Sex Ed Ch. 03

This is part 3 of the story, I encourage you to read parts 1 and 2 before you read this one. They’re short, so don’t worry! Again, with your comments I’m trying to improve with each installment I write so don’t hesitate, I accept all kinds of criticism! Thank you so much for reading! And always, please do not use any of the material without my consent.



The following week at school was better. I guess my affair over the weekend allowed me to settle down and regain control over my libido. The truth is I was in a bit of dry spell before that evening with my exotic foreign lover, I hadn’t been touched nor wanted to touch anyone for awhile. My only outlet was reading erotica novels in the evening because I guess I’m just too classy for pornography. Last semester I even used excerpts from different types of erotica for a lesson I was doing on the commercialization of sex. We analyzed the language and the pros and cons of both erotica and pornography and why the different sexes prefer one over the other.

The reason I like teaching Sexology is that it expands the vocabulary. Now, I really am making it sound like a how-to class, but it isn’t. It all comes down to science. Anatomically, the clitoris, roughly the size of a pea, contains significantly more nerve endings than the entire shaft and crown of a penis, which is much larger than a pea. During development in the uterus, the reproductive organs of men and women are identical until eventually the penis extends outward while the clitoris remains the same size. Is there a g-spot? That is still being debated at the annual American Sexologists Association conference. I could go on, but the science is important, the knowledge is important. Now, will my students use this knowledge to broaden their horizons and become better lovers? Maybe. My hope is that they use the knowledge to have more fulfilling relationships.

It is a tricky area that full of gray, I have to walk a very fine line to maintain the science of each topic. Some schools don’t even offer a class like mine. Their loss, I say. We live in a world of sexual freedoms, and people should stop blaming the younger generations for poisoning the children into believing they have the same sexual freedoms. The truth is that these freedoms have been around since the Sexual Revolution, so in fact, everyone can blame the Baby Boomer generation. I just teach the material that is given to me with the utmost maturity and respect for the subject.

Prior to class, I was sitting in my office at my desk checking over any emails I missed over the weekend and submitting the grades each student got on their exam they took last week. Many of them did well, some did not. Kenzie, once again, was in the not-so-well bunch. I have already reached out to her about meeting after class to go over the information or come up with study techniques, but she’s ignored me so far. It’s her own decision, I can’t force her to come see me. Some students just really don’t care, and as teachers we have to accept that we can’t change their minds. I made an effort, I offered help, but she didn’t want it so–

“Doc?” A familiar voice was outside of my office door. The door creaked open and it was Kenzie standing their before me. She was wearing black leggings and a cashmere sweater on top with cute gladiator sandals.

“Come in.”

“Ah, uh…are you umm…busy?” Kenze’s voice was trembling slightly, she had yet to look at me. Her eyes focus on her twiddling thumbs and fingernails.

“No, no. Just entering some grades and checking my email. Have a seat, let me just finish these last three.” I replied as my fingers kept typing away at my keyboard.

“Uh oh, you mean the exam grades? Can I ask what I got?”

“Wouldn’t you rather wait to find out in class? I will go over everything in class.”

“So, I didn’t do so good, huh? Doc, that test was sooooo hard!” Kenzie’s face was looking guilty and pathetic. I could feel my resolve diminishing. She was absolutely adorable this girl. Her eyes…so crystalline and light blue. They were wide open and I could almost see some liquid building up on the bottom. Her face was so cute in a childlike way when a parent finds out they did something bad.

“Kenzie, I try to make every exam fair for everyone. Now, I suggested that you and I spend a little time after class to go over the lessons but you haven’t–“

“Dr. Lockhart, I’ve been trying so hard,” She was fighting to hold back the tears, it was clear to be that she really DID care about her grade. “I didn’t want to be THAT student who needs extra help, but I just don’t get this stuff. I’m no good at it!! I can’t fail, Doc, I can’t fail this class!”

“Okay, okay, Kenzie, calm down.” Her face was buried in her hands as she couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. She was sobbing uncontrollably and I had to think quickly of something to say to make it better. “Listen, if you and I just work together during my office görükle escort bayan hours, not after class, then no one will know you’re coming for extra help. Like right now would be a good time, before class even begins.”

“You’d still do that for me?” She sniffed and wiped her eyes. “But I totally rejected you last time!”

I laughed at her choice of words, I thought of something funny to say in hopes in would make her feel better. “Oh it’s fine, I’ve been rejected plenty of times before.”

Kenzie smiled and giggled, her face immediately relaxed and that smile would melt the heart of anyone. Her teeth were perfect as they revealed themselves behind her gorgeous and full lips. God, those lips are so kissable. I let out a small sigh as I gazed at her, on the verge of overtly staring, I licked the corner of my mouth. What are you doing?! Stop that right now!! I shook myself back to reality and immediately sat up straight and cleared my throat.

“So, do we have a deal? We meet in my office during my office hours, let’s say twice a week?”

“Absolutely, I can’t wait!” Her face was a beaming with relief and happiness. “Oh, by the way, I really liked those shoes you were wearing at the club this weekend. They were really sexy.” Her face changed, eyes becoming lusty and burned into my own. Her smile turned cheeky and flirtatious, and I might have imagined it but I’m pretty sure she winked at me as she stood up and headed for the door.

Oh god, she did see me…


The last portion of the conversation I had with Kenzie kept replaying through my head during class. I couldn’t focus very well and it was hard to make eye contact with anyone else but her. My eyes just kept drifting towards her even when I had my notes directly in front of my face. I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t control it, I just had to see her eyes again.

This time, for the first time I think ever, she was paying complete attention. Her eyes were fixated on me as I paced back and forth in front of the room. Her legs were crossed in front, there were long and lean and looked amazing in her black leggings. I could see every indentation of her musculature. Her feet were precious as well, her toes were neatly painted and not a callous or rough patch in sight. She was leaning forward in her chair, resting her chin in her hand. It was her who was overtly staring with a slightly cracked smile.

“And so here we have…uhhh…” Shit, shit, shit…what was I talking about?

“A utopic represent of oral sex.” I glanced up, Kenzie had finished my thought for me. I looked at her, this time she was biting her bottom lip, but her eyes still fixated on me. My face flushed a bright red, even hearing those words come from her mouth was sexier beyond anything I knew. Her voice was deep naturally, so anything she said sounded husky and flirtatious, like a come-on.

“Yes, thank you Kenzie…” I continue on with my lesson, trying to keep my composure but the truth was, I was rattled. I never get rattled. It wasn’t the brief memory lapse that threw me off, it was the sudden burning sensation I felt in my trousers. I could feel the wetness build up inside me and as I went back to pacing in front of the classroom, I could feel my sweet nectar trail now my thigh.

Saved by the freakin’ bell. “Oh, well it looks like we don’t have enough time for me to finish this so let’s pause here and continue next class. Have a good day everyone!” I started packing my things even before I finished my sentence. I needed to get out of there.

Back in my office, I was slowly sipping on a fresh cup of coffee, which wasn’t quite calming my nerves as I had hoped. I reached into my desk where I kept a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur even though that was completely against the rules. I checked the perimeter around my office windows and made sure the coast was clear before I emptied about a third of the bottle into my coffee cup.

“Mmmmmm that’s more like it.” I put the bottle back and leaned back in my chair and continued slowly sipping on my coffee. I heard a faint knock on my door. Ughh, so much for peace and quiet.

“Can I come in?” Kenzie’s head poked through the door that was now slightly cracked open.

“Sure, come on in Kenzie.” I pushed the cup away and quickly sat up and started ruffling through some papers, trying to make it seem like I had been working. “What’s up?”

“Well, I don’t have a class this afternoon so I was thinking you could help me review some of the material now…” Kenzie was avoiding eye contact, or maybe it was me who was avoiding it. I hadn’t drank too much but I did pour quite a bit of Bailey’s in my cup so the liqueur left my mouth tingling as the alcohol had already settled in my blood.

“Uhh, okay, sure. Have a seat and tell me where you’d like us to start.”

“Well, I was thinking let’s go back to the earlier stuff. Let’s see…” Kenzie had sat down and pulled altıparmak eskort out her notebook. She was flipping backwards through her pages. “Oh, how about the first chapter on sexuality through history?”

“Right, the history is the most boring part.” Kenzie laughed at that comment.

“Oh, I dunno, Doc. The Hindus had pretty wild ideas towards sex, didn’t they?” She was referring to the Kama Sutra, which was one of the sections we discussed when we talked about sexuality in combination with different religions.

I laughed and again tried to come up with something witty. “Oh, I guess, but you see the Victorian era in England. Now those people were wild!” This was completely untrue, the Victorian era was in fact the opposite. It was a closeted time where everyone was prude and women who even showed their ankles were considered whores.

“Maybe we can go over them all? I don’t have another class today so I have time…” Kenzie finally looked at me and her face looked hopeful almost to the point of pleading with me to stay with her and tutor her.

“Alright then. Let’s start with the Greeks first…” As I began teaching this first lesson to her all over again, I couldn’t help but notice that Kenzie wasn’t writing anything down. Her eyes didn’t move. Her unrelenting stare burned deep into my eyes that it was uncomfortable for me to sit there and keep a straight face. Instead, I kept my head down and read from the note cards I had made for this lesson.

After about 10 minutes of me talking, she leaned back suddenly and crossed her arms.

“Am I making you nervous, Dr. Lockhart?” That was the first time she said my name properly. It wasn’t “Doc” like she had called me many times before, even on the first day of class. She had this knowing look on her face like she was in on some secret. The corners of her mouth angled upwards and her eyes turned sultry and sexy. She re-crossed her legs and it felt like slow motion as she uncrossed them, left them open slightly, and then swung her other leg over. If she weren’t wearing those leggings and instead a skirt, I swore I would’ve been able to see everything she had to offer in between her legs considering the amount of time she kept them apart.

A warm feeling resonated in between my legs. Kenzie looked incredible sitting there in front of my desk. She was such a beautiful girl with a sexiness about her that seemed effortless on her part. I wanted nothing more than to drop the note cards on my desk and climb over it and ravish her then and there. My sex was aching and I’m sure my bra was not doing a good job at covering up my now very erect and very sensitive nipples.

“Uhhh, no? Kenzie, I’m just going over the lesson like you asked.” I did my best to keep a straight face. Hopefully, she hadn’t noticed my eyes veer downwards towards her nether region.

“Well, you’ve been talking non-stop and you haven’t looked at me once. I may not be good at studying but I am good at ready people. You’re nervous.” She said this proudly and her smile grew even bigger.

I needed to take another swig of my spiked coffee. I took a deep breath and looked at her with a newfound composure and resolve. “Kenzie, I’m afraid you’re mistaken.” Lies, I was lying through my teeth. Of course she was making me nervous. My heart had risen into my throat as I had to choke down such a horrible untruth.

“Oh,” Her confidence shattered. Her face sunk and her smile disappeared. She quit staring at me and lowered her head into her notebook and finally started to write some things down. “Sorry, I didn’t…I mean…let’s just keep going.”

“No worries, let’s see…where were we? Ah, right…” I stammered through the next few note cards. I was out of breath trying to maintain my composure for the remaining 14 note cards I had to go through. I was struggling to remain calm. I had lied to this poor girl’s face and I was surprised she accepted it to be true because I swear my heart was beating so loudly she could hear it, sitting as close as she was. The lesson continued on and the awkward tension did not let up as I motored through the remaining cards.

I finally finished and wasn’t aware that I had let out a sigh of relief, which Kenzie took as a sign to leave immediately.

“Thanks, Doc, I really appreciate the help. I didn’t mean to bother you. Okay, well I will come see you again before class next time. Is that alright?” She reverted back to her old ways of calling me “Doc”, I was disappointed because the way she said my name was heavenly to my ears.

“That’s fine with me, don’t be late.” I said with a smile, hoping that she’d return it because her smile was truly lovely. She nodded and turned around, mumbling something incoherent. “What was that?” I interjected.

“Oh, nothing, just talking to myself. See ya, Doc!”

Call me Dr. Lockhart, it sounds so much better when you say it.


I had no other nilüfer escort classes that day so I finally had the peace and quiet I was yearning for. I quickly grabbed hold of my spiked coffee and went back to sipping it. Kenzie had left only a minute earlier when I heard a louder, more violent knock on my door.

God fucking dammit. “Yes?” I answered in an annoyed tone of voice. I clearly was not meant to have a moment alone on this day. I sat up straight and tried to make myself look busy again. It was Dr. Freeman, a fellow psychology teacher and the one Kenzie had mentioned earlier in the semester about always having a hard-on when I was nearby. I heard rumors about this man, he had made passes at several female students and would often ignore any of the men in his classes. His commentary was borderline inappropriate and one couldn’t help but notice a persistent bulge in his pants.

“Oh, hello George, what can I do for you?” George was an older man, roughly in his late 60s. Gray hair and beard, and sort of looked like a weasel. When I interviewed for this job, I met with him along with some other members of the department. We went out for lunch and I noticed that he had difficulty keeping his eyes on my face as they kept falling downwards towards my chest.

“Just checking in to see how you’re doing. Almost a full year into it, how ya doing?” He stood there a few feet from the door to my office, hands clasped in front of his pelvic area.

“Well, as you know the first semester was a rough start. This second semester shows promise minus a few. I just finished a meeting with one of the few and I think she’s now on the right track.” I wasn’t looking at him, I was instead focus on my computer screen looking through emails I had already checked anyways. I was trying to come off as removed but not rude, hoping he would get the hint to leave me alone.

“Oh, those happen every semester. I’ve been here 18 years and they still happen. That was Kenzie Lee, right? She’s a real firecracker, hell of an attitude, had her in my Personality class last year. I, too, offered her help after class but she never showed. Looks like she decided to give you a chance though.”

Yeah, no wonder she didn’t show up, you probably stared at her vagina the whole class. George was a nice guy, and I hate to spread gossip, but really, this man was undeniably creepy. Even the other professors in the department agreed, but he was tenured and well-respected for his work in the field of Psychology.

“Yeah, this was our first meeting and I think it went okay. I guess we’ll see though, I’m giving them another quiz in a few days.”

“Wow, you are a rough teacher. They just took an exam!” He laughed at himself, but I just remained focused on my computer screen. “I bet they all think you’re a real bitch, too.”

“Excuse me?” George was now sitting in the chair where Kenzie was sitting not too long ago.

“Yeah, I bet you’re stiff as a board and mean to them. All you’re missing is a ruler to spank them with!” He chuckled again, though I wasn’t quite sure how to react. It was almost as if he was in on some joke that was way over my head.

“Ummm, George? What are you talking about?”

“Do you like to spank people? Or maybe you like to be spanked?” George was now petting the bulge in his pants. Instantly, my face flushed with anger and I stood up.

“George, get out, now. Please. Just leave.” I stood there and pointed to the door. My patience was slowly draining. George knew I was gay; the whole department knew! His behavior was completely disrespectful and I was seething! Anger coursed through my veins.

“Uh oh, teacher is angry.” George shook his head and stood up. “Teacher is being naughty, isn’t she? I helped you get this job, you know. So, how about you scratch my back.” George began slowly walking towards me. His hand reached for his zipper and slid it down.

“George, get the fuck out or I’ll call campus security! George! Get the fuck OUT!” I backed even further away from him. I frantically looked around my office to see if anyone else was here. No one was around. The department was completely empty. I was alone.

“And who do you think everyone will believe, hmm? I’ve been here for 18 years, I have tenure. You’re just the fresh, hot young blood. No one will back you up. It’s your word against mine.” I couldn’t back up any further, I had reached the wall. George at this point was closing in at a faster rate than I could move.

“George, please. Just go.” The anger in my body quickly turned to fear as he closed in on me. His hand was still in his pants as he was now close enough to reach up with his forearm and pin me against the wall. I struggled under his strength, he was smaller than me but his arm had found a pressure point and he pressed me up against the wall. I could feel myself choking, I was blinking out the stars as I tried to maintain my focus to defend myself. I swatted at his other hand that was trying to unbutton my blouse.

“George…please…I can’t breath…” My strength was diminishing rapidly.

“Shhhh, be a good girl. You owe me.” George snarled.

Suddenly, the door flew open. I could hear it crash against the wall but my vision was blurred and I couldn’t see who was standing there.

This is part 3 of the story, I encourage you to read parts 1 and 2 before you read this one. They’re short, so don’t worry! Again, with your comments I’m trying to improve with each installment I write so don’t hesitate, I accept all kinds of criticism! Thank you so much for reading! And…

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