Sex in the Sun

Sex in the Sun


I’m typing this right now, lying on my tummy in the sun. As always, naked as the day I as born. I won’t have it any other way…dark all over…no tan lines for me.

Besides, Blue likes my tanned pussy. That’s why I often lie with my pussy facing the sun, my legs spread…to make sure my pussy and inner thighs get tanned.

Blue says my pussy is nice and “suckable.” She loves to suck my large outer lips into her mouth, eating me wetly and noisily, making me cum over and over! She’s soooooooo fucking good at it!

Anyway, I’m lying here, covered in suntan oil…I can feel my sun-heated sweat trickling down between my ass cheeks. It mixes with hot oil and floods my opening…some trickles down to my pussy and some…I just know it…is dribbling into my ass…

Fuck…all this is making me spread my legs wider…my pussy is throbbing so hard, it’s shaking my body!

If Blue doesn’t come out here soon, I’ll have to raise my ass a little, reach under and fuck myself…

But, I won’t have to do that to cum…I’m almost there now…


With my pussy screaming for attention, I could wait no longer…I quickly rolled onto my back, bent my knees and tucked them back, shoving two fingers deeeeeeeep inside me.

I was fucking my sloppy-wet pussy to death…shockwaves were already overtaking me…

Then, Blue was there, her mouth on mine, her breath on my lips…she slid her fingers to my clit, working along with my fingers inside me…

“Come real hard for me, Sunnybaby…”

I was whimpering with my body in spasm…I was breathless…

“Feed me your pussy, baby…I wanna cum with your pussy in my mouth…”

“Fuck yes!”

Eagerly, baby straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth…with my free hand, I held her hip and GRABBED her pussy with my mouth, sucking her hungrily and squealing at the same time…out of nowhere, I came hard as hell for Blue while her juices flooded my mouth and spilled down my cheeks…

Her body was building an orgasm from deep inside her, and she fell down on top of me…she buried her face in my pussy and started screaming…I got both of my hands on her hips and suck, ağrı escort suck, SUCKED HER! She screamed into my pussy and filled my mouth with sweet Bluecum! Fuck! It was so hot! I wanted all of her!

Our bodies wound down, but we didn’t change positions or anything…Blue laid her face on my pussy and rubbed her cheeks in all my juices, and my cum still dripping from me. I purred for her while smothering her pussy with lingering kisses and licking her quivering inner thighs…

She turned around on top of me and we licked each other’s faces, mine covered with Blue and hers covered in Sunny…kissing lips, kissing cheeks, kissing shoulders.

I reached for another blanket and pulled it over on top of her…

“You’re going to burn your buns, sweetheart!”

Her face was in my neck…

“So worth it…soooooooo fucking worth it.”

She immediately fucked her tongue in my mouth and hotly slid her silky-smooth thigh between my legs…

I slid my own thigh between hers, my slippery skin rubbing her clit so, so teasingly…I purred for her while she breathed even deeper and used her tongue to play with mine. Her body was tense, wanting more of my firm thigh…her hot sexy sounds turned into pleading whimpers.

I untangled our legs and spread hers wider, sliding her up to straddle my tummy. I held onto her thighs, keeping her pinned to my body…she was lying flat on top of me. I slid my mouth to her neck, right under her ear and spoke softly…

“There…I have you in the perfect spot. From here, I can do anything I want to make baby cum.”

Every muscle she had was quivering…her whimpering was urgent now…she was sooooooooo on the edge…

“Make baby cum…oh fuck…make baby cum hard…anything you want, just take me…”

I gently slid my nails of one hand down the middle of her back, holding her ass with my other hand to keep her in place…she purred with absolute pleasure, then held my face, sinking her lips onto mine.

I stroked her back with my nails again…harder this time, and with a soft, sexy squeal, she eagerly fucked her tongue into my mouth, opening her mouth wider to devour my lips…I could feel her pussy agriescort.net pouring hot juices on my tummy. I gripped her ass with both hands…

“Now, Sunny…now dammit…baby has to cum, or baby will go crazy…”

“Ooooooooooo…poor baby!”

I slid just one finger between her ass cheeks…baby yelled into my mouth…


I slid my finger to her opening and caressed it very softly, sliding my finger around it…she raised her ass, urging me for more of my finger, hotly wiggling her ass at my finger…

“Would baby like to have my tongue way inside her ass?”


“Perhaps you should feed your pussy to your slutty, sweet whore…”


“Give me all your cum on my body…I want it now…all of it!”

I placed my thumb on her opening and slid my finger WAY inside her pussy, swirling it around in circles…baby’s forehead landed on my shoulder and she came instantly, screaming nonstop…her sweet cum POURING onto my tummy…her body spasmed violently and I kept at her, my thumb rimming her opening and my finger riding her pussy!

When her body fell back onto mine, her face was in my neck. She was trying to catch her breath…

“Ooooohhh…ooohhhhh…fuck…that was good…”

I had my arms around her waist real snug…

“Yay! You liked it! And I guess so…you made quite a mess!”

“Nooooooo…YOU made the mess.”

“Oh, I really believe it was YOU!”

“Well, you made me make the mess!”

I stood up, holding her in my arms…

“Time to get cleaned up!”

I headed for the edge of the pool.

Blue was wiggling, trying get down…

“No Sunny! I’m not getting in the pool!”

“Better stop wiggling! You’re all oily and cummy just like me…I’ll drop you!”

“I don’t care! I’m not getting in!”

I stood on the edge of the pool with my back to the water.

“Dammit, Sunny!”

I leaned back and in we went!

We were under water for about two seconds, then I stood up, because it was only four feet deep! Blue had her face scrunched and was trying to blow the water from her face and wiping it with her hand.

“Pftpftpftpftpft! I almost drowned!”

“Seriously? Would your Sunny let ANYTHING happen to you? Anything at all?”



I smiled at her and sat her on the edge of the pool. She spread her legs for me, leaned back on her hands and smiled at me…I pushed my face into her pussy and gave it lots of hot kisses while purring for her…she leaned her head back, loving it, as I loved doing it. I sucked her pussy into my mouth, pulling on her outer lips and let them slip from my mouth. She squealed with delight and I dove under water, swimming away from her. I knew she was watching my body and I wriggled while deep under water, swimming farther away.

I surfaced very quietly way off to the side of her…she was gently kicking the water, her head back. I took another breath and submerged, swimming toward her, about five feet under and very close to the wall so she couldn’t see me coming.

I got under her and she still hadn’t seen me. I crouched on the bottom, then pushed up with my feet…out of nowhere, I was up in front of her, water pouring off me and holding her legs…she screamed like hell! In a flash, I had her legs spread and dove into her pussy!

Baby had a grip on my wet hair and I held her ass, my shoulders keeping her legs spread…my mouth was aggressively eating her, sucking her hard, my tongue going after her clit…her screaming was oh-so-loud and nonstop…

“Fuck, Sunny! Make me cum, baby!”

I pushed harder into her pussy with my mouth and she laid on her back, completely surrendering her trembling body to me…she had handfuls of my hair, pulling on me to get more of my mouth…

…then her body bucked hard and she screamed unintelligibly…a fucking huge orgasm! Blue’s body shuddered in hard spasms, her pussy feeding me all her cum…I sucked mouthfuls of her, swallowed and sucked more…her cum was so hot, and stayed hot all the way to my tummy!

When her orgasm ended, she scooched away a little and propped herself up on her elbows. She smiled at me, then fell back down on her back. Still in the water, I held her feet and kissed them while watching her pussy quiver for me.

“You have a pretty pussy, my Blue!”

“Thanks to you, I have a very tired pussy!’

“I love you, baby..”

“I love YOU!”

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


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