Sexcapades of the Stewarts Ch. 02


(I am forced by this site to inform you all characters are 18 and over. For you ‘experts’, boob sizes are eliminated.)


I got home from work on the first day of Christmas break and saw Sylvia cooking. She was in her usual Christmas getup, her red Ms. Claus costume with white border and red heels with a large cotton puff on the toe.

It was her reward to me for filling in as Santa Claus. The usual Santa, Mr. Ryan had gotten sick before he could go around the neighborhood for the kids.

The neighborhood then had a huge Christmas party at the community center. Everyone came with food and games. Ms. Cora Ryan, Mr. Ryan’s wife was over the center and loved kids. She always carried a bag full of candy and loved the holidays, going to the highest degree for each one.

“Frank!” Sylvia exclaimed happily as I closed the door and pointed to the center of the ceiling with mistletoe hung down. She pulled me in for a warm kiss which tasted like cookies.

“There are two mistletoe above the bed.” Sylvia said with a wink, “And they aren’t for kissing.”

“Can we go to bed early Sylvia?” I asked as I began to fondle her breasts.

“Not yet tiger,” she said, “I still have to finish cooking. Natalie should be here with Thomas soon and Nadia is upstairs. But I cant wait to unwrap by big deluxe present on Christmas… and show you mine…”

I nodded as I kissed her again. Thankfully, despite it being 10 below outside, it was warm and toasty in the house. Sylvia’s firm boobs bobbed softly, as if to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock, playing softly over the radio.

“This is going to be a great Christmas,” Sylvia said with a wide smile.

I nodded. “Especially with Nadia, Natalie, Stephanie and Marie all here.”

Sylvia laughed. “You just long to be in a house with nothing but women don’t you?”

“Yep,” I said getting behind her and massaging her tits, “especially women like you Sylvia.”

She moaned as I began to rub my cock in her ass cheeks. I then began to finger her pussy while playing with her large clit. “Yes baby…” Sylvia whispered as she lay her head on my shoulder. I then prepared to enter my throbbing boner in her asshole.

“Dad?” Nadia called from her room, “would you come here a second?”

I groaned but Sylvia chuckled and kissed me again. “Don’t worry Frank. We’ll have plenty of time for one another.”

I kissed her back. “Never enough Sylvia.”

When I arrived to Nadia’s room, my jaw dropped. She was on her bed in a red ribbon crisscrossing across her boobs and wrapped in a bow over her cunt. To top it off, she was wearing some nylon stockings.

“You like your present daddy?” she asked with a smile.

“Oh yeah…” I replied as I crawled over to her.

I unwrapped her boobs and began to lick and suck her hard tits while my cock brushed against her cunt. I then pushed half of my cock into her cunt.

After I was completely inside I began fucking her with a fast rhythm. My balls slapped hard against her ass and she moaned loudly unable to move due to the ribbon. I then lowered my head to let her bouncing rack slap against my face.

I went faster, fucking her like never before. “Oh yes!” Nadia begged as she continued restrained, “wear my pussy out daddy!!”

I picked up speed, slapping and roughly squeezing her tits, softly biting her nipples. “Oh god baby,” she moaned, “don’t stop…” I had absolutely no intention of doing so as I angled myself again and began hammering her relentlessly.

“Fuck!” Nadia cried out from my rough treatment and began to cum all over my cock as I maintained my pace.

“Fuck baby!” I cried, “This is the best present ever!!”

“Mine too daddy!!” she screamed.

I pulled out. There was something I needed to do. Raising her sexy feet, I positioned my cock between them. She then giggled and began to slowly massage my prick with her feet.

I moaned as she gradually picked up speed making sure to get all my cock from my base to my knob. Feeling my orgasm rising, in a blur, I pushed back into her pussy making her scream in a loud pitch.

I grabbed hard onto her hips and began thrusting into her as fast as I could while continuing to suck on her tits. I kissed her intimately our tongues fucking each other as we threw ourselves against one another as well.

“Fucking shit Dad!” Nadia yelled as we released each other’s mouths, “fill me with your hot seed!!”

Instantly, my cock twitched launching my living rockets into her. It took everything I had not to pass out but I maintained my composure, fucking her desperately as our moans got louder.

I finally pulled out with a wet squish. Nadia’s pussy overflowed with my cum as she panted heavily. “God, that was amazing…” she moaned as I untied her.

“What an awesome Christmas present…” I said as I caught my breath.

“Oh dad…” Nadia said as she stroked me from behind and kissed me, “it’s just getting started…”

– –

3 days before Christmas

After a hard anal session with Nadia, I walked back downstairs where Sylvia and Marie had arrived. kahramanmaraş escort bayan Sylvia hummed as she bustled around the kitchen.

“Looks like Santa brought my present early,” Sylvia said as she began to lick me up and down.

“But you’ve been very naughty,” I said as she looked up at me, “I think you deserve some severe punishment.”

“And you better believe it…” she said before taking me into her mouth.

– –

After I filled her stomach with my cum, we hung decorations. When we were finished, the doorbell rung. Joseph opened it and my sister Stephanie walked in with her son Thomas.

Her short red and white skirt was hot along with her the matching sweater. She kissed me warmly. “Good to see you again Frank. I see your harem is all here.”

“And I wouldn’t have any other way,” I replied as I plunged two fingers into her cunt making her moan.

“All in due time bro.” She kissed me again and went to mingle with the others.

She and Sylvia kissed for a long time while marveling at each other’s boobs as Natalie removed her shirt.

“Where’s Damien honey?” Sylvia asked, speaking of her husband.

“Oh he got called into work this Christmas,” Natalie replied. “The weather is so bad he can’t make the next flight but that gives me more time with all of you.”

“Aunt Sylvia!” Thomas shouted as he hugged Sylvia and smothered himself in her boobs.

“Hello Tommy,” Sylvia said as she watched him suck her tits while she fondled his cock. “18 years old Stephanie. How is he?”

“Restless,” she responded with a laugh, “we’re up to fucking almost 10 times a day. His cum production even seems to be growing.”

Sylvia rolled his large balls through her fingers. “He is indeed getting bigger. You should get him some more partners.”

“Oh I have,” Natalie said, “the PTA has so many horny Sylvias it’s insane. It’s why they always meet at our house. I found out yesterday several of them are already pregnant.”

“What a lovely present,” Natalie said.

“Yep,” Natalie replied as she gave a rub to Thomas’s hair, “though I feel too young to be a grandmother.”

“You and me both,” Sylvia laughed.

At the same time, Nadia and her friend Gabby walked in the house and she stopped as she saw my hard cock.

Marie was already jerking me at a fast pace while I rubbed her clit.

“Are you two close?” Gabrielle asked to which I nodded. She reached out to wrap her hand around my cock. As she was still to handle my entire length, she settled to give me a blowjob.

She began to stroke me up and down while watching me intently. I saw she often did the same thing with William and Robert to see when they were ready to blow.

I tensed and she picked up her pace as Charles prompted Natalie orgasm beside me. I lay my head back and grunted as my first shot fired directly into Gabby’s throat and the second and third on her 24C boobs.

She didn’t letup and continued as she applied gentle squeezes to my balls. My cock blasted again on her stomach before my it flopped onto my thigh. “Oh fuck…” I groaned, exhausted from my third orgasm in less than an hour.

“Did you like it daddy?” Gabrielle asked, addressing me in her favorite way.

“Yes I did Gabby,” I answered, though I was still hard. William walked up and her eyes shone as his boner dangled in her face.

“Want to go fuck in the den?” he asked to which she agreed and they rushed out of the room.

“Well one things for sure,” Sylvia said as she and the others sat to talk and drink wine, “our family line will never die out.”

We all laughed as Sylvia reached over to jerk my prick back to life. The doorbell rang again and I opened the door.

“Merry Christmas!” Nancy shouted as she pulled me in for a long kiss as she wore her slutty Santa’s Helper costume.

“Fuck you look hot!” I exclaimed as we separated.

“Thank you daddy,” she said as she shook her ass, “I’m always ready to help Santa.” She tightened her grip on my cock and I got the picture.

“Oh yes I almost forgot,” Stephanie piped in, “did Frank agree to be Santa this year?”

“Yes he did,” Natalie answered, “thankfully it didn’t take much convincing after we had drained those balls of his…”

“7 long hours and some of the hardest fucking of my life,” Sylvia said, “so the kids still get their Christmas party and we still get our Santa all to ourselves…”

“I can’t think of a better way to spend this Christmas.” Natalie said as my cock twitched in anticipation.

– –

2 days before Christmas

Later, after Nancy took all the kids to her house, Sylvia and Marie finished the Christmas dinner. They chatted for a while before Sylvia brought out my costume.

After they all helped adjust the bulky suit, Sylvia wrapped her thumb and forefinger around my base and shook my cock from side to side.

“Im glad there is so much space in here.” she said, “it’ll help this fat cock stay hidden.”

“With all of us naked around him it’s no wonder it’s so hard,” kapalı gaziantep escort bayan Natalie said as she rubbed it softly.

“Well he’ll have plenty time of time with every one of us,” Sylvia said as she shook her boobs in my direction, “especially since he’s sleeping with Ms. Claus.”

“He is irresistible in his outfit…” Natalie commented as she rubbed her wet cunt, getting me even harder.

“So strong and hard for us,” Nadia said as she rolled my balls through her fingers, “ready to fuck all our brains out.”

“He’ll wear all of us with all that thick man meat,” Natalie said as she rubbed my shaft.

“I sure hope so…” Marie replied.

“Let’s see just how hard he gets for us…” Sylvia cooed as she rubbed my knob.

They all continued to marvel over my cock and kissing me for what felt like an eternity. Finally the phone rang and Sylvia rushed to answer it.

“Hello?” Sylvia asked, “oh hi Brooke! How are things in Nashville?”

Our neighbor, Brooke had arranged for she and her ex-husband to spend Christmas in a Nashville resort this year. Too late to get her deposit back from canceling it, she surprised Robert, her regular fuck partner with the trip.

“It’s perfect!” Brooke said over the speaker, a faint repetitive slapping sound in the background.

“Fuck!” Robert cried away from the phone followed by Brooke’s scream.

“Sounds like a definite white Christmas to me…” Marie chuckled.

“Well you enjoy it,” Sylvia said with a laugh, “and we’ll see you when you get back.”

The last thing we heard were Brooke’s increasing moans. Robert was in for round 2.

“Oh Cora!” Natalie realized after Sylvia hung up, “we still have to get the cookies to the center!”

Sylvia and the others hurried the pans out to the car.

“I’m afraid only 5 of us will fit,” Sylvia said after they were loaded.

“I’ll stay,” Sylvia blurted instantly, “I’ll keep our guest of honor company…”

“Of course you will,” Marie said with a smile before she kissed me, “Don’t wear him out too much.”

Sylvia laughed as they dressed and left.

“Oh I won’t…” she replied as she walked over to the couch.

She leaned over me and kissed me passionately. “Does my favorite hung husband want to see what I got for specially for him?”

“Yes please.” I responded, hard as hell.

She giggled and walked into Sylvia’s room. I could hear her moving around and I was dying to see her until finally she came back in. And my cock fired a stream of precum.

Sylvia stood in front of me. Her red glittery heels were sexy along with her crotchless red thong.

“You like my slutty Santa’s helper outfit?” she asked with a sexy lick to her gold lips.

“You look fucking incredible…” I said as she got on her knees and began to stroke me slowly.

“I’m glad you like it,” she said as she licked up my cock, “because I’m going for extra naughty points this year…”

I groaned as she began to suck me off and I groaned as she took further and further down her throat, staring deeply into my eyes. Her nails traced my chest and legs as she bobbed up and down.

I felt so close as she released me and began to slowly jerk me off again. We pressed our lips tightly together as I took two handfuls of her bountiful ass cheeks as we continued to kiss.

“Take me up to your workshop,” Sylvia whispered, “jolly St. Dick.”

I stood up and took Sylvia’s hand and led her to my room. As we walked my cock hung low swaying back and forth hitting each thigh. Her left breast was pressed against my right arm with her engorged nipple pressing into me.

When we got to my room I positioned her on my bed so the mistletoe were above her pussy and breasts, the two places I intended to kiss.

I laid next to her a started kissing her massive breast while caressing her firm ass. “Yes baby…” she whispered, “feel me up.” She began to stroke my cock and thumb my head.

As I kissed her she slid her hand to my balls and rubbed them. I plunged 3 fingers into her pussy and she cried out as she grabbed hard onto the sheets.

“You’ve been a naughty girl Sylvia…” I whispered as I sucked on her neck.

“Oh yes…” she groaned as I continued to probe her, “punish me baby.”

I grabbed her hair and pulled her back to kiss me. We fucked with our tongues for a few minutes before I brought my hand down hard on her ass. She yelped as I intensified my attack on her pussy.

I then forced her onto her back and began to suck and bite on her hard tits, making her moan louder. She tried to move but I held her in place.

“I think there’s only one cure for a bad girl like you,” I said as we kissed again, “an injection of Christmas spirit.”

“It’s feel like a lot of Christmas spirit stored in that heavy present sack of yours…”

“There is,” I replied, “and I’m ready to leave a heavy amount in your stocking.”

Moving my hand to her pussy and teased but did not enter or touch her clit. As my fingers traced kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan the outline of her lips her hips started to rotate trying to get my finger inside.

Knowing I was driving her crazing by not touching her she was getting close to cumming. Sliding my finger across her pussy lips I was now touching the inside of her wet cunt. I bit down on her left nipple and her body tensed up then started shaking as she had a full body orgasm.

Giving her about 20 seconds to recover I moved my face to her pussy and swung my leg and body over her. At the same time my tongue touched her clit, she took me in her mouth.

I licked deeply in slow circles. Her pussy always tasted sweet, almond like candy. Our 69 was hot as she gagged on my cock. She started coming again and I pulled out so she could concentrate on her orgasm. I began rubbing and slapping my cock again her cunt which intensified her orgasm.

After she recovered, I got off her and gently caressed her breasts. “Fuck me Frank. Fill me with your thick Christmas spirit” she whispered, almost with desperation in her tone. We kissed again as I moved on top of her.

Positioning myself between legs I walked on my knees until the perfect position. Slowly lowering my body towards her my erection founds it’s way inside her without any guidance.

As I entered her she let out a loud moan and begged to fuck her harder. I instantly began pounding her, the headboard banging into the wall.

She cried out as she wrapped her legs around me, taking my long strokes. I slapped her boobs and pinched her tits hard making her scream as she came yet again.

Hearing that I picked up my pace yet was still gentle. Instinctively her legs wrapped around me and pulled me deeper. When I did my upward movement her whole curvy body was off the bed so the downward stroke was slow and gentle.

When she started to cum I could no longer contain myself and started banging her with everything I had. Her pussy grabbed my cock causing a beautiful explosion I felt throughout my body.

Her boobs bounced roughly as she cried out. “Yes Frank! Don’t leave an inch of me unpunished!”

I picked up speed as she cried out louder, tightening around my prick. “Fuck!” I shouted as I felt my orgasm move in, “this is the naughtiest pussy I’ve ever been in!”

“That’s it baby…” Sylvia panted as she spread her legs, “cleanse me!”

“Must… fight…” I struggled as I hammered my hips into hers while continuing to slap around her tits.

“Oh yes! Finish it Frank!” Sylvia begged as she dug her nails into my scalp, “I’m almost good again!”

We came at the same time, furiously colliding time and time again. My cum blasted repeatedly into her naughty cunt as we kissed.

Finally I rolled off her onto my side and took her in my arms. We kissed for a long time. “Do you feel cleansed from your naughtiness?”

“Yes Master,” she said, “but to be safe, we should do it again.”

– –

After taking an extra large cumshot on her tits and face, Sylvia went to take a shower just before everyone came back. I remained in my room, my cock still as hard as before and somewhat sore from the long day.

“In the mood to spread more holiday cheer daddy?” Marie asked from the doorway to my room. She was already naked again, slowly rubbing her pussy while staring at my cock.

“With you,” I answered, “always.”

She walked and kissed me deeply while lovingly stroking me. She moved until my cock was pressed between us and I began to suck and grope her tits as she had me lay back.

She then swung her leg over me began to hotdog my prick making me tense up. “Mmmm…” she moaned as she gently moved back and forth, “how many inches do we have this Christmas…?”

She kissed me warmly as I began to move her onto my cock.

“Hold it Dad,” she said, “I have something else I want to do.”

She had me sit cross-legged as she squirted some scented lotion into her palm. I then watched as she lovingly applied the cool cream to my shaft. It felt amazing as she rubbed it in slow circles.

“I know this cock has had it’s work cut out this week.” Marie whispered as she rested her chin on my shoulder and rubbed my chest, “but it still needs to be taken care of. And I want to make sure it knows how much I love it. And that it’s comfortable.”

She pressed her lips to mine and we French kissed as she jerked me off in a corkscrew motion, reaching with her other hand to pleasure my balls. I moaned softly through the wonderful treatment, my cock feel much better.

It felt great. Just I and Marie in my room, kissing as she massaged me all over. The pressure and tension were going away.

“Does it feel good baby?” she asked as she kissed my neck.

“It’s fantastic…” I groaned out and she giggled.

“I love you Dad,” she moaned as her hard tits poked against my back.

“I love you too Marie,” I said as I tried to turn around but she held me down.

“Just sit back,” she whispered softly as she rubbed my chest, my balls simmering, “let me take care of you for once.”

I lay my head back and let her do her work, her hands feeling indescribable twisting around my prick. “Does my hung daddy want to suck my tits as I take care of his big aching erection?”

“Yes please,” I groaned and she let me lay back and suck on one stiff nipple as she kept going. She began to jerk me off faster and despite my efforts, I could feel my orgasm approaching again.

(I am forced by this site to inform you all characters are 18 and over. For you ‘experts’, boob sizes are eliminated.) *** I got home from work on the first day of Christmas break and saw Sylvia cooking. She was in her usual Christmas getup, her red Ms. Claus costume with white border and…

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