while lying on her back with her huge melons spread out towards her sides. The only view of them I like better is when she’s on her hands and knees with them hanging straight down like two huge water balloons. Finally after just gazing at them for what seemed like five minutes, Shawna brought them together in the middle of her chest. While holding them against one another, she then lowered her head to take one of Brenda’s exceptionally long nipples between her lips.

After sucking it for a good thirty seconds or more…”God Brenda, you have incredible nipples. So long and hard. Not forgetting what marvelous tits you have. While I often paw my own, yours are delightful in comparison. So soft and incredibly sumptuous the way they taste and smell. I could orgasm just from making love to them.”

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