Sex Mercenary Ch. 02

Sex Mercenary Ch. 02


After accepting the Underworlds job offer I packed all of my belongings in a medium case and dressed in a white crop top, ripped skinny jeans on top of newer fishnet tights (all of the holes the right size), my black leather jacket and my boots.

“How do I look?” I asked the Underworlder in the suit.

He simply nodded and we left my room. Outside was a black sedan. I gawped.

A car? I had not seen a working car or any vehicle since the Collapse. Only burnt husks. These Eastern Quarter Underworlders meant business.

I entered the car with my case and satchel and the man in the suit drove me to Marble’s headquarters. During the journey I stared out of the window at what remained of the city I lived in, the jagged skyline an eyesore against the morning sky.

We arrived and my driver pulled up the car outside one of the few intact buildings in the Eastern Quarter. He opened my passenger door and lead me to the nearest lift to entrance. Working lifts too? It’s like the Collapse never hit these people. He pressed the second highest level and the lift creaked as it rose up the building. The doors opened to reveal a dimly lit room. There was a desk on the far side from the door and 2 men. One looked like another crony like the one who escorted me here. The other I assumed to be John Marble, kingpin of the Eastern Quarter.

“Good morning, please enter.” Marble greeted and we followed his instruction, entering the room. The man who brought me here stood behind me to the right while the one who was already there was to my left. I stood ten feet in front of the desk.

“So you’re who I’ve heard so much about?” Marble asked.

I looked at the Underworld Boss, he was only in his late 20s, a stocky muscular build with a square stubbly chin and black hair cropped not short but in no way long, his eyes were grey and cold. He wore a white shirt with the top 2 buttons undone partially revealing a smooth chest.

“Yes I am.” I smirked confidently.

“You’re definitely attractive.” He replied. “But as Collins told you I wanted a bodyguard as well.”

“I think I can handle myself.” I shot back.

“Oh really?” Marble raised a thick eyebrow, then he waved Betturkey his hand. “Jenkins, put our guest to the test.”

I turned to my left to see the man who was here when I arrived go to grab me, as soon as his hand made contact with my shoulder I grabbed his wrist and twisted it until there was an audible crack. He pulled back with a pained grunt, cracked his wrist back into place and lunged towards me. I danced around him as he barely kept balance and gave his ass a pushing kick, sending him face first to the floor. When I jumped at him, my fist by the side of my head, he swung around and the back of his outstretched hand made contact with my face, sending me backwards. I ended up leaning on the desk to keep balance as my vision cleared to see him slowly pulling himself up. I pushed my hands against the desk to launch myself back at the man and kicked upwards at his chin. His head flew back and blood spat from his mouth as I quickly liberated my knife from my satchel over my shoulder, straddled his body grabbing his shirt in my free hand and put the knife edge to his neck.

I breathed heavily as silence filled the room like a heavy mist, the man I had just fought showed no emotion.

The silence was broken by slow, metronome like clapping coming from the desk.

“Well done.” Marble congratulated. “You’ll make a wonderful bodyguard.”

I slowly removed the knife from Jenkins’ neck and dropped it into my satchel as I stood up, I pulled the man I had just defeated up and he patted my shoulder as he walked back to his previous position in the room muttering. “Not bad for a femboy.”

John Marble rose from his chair and stepped towards me until he was right in front of me, he must have been nearly half a foot taller than me and almost twice as wide with muscle that showed through his shirt. “I think we are going to work very well together.” He told me offering his hand.

I shook it and he kept the contact lingering, I was sure when I glanced down to his crotch I could see he was partially erect.

I smiled at this and winked. “Of course we are, I know one of us is a badass here!”

Marble let out a small laugh and took my hand so he was holding Betturkey Giriş it. “Leave us.” He told his cronies. They nodded and took the stairs downwards to the rest of the building below.

“Can I ask what a big strong crime boss needs with a sex worker as a bodyguard?” I asked when the other 2 were out of earshot.

He squeezed my hand and let go pacing forward so I had to turn around to still see him. “Like any crime boss, I have enemies. Now I can take a lot of people one on one but if theres a gang of then I would need backup.” He began to explain. “But its not as simple as getting any regular bodyguard, in this world men who do that are just putting a target on their backs, you would be, let’s say, less assuming. They’d be shocked if you went to fight them and that gives you the upper hand.”

I took it all in nodding to myself slowly. “That explains the bodyguard part, what about my main occupation?” It was my turn to raise the eyebrow now.

“Well, my line of work is stressful. What better way to relieve the stress?” Marble chuckled, I joined him. For a man as serious as himself he did have a fairly good sense of humour.

John then walked to the lift and opened the door. “Care to join me in my penthouse?”

I nodded and got into the lift with him as he pressed the top floor button.

When we got off the lift I saw that the penthouse was a spacious apartment with a king sized bed, kitchen area and clear windows on the 3 sides in front of me with open black curtains. John led me to the bed and said “You know watching you fight Jenkins made me very horny.”

I smiled and said “Give me more minions to fight and you’ll never be soft again.” With a wink.

He chuckled and took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply, one hand moving to my hair while the other slid down my bck and settled on my ass, grabbing my firm cheeks. I moaned a little and undid the button to my jeans.

John pulled away from the kiss and stripped me out of all my clothes. I was now naked before him and my dick was hard. He licked his lips as he looked me up and down, an erection now highly visible from his trousers and pulled me in for another kiss, his mouth Betturkey Güncel Giriş dominating mine and leaving me having to fight more moans rising as both his hands played with my ass, spanking it and even inserting a finger or two. I used my hands to undo his shirt and dropped to my knees pulling down his trousers.

His dick was huge, twice the length and girth of my own. I started sucking it as the tip while massaging his big, full balls. He put his hands in my hair and pulled me in so I took it deeper down my throat until I was at the base, drooling on his balls. He took full control as he thrusted his hips, fucking my face. Instinctive tears formed in my eyes as I looked up at his. Those cold grey eyes telling me he was not going to let up.

After a few minutes he pulled my head away from his dick, now glistening in drool and precum. He pulled my up by the hair not so hard it would hurt but still forcefully and ordered me to bend over the bed. I obeyed and spread my ass cheeks with my hands, exposing my hole to his large member.

John pushed his cock into my ass slowly at first but after the first 4 inches were in he slammed the rest of his 9 inch cock into me causing me to cry out. He kept it there as he put a hand around my chest and pulled me up, his other hand around my hips. Then he began to move his cock in and out of my ass at a steadily increasing rhythm. Only a couple minutes into this and he was pounding me hard, grunting with pleasure which harmonised with my bitchy moans. The hand around my waist moved to my cock and he used a thumb and a finger to rup the tip. This made my 4.5 inch cock feel way smaller and my moans louder, John seemed to enjoy making me feel small and weak as he pounded my ass even harder in response to my higher pitched moaning.

It was after a few minutes of this, his cock tearing my ass apart and an orgasm building in my humiliated cock that I let out a cry as I came harder than I ever had before onto the bedsheets. My ass spasmed around John’s cockas his hand around my chest moved to my back and pushed me down onto the sheets and held me there as he fucked me even harder. My orgasm had made my ass more sensitive as I let out exhausted, weak moans in response to the intense pressure. John carried on for a minute before he let out one last grunt and I felt my now sore insides be coated with a heavy load of warm cum.

Looking back it was definitely one of the best fucks of my life.

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